Huai'an China Government Noticeboard
“Wushu General Assembly Comes to Huai’an” broadcasted since Dec. 21st


Huai’an China (12/22/2010)
From August to October, six styles of Taijiquan gathered in Huai’an, and attended competitions from trials to the finals, which created a sensation.
Wushu General Assembly is a golden column of sports channel of CCTV, with a broad influence. Recently, the program of “Wushu General Assembly Comes to Huai’an” has been completed, and will be broadcasted at CCTV-5 at 18:35 each Tuesday from Dec. 21st to Feb. 8th, 2011 (totally 8 weeks), the program has a length of 50 minutes each time, and will be rebroadcasted at 8:35 of Friday.
Showing top fights among 6 styles of Taijiquan, “Wushu General Assembly Comes to Huai’an” also contains pretty films about local customs and economic and social development conditions of Huai’an. It will be seen in both China and foreign countries like the U.S., Japan and South Korea, and thus expand reputation of Huai’an as a famous city of history and culture, and show glorious achievements gained since the reform and opening-up.
Welcome to watch the program.