Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government in Yr. 2009 (excerpt)


Huai’an China (02/12/2010)
— At the 3rd meeting of the 6th Huai’an People’s Congress on January 20th, 2010
Mayor: Gao Xuekun
Now on behalf of Huai’an People’s Government, I make a working report to the 6th People’s Representatives Conference, committee members of People’s Political Consultative Conference and other attendees of the conference can give your opinions,
Work review of 2009
2009 is the hardest year for municipal economic year with the severest challenges for Huai’an since the beginning of the 21st century, as well as a year when the whole municipality struggled in a united way and various works made big breakthroughs.
It is expected that 103 billion yuan local total output value is achieved, increased by 13.5% year on year; 21.35 billion yuan financial income is achieved, increased by 25.2%, including 9.65 billion yuan local common budget income, increased by 35.2%; 110 billion yuan social fixed assets investment is achieved, increased by 33.3%; 40 billion yuan social consumables retailing amount is achieved, increased by 19.1%; 94.2 billion yuan and 67.3 billion yuan deposit and loan balance of domestic and foreign currencies of financial institutes are achieved, increased by 34.3%, 45%; per capita disposable income of urban residents reaches 15646 yuan, average net income of peasants reaches 6300 yuan, increased by 11.7% and 11.4%, 9 indexes including total financial income and whole society fixed assets investment reach planned targets of the "11th five-year plan" in advance.
In the last year, we mainly grasped five aspects of works:
Ⅰ. Constructions were given prominence to, and economic supporting force was enhanced further. New-type industrialization process was accelerated. 41.45 billion yuan added-value of scale above industries, 156 billion yuan sales income, 17 billion taxes and profits were achieved, increased by 16.9%, 22% and 20% respectively. 54 billion yuan was invested, 220 projects of over 100-million-yuan were organized and implemented, "the 11th five-year-plan" technical reform of Huaiyin Cigarette Factory, Runerhua 1.2 million tons residual oil comprehensive utilization, the 2nd phase of Want Want Group and other projects were completed and put into production, Shilian Chemical 1 million tons soda, 0.7 million tons round bloom deep processing and other projects were started construction. IT, food, medicine and other industries developed rapidly, sales of Foxconn exceeded 6 billion yuan. Constructions of traditional industrial brands made significant progress, 3 Chinese renowned brands were added. Efficiency of technical creation, energy saving and emission reducing was obvious, high-tech industrial yield increased by 46.3%, unit output value energy consumption decreased by 4.5%. scale of agricultural industrialization expanded. High-efficiency planting industry and fishery industry areas in Huai’an reached 2.36 million mou and 0.41 million mou, family animals breeding proportion reached 74%, and 3 provincial-level leading enterprises were added, state-level Taiwan farmer pioneering park was approved, municipal modern agricultural high-tech demonstrative park and food logistic park were constructed initially. 8 billion yuan investments for fixed assets of 30 key town industrial concentrated zones and 100 village-level pioneering sites were completed, 1 million square meters standard plants were newly built, 1524 enterprises entered, providing 74,000 peasants with jobs. 0.69 billion yuan and 0.28 billion yuan were invested for farmland irrigation and agricultural comprehensive development, 54,000 mou forests were planted. Level of modern service industry was improved. 5-star level Dingli International Hotel was completed and put into operation, provincial electronic information industrial base, provincial-level software and information service industrial park were approved, Alibaba, Sohu and other famous software enterprises entered, added-value of service industry increased by 15.5 % year on year. Tourism industry developed rapidly, 10.11 million person-times of tourists were received, and 10.1 billion yuan tourism income was achieved, and Huai’an Municipal Museum and the 1st Mountain at Xuyi became state 4A level scenic spots.
