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Notice on single origin purchase of construction of administrative electric supervision system


     Huai’an administrative power public and transparent operation and electric supervision system is based upon deep development of former office automation system, municipal administrative approval system, governmental website group system, letter and call system, proposal and draft resolution handling system and political affairs publicity system of municipal electric political affairs platform, it achieves on-line whole-process live supervision to affairs including approval, auditing, authorizing and archiving for administrative license projects, handling process of letters and calls, proposals and draft resolutions, as well as publicity conditions of political affairs of various departments. At meanwhile, unified software of municipal administrative punishment, administrative collection, administrative compulsion and other administrative behaviors are developed to carry out web running and web supervision. According to requirements of relative provincial and municipal documents, development, deployment, and trial operation of Huai’an administrative power public and transparent operation and electric supervision system must be completed before the end of December, 2008. Since construction of this system needs deep development and integration of former system, and achieves seamless junction with former system and live on-line supervision, and the system involves a number of things and complicated technology, its construction period is short, task is heavy and quality requirements are high; therefore, the purchasing unit adopts single origin means, and assigns the development enterprise of former political affairs platform software---Capinfo Company Limited to undertake development of the system.

     Based on above reasons, Huai’an Finance Bureau plans to approve purchase activity implemented through single origin means of this project, and publicizes detailed conditions of the project (see annex), if any other supplier has different opinion, please contact following personnel by taking relative written files before December 1st, 2008. Any objection propounded after this date will not be accepted.


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Government Purchase Office of Huai’an Finance Bureau

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