Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 5, 2013)

---Delivered at the 2nd Session of the 7th People's Congress of Huai’an
on Jan. 5, 2013
Qu Futian

Mayor of Huai’an

Fellow deputies:

On behalf of the People’s Government of Huai’an, I hereby report work of the government in 2012 to the congress for audit and discussion, members of Municipal Political Consultative Conference and other attendees, please give your opinions.

Review of Work in 2012

The past 2012 is a festive year of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, and a year of challenges and achievements of Huai’an. Under correct leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and Government, we lead the people of Huai’an to deal with all kinds of tests and promote scientific development, and maintain rapid and sound development of economy and society.
In the past year, we focused on expand quantity and improve quality. It is estimated that the regional GDP was 190.5 billion yuan, increased 12.7%; the public financial budget income was 23.36 billion yuan, grew by 14.2%; and the retailing sum of social consumables was 62.8 billion yuan, a rise of 14.6%; the balances of deposits and loans of financial institutions were 153.3 billion yuan and 121.1 billion yuan, increased by 14.8% and 17.8%; and per capita incomes of urban and rural residents rose to 23200 yuan and 9900 yuan, the increase rates are both over 14.5%. Increase rates of major economic indexes are all at the forefront of the province, and 21 of the 24 indexes for overall well-off confirmed by the province were achieved. The step of transfer and upgrade is accelerated. In the meanwhile of improving quality and efficiency of agriculture, proportion of the secondary and tertiary industries increased to 87%. Output value of the five dominant industries 205.1 billion yuan, accounting for 53% of industries above designated size; and output value of 7 strategic emerging industries reached 65 billion yuan, grew by 32.1%.

Sales revenue of software and information industry exceeded 1 billion yuan, ranking the 1st in the Northern Jiangsu; proportion of added value of productive service industry reached 25.7%; and overall revenue of tourism was 17.6 billion yuan, increased 19.1%, Tianquan Lake Tourism Vacation Zone was approved to be a provincial tourist resort. The quality of development was improved steadily. Enterprises above the designated size achieved 33.1 billion yuan profits and taxes, rose by 21.2%. The pubic financial budget income completed the provincial index, and the ranking of sum advanced for 2 places in the province, and proportion of taxation increased from 71.2% to 77.5%. The achievements of sci-tech innovations were obvious. 43 state-level high-tech enterprises, 2 provincial-level sci-tech industrial parks and 118 enterprise-level R&D institutions newly emerged. 2.7 billion yuan was invested into the R&D of the society, and contribution rate of science and technologies reached 45.1%. high-tech industries achieved 84 billion yuan output value, accounting for 21.7% of industrial output value. And energy-saving and consumption-reducing work completed provincial confirmed indexes, and Huai’an was approved as a state-level low-carbon pilot city.
In the past year, we focused on project construction, new-type industrialization and featured urbanization. The project investment increased rapidly. 123 billion yuan investment in fixed assets above designated size was completed, increased by 21.8%. 1436 projects of over 50 million yuan investment were implemented, including 136 projects of over 1 billion yuan; a number of important projects were listed into state and provincial plans, and 11 was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The industry maintained a sound momentum. Industries above the designated size achieved 377 billion yuan sales revenue, grew by 31%. 157 projects of more than 100 million yuan were newly started and 102 were completed. 10 important projects of over 1 billion yuan, including Tianhuai Seamless Steel Tube and so on were completed or put into production. 501 new enterprises over the designated size were founded, the increase amount ranks the 2nd in Jiangsu province, and more than 650 enterprises gained more than 100 million yuan annual sales revenue. Construction of central city made progresses. 68.2 billion yuan was invested to implement 781 construction projects, the sports center and Fenghui Plaza became new landmarks of the city, and construction of the ecological new city was accelerated. 3.71 million square meters of real estates were completed, and 1.29 billion yuan loans of housing fund was released. The urbanization rate of the municipality increased to 53.5%.
In the past year, we planned the urban and rural areas as a whole, and countryside economy was improved steadily. The process of agricultural modernization was accelerated. 4 provincial modern agricultural industrial parks were newly founded, and 13 provincial-level agricultural leading enterprises were established, "Huai’an Rice" won the famous Chinese brand title, 305,000 mu high-standard farmlands were built, and output of grain increased for the consecutively 9th year.

The 11th China Quality Rice Expo was held in Huai’an, and Huai’an won the title of "China Quality Rice Strong City".the industrial scale of towns and villages were expanded, 1.28 million square meters of standard plans were built in industrial zones of towns, and 108 new enterprises above designated size were founded, 27.6 billion yuan invoiced revenue were achieved.

Construction of new type countryside was promoted. Environment of 6175 villages was renovated. And the ecological new city was approved to be a state demonstrative zone for green architectural techs.
In the past year, we deepened reform and opening-up, and the environment for development and system mechanism were optimized obviously. The open-type economy grew up. 344 foreign-invested projects were newly approved, including 40 projects of more than 30 million dollars, and 2.1 billion dollars registered foreign capital were on the ground; 4.2 billion dollars import and export were achieved, with the increase rate ranking the 1st in Jiangsu. The cooperation of economy and trade expanded to 30 countries and regions. 144 Taiwan-invested projects were newly approved, amount of Taiwanese-invested enterprises was near 1,000, and provincial Taiwan investment industrial transfer concentration zone was approved.

