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Investigation of the second quarter shows that quality of labor force improves stably in Huai’an 
        From spot check data on labor force of the second quarter in 2008, it was showed that average education year of labor force is 9.8 years, which increased by 0.6 year compared to the last year. There is no denying that quality of labor force improved stably in Huai’an.
       From the aspect of education level, the number of illiterate people in the whole labor force took up 10.1%, which decreased by 2.3% compared to last year; those with primary education took up 23.6%, which decreased by 1.4%; those with junior middle school level took up 36.2%, which decreased by 3.8%; those with senior middle school level took up 16.2%, which increased by 0.4%; those with junior college level and above the level took up 14.0%, which increased by 7.2% compared to the last year.