Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 6, 2018)

Delivered at the 2nd Session of the 8th People's Congress of Huai’an
on Jan 6, 2018
Cai Lixin
Acting Mayor of Huai’an

Fellow deputies:
On behalf of the Municipal People’s Government of Huai’an, I am now presenting an annual report on the government’s work in 2017 for your deliberation.
I. A Review of the Work in 2017
Over the past year, Huai’an Municipal Government, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implemented the decisions and deployments the central, provincial government and municipal party committee made, made coordinated efforts to do the work of reform, development and stability. Huai’an maintained steady and healthy development of economy and society, and the main index increase was kept within a reasonable range. It is estimated that the annual GDP of Huai’an will reach 335 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5 percent over the previous year, and per capita of GDP will exceed 10,000 US dollars. The total investment of the fixed assets above the designated size and large-scale industry was 280 billion yuan and 170 billion yuan respectively, increasing by 12 percent and 13 percent respectively. The general public budget revenue reached 23.06 billion yuan, and the financial resources maintained growth. The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 32,800 yuan and 15,600 yuan, up 8.4 percent and 8.8 percent respectively.
1. Efforts had been made to stabilize growth, adjust the structure and ensure the economy running smoothly.
The foundation of "stability" was steadily growing. Effective investment continued to expand. 220 major projects completed the investment of 117.8 billion yuan, up 13.1 percent. The construction of 152 industrial projects with each investment over 100 million yuan has started, and 105 industrial projects with each equipment investment over 10 million yuan have completed. Consumer demand remains robust, with retail sales of consumer goods totaling 120 billion yuan, up 11 percent, and consumption contributing 53 percent to the economic growth. The growth momentum of foreign trade was strong. 120 new foreign trade growth enterprises have been fostered and the total import and export volume has reached 4.2 billion US dollars, up by 20 percent.
The intensity of "adjustment" was increasing. Supply-side structural reform achieved tangible results. 41 chemical companies were closed, "substandard steel" illegal production enterprises were banned and the product oil market was regulated. The real estate market maintained the overall stability. The loan growth of manufacturing industry came first in Northern Jiangsu. Non-performing loans of the banking financial institutions fell by 0.37 percent and business operating costs were reduced nearly 1 billion yuan. The balance and coordination of development got enhanced. The aggregation of "4+2" advanced manufacturing industries were accelerated. Projects such as electric cars of Min’an Automotive and semiconductor of Huai’an Imaging Device Manufacturer were accelerated and projects such as Guoxin gas turbine cogeneration and the second phase of Aoyang Shunchang were completed and put into operation. Suhuai High-Tech Zone was in the first group of 20 "the 13th Five-Year Plan" advanced manufacturing industry bases. The large-scale industrial production value, storage tax and profits grew by 12 percent, 10 percent and 12 percent respectively. The quality of service industry was improved. Added value of the service industry was increased by 8.9 percent, of which the "4+3" characteristic services accounted for 77.1 percent, up 1.1 percent. Two projects including Jinhu water forest leisure tourism resort were listed in the optimizing tourism project list. E-commerce transactions were increased by 30 percent. The second waterway opening port was formally put into operation, and the port cargo throughput reached one hundred million tons. The development of "4+1" modern agriculture was accelerated. The investment of 94 agricultural industrialization projects was over 100 million yuan individually. Rural water conservancy completed the investment of 1.82 billion yuan, 356,000-mu high standard farmland was newly built, 200,000-mu comprehensive breeding of rice and fishery was developed, and 77,000-mu agriculture with high efficiency facility was newly built.
The "good" momentum was stronger. Regional innovation capacity was increasing; the output value of new and high technology industry increased by 12 percent, and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress was 55 percent. More than 1,000 enterprises have carried out technological transformation, 71 new national high-tech enterprises have been incubated, and 20 new provincial pilot enterprises have been added. 1,014 enterprises have established "two stations and three centers", two national research and development institutions have been added, and three industrial technology collaborative innovation alliances have been formed. 3,747 domestic registered trademarks and 14 international registered trademarks were newly added, and King’s Luck Brewery won the national quality award.
2. Efforts had been made to promote reform and opening up to ensure the vitality of development is growing.
The reform dividend was accelerated to release. Administrative examination and approval system reform was further promoted, the city administrative examination and approval bureau was founded, "35745" special action to check and revise and four-joint examination and approval of investment construction projects were implemented, 737 examination and approval matters which do not need to deal with face to face were released, newly registered private enterprises and individual commercial households throughout the year reached nearly 20,000 and 49,000 respectively.
The comprehensive reform of new urbanization was steadily implemented. The pilot work of replacing multiple plans for city (county) development with one master plan has become a national model. The supporting measures of the residence permit system were improved. The reform of land use system was carried out, land use planning of functional areas was accelerated and the land space of 38000 mu was expanded.
Rural reforms were promoted as a whole. The registration of contracted rural lands management rights and the survey of rural collective construction land were completed. The application of mortgage finance, interchange and paid withdrawal of contracted management rights was advanced. Marked achievements were scored in the fiscal and taxation financial reform. 8 enterprises landed in the capital market, the construction of Huai’an branch of CITIC Bank and the first small loan company of Internet technology of Northern Jiangsu was approved. Reform in the areas of public security, environmental protection and auditing was vigorously promoted.
