Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government in 2014 (excerpt)
---Delivered at the 4th Session of the 7th People's Congress of Huai’an
on Jan 20, 2015
Qu Futian
Mayor of Huai’an
Fellow deputies:
On behalf of the Municipal People’s Government of Huai’an, I am now presenting an annual report on the government’s work in 2014 for your deliberation.
1. Recall of Work in 2014
In face of severe and complicated macroeconomic environment and arduous and hard reform, development and stabilizing work, we always kept in mind the entrustment of building Premier Zhou Enlai’s hometown well from General Secretary Xi Jinping, and stuck to the overall requirements of "The Eight Projects" and "The Ten Measures" performed by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and "Breakthrough Year" required by the Municipal Party Committee, and thus made good achievements in deepening reforms and improving people’s livelihood, we also completed targets and assignments confirmed by the third meeting of the 7th Municipal People’s Congress, and made comprehensive breakthroughs under the "new normal".
Increase rates of major economic indexes ranked high in Jiangsu province, 5 of the 18 indexes calculated by the province ranked the 1st, and growth rates of core indexes including regional gross value of production, investment, consumption and revenues moved upwards in the rankings of Jiangsu.
During 2014, Huai’an completed 245.54 billion yuan regional gross value of production, increasing by 10.9% over the previous year, gained 30.85 billion yuan public financial budget revenues, a growth of 13.7%, achieved 203.69 billion and 163.56 billion yuan, which rose by 17.3% and 17% respectively; besides, per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 25798 and 12010 yuan, which increased by 9.4% and 11.6%.
The rate of urbanization in Huai’an reached 56.5% in 2014, and the quality index of urbanization ranked 55th among prefecture-level and above cities, counties of Huai’an reached the provincial standards for all-round well-off society.
A number of important projects including high-speed railway made breakthrough, leading fast construction and leaping development in Huai’an. Key reforms including land use system also made breakthrough, and some important work including formal opening-up of aviation port were achieved, forming new advantages for development.
Featured industries in Huai’an were further concentrated, and sci-tech innovative level was improved. The economy grew steadily and the key role of investment and basic role of consumption were fully exerted, 179.57 billion yuan investment in fixed assets above designated size was completed, increased by 23%, and investment in industry grew by 25.6%; 81.48 billion yuan retailing sum of consumer goods was achieved, rising by 13.1%; 4.1 billion dollars of import and export sum were completed, increasing by 12.2%.
14 provincial and 220 municipal-level projects were acceleration, 151 industrial projects with more than 100 million yuan investment were started, 223 additional industrial enterprises emerged, and 45 more enterprises witnessed over 100 million sales, added value of industries above designated size increased by 12.9%; 111 agricultural industrial projects with more than 30 million yuan investment were implemented, doubled over the previous year.
11 more leading enterprises had more than 100 million sales, and 1.06 billion yuan was invested into rural irrigation, crop production achieved consecutive increase for the 11th year, 158 tertiary projects with more than 100 million yuan investment were performed, and added value of service industry exceeded 100 billion yuan; output value of architectural industry reached 122.6 billion yuan. Industrial structure was improved, output value of featured industries accounted for 55.2% of the industrial output value of industries above designated size, 6.1% higher than the previous year.
Production value of electronic information industry exceeded 90 billion yuan, and a provincial-level featured industrial cluster of salt chemical new materials was created, output value of food industry became top-ranking in Jiangsu province. Key enterprises of special steel accelerated transformation and development, and an advanced provincial new-energy automobile manufacture base was approved.
More than additional 200 productive e-commerce enterprises above designated size emerged, Huai’an Software Park became a provincial e-commerce demonstrative base, two scenic spot became state-level 4A ones and one was approved to be a provincial tourism recreation resort. Proportion of added value of the service industry increased by 1%.
Modern agriculture developed in a higher speed, one modern fishery industrial park was approved to be a provincial one, and 2 brands became "Chinese well-known trademarks". Additional number of family farms ranked the 2nd in Jiangsu province, and development index of modern agricultural project and composite mechanical level ranked 1st in Jiangsu.
