Huai'an China Investment Outstanding Entrepreneurs
General Manager of Jiangsu Baimei Chemical Co., Ltd. Meng Xianliang


Huai’an China
Meng Xianliang creates Chinese brand with loyalty and conscience, his principal enshrined is to be a conscious enterpriser and Chinese man. Responsibility is in his heart forever. His development thoughts in aspects of high starting point, high standard and high efficiency make the enterprise revived. Under Meng Xianliang’s elaborate planning and careful arrangement, the first suit of production line on Salt and Glauber Salt Separation was invested and produced smoothly in China, at meanwhile, the enterprise accomplished production of “Handling Environment protection on Nitrate Mother Liquor”, which symbolized that Nitrate Mother Liquor produced during sodium sulfate’s production reached zero emission, gained epoch-making important significance and made contribution to Huai’an development of salt and chemistry industry.