Huai'an China Government Noticeboard
Notice on 2019 Obligatory Tree-Planting in Huai'an

In order to mobilize all social forces to participate in afforestation and greening, accelerate the process of land greening, and facilitate general public to actively plant trees as an obligatory duty, eleven Huai'an obligatory planting sites in 2019 are announced. For those who intend to participate in tree planting and adoption, please contact relevant units in advance.

Of all the eleven planting sites,two are located in Baima Lake Forest Ecological Park and Guqingkou Ecological Park. As for Qingjiangpu District, sites can be found in the Lakeside Farm in Qihu Village, Heping Town, the Red Pepper Square in Zhouchen Village Group No.10, Huangmai Town, and Sanzha Village Group No.3, Wudun Town. Henghe Bank in Henghe Village, Suzui Town, Huai'an District, Xunhe Bank in Hongze District, East Bank of Binhe Backup Water Source,Lianshui County, Moon Mountain in Huanghuatang Town, Xuyi County, as well as the south side of the newly built gymnasium and Jiuli Wetland Park in Jinhu County are also on the list.

The total area of these sites is 825 mu with 25,500 trees to be planted. More than 20 tree species can be planted such as sweet-scented osmanthus, acer palmatum, malus spectabilis and lacebark pine. The largest site is the East Bank of Binhe Backup Water Source, which is 200 mu, and the number of plants to be planted here is 20,000; the smallest area is Sanzha Village Group No.3, Wudun Town, Qingjiangpu District (a road in front of the village), which is 10 mu, with 80 plants to be planted.

Those who intend to participate in tree planting and adoption at the above sites can visit the website of Huai'an Natural Resources and Planning Bureau for specific information. You can also contact Huai'an Forestry Bureau as well as afforestation committees of counties and districts in advance and go there by yourselves.


Huai'an Forestry Bureau: 0517-83902093, 0517-83799903

Qingjiangpu District: 0517-83515670

Huaiyin District: 0517-84918977

Huai'an District: 0517-83325777

Hongze District: 0517-87222976

Lianshui County: 0517-82321201

Jinhu County: 0517-86883547

Xuyi County: 0517-88231081