The capacity of innovation increased obviously. Investment in R&D in the whole society accounted for more than 1.6% of GDP, 76 more enterprises became state-level high-tech ones, 30 more enterprise innovation platform became provincial-level ones, increase of patent application amount ranked the 1st in Jiangsu province, and proportion of high-tech output value among that of industries above designated size rose by 1%.
15 institutes of renowned colleges and universities were founded in Huai’an, the second state-level university sci-tech park in Northern Jiangsu was created, and Huai’an branch center of China Overseas Study Service Center and the first overseas students venturing tech service center to the north of Yangtze River were established.
Eight reforms including land use system were absorbed as national pilot projects and fifteen reforms including new-type urbanization composite supports were listed as provincial pilot projects, forming a reform system with Huai’an characteristics. And Huai’an was approved to be the first demonstrative zone for transfer and concentration of Taiwanese-invested enterprises in China.
Reforms of key areas were accelerated. Reform of administrative approval system made significant progress and became one of the first pilot projects for social administration and public service standardization in China. And a first-class-in-China administrative service center was built, 119 items for administrative approval were cut into 42 items, encouraging market units effectively. Private enterprises and individual businesses increased by 28.3% and 52.1% respectively, and thus became a provincial venturing city.
Financial reform was deepened constantly, two banking institutions were brought in, and 3 sic-tech branch banks were established, a low-interest unified loans platform and emergency bridge financing were set up, and coverage of village-level financial composite service stations reached 75%. Land use system reform was comprehensively started, and plans for 15 key functional areas were compiled.
Quality of opening-up was improved significantly. A provincial demonstrative zone for transformation and development of utilizing foreign investments was created, 13 projects each with more than 90 million dollars of investment were approved, and 1.2 billion USDs of registered foreign capital were credited into account, ranking the first and second in Northern Jiangsu.
British Cigna Healthcare and other projects were introduced into Huai’an, and proportion of utilizing foreign capital by service industry increased by 15%. The first foreign trade composite service enterprise in Northern Jiangsu was founded, 15 more enterprises’ foreign trade volume exceeded 10 million USDs. And 6 more cities became international sister cities and friendly exchange cities of Huai’an.
As a concentration place of Taiwanese investments, Huai’an grows in a faster way. The "Three Plans" including "multiplication of projects in consecutive three years", "expansion of exchange platform" and "upgrade of 101% services" were comprehensively implemented. A number of important projects including Dingzhen Tech with 1 billion USDs investment were attracted. The first business college for Taiwan entrepreneurs in mainland China was founded, and the ninth Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum was held successfully; besides, Huai’an was elected as a "strongly recommended city by Taiwan entrepreneurs" for the third year in a row. Introduction of important project also made breakthrough, 216 domestic-invested projects each with more than 100 million yuan were introduced, including 25 each with more than 1 billion yuan investment and 5 each with more than 5 billion yuan investment.
Functions as a central city were improved. 100.7 billion yuan was invested and 910 key projects were implemented. Construction of Lianhuaiyangzhen Railway was started and construction of Xusuhuaiyan Railway is to be started. The city position as a composite transportation hub of Yangtze Delta and China was established. The 1st line of modern tram was being laid, and the municipal gym center was built and put into operation. Phase 1 project of intelligent industrial valley was completed, and construction of the financial center was started.
Huai’an also made progress in ecological civilization. Huai’an passed evaluation for provincial-level eco-city firstly in Northern Jiangsu, and became a national demonstrative zone for ecological civilization and a pilot city for water ecological civilization city, and was approved to be a national new energy demonstrative city. Decrease rate of density of PM2.5 ranks 2nd in Jiangsu province.
The ten practical things for people were completed. 4.01 billion yuan was invested to implement a number of livelihood projects. Huai’an University was approved by the provincial government and is under preparation, Jiangsu Nursing Professional School was also approved to be founded. Huai’an Xiehu Hospital and Stomatological Hospital were built, and construction of Huai’an Children Hospital and Ophthalmic Hospital was started, the 2nd People’s Hospital of Huai’an became a "Top Three" comprehensive hospital.
Grand Canal was listed into the directory of world cultural heritage, 2 more national intangible cultural heritages were confirmed, and a number of provincial-level demonstrative zone for public cultural service system were established, the sum of copyright registration ranked the 4th in Jiangsu. 101,000 urban residents were reemployed, and registered urban unemployment rate decreased to 2.2%. 1.89 billion yuan housing provident fund loans were released, and Huai’an became one of the six pilot cities for reform of common property right.
