Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the work of the government (January 10, 2012)

---Delivered at the Fifth Session of the Sixth People's Congress of Huai’an
on Jan. 10, 2012
Gao Xuekun

Mayor of Huai’an

Fellow deputies:

On behalf of Huai’an Municipal Committee of the CPC and the People’s Government, I hereby report work of the government in 2011 to the congress for audit and discussion, members of Municipal Political Consultative Conference and other attendees, please give your opinions.

The 12th Five-year Plan had a brilliant beginning

In 2011, Huai’an made great achievements in development of economy and society. Under correct leadership of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, we successfully completed targets confirmed at the 4th session of the 6th People’s Congress of Huai’an. The regional GDP is estimated to be 166.8 billion yuan, increased 13.2%, with the per capita may exceeding the national; the total financial revenue was 40.78 billion yuan, including 20.46 billion yuan regional general budget revenue, increased 35.9% and 44.7% respectively; the total investment in fixed assets was 54.8 billion yuan, increased 18%; loan balance of financial institutions exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 101.66 billion yuan, increased 18.4%. And increase rates of major indexes including on-the-ground foreign investment were all in the front rank in Jiangsu province.

Industrial structure was optimized, and quality and efficiency of economy were improved. The added value of the three industries is estimated to be 22.3 billion yuan, 79 billion yuan and 65.5 billion yuan, increased 4.3%, 14.5% and 14.5%. The proportion of secondary and tertiary industries rose to 86.6%. Industrial trend became better constantly. 100 billion yuan industrial investment was finished, increased 32%, 260 projects with more than 100 million yuan investment were implemented, including 30 with over 1 billion yuan investment. 600 enterprises achieved more than 100 million yuan sales, including 30 with more than 1 billion yuan. Foxconn achieved 16 billion yuan sales. 163 billion yuan industrial invoiced sales above designated size was completed, increased 30%. Five dominant industries including special steel and IT achieved 160 billion yuan output value, and Huai’an won a title of "the new salt capital of China"; emerging industries including new energies and new materials developed fast, achieving 37 billion yuan output, increased 48.5%. 7 provincial new-type industrial bases and featured industrial clusters were approved, and industrial invoiced sales of 6 counties (districts) were above 10 billion yuan. The construction of core city was quickened, and appearances of urban and rural areas changed a lot. 61.37 billion yuan was invested, and 719 key projects were constructed, and expansion area of the core city was extended to 180 square kilometers, the urbanization rate increased to 52%; the new city plan was approved, and Huai’an passed reviews of state health city and provincial civilized city, and won the title of "outstanding informatization city in China". Functions of the city were improved constantly. Constructions of high-tech center, sports center, Greenland Plaza, Xiangyu Tower, Transport Service Center and so on were promoted. Ecological environment was obviously improved. Huai’an became the only provincial low-carbon pilot city to the north of Yangtze River.

Opening-up was deepened, and Taiwan investment became more concentrated. 1.61 billion US dollars of registered foreign capital were on the ground, increased 53.1%, including 903 million dollars on-the-ground Taiwan investment, accounting for 56.1%; 2.81 billion dollars of import and export sum were completed, and sales volume of foreign economy was 200 million dollars, increased 29.5% and 15% respectively. The work of investment attraction was done well. 300 foreign-invested projects were newly approved, and 2.8 billion dollars of foreign investment was contracted. Private economy developed well, 11,000 new private enterprises were founded with 35 billion yuan registered capital. Loading capacity was strengthened; 4.5 billion yuan was invested into infrastructures of the municipal economic and technological development zone. 4 new air lines were opened, and 9 cities can be reached from the airport.

Lives of the people were obviously improved. Per capita disposable income of urban residents and per capita income of peasants were 20260 yuan and 8500 yuan respectively, increased by 14.6% and 17.5%. increase rate of consumer price index was the lowest in Jiangsu province.

Targets and key points in 2012

In 2012, the 18th National Congress of CPC will be held, and it's also an important year for implementing the 12th Five-year Plan and spirit of provincial and municipal Party congresses. In this year, we will adhere to scientific development, promote "five large constructions", give prominence to large projects and new-type industries.

The major prospective goals of economic and social development of Huai’an this year are: regional GDP to increase 13%, overall financial revenue to increase 30%, regional general budget revenue to increase 35%, investment of social fixed asset investment to increase 28%, per capita disposable income of urban residents and per capita net income of peasants to increase 13%, consumer price index to be lower than the average level of the province.

1. Quicken industrial upgrading, and achieve new leaping of industrial economy. Accelerate constructions of large projects, try to achieve 200 billion yuan output of the five large industries within the year. To complete 120 billion yuan industrial investment, implement 30 important projects with more than 1 billion yuan investment, newly start constructions of 150 projects with more than 100 million yuan investment, and newly complete 100 projects.

To promote industrial quality through scientific and technical innovations. Implement talent development strategy, cultivate high-tech industries and product clusters.

Promote industrial concentration by large carrier. Promote constructions and upgrading of industrial parks, and form concentration zones of featured industries.

2. Build Huai’an into a core city. Implement the new city overall plan, invest 75.1 billion yuan to implement 916 projects, to improve charm of the city.

Promote taste of the city. Allocate supporting facilities for the ecological new city, promote constructions of the municipal sports center, the large theater and the television tower, complete the city planning museum and Haitian Road. Quicken construction of the Liyun River Cultural Corridor and implement the old city protection project, to exhibit the city charm and cultural content. Complete reconstructions of Huaihai Plaza and Caoyun West Road, to improve the overall image of the city.

