Huai'an China Government Press Conference
Huai’an Airport Construction News Conference


Huai’an China (11/09/2009)
Released by: Deputy Mayor of Huai’an: Shi Guojun;
Presided by: News Spokesman, Deputy Chief Secretary and Office Director of Municipal Government: Han Bin;
Time: 14:30, November 7th;
Address: Construction site of Lianshui Airport
News Conference Spot
[Han Bin]
Good afternoon, friends! Thanks for attending this news conference.
Huai’an Civil Airport will play a promoting role in completing transport system, optimizing investment environment, accelerating opening steps, serving Huai’an economy, promoting emergence of North Jiangsu, and keep rapid and sound development of economy and society of Huai'an; therefore, construction of Huai’an Airport is an important thing for development of economy and society of Huai'an, as well as a big event focused by the masses; today we invited media friends to the conference to introduce overall conditions of airport construction.
Medias which attend today's conference include: Xinhua Daily, Huai’an Reporter Station of China News Press, Huai’an Daily, Huaihai Evening, Huai’an Television Station, Huai’an People’s Broadcasting News Frequency, Transport Frequency, Huai’an Broadcasting and Television Newspaper, etc.
And leaders who attend today's conference include: Deputy Mayor of Huai’an Shi Guojun, Deputy Chief Secretary of Huai'an Municipal Government, Director of Airport Office, Board Chairman of Airport Company Xu Xiangyang, General Manager of Airport Company Zhang Qingmin, and relative working personnel of Airport Office.
Now, let's welcome news release from Mayor Shi.
Hot atmosphere on the spot
[Shi Guojun]
Good afternoon, reporter friends. Huai’an Airport is a key project of the provincial government in 2009, which is also called as “the No.1 Project of" of Huai’an. It will play an important promoting role in development of development of economy and society of Huai'an from four aspects: 1. to provide very convenient transport conditions for foreign merchants who invest in Huai’an, save logistic and commercial costs, and improve operative efficiency and economic benefits of enterprises; 2. to further complete comprehensive transport system of Huai’an, and let Huai’an have five transport means: highway, railway, waterway, airway, and pipelines; 3. to exert concentration effect of elements of air and port, create airport and port industrial parks, and make them new growth points of Huai’an economy; 4. to provide a new, faster and more convenient way of going out for citizens in Huai’an.
At present, under support and concern from provincial party committee and government, and correct leadership of municipal party committee and government, and assistance from various fields of the society, Huai’an airport construction project is being constructed in an ordered way. Now, I will introduce overall conditions of airport construction.
Ⅰ. Construction Scale of Huai’an Airport Project
Huai'an Airport is located at Chenshi Town of Lianshui County, 22 kilometers away from Huai’an downtown. Huai’an Airport is a domestic regional airport, and its positioning is a North Jiangsu International Airport and North Jiangsu Airway Transport Hinge. According to overall plan and design, this phase of the project is designed by taking 2020 as the target year, and tourist throughput is expected to be 600,000 person-times and freight throughput is 48 million tons in 2020.
Construction scale of the phase is: a runway of 2400 meters long and 45 meters wide, an airport terminal building of 13800 square meters, an airport management building of 1600 square meters and a tower of 38 meters high. Supporting facilities will also be constructed, including: power supply, water supply, heat supply, cold supply, gas supply, oil supply, firefighting, rescue and airport auxiliary production facilities.
Investment scale of this phase is 770 million yuan, including 175 million yuan of special foundation from State Civil Aviation Administration and 175 million yuan subsidies from provincial government, and other capital collected by Huai’an local government.
Mayor Shi releases news
Ⅱ. Plan and Current Progress of Construction
Till the end of 2009, flight area: to make efforts to complete road surface, airfield lights, meteorological project. Terminal building: to complete main structure, and start internal decoration and some equipment installation; to complete all civil works, decorations, some equipment, and installation projects. Airport connection line: to complete a layer of bituminous pavement. To complete main body engineering of aviation fuel, central transforming station, aircraft maintenance, airport affairs, firefighting station, etc. Houses for airport services to be completed and put into use. In June, 2010, to complete all civil works of the airport, carry out debugging and examining works for all equipments, and to ensure successful aviation of the airport before October 1st, 2010.
Under economic trend of “Guarantee growth, expand domestic demands, adjust structure and focus on livelihood”, construction of Huai’an Airport is concerned and supported by all cycles of society. At present, flight area: runway water stabilizing layer construction passed examination of East China Civil Aviation Quality Inspection Station. Runway concrete has been started construction, drainage channel, patrol roads and bounding walls have been started construction. Aviation supporting light project: "three connections and one leveling" of southern lighting station have been completed, second-time cable pre-burying has been completed, piling of infrastructures including aviation management building, high-pole lamp and boarding bridge have been completed. Terminal building: all concrete pouring have been completed, and steel structure is being constructed. Airport road: bridge concrete piles are completed, stone works are filled, and water stabilizing and bridge precast beams will be started construction.
Ⅲ. Progress of various production preparation works of Huai’an Airport
When Huai’an Airport was prepared for construction, construction and operation were taken into consideration in an overall way and planned in advance. In August, 2008, a civil aviation ground service class was opened by Shanghai Civil Aviation School and Huaiyin Commerce School, and 27 students were recruited, and 16 graduates from all kinds of colleges from all over China were employed. The newly-employed people were sent to these units for training and practice, in order to ensure successful work with licenses in 2010. Meanwhile, employment information was released to prepare talents for Huai’an Airport.
Ⅳ. Traveling through Huai’an Airport
In order to ensure convenience and rapidness of roads to the airport, a connection road of about 9 kilometers long is constructed, from terminal building of the airport to Ning-Lian Express Way. The 2nd phase project is connected to Huai-Lian Arterial Road in the east.
Ⅴ. Flight Route and Flight Number Conditions of Huai’an Airport
In September, 2009, at a conference on Huai’an Airport organized by Ji’nan Air Force, 5 airways are agreed to be opened. And by combining actual conditions of Huai’an society and economy, airways to Beijing, Shanghai (Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport), Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Chengdu and other large cities will be opened.
Huai’an Civil Airport has short construction period, high scientific and technical content, heavy and hard construction targets. Huai’an municipal party committee and government will make all efforts to do various service and coordinative works well, and create nice internal and external environment for successful construction of the project. I hope that constructors of the airport will implement their duties, carry forward the spirit of hard-working, obeying principles, making contributions, nice organizing, careful constructing and constantly perfecting skills, in order to ensure rapid and sound completeness of the airport in 2 years, and achieve the target of opening to air traffic in "the 11th five-year plan”. Meanwhile, I hope all relative levels and departments of Huai'an will cooperate closely and make united efforts to do related works well, and ensure smooth progress of airport construction, and make new contributions to high-quality and effective construction of the civil airport.
Thank you!
[Han Bin]
Friends, successful construction of Huai’an Lianshui Airport will surely give wings for taking-off of Huai’an! I believe in the near future year, when one and another plane take off from Huai'an Airport, it will be the time for Huai’an to spread wings and fly to brilliancy. Thank you very much!
Reporters visit construction site of the airport
Terminal building under construction
Principal of the airport office being interviewed
Distant view of runway and terminal building under construction