After a year of hard work, we made comprehensive breakthroughs. And we understand that we must know the trend well to achieve scientific and leaping development. We should make overall planning, endeavor to create advantages and put emphasis on solidarity. And the healthy political ecology, harmonious social atmosphere and inclusive humanistic environment have enhanced our confidence and determination of development. On behalf of the People’s Government of Huai’an, I hereby express heartfelt thanks and high respect to the broad cadres and masses, representatives of the People’s Congress, members of the People's Political Consultative Conference, members of the democratic parties, retired old comrades, officers and men of PLA in Huai’an, entrepreneurs and constructors in Huai’an, and domestic and overseas friends who support development of Huai’an.
Meanwhile, we should clearly know that there are still some hardships and contradictions in our development. Our press of stabilize growth is big, enterprises face a lot of hardships in production and operation, growth rates of some economic indexes dropped; the task of adjusting structure is arduous, proportion of strategic emerging industries is relatively low, the support from sci-tech innovations is not strong enough; difficulties of promoting reforms are increasing, intensity of reforms in some key areas and segments is not high enough; there are still some weak points in resolving new expectations of the masses; the transfer of government functions is still not completed, and the capacity of governing according to the law is to be improved. We will attach great importance to these problems and solve them by effective measures.
2. Major Tasks in 2015
This year is the ending year of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the key year of comprehensive deepening of reforms, the opening year of promoting overall "ruling by law", and a year for a "upper year" of the "Three-Step" strategy of the new era of Huai’an. In face of new challenges of the new normal, the stress of economic downturn is relatively heavy, and the task of increasing investment and expanding consumption is arduous.
We should fully understand new advantages of Huai’an under the new normal, the complete composite transport system highlights better local advantage, the rising Taiwanese investment advantage presents unique strength of opening up, the nice ecological environment shows sustained competitive superiority and the inclusive featured culture reflects advantage o harmonious human culture. These advantages lay the solid foundation for leaping development of Huai’an and make us more confident.
The overall thinking of government work in 2015 is: to implement spirit of the Party’s 18th Congress, the Third and Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the Central Economic Work Conference and the Ninth Session of the 12th Provincial Party Committee, actively adapt to the new normal of economy, correctly grasp the overall keynote of "seeking improvement in stability", take "improving quality and effectiveness of economic development" as the center, take reform and opening-up and technical innovation as power, take investment optimization and consumption expansion as supports, take livelihood improvement and ecological civilization construction as the foundation, to create a new situation of stable and healthy development of economy and society of Huai’an.
The major expectations in 2015 are: regional gross value of production to increase about 10%, public financial budget income to grow by 11%, investment in fixed assets above designated size to increase by 18%, retailing sum of consumer goods to rise around 13%, registered foreign capital on the account to increase 5%, per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents to grow by 9% and 11% respectively, registered unemployment rate in urban areas to be beneath 4%, resident consumption price index to be below average level of Jiangsu province, provincial goals for energy saving and emission reduction to be completed. These indexes were confirmed in consideration of both requirements of economic new normal and new characteristics in the new phase of development of Huai’an. Some increase rates are lowered to make bigger space for adjusting economic structure and reform deepening and achieve better economic efficiency, urban and rural construction quality and people’s livelihood.
We will put on emphasis on following six aspects of work, to promote economic development, urban and rural construction and harmonious building, and explore new path of scientific leaping development under the new normal.
To attach importance to both quality and quantity, and improve quality of economy. We will develop advanced manufacture, achieve 130 billion yuan industrial added value above the designated size, and increase by about 12%. Make output value of electronic information industry exceed 100 billion yuan, accelerate the key projects including ZTE 4G Intelligence Industrial Park and Napeisi Semiconductor; quicken constructions of leading projects including Jinling Chlorine Alkali Industrial Park; make the food industry stronger, promote integrated development of special steel industry and equipment manufacture industry, boost high-end equipment industry to intelligence and completion, endeavor to make breakthrough for wholly production of new energy vehicle.
