Huai'an China Investment Investment Policies
Opinions on implementation of large circulation construction in 2011


Huai’an China (5/6/2011)
Ⅰ. Work Objective
Complete 30 billion yuan investments in circulation industry, implement 204 projects of over 50 million yuan, achieve 19 billion yuan added value, accounting for 14.5% of GDP, achieve 1.4 billion yuan taxes, 650,000 employees, 40 enterprises of over 100 million yuan sales, and 24 billion yuan annual trade volume of the business market.
Ⅱ. Working points
1. Optimize spatial layout, and make efforts to make breakthroughs in market construction.
2. Strengthen commercial influence, create high-end commerce and business zone, and build commercial centers in the urban area.
3. Improve logistic network, boost utilization new logistic technologies, and enhance linkage of transportation means, development Internet of Things and multiple kinds of transportations.
4. Focus on project construction, enhance development foundation. In 2011, invest 30 billion yuan in circulation, implement 204 large circulation projects of over 50 million yuan, including 30 projects of over 1 billion yuan, newly start constructions of 115 projects, and complete 83 projects.
5. Give prominence to merchant inviting and investment selecting, and enhance contacts with the world’s top 500, China’s top 100, industrial top 10 and listed companies, bring in Taiwan investments, and leading projects.
Ⅲ. Guarantee measures
1. Strengthen planning and guidance.
2. Improve promotion mechanism.
3. Strengthen policy supports.
4. Focus on supervision and examination.
5. Quicken talent training.
The Municipal Government Office of Huai’an

May 4th, 2011