Accelerate overall planning of urban and rural areas. Newly build 470 kilometers of roads and 50 bridges in the countryside.

Build ecological city. Center on the target of building state-level ecological city, invest 2.7 billion yuan, and implement key projects including Grand Canal Sceneries, Old Yellow River ecological scenery improvement, to create a "garden city in the northern Jiangsu". Enhance protection and development of Baima Lake.

3. Promote economy of counties, guide new breakthrough of comprehensive well-off. Promote advantageous agricultural industries, and dominant industries. Quicken constructions of town industrial concentration zones. Complete 23 billion yuan investment in fixed assets, build 1.2 million m2 standard plants.

4. Expand service industries, increase proportion of added value of service industries to be above 1%.

Optimize commerce, trade and circulation industries. Promote constructions of Yurun New World, Maoye Department Store and other city complexes. Quicken constructions of markets including modern international new city and Yiwu small commodities city, cultivate 1 comprehensive market with more than 3 billion yuan annual sales, and establish 7 more 100-million-yuan level professional markets. Improve functions of municipal comprehensive logistic park and airport industrial park, promote constructions of food industrial park and China Resources Suguo Distribution Center, introduce and cultivate brand logistic enterprises.

Develop emerging service industry. Build China Mobile Huai’an Call Center, improve capacities of Huai’an Software Park, Lianchuang Software Park and Qinghe Cartoon Park. Build regional software R&D, network call and service outsourcing centers. Develop fiduciary investment, financial lease and venture investment products and institutions.

Promote recreation and tourism industries. Start development of Baima Lake water tourism, quicken constructions of projects of Huai’an Amusement Park, Riyuezhou Ecological Park, Xuyi Hotspring Resort, promote "water culture".

5. Open wider to the outside world. Optimize structure of foreign investment. Attach importance to investments from Taiwan, endeavor to newly approve 200 Taiwanese-funded enterprises and achieve 1.15 billion US dollars of on-the-ground Taiwan investment. Carry out investment attracting activities in Zhejiang, Fujian and Hong Kong. Deepen cooperation with the central enterprises, and provincial and Nanjing enterprises, endeavor to introduce 20 domestic-investment projects with more than 1 billion yuan investment, and 10 foreign-invested projects with more than 100 million dollars of investment.

Optimize pattern of foreign trade. Actively deal with supply and demand changes of the global market, enhance policy supporting and guiding, implement market exploration, brand construction, carrier cultivation and quality improvement, endeavor to achieve 3.8 billion dollars of import and export sum, add 100 more export products with foreign patent, trade brand registration and product certification. Rely on leading enterprises of export and featured industrial park, enhance base cultivation, strengthen traditional advantages, and achieve 250 million dollars of import and export sum of agricultural products.

Optimize opening channels. Accelerate reconstructions of Jinma Expressway, Xiraocheng section of 205 national highway, etc. Complete renovation of Yanhe River waterway, build Suhuai Railway, carry out prophase work of Lianhuaiyangzhen Railway, Ninghuai Railway and Xuhuaihe Express Railway. Make sure that the class 1 airport will be listed into the national 12th Five-Year airport plan, and endeavor to open air routes to Shenzhen and Taiwan. Deepen interaction with Lianyungang Port, and simplify the approval procedure.

6. Enhance social management, and create new prospects of harmony and stability. Implement projects of livelihood and social management, promote harmony and stability of society and improve happiness index of the masses.

Complete social guarantee system. Improve supporting policies of finance and taxation, credit and loan, social insurance and subsidies.

Develop social undertakings. Establish pre-school education expense guarantee system, promote optimization of primary and middle schools. Promote reform of public hospitals, enhance constructions of population and family public service system.

Promote prosperous and advanced culture. Centering on construction of socialist core value system, carry forward creative and open culture. Endeavor for establishing national civilized city. Accelerate constructions of infrastructures, and meet demands of public culture. Promote cultural system reform and cultural industrial development.

Handle concrete affairs for the people. Use more than 70% of increased financial revenue to improve livelihood, and invest 3.14 billion yuan to implement concrete affairs for the masses. Boost administrative creations. Deepen constructions of settlement and "sunny petition letter" system, and solve reasonable requests from the people. Enhance safe production, road transportation and supervision of foods, drugs, and so on.

Enhance self-construction of the government

Enhancing self-construction of the government is an instinctive requirement of creating service-type government and boosting leaping development. We should continue insisting on executing according to the law, enhancing constructions of honesty, teams and efficiency.

Stick to market operation, improve working level. We should put emphasis on learning and improving abilities through practices, plan important industrial projects and infrastructures, endeavor for supports from the state and province.

Give priority to efficiency. Promote honest services, implement promise of 101% service, implement all the things that are confirmed however hard they are. Exert creativity of market elements. Create zero-barrier, low-cost and high-efficiency regional development environment.

Stick to honest government. Adhere to human-oriented, act well as public servants. Serve Huai’an people with all our hearts. Be active to listen to opinions and suggestions, promote government information publication, implement honest government duty system, enhance supervision for key fields and positions, and create a nice development atmosphere.

Fellow deputies, the nice beginning of the 12th Five-year Plan has enhanced our confidence; the 18th Party Congress is about to be held, providing us with great power. Let us keep forging ahead under solid leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, and work hard for constructing Huai’an into an important core city of the Northern Jiangsu, and creating a rich, beautiful and happy new Huai’an!