Huai'an China Investment Development Zones
Jiangsu Hongze Economic Development Zone
Jiangsu Hongze Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu provincial economic development zone, established in October 2001 and is located at the east banks of the Hongze Lake. The first phase of planning area is 15 square kilometers. Ning-Huai and Ning-Lian Highway intersect in the zone, and it is just an hour's drive from Nanjing.
Over the past five years, it has invested 500 million yuan for basic installations. And it has been built for six square km. Water, access roads, electricity, telecommunication, heat, communications, telecommunication, cable television, and smooth land are supplied in the zone. At the same time, the county government formulated a series of preferential policies for investment
 The good investment environment attracts a lot of foreign investing projects. Up until the end of July this year, 139 projects have entered in the area with 6.55 billion yuan of fixed investment (including 23 projects with investments above 100 million yuan). 102 projects have been put into operation. By 2006, enterprises in the development zone have achieved 2.9 billion yuan of marketing revenue and 120 million yuan of tax. It has gradually formed key industries such as spinning and weaving, machinery and so on, especially the spinning and weaving industry developed quickly. Sixteen clothing enterprises have settled down in the zone and the spinning industry has developed to more than 200 thousand spindles. The spinning and weaving industry of the development zone will surpass 10 billion Yuan of marketing up to the year 2010.
At present, the entire town-leveled industries zones plan an area of 133 thousand mu, and 2600mu have been completed. 106 enterprises have settled down in the zone.