Huai'an China Investment Development Zones
Lianshui Economic Development Zone
Lianshui Economic Development Zone was constructed in June, 2000, and in April, 2006 was promoted to be the provincial-leveled development zone. In October of the same year, it was selected as the "Ten most investment potential development zones of the Yangtze River Delta" by the China Organizing Committee, the Yangtze River Delta Economic and Social Research, and Zhejiang Zhejiang Congregate. Lianshui Economic Development Zone is planed to be 25 sq km, and eight square kilometers of area has been developed. It plans to set industrial area, central area, residential area, supporting service areas and sightseeing zone of the Yan River. It speeds up the construction the Shangshui business starting zone and Xuexing chemical industrial zone; starts building the Nanjing (Lianshui) industrial zone; and plans to develop the Taiwan industrial zone, the electronics industry zone and the business starting zone for university students. Currently, it has totally 150 projects in the zone and the fixed investments are 2.54 billion yuan. There are 19 projects invested with more than 100 million yuan or 10 million dollars, which are Shangshui business starting zone, Nylon Fiber, Yuantong Hat, Honghu Chemical Industry, Jingshiyuan, Zhenwei Electronic, Qiangling Illuminators, Xingfangjie High-Tech Clothing, Binghai Machinery,  and Changtong Wire etc. And it is divided into five principal industries which are the textile clothing processing, the agricultural and subsidiary products processing, the new building materials, the machinery and the biological medicine.
Wugang centralized industrial zone is planed to be seven square kilometers, and has developed the area of 500 mu. It has eight projects with investments of 132 million yuan.
Zhuma centralized industrial zone is planed to be 4 square kilometers, and has developed the area of 1 square kilometers. It has eight projects with investments of 150 million yuan.
Gaogou centralized industrial zone is planed to be 2 square kilometers. It has 19 enterprises in it and has accomplished fixed investments for 140 million yuan. 9850 square kilometers of standard factory plants have been built up.
Liancheng centralized industrial area is planed to be 1.3 square kilometers, and has developed an area of 1,080 mu. There are 42 enterprises in the zone, and the total fixed investments are 485 million yuan.
Liangcha centralized industrial is planed to be 2 square kilometers, and the area of 500 mu has been already developed. 6 enterprises have entered in the zone, with 121 million yuan of fixed investment.