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Longwang Mountain Scenic Spot



Project Name
Longwang Mountain Scenic Spot
Project Category
Service Industry
Project Unit
Legal representative of merchant inviting unit
Ⅰ. Investment scale of project: total investment is 0.4 billion yuan
Ⅱ. Project content:
     Establishment of entry reception service district is 0.002 billion yuan, training court of golf is 0.12 billion yuan, holiday village is 0.1 billion yuan, Longwang Mountain skinning court 0.1 billion yuan, villa cluster is 0.075 billion yuan and entertainment project is 0.003 billion yuan.
Ⅲ. Market Future:
     The Scenic Spot is located in the southeast suburb land in Xuyi and occupies an area of five square kilometers, besides, it is near to Longwang Mountain Reservoir with an area of 15 square kilometers. The reservoir has abundant aquatic and echoes the mountains. Establishment of training court of golf in Longwang Mountain Scenic Spot will fill up the gap between Xuyi and the northern suburb of Nanjing and make preparation for applying for Golf Court. After establishment, the Golf Court will become the assembling place for rich businessmen and attract more tourists from nearby cities to spend their holidays. Comfortable environment and convenient transportation make Golf Court be sports and leisure integration in Longwang Mountain Scenic Spot. There is no denying that the scenic spot will become the first preferred place of top-grade leisure and consumption in Huai’an and northern Jiangsu.
Ⅳ. Benefit forecast:  
     200 members will be developed, 4000,000 tourists will de received and 0.2 billion yuan operation income will be reached every year.
Ⅴ. Address of project: Mudian Town, Xuyi County.
Ⅵ.Cooperative method: sole proprietorship, cooperation
Contact:Liu Huachang
Address:Travel Bureau, Xuyi County
Post code :211700