Huai'an China Investment Investment Projects
Wanfosi Park

Project Name
Wanfosi Park
Project Category
Service Industry
Project Unit
Legal representative of merchant inviting unit
Ⅰ. Investment scale of project: total investment is 0.26 billion yuan
Ⅱ.Project content:
     Senhjia Buddha invited is 0.08 billion yuan, establishment of Sacrificial Altar is 0.01 billion yuan, Sengjia Temple is 0.02 billion yuan, Lingrui Tower is 0.08 billion yuan, Wanfo Hall is 0.05 billion yuan and Leisure Square is 0.02 billion yuan.
Ⅲ. Market Future:
     Wanfo Temple aims to carry forward Buddhism culture and integrate natural scene, historic site and Buddhism site, which becomes cultural, leisure and traveling center of Huaibei Buddhism. In 661 A.D, Sengjia Master took disciples to China to propagandize Buddha doctrine and build up temples in Sizhou City. When the master died, Lingrui Tower established was provided for the body of Sengjia Master, and then the tower was destroyed in the fire. But in 1680 A.D, Sizhou City was flooded and Lingrui Tower provided for Sengjia Master sank into the bottom of water. True body of Sengjia Master was buried deeply into Sizhou Site. With the archaeological excavation of Sizhou Site, true body of Sengjia Master will appear soon. After the establishment, many pilgrims from nearby cities will increase.
Ⅳ. Benefit forecast:  
     After establishment of the project, 5000,000 tourists will be received and 0.06 billion yuan income will be reached every year.
Ⅴ. Address of project: Xucheng Town, Xuyi County.
Ⅵ. Cooperative method: sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperation
Contact:Liu Huachang
Address:Travel Bureau, Xuyi County
Post code :211700