Opening up to the outside world was expanded. The construction of the taiwan-funded enterprises industrial transfer cluster service demonstration area was quickened, and the 12th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum and Taiwan•Huai’an Week, Huai’an Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation Week and other activities were successfully held. The normalized cooperation mechanism of the coordinated development of Taiwan-funded economy between Huai’an and Kunshan was established, and Huai’an was awarded as the "highly recommended" city for Taiwan entrepreneurs to invest for the sixth consecutive year. Agreed Taiwan-funded capital increased by 150%, and funds credited into account grew by 50%. Investment promotion activities for Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, central enterprises and other projects were carried out. 210 domestic projects with each investment over 100 million yuan were introduced, of which each investment of 15 over 1 billion yuan. 40 foreign projects with each investment over 30 million US dollars were newly set up, of which each investment of 10 was over 100 million US dollars, and foreign investment credited into account was 1.17 billion US dollars. Series of foreign exchange activities including "Journey to Huai’an, Hometown of the Great Man" were hosted to expand the new space for the opening up to the outside world.
Fruitful results were achieved in regional cooperation. The 17th Mayor Association Conference of urban economic coordination in the Yangtze River delta was successfully organized and Huai’an was a leader in the establishment of the eco-economic professional committee of the Yangtze River delta.
3. Efforts had been made to strengthen the functions and coordinate the development of urban and rural areas.
The effect of planning kept increasing. A new round of revision of the central city control rules and the overall urban design work had started, the space planning of 28 districts and towns was optimized, the planning of the rail transit network, slow traffic system and sponge city was compiled, and Huai’an Underground Pipeline Management Ordinance was issued and implemented. The application of big data, cloud computing and GIS in urban planning was strengthened, and the joint construction and sharing of smart planning and municipal government affairs service hall was realized.
The function of the central city had been steadily improved. 96.8 billion yuan was invested to implement 793 key projects. The first phase of Financial Center was completed, the infrastructure construction of the high-speed rail business district was comprehensively promoted, the advance engineering of Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall and the surrounding environment was implemented, the core area of Enlai Executive Leadership Academy was put into use, Great White Whale Dabbling World of Dragon Palace was built, and the construction of key projects such as China Water Transport City had started. Residential environment was increasingly optimized, 761 urban environment comprehensive improvement project was implemented, shanty town area of 1.86 million square meters and the old residential area of 5 million square meters were renovated, the deep treatment engineering of 200,000 tons of water were built, two sewage treatment plants of main urban area were transformed, 26 backstreets were regulated, the regulation of 20 residential district rain sewage diversion and 4 black smelly water was completed, urban long-term comprehensive management was strengthened, the traffic regulation was carried out, and 3 projects including city green little sitting rooms obtained provincial living environment example prize.
Infrastructure construction was accelerated. The construction of two railways had entered the stage of full frame beam, the main body of the second phase expansion project of Huai’an airport was completed, the first phase of the city inner ring elevated road and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Bridge of Huaihai Road South were rapidly promoted, and Huai’an section of Suqian-Yangzhou highway, 503 provincial highway of airport high-speed connections, ancient Huai River Bridge of Huaihai Road North and Huangma Bridge of the Grand Canal were completed and open to traffic. A new round of regional projects of regulating Huai River, such as the reinforcement of levee of Hongze Lake, was completed. The projects of intelligent transportation and smart education were basically completed, the population database was completed and tested, and the construction of the intelligent Huai’an information cloud platform and the meteorological disaster warning emergency center had started.
The countryside continued to improve. The planning and construction level of provincial key town kept rising. Xuyi Lobster Town was selected into the first batch of provincial featured town, Gaoqiao Village of Jinhu County was selected into the first batch of pilot villages in Jiangsu Province, and the building of the first batch of 14 municipal characteristic pilot villages had started. 475 km of rural roads, 88 Bridges were built, and the consolidation project of rural drinking water safety was completed.
4. Efforts had been made to focus on the development of ecology and environment.
Ecological construction was comprehensively promoted. Huai’an Ecological Civilization Construction Planning was issued and implemented, Main Body Functional Area Implementation Planning was organized and revised, Protection Planning of Huai River Ecological Economic Region and Hongze Lake Ecological Environment was compiled, the basic research of Huaihuai ecological economic zone and the grand canal culture was carried out, and Jinhu County had been built into the first batch of the national ecological civilization construction demonstration county. The renewal of green tree species was accelerated, 28,300 mu of trees and 3.2 million trees of precious species were planted.
The green transformation is powerful and orderly. A dual-control system for energy consumption intensity and total consumption was established, the differential pricing policy for enterprises was implemented in accordance with the environmental credit rating scale, and 30 green manufacturing projects were implemented. The construction of low-carbon pilot zones at the municipal level was promoted, the transformation of recycling was accelerated, and the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP was achieved. The modernization of the construction industry was vigorously promoted and the breakthrough of the special class of qualified construction enterprises was achieved. Four enterprises had been granted modern demonstration bases of the provincial construction industry.
Environmental improvement results appeared. The "263" special operation was carried out, the scope of the "no-fly zones" was expanded, 858 small coal-fired boilers were shut down and regulated, 113 volatile organic matter pollution comprehensive treatment projects were completed, PM2.5 concentrations of the city fell by 6% year on year, days of high-quality air reached 248 days, the quality of the atmosphere continuously improved. The system of river chief was comprehensively built, the ban areas of livestock and poultry farms were closed or moved away, illegal sand mining in Hongze Lake was effectively curbed, and the ecological advantages increasingly emerged.
