Huai'an China Government Noticeboard
Announcement on Collecting the Forestry History Data of Huai'an


To reflect on the history and serve the society. Under the unitary organization of Minicipal Forest Service from this year, we plan to compile "The History of Forestry in Huai'an". In order to reflect the forestry development history of Huai'an factually and guide the modern forestry construction, we decide to collect the forestry history data about Huai'an broadly from the public. The year limit is as follows. There is no upper limit, but it is mainly around the year 1912 to the establishment of the People's Republic of China. The lower limit is to the end of 2007. The scope of the data contains the following:the past history of forestry organization(county bureau,station and township station), tree planting,afforestation,forestry administration management,forest protection,resource and distribution(forest,fruit trees,wild animals and plants),forest parks,nature reserves,manufacture of forest products,

forestry site(state-owned,collective and village-owned),old trees and famous woods,big forestry events,typical cases,advanced organizations and characters(praised by minicipal-ranking and the above organizations ),etc.To ensure the data

source wide,maximal,exact and believable,we will pay for the collected data according to the priority principal of application .Welcome the contribution from those who concern and support the forestry development of Huai'an.

 You can contact us by two ways.First,if they're words or pictures,please send E-mail to,if you have the certificate of period pieces, send the copy to the Minicipal Forest Service.Mark "data about forestry history" on the envelope.You can also telephone the number 0517-83902093.

                                                                                          Huai'an Forest Service

                                                                                                   August 5th, 2008