Huai'an China Investment Outstanding Entrepreneurs
Vice President of Foxconn Corporation Lu Songqing


Huai’an China

Settlement and Development of Foxconn in Huai’an bring a batch of Taiwan-invested enterprises and supporting enterprises into Huai’an, which play an important role in promoting industrial level of Huai’an, advancing new-type industrialization and promoting prosperity of North Jiangsu. In the process of guiding development of Huai’an Technology City, Mr. Lu Songqing made great efforts. A period of no more than 300 days were spent from construction starting to putting into production of Foxconn Huai’an Technology City, and plants of 600,000 m2 were constructed. Such scale, efficiency and quality created a miracle in history of manufacture construction in the world. Apart from being devoted to enterprise development, Mr. Lu also pays attention to development of social undertaking of Huai’an. Since 2007, various donations in names of Foxconn Corporation and Lu Songqing to Huai’an have reached 8.9 million yuan, and donation targets include students of Foxconn Hope Primary School, indigent middle school students, congenital heart disease children, leukemia patients and Huai’an Welfare Institute.