Huai'an China Investment Investment Projects
Brief introduction on the project of Five-star Level Hotel in Huai’an
Ⅰ. Project name: Five-star Level Hotel in Huai’an
Ⅱ. Content of project:
      The project is located in Banzha of new urban area of Huai’an; its planning land use is 80 mou in order to establish a Five-star Level Hotel.
Ⅲ. Background of project:
      Huai’an tourism develops quickly, 11 million person times of tourists can be reached at the end of Eleventh Five-Year-Plan, at meanwhile, Huai’an tourism is creating five brands, including cultural city, hometown of great men, big city of the channel, town of delicious food and eco-hometown. Brand effect of Huai’an plays an important role, besides; Huaiyang Food and Cultural Festival of Huai’an, china, Crayfish Festival of China, Rice Festival of China and other festivals have been renowned brands all over the country. Furthermore, transportation of Huai’an has obvious advantages, which is two-hour distance far from Nanjing, four-hour from Shanghai and eight-hour from Beijing. Currently, Huai’an doesn’t have any five-star level hotel in, and only has three four-star level hotels with good benefit. The hotel is located at new urban area and is a new center of tourism, business, ecology and culture in Huai’an.
Ⅳ. Total investment: Total investment is 0.3 billion yuan.
Ⅴ. Financial evaluation:
     After the completion, 80 million yuan operation income will be reached every year and payback period is 6 years.
Ⅵ. Cooperative way: Sole proprietorship.
Ⅶ. Contact way:
     Unit: Huai’an Investment Promotion Bureau
     Contact: Project Office
     Tel:0517-83908053    Fax:0517-83908052
     Address: Building 13, NO. 34 of Huaihai Northern Rd, Huai’an, Jiangsu. (223001)