Ⅱ. Functional supporting facilities were given prominence to, and carrying force of the city was further enhanced. Guidance by planning was stuck to, new overall planning of the city, and overall planning of land utilization were accomplished. 26.12 billion yuan was invested, 515 key construction projects were implemented, coverage of central urban infrastructures reached 157 square kilometers, completed areas reached 110 square kilometers, population added to 1.1 million people, and urbanization rate reached 43%. Wanda Plaza and Xinya International Shopping Plaza were rapidly promoted, and Ecological New City was started construction. Central (Bochi Hill) Park was opened for free, and Old Yellow River Ecological Park was constructed, 2.4 million square meters public green lands were added. Real estate market recovered steadily, 8.4 million square meters commercial housing was started construction, and 2.7 million square meters were completed, added-value of architectural industry increased by 25.2%. Effect of harmonious city administration was enlarged, state environmental protection model city passed examination successfully, central city property management and community service won Chinese livelihood residence environmental sample award. 4.5 billion yuan investment for transport infrastructure was completed, major part of Lianshui Airport and Southern Coach Station were constructed. And irrigation projects including Huaiyin 3rd Station of South-to-North water diversion and Liyun River renovation were accomplished.
Ⅲ. Reform and opening-up were given prominence to, and driving forces of development were enhanced further. Various reforms were promoted steadily. Municipal state-owned enterprises basically completed system reform. Integrated step of 8 big assets companies was accelerated. Municipal and county institutional reform was started comprehensively, regulation for subsidies of teachers of compulsory education phase was basically completed. Reform of investment and financing systems was deepened continuously, municipal city assets and total assets of new city investment company reached 9.36 billion yuan and 7.29 billion yuan respectively, on-the-ground capital of municipal financing platform reached 7.14 billion yuan, and 1.5 billion yuan enterprise bonds were launched successfully; the Bank of Communications entered Huai’an, 6 countryside commercial banks from South Jiangsu set up branches in counties and districts, Jiangsu Bank achieved coverage of all counties. Countryside reform was deepened, 53 land stock cooperatives were founded, 3675 peasant professional cooperative organizations were formed, 4338 supply and sell network sites were set up, 980 million kilograms wheat was purchased with price protected, and countryside small loans trial works were carried out, and level agricultural insurance was improved and scope was expanded. Achievements of opening up were outstanding. Serial merchant inviting activities in South Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places were carried out actively, the 8th Huaiyang Dishes Food and Culture Festival and the 4th Taiwan Merchants Forum were held successfully. 261 domestic-invested projects with over 50 million yuan investment were brought in, 24.4 billion yuan of fixed assets was on the ground; 164 foreign-invested projects were newly approved, 1.31 billion US dollars registered foreign capital was concluded, and 0.61 billion dollars were on the ground, and Taiwan capital accounted for 58%, Huai’an has become a place with most famous Taiwan-invested enterprises in North Jiangsu. Foreign trade export was expanded actively, 2.14 billion dollars import and export amount was achieved, including 1.47 billion dollars export amount; export processing zone expanded bonded logistics function successfully and was listed into the first 20 export processing zones in China, ranking the 5th in Jiangsu and the 1st in North Jiangsu. Functions of industrial parks were completed constantly. 5.43 billion yuan was invested for new infrastructures in 8 provincial-level development zones, 165.3 billion yuan business income was achieved, and 5 provincial-level featured industrial parks were established. And Overseas Student Pioneering Park was approved as a state high-tech technical pioneering service center, constructions of infrastructures of Huai’an Industrial Park and Salt Chemical New Zone were accelerated, and convenient passing mode of "District-Port Linkage" of the custom was started formally.
