Huai'an China Government Press Conference
Press Conference on Key Industrial Projects 2021

The Huai'an municipal government held a press conference on March 5, the first one after the Spring Festival, promoting key projects and the business environment. Chen Zhichang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Huai'an, stressed the need to give full play to the projects and business environment and optimize the soft power of the business environment. Thus, the Huai'an municipal government put forward the "1+4" policy package accordingly and vigorously promoted the economic and social development in the first year of the 14th five-year plan, 

"One" in the "1+4" policy package refers to one decision to strengthen the policies further to ensure current economic operation. The 20 measures were released this time to thoroughly implement the conference's spirit to tackle the fundamental problems of major projects and optimize the business environment. The measures can also promote work and production resumption, and boost the construction of major projects. The measures were made to realize the following aims, including encouraging enterprises to increase production and efficiency, continuing the fiscal, taxation and financial support, guaranteeing employment, industrial chain and supply chain, improving urban and rural logistics distribution services, supporting enterprises to expand domestic and international markets, strengthening the monitoring and warning of economic operation, consolidating production safety, etc.

"Four" in the "1+4" policy package refers to four actions to optimize the business environment. They are employment service month during the Spring Festival, key provincial and municipal project promotion conference, credit support conference for key projects, and business environment optimization by promoting the reforms to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services.

Employment is not only the "barometer" of the economy but also the essential livelihood. The employment service month after the Spring Festival was launched on March 2. A host of employment consolidation and expansion measures were made to reduce the enterprises' burdens and promote their development. Ten key enterprises and human resource companies reached cooperation intention, and ten enterprises won the worker-training subsidies of 2.696 million yuan in 2021. 

Major industrial projects are the "ballast stones" of economic development. The first project promotion meeting after the Spring Festival was held on February 26. Chen Zhichang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, stressed the firm project-centered principle and government services to promote major industrial projects. The municipal government held on March 5 a coordination meeting for the major provincial and municipal projects, which solved some land, environmental and production capacity problems affecting project construction. By the end of Feb., the investment of 15.915 billion yuan of 220 key projects has been completed, accounting for 19.72% of the annual plan and 3.04 percentage points more than the chronological progress.

As the core and blood of the modern economy, finance plays a vital role in promoting economic structure transformation and upgrading. Huai'an will soon organize a financing promotion meeting for the key projects involving banks, guarantee institutions, and construction companies, encouraging the financial institutions to increase the financing support for 220 major projects. This year, Huai'an will also hold special docking activities for key projects and enterprises involving the government, banks, and enterprises. The Huai'an government will strengthen the financial support of small and micro enterprises, continuously expand the effective financial supply, and innovate financial products and services. In addition, it will also optimize the financial, ecological environment, constantly improve the level of financial services for the development of the real economy, and boost high-quality economic development.

Optimizing the business environment by deepening the reforms to delegate power, streamline administration, and optimize government services is a key measure to stimulate market players' vitality and develop endogenous power. Huai'an has always regarded as the most important measure "the reforms to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services." Sixty measures in five categories will soon be released to serve the market players in a better way. This year, more measures will be made covering the examination and approval of construction projects, enterprise start-ups, and key project application assistance. Hopfully, implementing these measures will help achieve the overall goal of "better services, simpler procedures, and faster approval".