Huai'an China Investment Outstanding Entrepreneurs
General Manager of Huai’an Farun Chemical Co., Ltd. Yang Zheng


Huai’an China

Yang Zheng is a leading man in adverse circumstance. By technical and digging reform continuously, he liquidized bankrupt enterprise’s remnant assets and developed the enterprise into one hundred top-raking enterprises of cost industry on inorganic chemistry in China. Main economic consumption index was listed in front of eighth position during the same industry; at meanwhile, the enterprise was awarded as advanced collective of National Patrol and Chemistry Industry and became one of municipal enterprises given key support. In 2008, Huai’an Farun Chemical Co., Ltd. realized 119.13 million yuan tax entered treasury, whose successful operation is a typical example for implementing new-brand industrialization and developing chain of salt-chemistry industry forcefully in Huai’an and also a successful case of liquidizing Qingjiang Fertilizer General Plant of original national political bankrupt enterprise, which gained obvious social and economical benefits.