Ⅳ. Livelihood improvement was given prominence to, and affinity of the government was enhanced further. Social undertakings developed healthily. Three 3-star ordinary senior middle schools and four 4-star middle professional schools were added, entering rate of kindergartens, consolidate rate of compulsory educational phase, upgrading rate of junior middle school graduates, rate of receiving compulsory education of disable children, gross entering rate of higher education reached 94%,  99.9%, 97%, 97% and 38.8% respectively. Popularity rate of standardization of urban community health institutions reached 96%, coverage rate of new-type countryside cooperative medical reached 99.9%, and "15-min health treatment circles" for millions of peasants were built, H1N1 Flu and hand-foot-mouth disease preventing and controlling works were enhanced. Chinese North-South Geographical Boundary Mark Line Park and Chinese Huaiyang Dishes Museum were completed and opened, cable digital TV transfer was basically completed in major urban area; and Huai’an won right of undertaking the 18th Provincial Sports Meeting successfully. Construction of "Generation service" system achieved all coverage of urban and rural areas, and family planning rate in Huai’an reached 94.15%. Social insurance system was completed gradually. 66,000 urban people were newly employed, and 30,000 people who lost jobs were employed again, and 36 million yuan loans for insurance were released. 0.36 billion yuan was invested to help 160,000 people be lifted out poverty, and average income of principal-recognized weak villages reached 46,000 yuan. Legal assistance was provided for 5731 masses in hardships. 23 municipal demonstrative community health service centers and 123 standard health service stations were newly built, 18.96 million yuan elder respect funds were released; free physical examination was carried out for 146,600 retired employees of enterprises; and 66,000 elders over 65 years old in urban area could take buses freely; 904 low-rent houses were built, 5268 economically affordable houses were built; drinking water safety was solved for 560,000 peasants; 118,000 toilet in countryside were reconstructed; constructions of Municipal Comprehensive Social Welfare Center and Women and Children Activity Center were started comprehensively, and projects of town cultural stations and peasant libraries were completed above the quota.
Ⅴ. Environmental optimization was given prominence to, and investment attractiveness was enhanced further. Worries and problems were cleared up for enterprises actively, 0.19 billion yuan burden was reduced, 20.4 billion yuan financing assets were achieved between banks and enterprises in 4 times, and 3.13 billion yuan guarantee loans were provided for small and medium enterprises, more than 20,000 employees were offered for Foxconn, Darfon and other enterprises. Municipal received legal supervision from the People’s Congress and democratic supervision from People’s Political Consultative Conference, 511 suggestions and resolutions were all handled. "1+3" safety supervision system was promoted all over China, and "sunlight" letters and visits won Chinese local government creation award. 128 million yuan was invested for assisting Sichuan quake area. And other works also made new achievements, including governmental legal system, institutional affairs, foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs, red cross, industrial and commercial management, technical supervision, statistics, audit, food and medicine supervision, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, administrative approval, bidding and tendering, power supply, tobacco, salt industry, price, agricultural machinery, weather, archives, local records, etc.
By recalling works in the last year, we deeply realize that: we should implement scientific development concept harder as situation becomes severer, and solve problems amid advancement with methods of developing; and we should also stick to reform and creation harder as situation becomes severer, grasp work initiative with creative thoughts; pay more attention to livelihood when facing hardships, benefit the masses by practical measures; remember duties and missions better when in face of difficulties, unite people and boost morale by beautiful prospect. And owing to the common knowledge, we could made outstanding achievements during the unusual year. On behalf of Huai’an Municipal People’s Government, I express sincere gratitude and greatest respect to all citizens who worked hard and made selfless contributions in all fields and at all posts, to representatives of People’s Congress, members of People's Political Consultative Conference who supported governmental works, to all democratic parties, Federation of Industry and Commerce, non-party personnel, people’s groups, old comrades and personnel of all fields of society, to soldiers and officers of PLA and armed police in Huai’an, and to all people in China and foreign countries who attended, supported and cared development of Huai’an.
In face of the achievements, we should also recognize existing problems and deficiencies clearly, including: serious restriction of production elements, slow progress of a small number of key projects; small amount of governmental listed enterprises, slow development of county economy; low level of urbanization, incomplete supporting facilities, and concentration and radiation capacities are to be enhanced; financial income increase pressure increases, income quality and structure are to be optimized; a minority of people still lead hard lives, social guarantee level is still to be improved; elements which influence social stability still remain; some departments have weak consciousness of market and their practical skills are still to be enhanced. Therefore, we will attach much importance and take effective measure to settle them.
Work arrangement for 2010
Fellow deputies, this year is the last year for implementing the "11th five-year plan". For works in this year, we are facing both severe challenges and advantageous conditions. On one hand, influences of international financial crisis still exist, and internal power of economic recovery is still insufficient, and situation of competitive development of surrounding areas brings huge stress to us. On the other hand, the central government continues implementing active financial policies and moderate loose monetary policies, and keeps continuity and stability of macro economic policies; Jiangsu coastal development is lifted as national strategy, and North Jiangsu is integrated into Yangtze Delta; Provincial Party Committee and Government increase strength for supporting North Jiangsu; in particular, after years of development, per capita total output value of Huai’an exceeded 3000 US dollars, and Huai’an has stepped into expressway of industrialization transformation, urbanization, and internationalization, bringing significant opportunities to Huai’an. As long as we enhance confidence, seize opportunities and make efforts, we will surely achieve new leaping from higher points.
