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Establishment of high magnetic power car with lithiumion battery
Project Name
Establishment of high magnetic power car with lithiumion battery
Project Category
Project Unit
Legal representative of merchant inviting unit
Ⅰ. Investment scale of project:
     Total investment is 0.12 billion yuan, including 80 million yuan fixed asserts investment,30 million yuan on land construction, 40 million yuan equipment of machine and 6 million yuan affiliated equipments
Ⅱ. Background of the project:
    The project adopts lithiumion battery to instead of traditional lead-acid battery, and has many advantages, including non-consumption oil plants, non-air and non-second pollution, small volume, light weight, convenient carrying, three-dimensional storage and so on. The power can with three-hour charging can drive 20 kilometers, its power is long and strong. At meanwhile, the power car with cheap price and convenient manipulation gains broad market prospect.
Ⅲ. Financial evaluation:
     After establishment and commissioning of the project, sales income is expected to reach 0.3 billion yuan, profit and tax is 38 million yuan on average every year, and 900 employment positions will be added. Construction period is 2 years and payback period is 4-5 years.
Ⅳ. Cooperative way: sole proprietorship
Contact:Hong Shaogang
Address:Development and Reform Commission, Lianshui County, Huai’an, Jiangsu.
Post code:223400