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Environmental Infrastructure
During the 10th five-year period, the urban area has been expanded from 60 km2 by end of 9th five-year to 85 km2; population grows from 650,000 to 850,000; realized one of our goals—“constructing big cities”. Besides, we’ve also completed Great Canal Cultural Plaza, Citizens’ Exercise Plaza and the other key projects. With these, the city taste and image has been greatly promoted. The most eminent achievement in construction is towns of counties and key central towns in the counties. The integral system of city and towns in counties has come into form. It is estimated that the urbanization proportion could be 38%, which is 10% higher than what at the end of 9th five-year. Speaking of traffic infrastructure, we have 202 km high way; Xinyi-Changxing railroad transportation of both for passengers and goods has also been completed, which gives Huai’an an end of no train in history. Huaihe River waterway, Huaneng phase II and other irrigation works, energy infrastructure projects have all been completed smoothly.
2005 was fruitful in urban and countryside construction. Downtown construction was greatly promoted. Total 356 projects of the construction with investment of RMB 8.2 billions including 48 projects of roads and bridges construction at the Heping Road east, which brought us 1.03 million m2 of new road; and erected the 2nd Water Disposal Plant of Huai’an, Wang Yuan Destructor Plant etc. 2.28 million m2 of new and rebuilt green land has also been added to the city. The Bochi Hill scenic spot has been built. The agricultural products market, residential district and the “downtown villages” have also been renovated and take on bright new look now. Based on our investigation, 95.2% of citizens are satisfactory with the city administration. Towns of counties and villages construction have also stepped on. Currently, relevant administration has started outlaying new counties and new round of modifying the counties’ general layout. Total four towns of counties have stepped on new districts construction and old towns rebuilding. The matching function has been perfect. The important town, specialty town and the center villages have been greatly improved. The traffic and the irrigation work among other infrastructure facilities are being constructed fast. Investing RMB2.83 billions for traffic infrastructure construction, Huai’an completed some important new highways projects such as Suqian—Huai’an and Huai’an – New Port phase I and so on. The Huai’an – Yan Cheng, Nanjing – Huai’an and the ancient Beijing—Hangzhou Great Canal have been building or rebuilding. Investing RMB 0.52 billions for post-disaster re-construction project after the Huaihe river floods. The southern water inducting to the north project, Huai’yin No.3 and Huai’an No.4 irrigation stations and some other important irrigation service have been started. The Meteorological, defense works, communications and the other public services have also been developed.