Overall trains of thoughts about governmental works in this year include: to comprehensively implement spirits of the Seventeenth National Congress of the CPC, the 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 17th Central Committee and central and provincial economic work conferences, to take Deng-Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, deeply implement scientific development concept, according to deployment of the 4th meeting of the 5th Party Representatives Conference, center to "five large constructions", take accelerating development as theme, take increasing investment as foundation, reform and opening-up as power, transferring development means as key, to improve levels of new-type industrialization, featured urbanization, agricultural industrialization and economic internationalization, comprehensively developing various social undertakings, promote livelihood construction solidly, and endeavor to make major indexes increase top-ranking in Jiangsu Province, and promote rapid and sound development of economy and society.
Main expected targets of national economy and social development include: regional total output value to increase by 13.5%, financial total income to increase by 20%, including local common budget income to increase by 25%, whole society fixed assets investment to increase by 35%, social consumables retailing amount to increase by 18%, foreign trade import and export to grow by 20%, on-the-ground amount of registered capital to increase by 25%, per capita disposable income of urban residents and per capita net income of peasants to increase by 12% and 10% respectively, resident consumption price index to be lower than provincial average level, urban registered unemployment rate to be controlled below 3.5%, unit output value energy consumption, chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emission amount to complete provincial decided targets.
By centering on above targets and assignments, we will mainly seize following six aspects of works:
Ⅰ. To seize policy opportunities, and maintain rapid and sound development of economy. Make use of serial central and provincial policies and measures, master industrial orientation and assets investments, and transfer policy opportunities into strong power for accelerating development.
Increase effective investment. Establish concept of large projects, further optimize investment structure, and increase investment proportion of infrastructures and important industrial projects, increase investment proportion of agriculture and service industry projects, increase proportion of investment for environmental protection and resources saving projects, and drive economic structure optimization by optimizing investment structure.
Expand consumption demands. Implement measures for richening people seriously, increase salary income of urban and rural residents, business income, financial income and other legal incomes. Further do works of sending family electrical appliances, agricultural machines and vehicles into the countryside. Implement policies and measures of keep stable and healthy development of real estate market. Actively develop hot consumptions of tourism, culture, health-keeping and network, and promote upgrading of consumption structure.
Optimize export structure. Increase export proportions of machinery and electrical products, high-tech products and agricultural products, actively carry out brand establishment and base construction. Consolidate and expand export scale of major markets, increase exports to ASEAN and other emerging markets. Accelerate construction of the 2nd phase of export processing zone, optimize custom mode and procedures of inspection and quarantine and promote upgrading of processing trade.
Ⅱ. Based on making bigger and stronger, and improve development level of new-type industrialization. Stick to the 1st strategy of new-type industrialization, promote speed increase of industrial economy, investment 70 billion yuan, add 200 more governmental listed enterprises, and increase scale above industrial added value by 16.8%.
To focus on important projects. Implement the activity of "Breakthrough year of important industrial projects", organize and implement 240 100-million-yuan above projects, including 20 1-billion-yuan above projects, and newly start construction of 120 100-million-yuan above projects, and put 100 into production. Make nice preparation for projects of Nanrui cable production base, Xuyi nuclear electricity, vehicle parts industrial park and other projects, and start construction of Huaiyin Power Plant, Huaerrun Soda and other projects, accelerate implementation of Shilian Chemical Soda, the 3rd Phase of Foxconn, the 1st Phase of Veken and other projects, and ensure putting into production of Anpon Membrane Caustic Soda, the 1st phase of Feixiang Paper Industry and so on.