We will focus on more than 30 important projects with more than 1 billion yuan investment, newly start 150 industrial projects with more than 100 million yuan investment, newly complete 100 projects with more than 10 million yuan equipment investment, and make industrial investment above designated size increase by 19%. We will positively promote technical reform, mainly help 1000 developing enterprises to do element guarantee and market extension.
To improve modern service industry. We will make basic service industries including logistics, finance, tourism, commerce and medical treatment stronger, make the three emerging services industries including e-commerce, healthcare and cultural creation larger, and accelerate construction of modern service system to make it a new engine for economic development under the new normal.
We will make tourism a pillar industry of Huai’an as soon as possible. Quicken the constructions of scenic spots including Liyun River Cultural Corridor, Baima Lake Resort and Journey to the West Cultural Experience Park. We will give priority to logistics and promote constructions of all kinds of modern logistics park. We will focus on e-commerce, and build composite online information service platforms. We will promote deep merging between real economy and network economy. We will also actively build the healthcare industrial chain.
We will promote sci-tech innovation in a coordinated way. We will positively create Huai’an into a national pilot city of innovation, the R&D investment of the whole society will account for 1.7% of GDP, and proportion of output value of high-tech industry among industrial output value will exceed 26%. We will improve enterprises’ innovative capacity. We will also enhance construction of the innovative carrier platform, the make the number of incubated enterprises in provincial-level and above parks reach 500.
We will guide branches of universities and colleges in Huai’an to cooperate with enterprises, and support listing of a number of high-quality enterprises.
2. We will deepen reform and promote opening-up, urge reform by expanding opening-up, and further concentrate quality elements.
To deepen reform by seizing key sectors, we will seize the opportunities of state and provincial pilot programs, and take reforms in key fields as the breakthrough points. We will deepen reform of administrative system, check and publicize list of administrative powers, implement the strictest access approval of projects requiring administrative license; we will enhance municipal, county, town and village service system of political affairs, deepen reform of market access approval and supervision system, further lower the threshold for market access and relax restrictions on business location.
We will accelerate reform of land use system, explore new path of district planning and land management, promote planning and land renovation of key industrial parks and central towns, optimize spatial layout and guarantee urban and rural development. We will promote registration of immovable property and push forward circulation of the right to land contractual management.
We will enhance financial reform, improve investment and financing systems, upgrade government financing platform. We will also quicken listing of enterprises, and enhance introduction of banking institutions. We will start revision of overall planning of cities, and promote adjustment of district planning. We will enrich the reform system with Huai’an characteristics.
To expand opening-up of carrier construction. We will realize direct flight between Huai’an and Taiwan as soon as possible, and expand international airlines. We will also enlarge functions of comprehensive bonded area, enhance construction of airport industrial park, and build exhibition center of imported goods. We will support municipal import agency and foreign trade service platform, help enterprises to explore international market, and stabilize growth of foreign trade. We will quicken construction of key parks and introduce a number of foreign-invested projects. We will implement the "Three Plans" of highland of Taiwan investment, enhance economic research of Taiwan investment and promote transformation and upgrade of Taiwanese-invested enterprises.
To highlight industrial concentration projects. We will do investment attracting work well, build a professional investment attracting team and create an upgrade version of 101% services. We aim to introduce 210 domestic-invested projects with more than 100 million yuan investment, 30 projects with more than 1 billion yuan, and make breakthrough in introducing projects with more than 5 billion yuan investment. We also plan to introduce 30 foreign-invested projects with more than 30 million USDs.
3. Striving to improve the development quality of new-type urbanization.
We will strengthen the functions of central city. 74.1 billion RMB will be invested and 761 projects will be implemented to improve the "six functions" of central city. Key projects including Li Canal Cultural Corridor and Ancient Canal City will be constructed. Qingjiangpu 1514 Street and Xiao Lake Scenic Area will be completed. Key tourist sites such as Baima Lake Forest Park will be completed and open to the public. The first phase of Wisdom Industry Valley and the main functional area of state-level University Science Park will be completed and put into operation. We will speed up the construction of the first phase of financial center for a number of financial institutions and enterprise headquarters to settle in. The transformation and upgrading of Huai’an comprehensive markets will be accelerated for us to apply for the Provincial E-commerce Model Base and National Commercial Demonstration Area. The construction of the national low carbon demonstration area of ecological new town will be also accelerated. District construction will be promoted in a coordinated way, including Qinghe New District, Qingpu New South Town, Huaiyin New North Town and New Industrial Town in the south. Urban rapid transit system will be planned and constructed, including the completion and operation of modern tram line 1, the construction of airport expressway and the Grand Canal Bridge, to realize the direct connection of public transport with the airport, high-speed railway and highways. The comprehensive control of urban environment will be promoted to make sure that we pass the reexamination of the National Hygienic City and to lay a solid foundation to finally win the title of the National Civilized City.
