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Exploitation of tourist and vacation village of Green Grass Shallow Lake (Lvcao Dang)


Project Name
Exploitation of tourist and vacation village of Green Grass Shallow Lake (Lvcao Dang)
Project Category
Service industry
Project Unit
Legal representative of merchant inviting unit
Ⅰ. Investment scale of the project Total investment will reach 0.3 billion yuan.
Ⅱ. Content of the project: 10 high speed crafts, 30 recreation boats, 6 restaurant boats will be purchased; villa group and 4-star hotel will be constructed.
Ⅲ. Market prospect: Green Grass Shallow Lake Scenic Area is located at Liujun Town, Chuzhou District, Huai’an. The scenic area is 62,000 mou, it has historic sites including "Jiulongkou", "Watchtower", "Martyr Tower", "Youfu Nunnery" and so on, it combines abundant cultural content and beautiful natural sightseeing in an organic way, its randomly located islands are reflected in clean lake, it owns nice conditions for development as a tourism scenic area. This project will be a tourism and recreation place which integrates items including water sports, health improving and entertainment, recreation and vacation spending, natural interests, commercial conferences and so on. It is located at the juncture of Huai’an, Yangzhou and Yancheng, after its completion, it will attract tourists from surrounding cities, and from Nanjing and Shanghai.
Ⅳ. Benefit forecast: After completion of the project, it can receive 400,000 person-times and obtain 40 to 50 million yuan income annually.
Ⅴ. Progress of the project: Feasibility report
Ⅵ. Cooperation means: Exclusive investment
Contact: Project Division of Huai’an Investment Promotion Bureau
Tel: 0517-83908053
Address: Building 13, No.34, Huaihai North Rd., Huai’an, Jiangsu
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