Huai'an China Investment Outstanding Entrepreneurs
Board Chairman of Hongze Yinzhu Chemical Group CO., Ltd. Liu Wenxin


Huai’an China

Liu Wenxin took up the post when the company was in poor condition. He devoted all energy and painstaking effort to Yinzhu Chemical Group Co., Ltd. By his hard working, the company was from a Small Nitrogenous Fertilizer Plant with below 10 million yuan capital, less than one thousand staff and beneath million yuan profit and tax into a company that has 24 branch companies and plants, its sale income broke through 2 billion yuan, profit and tax reached 0.6 billion yuan and 0.25 billion yuan tax handed in. Now, the company has formed win-win pattern of economic benefit and environmental protection. Under Liu Wenxin’s leading, Yinzhu Group is challenging the target of building Yinzhu with ten billion yuan capital.