We will push forward the establishment of a modern and integrated transportation system, with high-speed railway as its backbone, international airport as its advantage, high-grade highways as its support and inland waterway transportation as its distinctive feature. We will accelerate the construction of Lianhuaiyangzhen Railway and meanwhile start to build Xusuhuaiyan Railway. Nanjing-Huai’an intercity railway is expected to be put into the 13th Five-Year Plan. Airport II expansion project will be implemented and the airport facilities for opening up will be improved to further build the international airport. Provincial Highway No. 503 and National Highway No. 235 Projects will be implemented to enhance the high-grade highway network. Huai River waterway regulation engineering will be vigorously advanced and the construction of the inland waterway transportation connected to Huai’an port will be accelerated.
We will support Gaogou Town of Lianshui County to develop it into a modern little town, striving for the Provincial New-type Urbanization Demonstration Area, help Hongze County build Jiangsu Food Sci-tech Industrial Park for the National Agricultural Industrialization Demonstration Base, lead Xuyi County to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of its attapulgite clay industry for the National Torch Plan Industry Base, speed up the construction of Yao (a legendary monarch in ancient China) Cultural Tourism Industrial Park for the National 4A-level Scenic Area, promote the urban renewal project of Qinghe District for the Provincial Characteristic District, rebuild and upgrade the Confucian Temple functional area of Qingpu District to highlight the historical and cultural feature, give support to the upgrading and development of e-commerce and modern logistic industry of Huai’an District for the Provincial E-commerce Demonstration Base, and give impetus to the integrated development of industry and Huaiyin district for the National High-tech Industry Development Zone.
We will take measures, which are suitable to local conditions, to promote the construction of 47 towns with special features and accelerate the development of a number of small livable towns. We will center on the integrated development of industry and district to promote the upgrading of industrial concentration districts in villages and towns. At least 10 municipal industrial parks and a group of special industrial zones will be built.
4. Working hard to enhance the development level of modern agriculture.
We will focus on intensive processing of agricultural products, modern logistics and agricultural complex projects. The aim is to bring in 35 agricultural products processing projects each with investment of more than 30 million yuan and add 10 leading enterprises each with sales of more than 100 million yuan.
We will speed up the construction of Hongze National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Area, urban modern agriculture circles based on central city and modern agriculture industrial zones along Huaijin Road with Baimu Lake National Agricultural Park as a leading industrial park. We will work hard to make sure that Huai’an National Agricultural Science and Technology Park can pass quality acceptance and 10 provincial agricultural parks can be covered by Internet of Things and quality tracking platform. Besides, 3 fine agricultural parks and 1 provincial agricultural industrial park will be built.
400 family farms, 100 rural land share cooperatives and 100 municipal-level and above demonstrative cooperatives will be cultivated. Internet will be applied to expand the marketing channels of agricultural products.
We will strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure. 3 billion yuan will be invested into irrigation and 280,000 mu high-standard farmlands will be newly built to lift the level of modern grain storage.
5. Making efforts to improve the living environment for both urban and rural residents.
We will spare no efforts to win the title of National Ecological City. We will put more efforts to make relevant counties or districts pass the examination and acceptance procedure for National Ecological County/District so as to be the first National Ecological City in Northern Jiangsu and then accelerate the construction of National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Area. In addition, we will quicken the establishment of green ecosystem in both urban and rural areas and guarantee that carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will be reduced by 20% compared to those at the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan.
We will devote greater efforts to reduce pollution to the environment. Special attention will be paid to the metallurgical, chemical and other key energy-consuming industries to realize energy conservation and emission reduction. Each of key enterprises should save energy of at least 100,000 tons of standard coal. Water resource protection and water environment management will be intensified. The qualified rate of industrial wastewater discharge should be over 95% and the qualified rate of drinking water sources should keep at 100%.