5. Efforts had been made to do practical work and benefit the people, and make social peace and harmony.
Public services were continuously optimized. The layout planning of urban and rural primary and secondary schools and kindergartens was revised and compiled, 61 primary and middle schools and kindergartens were newly built, the creation of education modernization achieved outstanding results, 6 professional groups of provincial vocational education modernization were established, and the system of higher education and vocational education was constantly improved. Comprehensive health care reform was deepened, drug purchasing consortia of municipal medical institutions was set up, the cooperation with high-end medical resources in and out of Jiangsu Province was expanded, 5 medical groups and 13 medical couplet bodies were established, Huaiyin District and Huai’an District were among the top ten counties of the first-level health in the province, the policy of family planning and benefiting the people was effectively carried out, and Huai’an became one of the demonstration cities in the national happiness family activities. 331 comprehensive cultural services centers at the grass-roots level were upgraded, Measures for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Huai’an was enacted and implemented, the determination of the historical building census had started, Huai opera "Left-behind Village Head and Left-behind Geese" won the Wenhua Award of Jiangsu Province, and Huai’an Yearbook won the National Grand Prize of chorography. The international intellectual sports competition, the sand table tennis World Cup, the national track and field championship competition and other events were successfully held, and a new batch of sports fitness parks and township multi-functional sports grounds were built.
Steadily increasing efforts were made in poverty alleviation. Support policy for entrepreneurship and employment was earnestly implemented, vocational skills training for 34,000 people was developed, 46,000 new professional farmers were fostered, 91,000 new jobs in cities and towns were provided, 58,000 people obtained re-employment, nearly 20,000 people were offered supporting for self-employment in urban and rural areas. The "sunshine poverty alleviation" mechanism was innovated, the "six precise" measures were implemented and the implementation of five key projects for poverty alleviation and development in key areas such as the north of the channel was accelerated. All levels of people’s congress, CPPCC actively gave full play to their advantages to carry out poverty alleviation projects. Through the joint efforts of the whole city, 45 economic weak villages that the province and the city identified had been out of poverty.
The level of security continued to improve. The coverage of urban and rural basic social insurance reached 96%, and the standard for urban and rural residents’ basic pension insurance increased to 125 yuan per person per month. The standard for the urban and rural subsistence allowances, extremely poor people’s support, subsidies for the disabled, orphans and medical treatment continued to be raised, rural left-behind children protection action was organized and carried out, and social forces were guided to participate in the construction and operation of facilities for elderly. The housing provident fund management center was connected to the national long-distance transfer platform, and the housing security system had a full rate of 96.6%. The policy of preferential treatment was fully implemented, the reform of the army was actively supported, the recruitment and resettlement of military personnel and their families were successfully completed, and the recruitment task was also completed.
Social governance continued to be strengthened. The construction of Huai’an with rule of law and safety was accelerated, three-dimensional public security prevention and control system was gradually perfected, grid social governance mechanism was innovated, the criminal crimes against property and cases of severe violence continued to decline, and economic crimes such as illegal fund-raising, telecom network fraud were contained. Investigation and renovation were effectively promoted, the checking and controlling of social risks were earnestly done, a number of disputes and accumulated cases of petition were effectively solved, and the major security and stability tasks were successfully completed. The situation of safe production was stable, and the level of food and drug safety protection had been continuously improved, and the capacity of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and emergency response had been continuously enhanced. The double-support construction, civil air defense, national security, ethnic and religion, government affairs administration, statistics, supply and marketing, price, arbitration, archives, radio and television were further strengthened, and elderly, youth, women and children, charities, Red Cross and other undertakings had made new progress.
6. Efforts had been made to improve the work style and efficiency, and strengthen self-construction.
The normalization and institutionalization of studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building were promoted and efforts were made to build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with.
Stick to the systematic planning. The new development concept and the strategy of the "1+3" functional zone were conscientiously implemented, and new ways of ecological priority and green development were actively explored. In order to stimulate the vitality of innovation, 20 policies of the cluster innovation and three-year action plan were introduced and implemented, and a collaborative innovation system for political and industrial research and development was focused on to construct. In order to promote the increase of the public’s income, 18 policies to focus on enriching people were introduced and implemented. Centering on promoting rural revitalization, the relatively concentrated rural residence planned to be promoted. To highlight the characteristics of the city, water resources were made good use of to promote the integration and development of cultural tourism.
Stick to do real practice and solid work. Entity economy development was implemented and promoted, policy measures of opening to the outside world were expanded, attracting big enterprises were focused on, backbone enterprises developing project was implemented, and the promotion mechanism of the major project was improved.
Adhere to strict governance. The responsibility system for the party to build a clean government was strictly implemented, the central eight rules and the detailed rules for the implementation were conscientiously implemented, the public resources trading, government investment and state-owned capital operation were standardized, the administrative supervision and auditing supervision were strengthened, unhealthy tendency and corruption were investigated, efforts were made to build clean and upright atmosphere. Major administrative decision-making procedures were strictly implemented, the system that major decisions had to report to the Municipal People’s Congress and its standing committee before introduced was established, the openness and transparency of government affairs was deepened, the initiative was taken to listen to all sides, social supervision was accepted, and the construction of a law-based government was strengthened.
II. The Plan for Work in 2018
We have set the main targets for the economic and social development of Huai’an for this year as follows:
increase the GDP by 7.5%;
increase the added value of industries above a designated scale by 8%;
increase the investment of fixed assets above a designated scale by 9%;
achieve growth in the general public budget revenues;
increase the retail sales of consumer goods by around 10.5%;
R&D investment accounts for about 2% of the region’s GDP;
increase per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents by approximately 8% and 8.5% respectively;
keep the increase in the CPI at around 3%;
ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate does not rise above 4%;
continue to reduce the emissions of major pollutants.
To deliver a good performance in the work of the government this year, we need to concentrate on the following seven areas:
1. We will focus on the major projects and give strong support to the real economy. We will adhere to put the project as the first grasp of the work and the first support of the development, vigorously promote the tax source construction, and continuously enhance the overall strength.
We will build strong industrial chains based on the leading industries, make full use of the resource advantage of rock salt and concave earth and the carrier advantage of all kinds of platforms, scientifically make investment guidelines and project lists, carry out special project docking activities, and work hard to introduce a number of large projects and upstream and downstream enterprises. We will vigorously promote the channels of investment attraction, such as entrusted investment promotion, intermediary agencies, internet and fund, establish group companies of  investment, construction, finance and talent service at or above the provincial level development zone,  adopt the working mechanism of one county/district leader, one development platform, one marketing team, one set of investment policy and one industrial fund, further strengthen the investment attraction led by the top leaders to improve the chance of success of investment promotion and capital introduction. It is expected that in this year 210 new domestic projects with each investment scale over one hundred million yuan will be introduced, of which the investment of 30 projects will be over 1 billion yuan respectively and more than 30 foreign projects and 100 Taiwan-funded projects with each investment scale over 30 million US dollars will be introduced. We will work hard to achieve new breakthroughs in the project introduction.
We will strengthen the guarantee of factors and intensify our efforts to promote the construction of 220 major projects in the city. We will focus on more than 200 industrial projects with each investment over one hundred million yuan, start the construction of new energy battery of Junsheng, mould and equipment manufacturing of Hamu and other projects, complete the semiconductor project of  Huai’an Imaging Device Manufacturer, core deposit project of Shidai and BYD intelligent manufacturing project. We will ensure that the construction of 150 projects with each investment over one hundred million yuan will start and 100 projects with each investment over one hundred million yuan will be completed. We will speed up the implementation of 200 service projects with each investment over 50 million yuan and build flagship projects such as the theme park of Journey to the West, China Water Transport City and the theme park of Fantawild. We will vigorously promote 112 agricultural industrial projects with each investment over 30 million yuan, and start the construction of leading projects such as the agricultural science and technology of Jinrong, the healthy farm of Cordyceps, and the agriculture and animal husbandry technology of Quanwen. We will highlight the performance orientation, strengthen the overall supervision and progress, and strive to achieve the new breakthrough in project construction.
In the spirit of 101% service (100% satisfaction and 1% surprise), we will create an upgraded version of the mobile red flag competition, improve the green channel of major projects and the system of assisting in the whole process, and build a new type of political and business relationship which is close and clean. We will intensify efforts to streamline administration and delegate power, improve the level of "Internet plus government services", and further promote the examination and approval with no need to meet face to face, so that staff of enterprises will be less likely to run errands. We will comprehensively implement the regulation of "double random inspection and one unified information platform", and focus on the problems of inaction, slowness and disorder acts in the work. We will seriously investigate the problem of "obstruction" in the work and ensure that the administration work will be faster and more efficient. We will also carry out the policy of easing the burden on enterprises, strengthen the construction of the public service platform and the factor market, increase the support intensity of financial services, improve industrial supporting ability, inspire and protect the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, and work hard to improve the business environment.
2. We will focus on the cultivation of industries and accelerate economic transformation and upgrading. We will adhere to the development direction of specialization, large scale, premiumisation, intellectualization and greenization. We will enlarge the economic aggregate and adjust the structure at the same time to accelerate the establishment of a modern industrial development system.
We will adhere to the "one industry with one policy" to upgrade traditional industries, strengthen advantageous industries and characteristic industries, enlarge emerging industries, promote the level of industries to the middle and high end and the balance between supply and demand to the high level, and focus on the upgrading of the "4+2" advantageous and characteristic industries. We will promote developing projects of backbone enterprises, implement three-level cultivation plan of city, county and township, strive to develop more than 300 enterprises with the sales over one hundred million yuan and 30 enterprises with the sales over one billion yuan, and 100 new industrial enterprises above designated size, and cultivate 200 new growth point with the sales over 20 million yuan. We will push upstream and downstream enterprises to concentrate in development zones, build a batch of industrial clusters with influence and support capacity. Each county and district should achieve new breakthrough in the cultivation of industries over 10 billion yuan.
We will strengthen the construction of the modern service industry cluster, and strive to increase the proportion of "4+3" featured service industries. We will implement 20 action plan of the "Internet +", deepen the cooperation with famous e-business enterprises, expand the functions like modern logistics park, promote the linkage development between express delivery industry and e-commerce, and accelerate the cultivation of digital economy, creative economy, sharing economy and the new finance and other new forms. We will plan and build the tourist resorts of Baima Lake and Hongze Lake, promote the creation of the national tourist resort of Tianquan, cultivate featured tourist towns, such as Lotus Town and the birthplace of Hanhou (one of the greatest strategist in Han Dynasty), and strive to develop the tourism in the whole city and develop the brand of eco-tourism in Huai’an. We will strengthen the core business circle and key business enterprises, support and develop a batch of time-honored brands of Huai’an, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional trade and business service industry. We will launch the declaration of "the food capital" of the world and organize the China (Huai’an) International Food Exposition to hold a brand exposition with regional characteristics.
