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Notice on 2009 joint annual examination for foreign-invested enterprises


Huai’an China (03/24/2009)
According to "Notice on carrying out 2009 joint annual examination for foreign-invested enterprises" released by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, Bureau of Statistics and State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly, and requirements of relative provincial notices, Huai’an Annual Examination Group carries out joint examination to operation conditions of foreign-invested enterprises in 2007 from March 10th to June 30th, relative contents are as follows:
Ⅰ. Enterprises in the examination
All foreign-invested enterprises established before December 31st, 2008 and registered in Huai’an should submit annual examination documents to Huai’an Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau, Finance Bureau, State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, Foreign Exchange Administrative Bureau and Statistics Bureau.
Ⅱ. Schedule of the annual examination
March 15th to June 30th of 2009 is the time for enterprises to report and fill up data on internet; and data amending and makeup should be completed before July 10th.
Ⅲ. Means of the annual examination
Internet examination is conducted comprehensively. All the enterprises should submit their information through internet, and after internet audit is completed, they should submit paper materials to their county or district foreign economic and trade bureau. Annual examination sign will be stamped by county or district foreign economic and trade bureau for enterprises who pass the examination.
Ⅳ. Procedure of the annual examination
From March 1st, the enterprises should visit examination websites of Ministry of Commerce ( and read relative files including "Notice on annual examination", "Filling instruction for annual examination report" and "Manual for annual examination".
Enterprises which cannot surf the internet can turn to their county or district foreign economic and trade bureau for assistance.
After enterprises accomplish application for annual examination, when they transact stamp procedure, their county or district foreign economic and trade bureau should submit originals of "Report of Joint Annual Examination" and "Approval Certificate" (two copies) to Municipal Annual Examination Group.
Ⅴ. Requirements for personnel who apply for the annual examination
In order to guarantee quality of data filling, enterprises should arrange their finance and accounting personnel to do the application work.
Ⅵ. Disposal for enterprises who do not apply in time or do not attend the examination
For enterprises that do not apply in time or do not attend the examination, they will be punished according to relative laws and regulations.
Annex: Manual for internet joint annual examination for foreign-invested enterprises.doc
Huai’an Foreign-invested Enterprises Joint Annual Examination Office
March 5th, 2009