The construction of development parks was improved steadily, Huai’an Export Processing Zone became a state comprehensive bonded zone, Huaiyin Economic Development Zone became a provincial high-tech industrial development zone, Jinhu, Lianshui and Xuyi Economic Development Zone became top 10 of the Northern Jiangsu, and all counties (districts) have co-built parks. Taiwan Merchants Forum was integrated into the Zijin Mountain Summit, Huaiyang Dishes Cultural and Tourism witnessed growing influence. The environment became better, straight flight to Hong Kong opened, and some railways have been completed or planned.

Opinions on serving Taiwanese-invested enterprises were released, and Huai’an won titles of "City for Investment Recommended by Zhejiang Merchants" and "First Selected City for Investment by Jiangsu Merchants", and commented as "Highly Recommended City of Investment Environment in the Mainland China" by Taiwan Electronic Manufacturers Association.
In the past year, we accelerated improvement of livelihood, and social undertakings and public services made comprehensive progress. Pension, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance were improved gradually.

The social undertaking was promoted in a coordinated way, state-level demonstrative health service centers were established at Wangying and Bochishan. The project of cultural living was implemented, 35 community cultural activities centers were established. And the ten practical things benefiting the masses were completed in time. 3.14 billion yuan was invested to improve subsistence allowance system in the urban and rural area.
In the past year, we enhanced the ability of innovating, and our level of serving development and social management was improved. The policy frame for the real economy, transfer and upgrade and Taiwanese investment was established. "12345" public service platform of sunlight Huai’an was upgraded, and prevention and control system was completed.

In the past year, we have faced severe challenges and made outstanding achievements. We feel that we should stick to the scientific development view, and the theme of transfer and upgrading, and we should put emphasis on guaranteeing and improving livelihood. We also see there are some contradictions and hardships in the development, including: the economic growth became slow, increases of some indexes are lower than the expectation in the beginning of the year; the structural contradiction is obvious; some important projects made slow progress, some enterprises faced hard production and operation; the level of social guarantee is to be improved; the transfer of governmental functions was on the ground, and social management services and institutional efficiency are still to be enhanced.
Work Arrangement in 2013

This year is the beginning year of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, and a key year of implementing the 12th Five-Year Plan, and an important year for building comprehensive well-off society of the municipality. We have saw that the global economic trend is unsure, and domestic economy faces slow export and unsufficient domestic demands, the reform, development and stability are still hard to perform.

However, the trend of "progress" is more obvious. China is now in the important strategic period, the main economies of the world are recovering, basic face of domestic economy is good. And the province supports construction of Huai’an into an important central city of the Northern Jiangsu, and the accelerating of transport infrastructure makes the location advantages of our city more obvious.
The overall concept of government work this year is: implement spirit of the 18th Progress and economic working meetings of the state and province, stick to strategic positioning of the "Eight Projects" of province, and constructing of important central city of the Northern Jiangsu, improve economic quality and efficiency.

Stabilize growth, adjust structure, focus innovation and give benefits to livelihood, put emphasis on important projects, cultivate dominant industries, build central city, plan development of urban and rural areas as a whole, deepen reform and opening-up, guarantee and improve livelihood, and construction comprehensive well-off society.
The major expected goals for the economic and social development of the municipality include: the regional GDP grows by about 12.5%, the public financial budget revenue grows by about 14%, and investment in fixed assets above the designated size increase 18%, the on-the-ground registered foreign capital rises by 20%, the retailing sum of social consumables increases by 15%, per capita revenue of urban and rural residents grows by more than 13%, registered unemployment rate of urban areas is under 4%, the resident consumer price index does not exceed average level of the province, and energy-saving and emission-reducing reaches provincial standards.
Based on the above concepts and goals, six aspects of work will be focused:

1. Stick to the main line of industrial transfer and upgrade, and make new breakthroughs in new-type industrialization. Endeavor to make industrial added value and high-tech industrial output value exceed 100 billion yuan respectively.
Promote industrial upgrade. Complete 80 billion yuan investment in industries above the designated size, make sure proportion of the five dominant industrial output value exceed 55%, and the seven strategic emerging industrial output value exceed 80 billion yuan.

Promote growth of enterprises. Achieve 700 enterprises with more than 100 million yuan sales, 40 enterprises with more than 1 billion yuan and 3 with more than 10 billion yuan sales within the year.
Promote upgrade of parks. Development 1 to 2 dominant industries for each park, and make their sales income proportion increase by 10%. Let the state comprehensive bonded zone operate and exert its functions. Encourage qualified economic development zones to establish provincial-level innovative parks.
Promote sci-tech innovative project. Enhance cooperation among production, colleges and research and promote sci-tech investment inviting. Endeavor to form cooperative relationship with more than 4 famous universities and institutes.
2. Grasp the opportunity of the Provincial Sports Meeting, focus 30 important projects and 100 key projects, and try to let the overall investment be more than 90 billion yuan.
Accelerate construction of projects for the Provincial Sports Meeting. Quicken construction of "one playground and two stadiums". Enhance functions of the central city, start to build Huai’an Finance Center, Ninghuai Modern Service Zone and so on.