We will vigorously develop high-value and high-level agriculture. We will put the agricultural supply side structural reforms at the first place, actively contact with institutes like Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, further cooperate with the Provincial Agribusiness Group and China Jiangsu International Economic-Technical Company, give full play to federations of industry and commerce at various levels and chambers of commerce, encourage and guide industrial and commercial capital, social capital into agriculture and rural areas, promote new-type business entities, main body of service and agricultural brand construction, speed up the construction of "4+1" modern agricultural industrial system, production system and management system. We will strengthen carrier support and the radiation impetus ability of agricultural science and technology parks, agricultural industrialization demonstration bases, agricultural product processing areas, and promote the deep integration of agriculture with leisure tourism, cultural tourism and health food industries. We will attract 50 agricultural product intensive processing projects with each investment over 30 million yuan, more than 10 agricultural industrialization projects with each investment over one hundred million yuan, and cultivate more than 10 agricultural leading enterprises in the whole value chain. We will strengthen the cultivation of the main subjects, develop 500 new family farms, and 100 new demonstration farmers’ cooperatives at the municipal level. We will implement the responsibility system for food security, and add 60,000 hectares of agriculture of high-efficiency facilities and 20,000 hectares of fishing area. We will strengthen brand leading, rely on high-quality resources, including crayfish of Xuyi County, crabs of Hongze Lake, rice of Huai’an, black pigs of Huai’an and red pepper of Huai’an, develop and publish unique identifiers of regional public brand of agricultural products, promote the professional and corporate operation of authorized subjects, improve the standardization of agricultural production and quality supervision traceability system, enhance the capacity of agricultural science and technology service and the effective creation of national characteristic agricultural advantage areas.
3. We will deepen reform and innovation, and comprehensively raise the level of openness. This year is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. We should continue to promote reform and opening up to the outside world. We need to focus on key areas and key links, and continue to pursue breakthroughs, high level and competitive advantages.
We will push forward the special action of "35745" and actively carried out the reform of relatively centralized administrative licensing power. We will speed up the reform of integrating multiple certifications and licenses into one consolidated business license and a unified business license with a unified social credit code. We will make solid progress in comprehensively supporting reform of the new-type urbanization, and we will carry out pilot reform of the administrative management system in the whole region of Jinhu County and nine provincial-level key central towns. We will Deepen the reform of the land use system and intensify the planning implementation of five major functional areas. We will further deepen the reform of finance and taxation, focus on the control of debt, risk prevention and the improvement of people’s livelihood, prepare to establish the local financial regulator bureau, strive for more well-known banks to set up branches in Huai’an, vigorously develop state-owned and holding guarantee agencies, promote the innovation of financial products and service mode, and intensify the financial support for the real economy. We will deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, accelerate the function transformation of supervision and administration institutions of the state-owned assets, and create a system of authorized management of state-owned capital. We will orderly promote the reform of the rural property right system, further stabilize contracting rights, enliven management rights, guarantee the right to earnings, standardize and expand the circulation market of rural property rights.
We will vigorously implement the innovation-driven strategy. It is planned that the industrial investment of new and high technology will grow by about 9%, the industrial output value of new and high technology will account for 26.5%, and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress will be 56%. We will give full play to the main role of enterprise innovation, implement technical upgrading projects and 100 key technical renovation projects, cultivate more than 100 national new and high technological enterprises and more than 60 enterprise with "two institutes and three centers". We will implement the actions of "Internet+", "standardization+" and "branding+"; add 30 demonstration pilot enterprises of integration of informatization and industrialization, 20 standardized pilot projects and more than 1 well-known trademark; and promote the transformation of resources such as rock salt and concave soil from extensive use to intensive processing and new derivatives development. We will accelerate the agglomeration of high-end resources, introduce 1-2 new high-level scientific research institution, aim to set up industrial and technological collaborative innovation alliances of all characteristic industries, and promote the deep integration in industrial chains, innovation chains, capital chains and talent chains.
We will actively strive for the implementation of policy of Taiwan-funded agglomeration demonstration area that the province support Huai’an to construct, implement "1 + 4" Taiwan-funded industrial development engineering, deepen the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Huai’an and Taiwan, closely collaborate with Taiwan-funded industries in Kunshan City, and speed up the industrial fusion development between Huai’an and Taiwan. We will put the development of export-oriented economy as one of the important tasks that promote transformation and adjust structure, focus on the project attraction of advanced manufacturing industry and producer services, strengthen the supervision of foreign investment projects, improve the quality of foreign capital usage, and ensure that registration of foreign capital into account will achieve positive growth, in which the manufacturing industry will grow by 5%, accounting for 40%. We will promote the optimization and upgrading of foreign trade and foreign economy, cultivate more than 120 new import and export enterprises, ensure the exports of mechanical and electrical and hi-tech products will account for more than 40%, guide enterprises to focus on the "Belt and Road", deepen overseas investment and cooperation, develop 10 overseas investment enterprises. We will accelerate the innovation of system and mechanism in development zones, promote the "second planning" of development zones, promote space optimization and resource integration, and effectively improve agglomeration capacity and output efficiency. We will deepen regional cooperation, actively participate in the operation of the coastal development federation and the coastal "3+3" port linkage, and promote the operation of the "Belt and Road" Jiangsu coastal development and investment fund project in Huai’an.
