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Approval for Establishment and Alteration of Foreign-invested Enterprises

Legal basis:

"Company Law of the People's Republic of China": Article 192 An application for establishment of a branch in China by a foreign company, the articles of association of the company and certificate of incorporation issued by the country of origin etc shall be submitted to the authorities in China. Upon approval, registration formalities shall be completed with the company registration authorities and a business license shall be obtained.

Acceptance conditions:

Applications accompanied with all materials required and in the statutory form.

Handling deadline:

15 workdays

Commitment period:

3 days

Handling department:

Foreign Investment Management Division of Huai’an Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau

Handling place:

Foreign investment window of Huai’an Government Affairs Service Center (Address: No.150, Xiangyu Middle Road, Huai’an)



Service guideline:

Procedure for approving establishment and alteration of foreign-invested Benterprises.doc

Supervision telephone: