Huai'an China Government Press Conference
Press Conference on Investment Plan and First-quarter Progress of 2020 Huai'an Central City Projects

On the afternoon of April 26, Huai'an Municipal Government held the press conference to release its investment plan of 2020 central city projects (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) and its first-quarter progress. This year, 523 central city construction projects will be arranged, with a planned investment of 72.56 billion yuan.

The Plan will strictly adhere to the "Scientific Standards" and "Annual Tasks", and put "Investment and Renewal Projects" up front. It will closely focus on the city's high-quality development and "One District, Two Belts and One Hub" construction. Besides, in accordance with the requirements of "Huai'an Ecological and Green Development" and its positioning of "Water Town Famous for Ecological and Cultural Tourism", various development plans will be promoted, such as Regional Integration of Yangtze River Delta, Huai River Ecological Economic Belt, Grand Canal Culture Protection, Inheritance and Utilization, etc. In order to rank among the national civilized cities, Huai'an will comprehensively improve its construction quality, make it more inclusive and livable, and constantly enhance its radiation and functions.

Huai'an central city construction projects are mainly divided into three categories: municipal government projects, district government projects and social investment projects. As for the 68 government projects at municipal level with an annual investment of 5.832 billion yuan, there are 36 projects carried forward last year and 32 newly built, with an annual planned investment of 4.576 billion yuan and 1.256 billion yuan respectively. Among them, priorities will be given to the construction of Nanjing-Huai'an Intercity Railway and urban roads, the relocation of high and middle schools, the renovation of the water intake of Baima Lake Reserve, the establishment of China Water Conservancy Science and Technology Museum, the classification of domestic waste, etc. There are 229 projects at district level with an annual investment of 19.417 billion yuan, including 116 projects carried forward last year and 113 newly built with an annual planned investment of 12.56 billion yuan and 6.857 billion yuan respectively. The projects will focus on the construction of the comprehensive passenger hub and Nanjing-Huai'an Intercity Railway of Huai'an East Railway Station, the reconstruction of secondary water supply, the renovation of old residential areas, and the improvement of sewage treatment plants' quality and efficiency. 226 social investment projects are also on the construction list with 47.311 billion yuan invested annually, including 155 projects carried forward last year and 71 new projects with an annual planned investment of 36.461 billion yuan and 10.85 billion yuan respectively. The construction of the Huai'an section of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, the new campus of sports school, the new hospital of maternal and child health hospital, the branch ward of Huai'an First People's Hospital and China's Water Transport City are their focuses.

By the end of March, 2020 Huai'an central city construction has completed an investment of 12.242 billion yuan, 16.87% of the annual plan. 302 projects have been started, with an operation rate of 57.93%, of which 264 have been resumed, with a resumption rate of 86.27%, basically completing the target tasks.