Huai'an China Investment Investment Projects
Brief introduction on project of Modern Logistics Park in Huai’an airport
Ⅰ. Project name: Modern Logistics Park of Huai’an airport
Ⅱ.Content of project:
      Planning building area of Modern Logistics Park in Huai’an airport is 1300 mou. The park is located in the side of Huai’an Civil Airport that is under construction. The project will construct central district of business affairs, circulation district of commodity and trade, transportation district of logistics, comprehensive service district and eco-park district. Furthermore, it contains exhibition hall of wholesale transacting, turnover storage, container yard, garage, affiliated equipments of public service and so on and provides consignment stock, consignment and transportation on all various raw materials and products for enterprises. The project integrates the following functions, including storage, sorting, transportation, production, affiliated transportation, electronic business affairs, customs declaration, deploy and release information, exploring new products and so on. At last, the project is planned wholly and implemented in installments.
Ⅲ. Background of project:
      Huai’an Civil Airport is located in Lianshui. The project has received authorize by National Development and Reform Commission and began construction formally in March, 2008. Huai’an Civil Airport after completion will be the biggest civil international airport in the northern of Jiangsu, which is 8-kilometer far from county town of Lianshui and 20-kilometer far from urban area of Huai’an. The airport will radiate 100-kilometer nearby regions. Five provincial highways and three national highways converge in Lianshui, Ninglian Expressway, Tongsan Expressway and Jinghu Expressway impenetrate all over the county; the county town has only 100-kilometer distance to Lianyungang rewarded as Bridgehead of Eastern Eurasian Continental Bridge, only 25-kilometer distance to Xinchang Railway and Jinghang Channel and Yanhe rewarded as golden waterway connect all over the county. Huailian Railway, Huai’an Civil Airport (Lianshui) and Yanhe Port will begin construction, which is within 10-kilometer far from county town. Lianshui has unique advantages and convenient transportation, which adapts to build up big logistics park.
Ⅳ. Total investment: Planning total investment is 0.5 billion yuan.
Ⅴ. Financial evaluation:
     Establishment of the project is forecasted two years, after the completion, over 3000 ton cargo handling capacity will be reached, 0.3 billion yuan operation income will be gained every year and payback period is 5 years.
Ⅵ. Cooperative way: sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperation
Ⅶ. Contact way:
      Unit: Huai’an Investment Promotion Bureau
      Contact: Project Office
      Tel:0517-83908053    Fax:0517-83908052
      Address: Building 13, NO. 34 of Huaihai Northern Rd, Huai’an, Jiangsu. (223001)