Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 15, 2014)

---Delivered at the 3rd Session of the 7th People's Congress of Huai’an
on Jan. 15, 2014
Qu Futian

Mayor of Huai’an

Fellow deputies:

On behalf of the People’s Government of Huai’an, I hereby report work of the government to the congress for audit and discussion, members of Municipal Political Consultative Conference and other attendees, please offer your opinions.

Review of Work in 2013

A good beginning of the new administration was achieved in 2013. First, the composite economic power stepped onto a new level. It has been estimated that the gross regional domestic product exceeded 200 billion yuan, reaching 216 billion yuan, increased by 12%, the per capita was over 72 million US dollars; added value of industries above a designated size, output value of high-tech industries and output value of architectural industry reached 113.4 billion yuan, 113 billion yuan and 103.2 billion yuan respectively. Increase rates of major indexes remained top-ranking in Jiangsu Province, 27.14 billion yuan budget income of public finance was achieved, which rose 16.2%, and proportion of taxation reached 81.6%; investments in fixed assets above a designated size were 145.3 billion yuan, increased 22.1%; balances of deposits and loans of foreign currencies in financial institutes reached 173.7 billion yuan and 139.8 billion yuan respectively, increased 14.2% and 17.4%; the retailing sum of consumer goods was 72.1 billion yuan, increased by 13.9%; per capita incomes of urban and rural residents reached 25456 yuan and 11045 yuan, grew by 10.7% and 12.3%.

Second, a number of key projects made breakthrough. The project of Lianhuaiyangzhen Railway was set up, Xusuhuaiyan Railway hopefully will be approved soon, Huai’an is nearer to the era of high-speed railway, its position of regional composite transportation hinge was basically established; the salt chemical and new material industrial park was supported by special policies of the province and was approved to be a featured industrial base of National Torch Plan, Shilian Chemical Soda Ash Project with 1.5 billion US dollars of investment was completed; Baima Lake became the only Jiangsu Project listed into the state investment plan of "Special Project for Ecological Environmental Protection of Rivers and Lakes", the stadium for the provincial sports meeting was basically completed, and Liyun River Cultural Corridor, Financial Center and Science Education Industrial Park started construction.

Third, the all-round well-off society made phased achievements. The proportion of R&D investment in regional GDP and the urbanization rate rose to 1.5% and 55%, coverage of the three insurances for urban labor guarantee exceed 95%, the municipality reached the standards for all-round well-off society, 4 years prior to the time pointed by the province.

In the past year, we mainly focused on five aspects of work:

We highlighted industrial transfer and upgrade, driving by scientific and technological innovations, and quantity and quality of economic development. The net increase of industrial enterprises above a designated size was 300, construction of 153 projects each with more than 100 million yuan investment was started, 103 projects were completed, and 15 important projects each with more than 1 billion yuan investment were completed and put into production., 80.4 billion yuan industrial investments above a designated size were completed, increased 22.4%. Added value of industries above a designated size rose 13.5%, 475.8 billion yuan sales, 41.3 billion yuan taxation and profits and 21.9 billion yuan profits were achieved, increased by 20.2%, 19.4% and 21.8% respectively, a new enterprise achieving more than 10 billion yuan sales emerged.

Modern agriculture made new progress. 58 projects each with more than 30 million yuan investment were implemented, 14 more leading enterprises each with more than 100 million yuan sales emerged, 404 demonstrative peasant cooperatives of above municipal level were founded, 353 family farms were cultivated, Jiangsu Huai’an State Agricultural Sci-Tech Park was approved, and Huaiyin District built a state demonstrative base for agricultural industrialization. 33 geographical mark brands including "Huaiyin Black Pig" were registered. 3.37 billion yuan were invested into irrigation, 340,000 mou high-standard farmlands were built.

Constructions of a number of important projects including China Mobile Call Center were started, 24.9 billion yuan investment into business service industries above a designated size was completed, increased 21.3%. 29 municipal-level and above concentration zones of modern service industry developed rapidly. Added-value of service industry reached 90 billion yuan, increased 13.3%, its proportion among regional GDP increased by 1%.

15 universities including China Academy of Sciences and Southeast University set up R&D institutes and graduate training bases, the first industrial institute in the Northern Jiangsu was founded in Huai’an, and a state-level salt chemical product quality center was established.

14 projects invested by European, US, Japanese and Korean entrepreneurs were newly approved, apart from those of Taiwanese and Hong Kong investments. 231 projects each with more than 100 million yuan or 30 million dollars of investment were brought in, including 25 projects each with more than 1 billion yuan or 90 million US dollars.

