Huai'an China Government Press Conference
The 15th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum to be Held in Huai'an This Month

Our future can be linked by industries and built on close cooperation. The 15th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum will be held from December 10th to 12th in Huai'an this year, co-hosted by the Economic Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office of State Council, Jiangsu Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, and Huai'an Municipal government. On the morning of December 1st, Huai'an Municipal government held a press conference to introduce the relevant information and specific arrangements of the forum.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum has been highly praised by both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Through this platform, a large number of Taiwan businessmen are able to know more about Huai'an, and then establish close ties and cooperative relations with the city. The forum this year will be held under the special background of COVID-19 epidemic. It is of great significance for the two sides to build a common market, facilitating Taiwan enterprises to integrate into the "dual circulation" development pattern of the mainland.

After careful preparatory work, the 15th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum is now basically in place. Compared with previous ones, the forum this year focuses more one high-end and cutting-edge themes ("Our future can be linked by industries and built on close cooperation"), pragmatic and efficient purposes, and diversified and colorful activity arrangements. At the same time, scientific measures will be taken to deal with the impact of the epidemic. It will be held both online and offline in combination of "main forums and sub forums", with venues in Huai'an and Taipei respectively. Nearly 300 guests in political, business and academic circles from both sides will attend the conference in Huai'an, while the 30 guests will attend the event at Industrial Association of Taipei City and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association.

The main forum will be held on the morning of December 11, including the opening ceremony and keynote speech. The signing ceremony for service projects among schools, government and enterprises will be launched as well, together with the policy of "one-stop" service center for Taiwanese businessmen. With a series of innovative measures, the city of Huai'an will create a better development environment for Taiwan enterprises, promote their transformation and upgrading, and accelerate their integration into the Yangtze River Delta. As for the keynote speech, well-known experts and scholars will be invited to share their opinions on "How can Taiwan Enterprises Better Integrate into the Mainland's ‘Dual Circulation' Development Pattern after the Epidemic".

The sub forums consist of four specific activities. On the afternoon of December 9, a culture camp for youth from both sides of the Straits will be held to introduce the long history of the Grand Canal Culture in Huai'an. On the afternoon of December 11, three sub forum activities will be launched simultaneously, namely "Huai'an Taste Cross the Straits - Modern Agricultural Cooperation Forum", "Integrated Development of Huai'an & Kunshan - Briefing of Taiwan-funded Industrial Cooperation in Yangtze River Delta" and "Linking the Future of Huai'an & Taipei Through Cooperation - PCB Industrial Development Forum". Cross-strait modern agricultural cooperation, PCB industrial development and Taiwan - funded industrial cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta will be discussed in detail.

A series of supporting activities are arranged as well. "Enjoying the Lake Scenery and Green Life - Cycling Activities of Compatriots on Both Sides of the Straits" will be organized in the early stage of the forum. During the forum, events will be organized such as the annual meeting of Jiangsu Association of Taiwan, the founding meeting of Jiangsu Youth Committee of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland, the commencement of Avary Holding Group's intelligent factory project in high-end HDI and advanced SLP carriers (Huai'an PCB Industrial Park) and the field visits of "Green Highland, Hub City". 

The requirements of epidemic prevention and control will be strictly implemented. According to the practice and experience of large-scale activities, the organizing committee has formulated a detailed epidemic prevention and control plan to ensure that the forum is safe, orderly and successful.