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Notice about recognition of 12 modern agricultural industrial parks in Huai’an


Huai’an China (12/22/2010)
In recent years, achievements have been made in constructing modern agricultural industrial parks in Huai’an. After evaluations by Municipal Agricultural Committee and Finance Bureau and approval by Municipal Government, the following 12 new agricultural parks are recognized as Huai’an Modern Agricultural Industrial Parks.
Qingpu Modern Agricultural (Vegetables) Industrial Park, Huai’an
Yugou Ecological Circulation Agricultural Industrial Park, Huaiyin District
Dingji Town Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, Huaiyin District
Liulaozhuang Modern High-efficiency Agricultural Industrial Park, Huaiyin District
Chuzhou District Suzui Modern Agricultural Melons and Vegetables Industrial Park, Huai’an
Lianshui County Modern Agricultural Industrial Park
Hongze Traditional Chinese Medicines Demonstrative Industrial Park
Hongze Lake Modern Fishery Industrial Park, Hongze County
Jiangsu Xuyi Yuhuang Mountain Green Fruits Industrial Park
Xuyi Longmiao Lake Ecological Sci-Tech Park
Jinhu County Vegetables Industrial Park
Huai’an Modern Agricultural High-Tech Demonstrative Park
Office of the People’s Government of Huai’an
Dec. 20th, 2010