1.3 billion US dollars of foreign investments were actually used, and the collected foreign capital for project launch accounted for 61.5%, increased by 28.3 %.

Industrial chains were expanded, as ZTE 4G Intelligence Industrial Park, Tiandilong Intelligent Grid and other projects each with more than 3 billion yuan were signed up, a number of foreign projects each with more than 500 million dollars were also brought in.

The 8th Taiwan Merchants Forum, Taiwan-Huai’an Week and other activities were successfully held, and Huai’an won the title of "Strongly Recommended City by Taiwanese Entrepreneurs" again. 580 million US dollars of Taiwanese investments were actually used, ranking the 2nd in Jiangsu Province. The comprehensive bonded zone was formally put into operation.

More than 89 billion yuan was invested to implement 867 urban construction projects. Suhuai Railway was completed, and prophase planning for high-speed rail was basically done. The first-class air port opening was listed into the national annual audit plan, and navigable cities of Huai’an Lianshui Airport increased to 16.

48.4 billion yuan invoiced sales was achieved by town industrial concentration zones and 244 projects each which more than 30 million yuan investment were founded.

660 million yuan was invested to build a number of sewage and garbage treatment facilities, 43,000 mou of forests were built, 14 more state-level ecological towns and 286 more municipal-level and above ecological villages emerged. Huai’an Ecological and Technological Development Zone was approved to be a state-level circulation pilot park, and PM 2.5 monitoring achieves wholly coverage. Energy-saving and emission-reduction work reached the provincial goals.

More than 7 billion yuan was invested into municipal financial education. A series of national and provincial sports events were held.

Goals and Tasks in 2014

The main goals of economic and social development in this year include: regional GDP increases by about 11%, budget income of public finance grows by about 12%, fixed assets above a designated size rises by 20%, sum of social consumer goods increases about 12%, per capita income of urban residents grows 10%, registered unemployment rate of urban areas be controlled beneath 4%, CPI not higher than the average level of the province, and energy-saving and emission-reduction work reaches the provincial goals.

To reach the annual goals, we will focus on six aspects of work as follows:

1. Stick to reform, innovation and development. Improve innovative capacity. To cultivate 5 innovative leading enterprises, add more than 25 provincial high-tech enterprises, make the proportion of high-tech output value of industrial output value exceed 25%. Keep optimizing development environment.

2. Adhere to transfer, upgrade and development, cultivate and expand featured industries. Promote interaction and mutual progress of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. To achieve 126 billion yuan added value of industries above a designated size, increasing 12.5%, and make the added value of service industry.

3. Persist in guiding development by opening-up. Endeavor to actually utilize 1.6 billion US dollars of foreign investments, and make the total volume of foreign trade reach 4 billion US dollars.

Expand opening-up fields. Endeavor to bring in 40 projects each with more than 30 million US dollars of investment. To cultivate 100 enterprises with import and export grow points and add more than 2 enterprises each has more than 100 million dollars of import and export volume.

Improve regional cooperation. To invite 210 domestic-invested projects each with more than 100 million yuan investment, including 20 each with over 1 billion yuan investment.

4.Insist on coordinative development of urban and rural areas, and promote county economy.

Develop modern agriculture. To bring in 20 projects each with more than 30 million yuan investment, add 8 provincial-level and above leading enterprises, establish 100 municipal-level and above demonstrative peasant cooperatives and develop 300 family farms. To introduce and promote 30 new agricultural technologies and 40 new species, cultivate 3 to 4 fine agricultural parks. To invest 850 million yuan into irrigation, reform 6 large irrigated areas and newly build 250,000 mou high-standard farmlands.

To cultivate county featured industries and build a number of 10-billion-yuan level featured industrial bases, build 1.2 million m2 of standard plants and add 60 enterprises above a designated size. To cultivate 10,000 private enterprises and 25,000 individual businesses.

5. Stick to characteristic development and build modern fine city. To mainly implement 839 projects of 8 categories, and complete 110 billion yuan investments.

6. Give priority to livelihood, improve public service and social administration.

We will invest 4.01 billion yuan into guarantee and the ten practical things for the masses. Three fourth of the newly added finance will be used to improve livelihood.

Fellow deputies, let us be united around the Party Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and rely on solid leadership by the Provincial Government Party Committee and Government and the Municipal Party Committee, and endeavor for better construction of the important central city of Northern Jiangsu and high-level all-round well-off society.