Renovation of key nodes including Huaihai Plaza and construction of intellectual traffic system in the downtown will be quickened. Improve long-term composite administrative level of the city. Complete top design of "Intellectual Huai’an", and accelerate construction of "Digital City" Platform, and build Huai’an Call Center of China Mobile.
Improve important infrastructures. Accelerate comprehensive traffic hinge construction with the railway as the key point, and let Huai’an enter the era of express railway as soon as possible. Quicken expansion project of Huai’an Airport.
Constantly improve the ecological environment. Promote the establishment of state ecological city. Actively carry out state-level low-carbon pilot work. Enhance the effect of ecological new city and reflect features of the ecological water city.

Enhance marsh, drinking water source place protection and pollution treatment of Huaihe River. Newly establish 1 state-level ecological county (district), 2 provincial ecological counties (districts) and 30 state ecological towns.

3. Give prominence to the work of issues of agriculture, peasants and rural area, and take new leaps in overall planning of urban and rural areas.
Promote development of modern agriculture. Quicken production means of agricultural transfer, and improve production capacity of agriculture. Enhance construction of agricultural infrastructure, 3.3 billion yuan will be invested to implement a number of key irrigation projects, and 240,000 mu standard farmlands will be newly built.
Accelerate integration process of urban and rural development. Complete planning of integration of urban and rural areas, promote merge of land use planning, urban construction planning and industrial development planning. Plan and construct a number of new-type countryside communities.

Promote expansion of urban infrastructures and public services to the countryside. Newly build 200 kilometers of highways in the countryside.
Boost speed and efficiency of county economy. Implement featured economic sections of over 10 billion yuan. Implement the plan of town industrial concentration zones, newly develop 8,000 private enterprises and increase 20 billion yuan registered capital.
4. Boost energy of development and enhance creative advantages of reform and opening-up. Promote higher level of opening-up. Take internationalization as a strategic measure for development of Huai’an. Mainly invite Taiwanese-invested projects with investments of more than 500 million dollars. Deepen and improve economic and trade cooperation between Huai’an and Hong Kong.

Implement plans of inviting foreign investments, and organize more than 10 significant merchant inviting actions in a year. Rely on comprehensive bonded zone and other platforms, endeavor to increase the import and export sum by more than 15%.
Promote broader regional cooperation. Enhance cooperation with other cities in the Yangtze Delta Area, integrate into the metropolis cycle of Nanjing and improve cooperation between Nanjing and Huai’an; enhance cooperation with Shanghai, and actively introduce high-end resources and elements of capital and sci-tech. Promote cooperation with large enterprises and groups. Try to bring in more than 200 projects with more than 100 million yuan investment, including 30 projects with more than 1 billion yuan.
Establish more energetic system and mechanism. Enhance construction of political services system. Enhance construction of pre-school educational reform demonstrative zones, promote reform of public hospitals in the county, and further deepen reform of medical system.
5. Based on requirement of optimizing industrial structure and step on new levels of service industry. Grasp political opportunities of urbanization and "revenue increase" policies, and build modern service industry system adapted to important central city of the Northern Jiangsu.

Build business and trade logistic center. Optimize layout and planning, enhance functional integration and actively cultivate composite market of Huai’an, Qingpu modern market and production materials market of Huai’an Economic Technological Development Zone. Accelerate construction of Huai’an Modern Logistic Park and develop composite logistic center and professional distribution center.
Cultivate emerging service industry. Development headquarter economy and plan headquarter economic industrial park. Develop software and information service industry and accelerate constructions of Huai’an Software Park, Huaiyin Software Park and Insigma Sci-tech Industrial Park.
Develop Cultural and Tourism Industrial. Enhance the charm of the "Capital of Canal". Strengthen protection and inheritance of cultural relics. Build China Canal Cultural Museum, Promote Hongze Shuifu City and Jinhu Yinxiang Tourism City, etc. Implement emerging project for Huaiyang Dishes Cultural Industry.
6. Adhere to the basic purpose of development for the masses and make new achievements in livelihood improvement and social management.
Make all efforts to increase income of residents. Increase per capita revenue of urban and rural residents to 26000 yuan and 11000 yuan.
Improve the social guarantee system, accelerate construction of guarantee-type residences and complete social pension service system.
Promote development of social undertakings. Give priority to education, and allocate educational resources in a scientific way. Promote 4 levels of cultural facility network construction, build and open the municipal cultural museum, library and fine arts museum.
Invest 3.58 billion yuan to improve public traffic system and improve agricultural quality safety guarantee system.
Fellow deputies, the new trend is encouraging. Let us be united around the Party Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and rely on solid leadership by the Government Party Committee and Government and the Municipal Party Committee, and endeavor for new victories of comprehensive well-off society and rich, beautiful and happy new Huai’an.