Huai'an China Government Press Conference
Press Conference on "King's Luck" 2020 China • Huai'an Grand Canal Triathlon

On August 26, Huai'an Municipal Government held a press conference on the "King's Luck" 2020 China • Huai'an Grand Canal Triathlon, which introduced the relevant information of the event to the public, including the theme slogan, logo, medals, routes and competition clothes.

Triathlon is a new kind of comprehensive sports competition, composed of swimming in natural waters, road cycling and road distance race. It is very challenging and attractive, and has been favored by an increasing number of sports fans in recent years. With the support of China Triathlon Sports Association, Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the 2020 China • Huai'an Grand Canal Triathlon will start at 8:30 a.m. on September 5 at the scenic spot of Shanyang Lake, and last for two days. This event is hosted by China Triathlon Sports Association, Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau and Huai'an Municipal Government, and undertaken by Huai'an Municipal Bureau of Sports, Management Committee of Huai'an Ecological New Town, Planning and Construction Office of Huai'an Grand Canal Cultural Belt and Huai'an Group of Culture and Tourism.

It is the first national triathlon competition since the resumption of work and production. It also belongs to the score competition of the 14th National Games, representing the highest level of triathlon in China. Nearly 160 professional players from 16 provinces will participate in the competition, and about 550 players in amateur group and professional group will also join. The design of this event integrates the scenic spots with regional characteristics such as features of Li Canal, Zhiguan, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, etc., into its racetracks, fully demonstrating the culture of the city which is inclusive and open. During the competition, Huai'an will also hold the sub venue of the 2nd Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo and the 3rd Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition of China (Huai'an) Grand Canal Cultural Belt City, so as to create a wonderful cultural feast.

The press conference announced the theme slogan "Surging Vitality of the Canal, Charming Beauty of Huai'an", as well as the logo, medals and competition routes with the canal characteristics.

Huai'an has attached great importance to this event, gathered the wisdom of all parties and the strength of the whole city, and carefully completed the preparation work. According to COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidance on Sports Events by China Triathlon Sports Association and the national and provincial joint control mechanism, the city has formulated the prevention and control plan for the event in light of Huai'an's own situation. Currently, health records are being established for the service staff, and nucleic acid detection and epidemic prevention training will be carried out as well.