Huai'an China Government Press Conference
Press Conference on Huai'an Environmental Quality

On June 19, Huai'an Municipal Government held the press conference on Huai'an ecological environment. According to the bulletin released on the meeting, since 2019, the city's environmental quality has continued to improve, and people's sense of gain, happiness and security from their ecological environment has also continued to increase. Huai'an public satisfaction rate of ecological environment has reached 93.2%.

In 2019, the overall environmental quality for Huai'an water was getting better. The standard-reaching rate of national and provincial examination in surface water sections was 86.7%, the excellent Class III ratio achieved 76.7%, and the inferior class V water bodies were completely eliminated; the environment quality for Huai'an air continued to improve. The average PM2.5 concentrations dropped by 10.2% year-on-year, and the proportion of days with high-quality air was 72.6%. Both indicators met the annual assessment requirements of the province; the environmental quality of sound remained stable with the "fairly good" average value of regional environmental noise in the daytime. The standard-reaching rate of noise in the functional area was 96.8% during the day and 85.9% at night; Huai'an biological environment was in good condition as well, with high vegetation coverage, rich biodiversity and 70.52 ecological quality index (EQI); its radiation environmental quality was relatively good. The absorbed dose rate in air and radionuclides in aerosol, surface water and soil were all kept within the bottom level. The radioactivity level of the water from the key drinking water intake met the standard requirements, and the measured values of electromagnetic radiation were lower than the exposure control limit; the environmental quality of soil remained generally good. 18 cultivated land spots and 6 construction sites met the requirements of risk screening for soil pollution of agricultural land and construction land, respectively. 12 spots of forest land realized their corresponding functions, and the monitoring data of the bottom soil quality of 11 sites in 5 rivers and 3 sites in Hongze Lake were all up to the standard.

Next, Huai'an will focus on improving the regional environmental quality, take key and major projects as carriers, highlight the governance of gas, water and soil, and better meet people's growing needs of beautiful ecological environment. In accordance with the "supervision according to laws and regulations" as well as the "powerful and effective services", the city will greatly improve the efficiency of environmental law enforcement, and further stimulate enterprises to consciously control pollution themselves. Meanwhile, it will take long-term perspectives, focus on the current issues and lay a solid foundation to provide strong support for modernizing and improving environmental governance capability and ecological environmental quality. Moreover, it should do a good job in preventing and resolving major risks in the field of ecological environment, and ensure that the supervision is carefully carried out, problems are thoroughly investigated and the bottom line is firmly guarded.