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High-grade clothing fabrics product line project


Project Name
High-grade clothing fabrics product line project
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Project Unit
Legal representative of merchant inviting unit
Ⅰ. Investment scale of the project: 0.12 billion yuan.
Ⅱ. Content of the project: to import international advanced air-jet loom, constitute new type shuttle-less loom product line, develop high-grade clothing fabrics, form a production scale of 26 million meters high-grade clothing fabrics of annual output.
Ⅲ. Background of the project: at present, Lianshui County has scale enterprises which produce high-grade yarn---raw materials of fabrics, so raw materials are abundant. As life level of people keeps improving, conception of high-grade clothing is enhanced, demands for comfort are becoming more and more prominent, market foreground of high-grade fabrics is nice, besides, and this project has high content of science and technology and little environmental pollution.
Ⅳ. Financial evaluation: after the project is put into production, its annual output will reach 26 million meters, sales income will reach 300 million yuan, profit will reach 30 million yuan, construction cycle of the project will be 1 year and payback period of investment will be 3 to 4 years.
Ⅴ. Cooperation means: exclusive investment, cooperation.
Contact: Hong Shaogang
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