Huai'an China Investment Investment Environment
Natural Environment
Huai'an lies in the center of Subei area; 188 km to northern boundary of Nanjing; 135 km from Lianyungang city where have the bridgehead of Asia-Europe Continent Bridge, to the west of Yancheng, to the north of Yangzhou, to the east and northeast of An Hui province, to the south of Lianyungang city, Xuzhou City and Suqian city. The   geographic location is East Longitude 118°12'-119°36' and North latitude 32°43'-34°06'. Traffic is convenient, it's on the interconnection area of the state road #104, #205 and Ning-Lian first class roads.
Rives go through the city and have a very good net of waterway system. The main inland river transportation trunk Jing-Hang Great Canal runs through this city. Totally we have 9 rivers runs through in the city such as Huaishuxin River, Subei Irrigation dyke, water way of Huai River, trunk of Huai River, parts of the Yellow River. Hongze Lake, one of the five national famous fresh water lakes, is in Huai'an in territory. Besides, we have parts of BaiMa Lake, BaoYing Lake, GaoYou Lake, which are shared with neighbor cities.
Huai'an locates in the transition area of warm temperate zone and subtropical zone. The weather feathers both the northern and the southern. Light, heat and water come in fine match. Light energy resource is of great potential, since annual sunshine days could last for 2250-2350 hours. Heat energy is ample in the city. No frost period laster 210-230 days a year, which is sufficient for twice get-in. The city is close to the Huang Sea and has monsoon climate and ample rain in this city. Its annual average precipitation is 885-1015 cm.
Total plow field covers 384,230 acres. Old Yellow River bed and beach that can be developed is about 70,000 acres, Huai'an in has lot of water area, and Water surface is 4 million Mu (266,666.7 acre). Main economic fishes are in 83 families of 16 sections, the Hongze Lake crabs, Daqing prawn, mandarin fish, white fish, soft-shelled turtle, eels etc which have been sold home and abroad. Huai'an is also rich of non-metallic mines. Currently, we've discovered concave-convex bar soil, limestone, dolomite, oil and natural gas in Jin Lake, halite in Chuzhou and Hongze. The reserves are very considerable, very valuable for exploitation. Particularly the halite reserves are very rich. Presently prospected reserve is 130 billion tons. Current product vacuum salt is 500,000 tons a year.