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General Manager of Jiangsu Shagang Group Huaigang Special Steel Co., Ltd. He Daping


Huai’an China

By his thirty-eight-year great efforts and twenty-three-year overcoming difficulties, He Daping produced special steel near the bank of Big Channel and became vanguard of Huai’an Industry Enterprise. But he went through risk of fighting to win and shouldering hope of reviving Huai’an economy. The technology of “Application of liquid iron charging relative craftwork on electric stove of ultra high power” initially developed by He Daping, which won the second prize of National Scientific and Technical Advance and National Invention Patent Certificate. He once said that he could give up anything, except Huaigang, because Huaigang is part of his life; then he originated “He Daping Fund of Loving Youth” , which was used to give difficult assistances to difficult youth workers in respect of marriage and family. He devoted all his life to create “Huaigang” –special steel. The enterprise realized 0.783 billion yuan tax entered treasury in 2008. At meanwhile, Chinese large-scale steel enterprise, whose capital exceeds 10.5 billion yuan, has been listed in the first three of Chinese Special Steel Enterprises and top ten in the world.