Huai'an China Investment Investment Policies
Opinions of the Municipal Party Committee and Government on promoting sci-tech merchants inviting


Huai’an China (1/17/2011)
In order to implement strategic deployment from the Municipal Party Committee and Government on the “three replies”: relying on extending opening-up, scientific and technical innovations and talent supporting”, promote sci-tech merchants invitation, improve quality and level of sci-tech merchants inviting, fully exert active roles of sci-tech innovations in promoting industrial upgrading and regional coordination, and boost transfer of economic development means of Huai’an, following opinions are raised:
Ⅰ. Fully recognize importance and urgency of sci-tech merchants inviting
Sci-tech merchants inviting means to utilize means of opening to concentrate high-end development elements from the outside, including high-tech projects, high-class talents and high-level institutions. We should fully use external technologies and talents to promote upgrading of optimization of industrial structure.
1. Sci-tech merchants inviting is the best bonding point of “grasping by two hands” principle. High-tech projects can quicken the expanding of local economy and promote optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.
2. Sci-tech merchants inviting the most efficient way for achieving leaping development. As a later-developing area, Huai’an must strengthen sci-tech merchants inviting, to enhance the capacity of technical innovation, and develop creative-type economy.
3. Sci-tech merchants inviting is the most practical measure for implementing the strategy of “three relies”. Sci-tech merchants inviting can concentrate various high-end resources to push the economy into an innovation-driven development track, and achieve transfer to sci-tech innovations.
Ⅱ. Clarifying key points of sci-tech merchants inviting
1. Accelerate merchants inviting of high-tech projects. Transfer thoughts and means of merchants inviting and investments attracting, and invite domestic and foreign merchants to establish high-tech enterprises and projects.
2. Enhance introduction of high-level sci-tech talents. Center on key industries, fields and demands, bring in high-level technical innovative talents and sci-tech pioneering talents.
3. Deepen high-tech cooperative projects. Guide and urge enterprises to carry out all-directional technical cooperation with scientific research institutes, colleges and universities or high-tech enterprises.
4. Actively bring in high-level sci-tech institutions. Center on creative development of key industries, bring in high-class scientific research institutions.
Ⅲ. Implement various measures of sci-tech merchants inviting
1. Enhance organizing and leading. Municipal Party Committee and Government establish sci-tech merchants inviting promotion group, and research and confirm important matters, policies and measures of sci-tech merchants inviting, each county (district) should also establish respective organizing institution.
2. Quicken promoting. First, enhance organizing sci-tech merchants inviting; second, focus on creating sci-tech merchants inviting carrier; third, attach importance to construction of sci-tech merchants inviting groups.
3. Improving supporting policies. Municipality and counties (districts) should make up related policies of merchants inviting and investment attracting.
4. Strengthen following-up evaluations.