We will speed up the construction of beautiful countryside. Village layout planning will be completed. More than 100 villages with regional characteristics will be developed under guidance. Rural infrastructures and public services will continue to be improved. 300 km of rural roads and 40 bridges will be renovated and upgraded. About 300 key villages will be built. We will continue to deepen the treatment of rural environment and improve the environment of 11,862 villages.
6. Putting great efforts to heighten the happiness index among the masses.
We will concentrate on the hot issues and key difficulties over which people concern, and invest 4.72 billion yuan to guarantee the ten practical things for the masses. Firstly, we will optimize the urban traffic environment. Secondly, we will improve production and living conditions in rural areas. Thirdly, we will solve the housing problem of some low-income groups. Fourthly, we will improve the school conditions at the basic level. Fifthly, we will upgrade 17 farmers’ markets in the main urban area. Sixthly, we will enhance the services for employment and entrepreneurship. We will assist 60,000 people to obtain jobs. Seventhly, we will give more care and support to special difficulty groups. We will raise the standard of basic cost of living allowances for urban and rural residents to more than 490 yuan and 370 yuan respectively per person per month. Eighthly, we will take measures to improve the urban environment. Ninthly, we will improve services and facilities for the convenience of urban and rural residents. Tenthly, we will continue to carry out activities of delivering the culture to the rural areas.
We will actively push forward the modernization of education. The main body of Huai’an Open University will be completed and the establishment of a comprehensive university, Huai’an University, will be actively under way. We will improve modern medical services and health supervision. Huai’an Eye Hospital and the first phase of Huai’an Children's Hospital will be completed. British Sinophi Healthcare Project will be implemented. In cultural construction, we will do better to protect the important heritages of the Grand Canal in Huai’an and successfully run the activities to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the opening of Qingjiangpu port. The construction of a series of theme museums will be accelerated and Huai’an Radio and Television Tower will be completed. Meanwhile, efforts will be made to build provincial-level even state-level cultural industrial parks. We will energetically develop recreational sports, launch an extensive exercise campaign for the general public and promote the construction of the public sports service demonstration area.
We will constantly improve social security system. Support policies on employment and entrepreneurship for the integration of urban and rural areas will be fully implemented. More channels will be opened up to increase the income of urban and rural residents. An informationalized and socialized elder care service platform will be established. Moreover, we will conscientiously guarantee the safety of food and drugs.
We will earnestly consolidate the social governance. A modern and solid crime prevention and control system will be actively established. Basic Population Information Database will be constructed and social organizations will be guided to participate in the social governance.
Fellow deputies, formulating the 13th Five-year Plan is one of the top priorities of this year. While ensuring the plan to be scientific, action-oriented and practicable, we will promote democracy and absorb intellectuals from all sides to make the 13th Five-Year Plan meet the requirements of modem times, accord with the actual conditions of Huai’an and reflect the will of the masses.
III. Making efforts to intensify the government construction.
We will devote ourselves with unceasing efforts to build a law-oriented, service-oriented and effective government that the people are satisfied with.
We will actively change the development perspective and improve the way we work, relying more on the enhancement of efficiency and innovative services to create a more enabling environment for development. We will vigorously enhance public services, improve public service networks and build a diversified public service supply system.
We will resolutely conduct administration according to the law, comprehensively advance the transparency of administrative affairs and ensure the transparency of the exercise of power that entrusted by the people.
We will continue to improve our work style. We will optimize the soft environment for development and practice the system of service commitment, leading carders assuming responsibilities, setting time limit for handling cases and administrative accountability strictly so that the implementing competence of the government could be upgraded.
We will take concrete steps to reinforce our construction of a clean government. We will conscientiously carry out the responsibility system of constructing a clean and honest administration and fully promote the system of punishing and preventing corruption. We will insist on strict requirements and keep all of our public servants performing their duties honestly, diligently and faithfully.
Fellow deputies, we should adapt ourselves to the new normal, seize the new opportunities and ascend to the new level. Let us be united around the Party Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and under solid leadership by the Provincial Government Party Committee and Government and the Municipal Party Committee, further emancipate our minds, keep innovation and cooperation, do solid work and endeavor to build a better Huai’an.