To cultivate scale enterprises. To implement comprehensively improvement project of small and medium enterprises, add 200 new growth points with annual sales of over 10 million yuan. To accelerate construction of research and development institutes, build 15 new R&D centers of enterprises, and add 40 high-tech enterprises. Create a batch of provincial-level above famous brands. Carry out bank-enterprise connection activities, establish re-guarantee companies and solve loan hardships for enterprises. Implement farmland construction projects, optimize land supply structure, and guarantee land demands. Enhance worker employment, and make efforts to satisfy employment demands of enterprises. Complete dispatch system of coal, electricity and oil, and ensure production demands of key industries and enterprises with priority.
To focus on featured industries. Implement improvement plans for nine industries, center on developing scale of three dominant industries, mainly bring in large projects with strong driving force, expand industrial chains of IT, salt chemical new materials and special steel; center on brands of traditional industries, guide technical reform of enterprises and investment of R&D of enterprises, increase competitive forces of products and added-value of products, promote high-end industrial chains and value chains of machinery, textile, tobacco and construction materials industries, enhance policy supports, develop strategic emerging industries of new resources and new medicines, give prominence to core product clusters and leading projects. Take provincial-level Huai’an Software Park as a carrier, and develop information service outsourcing industry actively.
Ⅲ. To stick to overall consideration, accelerate constructing integrated urban and rural areas. Take richening people, villages and towns as core, advance development of rural industrialization, urbanization and agriculture, and accelerate construction of socialism new countryside.
To focus on modern agriculture. Promote effective large agricultural scale, add 300,000 mou effective planting industry, 60,000 mou effective fishery industry, increase proportion of scale breeding of domestic animals to 79%, construct 11 county dominant industries with 1 billion yuan sales, expand brand space of Huai’an Rice, Xuyi Crayfish and Hongze Lake Big Sluice Crab. Integrate various resources; construct effective agricultural parks of provincial, municipal and county levels, complete over 0.5 billion yuan investment for Taiwan Farmer Pioneering Park. Cultivate leading enterprises, newly bring in 10 projects of which the fixed assets exceed 0.1 billion yuan, and add 3 enterprises of which the annual sales exceed 0.1 billion yuan.
To make county and countryside economy stronger. Stick to "One county with one brand" policy, focus on a batch of 10-billion-yuan industrial clusters, and boost county economic development of featured industries. Grasp constructions of town industrial concentration zones and village-level pioneering points, complete 9 billion yuan fixed assets for 30 key town industrial concentration zones, newly build 600,000 m2 standard plants, newly add over 60 governmental listed enterprises, and achieve more than 10 billion yuan industrial sales; newly build 100 scale village pioneering points, build 1,000 m2 standard plant for each pioneering point, make 2 enterprises enter in, provide 30 posts and add 50,000 yuan income for village collective. Enhance poverty alleviation, do a good job of skill training, complete credit support policies, and ensure collective income of provincial-identified weak villages exceed 40,000 yuan.
Improve agricultural environment. Enhance construction of agricultural infrastructures, do a good job of reinforcement of small and medium reservoirs, promote renovation of irrigated areas, newly build high-standard farmlands, further improve machinery level of agriculture. Accelerate regional water supply process, add concentrated water supply for 12 towns. Promote construction of infrastructures of small towns, newly build 15 town rubbish transfer stations, actively deal with village sewage disposal trial sites, establish 3 provincial healthy residential demonstrative villages, and 30 municipal-level healthy residential demonstrative villages. Accelerate flowage of urban production elements to countryside, extension of infrastructures to countryside, coverage of public services to countryside, and promote sound interaction between urbanization and new countryside.
Ⅳ. To improve functional taste and boost construction of North Jiangsu important central city. Center on strategic positioning of Provincial Party Committee and Government for long-term development of Huai’an, and stick to classic planning, delicate construction and fine management, invest 39.98 billion yuan to implement 650 key projects, construct 120 square kilometers and increase rate of urbanization to 45%.
