Huai'an China Investment Development Zones
Jiangsu Xuyi Economic Development Zone
Jiangsu Xuyi Economic Development Zone, with planning area of 23.1 square kilometers, is located at east of the county. 8.1 billion Yuan has been devoted, of which 598 million Yuan is devoted for basic installations. Electricity, water, road, telecommunications, cable, broadband and gas have been installed and the square is flat.
Up until July 2007, 438 enterprises with total investments of 21.5 billion yuan had settled in the zone. Of them there are more than 30 bearing processing enterprises, 69 electrical appliances manufacturing enterprises, more than 30 automobile and motorcycle manufacturing enterprises, 10 Attapulgite Clay Development Enterprises, and 13 food processing enterprises. The number of enterprises with investments above 100 million Yuan in the Zone is more than 58, such as the Ruisheng Heavy Industries, the Xinhai Electronics, the Jinpeng Bearings, the Jinma Steel Ball, the Kailai Pipe, the Baofeng Gauge, the Dongchen Machinery and other well-known enterprises.
Xuyi economic zone will provide coordinated services, especially to the projects with great economic and social benefits. It will supply preferential policies and good environment. It welcomes bearing processing, electronic manufacturers, automobile and motorcycle category, as well as high-tech enterprises to the zone.