4. We will strengthen urban construction and constantly improve functional quality. We will adhere to the concept of smart growth and compact city. We will vigorously promote the construction of a civilized city by centering on the positioning of an eco-city, and further enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity and radiative driving force of the central city.
We will improve the layout of the city. We will complete the pilot program of the revision and compilation of the urban comprehensive planning, strictly control the boundaries of urban development, and focus on the "whitening" and "coloring" to accelerate the formation of a space development pattern that is complementary in function and efficient in economy. We will deepen the application of the platform of "integration of multiple rules and regulations", establish a unified planning approval and supervision mechanism, redouble efforts to control the selection of project sites, construction plans and land transfer, and promote sustainable urban development. We will pay special attention to the urban design of high speed rail business district and airport industrial park, strengthen the research on the usage of underground space, speed up the function repair and ecological restoration of the urban fringe, land of inefficient use and the urban villages. We will strengthen urban micro-space governance, make full use of historical relics and local cultural elements, accelerate landscape improvement and functional improvement, and further enrich urban public space.
We will improve the functions of the city. It is planned to invest 101.5 billion yuan to implement 746 key projects. We will accelerate the construction of the key areas, vigorously promote the projects of the high-speed rail hub and financial center, complete the foundation engineering of Wisdom Huai’an, meticulously build featured business circles like Huaihai central business district and Shuidukou central business district, and improve the core function of Ecological New Town. We will accelerate the construction of comprehensive transport hub, promote the completion of the main parts of two railways, complete the prophase work of Nanjing-Huai’an Railway, accelerate the construction of the first phase of the urban inner ring elevated road, and strive for the start of major projects including the pilot section of the second phase of Huai River to waterway. We will further promote the creation of a city with good living environment, carry out the planning and study of community life circle within 15 minutes, consider as a whole the layout of public service facilities, make solid progress in the toilet renovation, and intensify the construction and management of parking facilities in old urban districts. We plan to complete the transformation of shantytowns with 9,000 households covering 1 million square meters, renovate 130 old residential communities and improve and upgrade 50 of them. We will carry out a project to control and stop pollution, complete the renovation of 17 black and smelly water bodies, build urban reserve water sources, and transform the secondary water supply facilities of residential areas in an orderly manner.
We will highlight the characteristics of the city. We will personalize and refine the transformation to improve urban parks and ecological green areas, build green trails and slow walking systems, and form more urban "green corridors" and "green lungs". We will speed up the implementation of key projects, such as Li Canal Cultural Corridor and Ancient Huai River Ecological Cultural Corridor, strengthen the construction of riverside landscape zone in the main urban area, and put the ecological philosophy, natural elements, water factors into every link of the urban construction to show the beauty of the city embraced by water. We will adhere to the spirit of the culture, strengthen the protection of historical and cultural city and intangible cultural heritage, enrich the connotation of Zhou Enlai Memorial Scenic Spot, prepare the docking work of the Grand Canal cultural zone project, build the core exhibition area of Chinese water transportation to constantly show the flourishing age of "the capital of canal" in the past.
We will strengthen the governance of the city. We will work hard to build a grid, fine and digital city governance system to effectively manage the city. We will accelerate the marketization of sanitation and promote the provision of facilities and the regulation of order in major memorial sites and scenic spots. We will implement unblocked road engineering, sort out the road network in the old urban area, transform 29 traffic blocking points, improve the bus lines and transfer system, optimize the primary and secondary trunk road traffic organization, effectively alleviate the problem of traffic congestion. We will improve the command system for earthquake, disaster prevention, fire protection and civil defense, strengthen the regulation of safety in transportation, dangerous house and gas, strengthen the management of elevator safety emergency and operation maintenance, and improve the level of urban safety. We will improve the city’s long-term management mechanism and work responsibility system, and with a more scientific mechanism and more solid measures, we will launch a new round of the creation of nation-wide civilized cities and guide citizens to continuously improve their civilization level.
5. We will focus on rural revitalization and promote integrated development between urban and rural areas. We will keep pace with the modernization of the country, accelerate the integration of industries and urban development and the relatively concentrated settlement in rural areas, further integrate resources and optimize the environment, and strive to make rural areas develop into a beautiful and happy home.
We will promote the construction of towns and villages with relatively concentrated rural settlements. We will adhere to the people-oriented development idea and make overall arrangements and promote the layout optimization of villages and towns step by step. This year, Huai’an District, Huaiyin District, Xuyi County and Jinhu County have all completed relevant tasks. We will insist on planning first, push the relatively concentrated settlement in rural areas orderly. We will improve the comprehensive functions of key central towns, accelerate population agglomeration and integration of industrial and urban areas, and create county sub-centers with strong radiative power. We will support each county and district to adjust measures according to the local conditions to build a town in the typical characteristics, enhance the level of provincial and municipal featured pilot demonstration villages and promote all kinds of factors and the public services to gather in key towns and villages.