To complete city functions. Accelerate construction of ecological new city, mainly implement "four museums", Huai’an Theatre, Transport Service Center, Accident Emergency Headquarters, Sports Center, etc. Accelerate construction of commercial and business zone, mainly implement Wanda Plaza, Suning Plaza, Fenghui Plaza, Yurun International Tower and other projects, set up a batch of new landmarks. Accelerate construction of Hexia Ancient Town, Huai’an Yamen, Dock Ancient Town and other projects, enhance tourism distribution function of the city. Accelerate construction of infrastructures, mainly implement Tongpu South Road, Meigao Mid Road, Liyun River Bridge, Hanhou Avenue, Xuyang Water Plant and so on. Accelerate process of urban informatization, and promote construction of "Digital Huai’an".
Optimize living environment. Comprehensively improve riverside afforestation, newly build 14 parks including city forest park, Old Yellow River Marsh Park, Enlai Water Park, Chengnan Park, improve North-South Geographical Boundary Line, Central (Bochi Hill) Park, Chuxiu Park, Cherry Blossom Park, implement afforestation of Huailian Road and airport road. Newly add 3 million square meters public green lands. Control water level of Liyun River and Old Yellow River, make Liyun River and Bochi Hill Water system interpenetrate, renovate river channels of Qing’an River, Wenqu River, Neicheng River and so on. Complete long-term system of city administration, carry out special activities for city appearance maintaining, transport order, illegal constructions and so on. Consolidate model establishment achievements, enhance protection for water source places, implement protection project for water sources of Baima Lake as soon as possible, prevent and control various pollutions, improve air quality and create nice living environment.
Accelerate old city reconstruction. Promote reconstructions of 22 sections and 840,000 square meters including Beijing South Road, Huaihai South Road, Liyun River Road. By afforestation reform and environment renovation, comprehensively improve sceneries of Jiankang West Road, Huaihai West Road, Yan'an Road. Regulate real estate market orders and land transfer behaviors, enhance constructions of shared property housing, arrangement housing and other guarantee-type housing, start constructions of 8.5 million square meters commercial housing and complete 2.8 million square meters.
Expand outside channels. Implement coastal development strategies, accelerate Yanhe renovation and construction for No. 327 and 235 provincial highways. Center on policy of integration into Yangtze Delta, promote construction of Su-Huai railway and do prophase works for Huaiyangzhen Railway well. Continue implementing renovations for No. 205, 325, 237 and other trunks. Accelerate Lianshui Airport construction and operation preparation, ensure formal opening to air traffic before October 1st.
Ⅴ. To deepen reform and opening-up, enhance economic development vigour. Stick to marketization and internationalization, constantly expand depth of reform and scope of opening-up, and make efforts to improve regional competitive force.
To boost various reforms. Take transferring governmental functions as core, comprehensively complete reform of municipal, county and district governmental reforms and town institutions. Steadily boost institutional salary reform. Start medical system reform, make implementation opinions and supporting policies. Solve remaining problems of state-owned enterprises reform. Complete public financial system, optimize expenditure structure, improve capital utilization benefits. Deepen reform of investment and financial reforms, introduce Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to open branch in Huai’an. Develop private economy energetically, add 4500 private enterprises, 35,000 individual merchants, and 20 billion yuan registered capital.
Improve opening-up level. Carry out "merchant inviting competition" activities deeply, bring in 300 domestic-invested projects of over 50 million yuan and 10 foreign-invested projects of over 30 million dollars. Organize Taiwan-invested merchant inviting activities well, hold the 5th Taiwan Merchants Forum and Taipei important economic and trade activities, accelerate construction of Huai’an Industrial Park of Taiwan General Chamber of Commerce, and attract more Taiwan merchants to Huai’an. Enhance civil capital investment strength, and bring in leading projects.
To enhance carrier construction. According to standards of state-level development zones, accelerate construction of supporting facilities of 8 provincial-level development zones, invest 6 billion yuan for infrastructures. Promote establishment of state-level development zone of Huai’an economic development zone, newly establish 2 to 3 provincial-level featured industrial parks.
Ⅵ. Stick to human-oriented, and attach more importance to guaranteeing and improving livelihood. Put livelihood issues on a more important position, increase assisting and supporting strength, and promote rapid and sound growth of economy by improving livelihood.
