Huai'an China Investment Outstanding Entrepreneurs
List of 2009 Huai’an Economic Figures


Huai’an China (03/01/2010)
In 2009, all levels of Huai’an strived to conquer hardships and guarantee growth; increase rates of major economic indexes are top-ranking in Jiangsu Province. And a number of figures emerged and made outstanding contributions to Huai’an economy. In order to activate enterprisers to be brave to take on heavy responsibilities and further boost leaping development of Huai’an. Huai’an Municipal Government decided to award title of “2009 Huai’an Annual Special Economic Figure” to Lin Boshi, and title of “2009 Huai’an Annual Economic Figures” to 20 enterprisers including Zhou Tao.
Huai’an People’s Government
Feb. 26th, 2010
2009 Huai’an Annual Special Economic Figure
Lin Boshi, general manager of Taiwan Glass Corporation, board chairman of Shihlien Chemical Industrial (Jiangsu) Co.
2009 Huai’an Annual Economic Figures
Zhoutao, factory director and secretary of CPC party committee of Huaiyin Cigarette Factory of China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Cheng Tianzong, vice president of Foxconn Technology Group
Wu Jiaqiang, board chairman of Jiangsu Tianhuai Co., Ltd.
Shen Qingfang, board chairman of Hongsheng Technology Corporation
Lu Jinxiang, general manager of Huaigang Special Steel Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Shagang Group
Wang Ling, vice general manager of Yangzi Petrochemical Company Ltd., secretary of CPC party committee and board chairman of Huai’an Qingjiang Petrochemical Company Ltd.
Zhou Suming, board chairman and general manager of Jiangsu King’s Luck Wine Company
Xu Baoxing, board chairman of Dingli Real Estate (Huai’an) Co., Ltd.
Zhang Honggang, factory director of Huaneng Huaiyin Power Plant
Fu Qizhi, board chairman of Chuangli Furniture (Huai’an) Co., Ltd.
Jiang Yonggui, vice general manager of Nanjing Central Emporium, and general manager of Jiangsu Central Xinya Emporium Corporation.
Yin Shunshi, board chairman of Jiangsu Jinshi Mechanical Group Company
Qi Bin, CPC party committee secretary and president of Huai’an Branch of China Bank
Hong Chaoyu, general manager of Huai’an Want Want Food Company
Wang Qiangzhong, board chairman of Jiangsu Gongchuang Artificial Lawn Company and Huai’an Xuri Teaching Appliance Group Company
Li Chunnan, board chairman of Huai’an Wanbang Flavor Industrial Company
Huang Chunsen, Jiangsu Tasly Diyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhang Chunsheng, board chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Jilile Mechanical Corporation
Huo Zhuru, board chairman of Jiangsu Huayu Technology Development Company and Jiangsu Guangmei Clothes Company
Li Xianqiang, general manager of Jiangsu Huaiyin Power Co., Ltd.