We will support the regional economic development with industries. We will guide counties and districts to integrate the industrial clusters with similar functions according to their own conditions, to speed up the implementation of a batch of significant projects with each investment of more than 1 billion yuan and to cultivate 1 or 2 leading industries with characteristics. We will encourage Jinhu County to take good use of its ecological resources to develop into the ecological economical demonstration county, Xuyi County to give full play to the advantages of location and resources to accelerate blending into Jiangbei New District, and Lianshui County to expand pillar industries, to speed up the urban and rural overall development and improve the capacity of urban agglomeration. We will support Qingjiangpu District to optimize space, strengthen the regional economy and enhance the radiating and driving ability, Huai’an District to accelerate the characteristic development and dislocation development, to reveal the historical style of the ancient town and to improve the image of the home to the former premier Zhou Enlai, Hongze District to develop Hongze Lake comprehensive ecological tourism brand, to speed up the construction of modernized lakeshore city, Huaiyin District to strengthen the supporting and leading functions of the national high-tech zone and major industrial projects and to enhance its comprehensive strength.
We will jointly build and share supporting infrastructure. We will begin the construction of Baima Lake avenue and other projects, including the No.348 provincial and No.235 national highways, and rebuild 300 kilometers of rural roads and 45 bridges. We will accelerate the implementation of key projects such as the regulation of the old Yellow River, the safety of flood storage and detention areas around Hongze Lake and the management of small and medium-sized rivers, and complete the water conservancy investment of more than 3 billion yuan in 2018. We will improve the sewage treatment in villages, classify urban and rural household waste, and improve the collection and transportation system of the rural sanitation. We will promote the integration of urban and rural water supply and accelerate the realization of the unified network and quality of the water in urban and rural areas. In the process of optimizing and adjusting the layout of towns and villages, we will continue to increase public services and further improve people’s production and living conditions.
We will take precise measures to overcome poverty. We will give full play to the regulatory system of "sunshine for poverty alleviation", continue to promote accurate poverty alleviation for characteristic industries, ensure that 100,000 low-income people and 45 economically weak villages will be out of poverty in this year. We will integrate the special aid-the-poor funds and other agricultural funds, increase the focus on the projects such as traffic, water conservancy and agriculture, speed up the construction of the prosperous projects, and promote the industrial development of economically weak villages and the overall development of key areas. We will carry out projects to create jobs and start businesses at home and make people richer by increasing their incomes. We will implement the medical security policy for the rural poor and increase assistance to those who fall into poverty due to illness.
6. We will make a good ecological foundation, increase the advantage of green development. We should give priority to ecological development and pursue green development, accelerate reform of the system of ecological civilization, fight hard to prevent and control pollution, and win the battle to protect the green water and blue sky.
We will optimize the layout of ecological space. We will carry out the development strategy of Jianghuai ecological economic zone, maintain a strict standard for the entry of projects, improve the industrial structure, build the global ecological economic system with green development as its theme, make efforts to develop the core area of Jianghuai ecological economic zone. We will plan and build an ecological cultural and tourism city and Hongze Lake eco-economic zone, support Hongze District, Jinhu County and Xuyi County to construct the provincial-level eco-protection pilot areas, and complete the project of national eco-civilization pilot demonstration areas. We will carry out landscape projects for major transportation routes, river and lake corridors and villages, and increase the forestation by 20,000 mu and 40 provincial-level greening demonstration villages.
We will actively develop the ecological economy. We will speed up the construction of green parks, green factories, green products and green supply chains and strive to create at least two green factories, develop two national demonstration enterprises of circular economy, and complete the circulation reform of Huai’an economic and technological development zone. We will explore the establishment of a demonstration zone with nearly zero carbon emission, actively participate in carbon market transactions, and promote the development of a green and low-carbon cycle. We will promote energy conservation and emission reduction, optimize the energy mix, and create an energy saving capacity of 60,000 tons of standard coal, and add 100 megawatts each of grid-connected photovoltaic and wind power generation. We will promote the identification of star levels in green buildings, accelerate the development of prefabricated buildings, encourage the development of finished residential buildings, and complete the energy-saving renovation of 70,000 square meters of existing buildings. We will promote the construction of the pilot city with low-carbon transportation across the country, increase the investment of new energy buses, and build a low-carbon travel system.
We will continue to deepen special renovation. We will carry out the "263" special action to promote the renovation of coal-fired boilers with more than 10 tons, shut down chemical enterprises that the province decided to shut down, and promote the relocation of chemical enterprises along the Grand Canal in an orderly manner. We will improve the prevention and control of air pollution and the warning mechanism, strengthen the control of volatile organic compounds, and return more than 75 percent of the straw to the fields by mechanization to ensure the continued improvement of air quality. We will carry out the ecological river and lake action, pay special attention to the rectification of indiscriminate occupation, overbuilding and discharge of rivers and lakes, resolutely ban illegal facilities in water source protection zones, complete the Huai River pollution control project, and strengthen the water quality and wetland protection of Hongze Lake and Baima Lake. We will carry out a detailed survey of soil pollution, establish a list of contaminated land and a negative list of development and utilization, make great efforts to combat rural non-point source pollution, and comprehensively promote comprehensive environmental improvement along major transportation routes. We will speed up the construction of facilities for centralized disposal of hazardous waste and crack down on illegal transfer of solid waste.