Make social undertakings prosperous. Promote balanced development of compulsory education, establish 4 3-star middle schools and 30 provincial-level kindergartens. Transfer the 3rd hospital into "three 1st" hospital, establish 2 provincial-level health towns and 15 health villages, and improve medical and health conditions. Implement food and medicine safety projects deeply. Enhance population and family planning works, start repairing to some scenic spots, hold various festivals well, carry out whole-people health keeping activities, and prepare for the 17th provincial sports meeting.
To complete social insurance system. Seriously implement various measures for supporting employment, complete system for employment assistance, help graduates find jobs. Implement new-type countryside social endowment insurance, construct 310 community elder service centers. Regulate temporary rescue system, guarantee basic lives of low-income families.
To do livelihood things well. To invest 1.853 billion yuan, do more true things for the people: 1. provide subsidies for low-rent housing, construct 886 low-rent housings and 3000 economically affordable housings; 2. Build Municipal Social Welfare Center and Women and Children Activity Center; 3. increase low insurance standards of urban and rural areas to 300 yuan/month and 160 yuan/month; 4. extend elder respect fund release scope to urban areas; 5. promote "all-purpose card" to citizens; 6. transact loans for insurance to people in hardships; 7. release subsidies to disabled in hardship families; 8. implement comprehensive renovation of countryside environment; 9. implement various measures of medical and health to benefit people; 10. Expand constructions of professional schools, and start constructions of branch campuses of Huaiyin Middle School and Experimental Primary School.
To enhance social management. Complete community management and village self-governance system, organize selections and guarantee rights of the masses. Promote comprehensive disposal of social security. Enhance works of visits and letters, boost safety supervision system, complete emergency management system, improve capacity of dealing with accidents like disaster weathers.
Deputies, it is an important assignment to do planning compilation works of "the 12th five-year plan" well. We should complete various targets of "the 12th five-year plan", and seriously research thinking trains, targets, assignments, working measures of the next five-year, and promote rapid and sound development of Huai'an from a new start point.
Further enhance self-construction of government
To center on service-type government construction, study and practise scientific development concept deeply, accelerate function transfer, enhance service concept, increase administrative efficiency, and construct Huai’an into a competitive service highland, cost lowland and investment lucky land.
To enhance honesty construction. Construct honest government, fulfilled all promises ever made, and win trust from merchants and masses. Construct honest society, carry forward enlightened and open modern culture, build social credit system gradually. Carry out various educational activities to guide cadres and masses to be honest and form harmonious relationships.
To enhance team construction. To improve ability of overall consideration and coordination, report important issues to Municipal Party Committee and Standing Committee of People’s Congress, receive supervisions from the People’s Congress and People’s Political Consultative Conference. Enhance communication and contact with the superior level, improve market operation ability, utilize market concepts and operation modes to solve hardships amid development and encourage more market resources to attend development.
To enhance efficiency construction. Further reduce transacting procedures, implement joint approval of important projects, promote construction of online transacting hall and electronic supervision system, further improve working efficiency, enhance service consciousness, provide more supports to grass-roots and enterprises, and create loose development environment.
To enhance honest and clean government construction. Stick to creation system, comprehensively implement regulations about construction of Party working style and honest and clean government, promote system reform of personnel affairs, finance and so on, enhance supervision to fields including state-owned capital, project bidding and tendering, government purchasing and land transfer, correct unhealthy tendencies which harm benefits of the masses. Abide by honest and clean governance, leading cadres should take the lead to implement various stipulations for honest and clean government, enhance behavior cultivation, behave in a clear and bright way, do things diligently and conscientiously; enhance administrative monitoring and audit supervision, deepen political affairs publicity, and promote public and transparent operation of rights. Stick to diligence and thrift, work diligently in spite of difficulties, reduce administrative expenses, use limited assets in urgent places and for developing economy and improving livelihood, and by image of being pragmatic and clean for the people, unify and lead the broad cadres and masses to create and develop new achievements.
All deputies, in the new year, hardships and challenges are testing us, duties and missions are driving us. Let us closely rally around the Party Central Committee with Hu Jintao as General Secretary, and under correct leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and Municipal Party Committee, emancipate our minds, make exploitations and innovations, comprehensively accomplish planned targets of "the 11th five-year plan", and make efforts to open beautiful future for Huai’an.