Huai'an China Investment Investment Environment
Social Service
10th five-year period is what we have achieved most comprehensive development in social services. During which, “Develop Science and Education for Tomorrow’s City” strategy has been implemented; four key science and technology projects have been carried on smoothly. Adhered to develop education prior to the others, accumulated input was RMB 7 billions what to greatly promoted the teaching conditions. 99.2%, 96.3%, and 87.2% of children have been admitted to primary schools, junior senior high school and senior high schools respectively. We also founded 46 private middle and primary schools, and founded three new senior technical high school and generally completed University Education Park. The Health service also has fast development. We have completed the public health system and public health emergency system and three construction missions in countryside were completed excellently with accumulated input of RMB 0.7 billion in total. Cultural and sports service have been comprehensively developed. Over 100 literature and artistic works were awarded prize above provincial standard. We successfully held the International Women’s Basketball Tournament, Men’s Volleyball Final of the 10th National Game. We have had opened the digital TV service. There are three state standard ecological example counties(s) (district(s)) and one Nature Protection Zone (wildness area) was founded in our city. The economic situation investigation and 1% spot check of population have been successfully completed. New birth is well controlled below 10‰, natural growth of population below 5%. Because of it, our city is an Example City of Double Supports, Excellent Tourism City of China, Excellent Traffic Control City of State Standard, Civilization City of Provincial Standard, Park City of State Standard, which has been verified by the provincial expert team, Clean City of State Standard, which has also been verified by the provincial Feasibility Investigation Team. To Start construction of Healthy City, we successfully held Huaiyang Cuisine Epicurean Culture Festival, Rice Expo., Science & Technology Talk (meeting) and the other special festivals and meetings.
Social services in 2005 have further developed. The strategy of the “Develop the City on Science and Technology” has been execution. We introduced 2,483 graduates; set up one new R&D institutes; developed new products 539; cultivated 5 hi-neo-tech companies above provincial standard; signed 352 contracts on the 4th Science and Technology meeting. We constructed 46 boarding primary schools in country, which solved problem of children without parents’ in home. The Senior high school also have great development. Ratio of ordinary senior high school to technical senior high school is further optimized. 250,000 new students entered the University Education Park. Private schools developed fast. Health, culture, sports, TV and broadcasting service were prosperous. We have established epidemic control institutes on three levels of city and county (district). We have also established epidemic building in the #3 City Hospital and 40 standard clinics in the town, 40 normal preventive and protective spot along with a batch of city district clinics (health service center). Public health service standard has been greatly promoted. We had compiled and published “Hongze Lake Record”, ”Beancurd Banquet”, ”Jinlingzi Tide” and the other works that were awarded state and provincial standard prizes. Sports competition level was also upgraded. The sportsmen of Huai’an had obtained four gold, four silvers and three bronze at the 10th National Game. Cable TV coverage came to 68%. Stepped on IT spread and corresponding construction e.g. e-government, Geo-info system, communications transmission network and the other key projects have all been started. Our sustainable development capability is further developed. In countryside, we had generally completed Birth Control Example Family Awarding System. Over 93% of population was under birth control. Environmental protection and state land resources administration were also further enhanced. Juvenile, women, children and the aged, the handicapped are all well protected in their legal rights. Power supply, industry, commerce, food, drugs monitoring administrations, customs, quarantine departments have contributed to the city development as well. Races, religions, archives, statistics, goods price, audit, salt, tobacco, local record, seismic and other disasters protection, public accumulation fund for apartment rooms purchase administration and department business administration and the other administrations have all achieved further progress.