We will improve the mechanism for ecological supervision. We will implement the reform plan for the environmental management system, strengthen the standardization of monitoring and law enforcement capabilities, improve the mechanism for deliberation and coordination, and promote cross-regional environmental management. We will introduce an implementation plan for the ecological compensation mechanism and strengthen the performance appraisal of the construction of ecological civilization. We will strengthen the supervision on the grid-based environment, implement a comprehensive plan to discharge industrial pollution sources up to standards, regularly publish a list of enterprises that exceed the standards for the discharge of major pollutants, and crack down on malicious, illegal and fraudulent emissions. We will improve the land and space protection and development system, which takes the use control as its main tool, and fulfill the constraining targets such as the intensity of land development and the proportion of good water quality. We will carry out intensive water-saving operations, crack down hard on the theft of groundwater, and make sure that we pass the inspection of the national pilot cities for the construction of water ecological civilization.
7. We will highlight shared development and improve the system for ensuring people’s well-being. We will adhere to the improvement of people’s well-being through development, seek more benefits for people’s well-being, and address more concerns about people’s well-being, endeavor to give the people a greater sense of entitlement.
We will develop a dense public service network. We will promote the building of education modernization, optimize the layout adjustment, newly rebuild and expand more than 20 kindergartens, build more than 30 advanced schools of education modernization, strengthen the construction of high-level talent team in education sector, promote the balanced development of the integration of urban and rural compulsory education, and support universities, colleges and research institutions to carry out the cooperative innovation of enterprises, academia and research institutes. We will develop medical and health undertakings, speed up the implementation of projects including the municipal public health center, the new hospital of Maternal and Child Health Hospital and Children’s Hospital, build a number of national and provincial demonstration grassroots medical institution, consolidate construction achievements of medical joint venture, promote medical services of family doctors to improve quality and the efficiency. We will strengthen the research on population strategies and improve the service level of family planning and healthcare for women and children. We will hold a series of activities to mark the 120th anniversary of Zhou Enlai’s birth and comprehensively improve the educational level and service functions of Enlai’s Cadre Institute. We will improve the system of public cultural services, promote the development of cultural and creative products, and raise the development level of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. We will launch the revision of sports facilities layout planning in the central city, prepare to participate in the 19th provincial sports game, organize brand competition activities, and promote the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports and sports industry. We will implement the food safety strategy, deepen the establishment of the food safety city and trustworthy consumption environment, ensure the safety of people’s food, and create a safe and orderly consumption environment.
We will build a dense social security net. We will implement  full coverage of social insurance, expand the coverage of endowment insurance for enterprise employees, deepen the reform of the endowment insurance system in government agencies, and promote the new implementation measures of medical insurance for urban and rural residents. We will accelerate the integration of urban and rural minimum living standard, which will be raised  to 580 yuan and 520 yuan per person per month respectively. We will accelerate the construction of home-based care service centers and loving care stations, promote the integrated development of health care and elderly care, expand the municipal university for the aged, and improve the system of elderly care services. We will speed up the establishment of a housing system that ensures supply through multiple channels and combines renting with purchasing. We will implement the classified security policy for children in need, develop programs for the disabled, and improve the ability to provide social assistance. We will conscientiously do a good job providing assistance to entitled groups and helping demobilized military personnel return to civilian life, strengthen the military honor system, and speed up further development of military and civilian integration.
We will thoroughly implement various policies for enriching the people, establish a long-term mechanism to increase income, and maintain a sound momentum of simultaneous growth of income and economic development. We will implement active employment policy, strengthen vocational training, implement measures of providing assistance to enterprises and stabilizing jobs, and help farmers find jobs in the city. We will create 65,000 urban jobs, put 26,000 people back to work, realize the rural labor force shift of 16,000 people, cultivate new-type professional farmers of 15,000. We will start the work of creating the second batch of provincial-level start-up towns, communities and parks, and effectively strengthen support for entrepreneurship and optimize the environment for entrepreneurship.
We will deepen the establishment of law-based cities and law-based counties (and districts), improve the system of public legal services, and carry out programs on law education. We will comprehensively deepen reform of public security and upgrade the crime prevention and control system. We will improve the grid-based social governance mechanism, implement the big data platform for social governance, and improve the level of intelligence in social governance. We will implement the mechanism for receiving visitors who give information, make comments or suggestions or lodge complaints to the government or the relevant departments, promote the upgrading of the procedures of "letters and visits", effectively eliminate and resolve social conflicts, and ensure that the situation of "letters and visits" is stable and controllable. We will crack down on illegal fund-raising and effectively prevent and mitigate financial risks. We will implement the main responsibilities of enterprises and intensify the efforts to investigate and spot potential safety hazards to prevent serious safety accidents. We will improve the system for emergency management and early warning information dissemination, raise the level of handling emergencies, and create a stable and harmonious social environment.
Fellow deputies, the proper governance should always put people’s livelihood at the first place. On the basis of completing ten practical tasks last year, this year we will focus on increasing public transportation capacity, optimizing education resources,  raising the social security level of disadvantaged groups, realizing the integration of  the health care system of urban and rural residents, improving the environment of old residential districts, ensuring the safety of drinking water of urban and rural residents, enriching the cultural life of the masses, accelerating the construction of "Health Huai’an", caring for and provide services for the elderly in difficulty, and implementing the project of public security to solve the most urgent problems of the people’s livelihood.
Fellow deputies, let us be united around the Party Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and rely on solid leadership by the Provincial Government Party Committee and Government and the Municipal Party Committee, and endeavor for the better construction of Huai’an.