Huai'an China Investment Development Zones
Qingpu Industrial Zone
Qingpu Industrial Zone, located at the south part of urban district, is neighboring with the Huai’an higher education campuses zone. Five highways which are Jing-Hu, Tong-San, and Huai-Ning etc. connect here, and the Grand Canal flows across. The zone is planed to be 16.8 square kilometers, and 4.5 square kilometers have been developed. The basic installations are perfect, with 10KV and 30KV double-circuit power lines and daily water supply for 20,000 tons. The zone enjoys provincial preferential policies and municipal approval authority. It is clear to lead in the large-scaled and high grade projects. At present, the zone has invited 68 projects. A batch of large-scaled projects such as the special steel productions with total investment of 1.26 billion Yuan, the long chain binary acid with investment of 0.7 billion Yuan, the medical instruments with investment of 0.2 billion Yuan, the medicine intermediates with investment of 0.15 billion Yuan, the small dosage injectors with investment of 0.2 Yuan, and the photo-electricity equipments with investment of 0.1 Yuan etc. have settled in the zone.