Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the work of the government (January 20, 2011)

---Delivered at the Fourth Session of the Sixth People's Congress of Huai’an

on Jan. 20, 2011
Gao Xuekun

Mayor of Huai’an

Fellow deputies:

On behalf of Huai’an Municipal Committee of the CPC and the People’s Government, I hereby report work of the government in 2010 to the congress for audit and discussion, please give your opinions, members of Municipal Political Consultative Conference and other attendees.
Review of the "11th Five-year Plan"
The past five years are very unusual times in the history of Huai’an, which witnessed stronger composite power, huge change of urban and rural appearances and raising of living level of the people. In these five years, under correct leadership of Municipal Party Committee, we had always adhered to guidance of scientific concept of development, stuck together with and relied on the people, boosted "the five constructions", achieved rapid and sound development of economy and society, and comprehensively completed major objectives and assignments of the "11th Five-year Plan".
Comprehensive power moves up to a new stage. In the recent 5 years, we always took accelerating development as the theme, seized opportunities, increased investments, and thus enhanced stability and coordination of development. The economic aggregate increased constantly. The local total output in 2010 is expected to be 131.5 billion yuan, with per capita of 4046 US dollars, the financial income is 31 billion yuan, and common budget income is 14.143 billion yuan, which are 2.3, 2.8, 4 and 5.3 times those of 2005 respectively; and a total of 447 billion yuan whole social fixed asset investments was accomplished, which is 3.8 times that of the "10th Five-year Plan"; proportions of the second industry and third industry increased by 7.5%; and 17 of the 25 indexes of comprehensive well-off reached the target values. Industrial economic also grew rapidly. 227.6 billion yuan was invested during the five years, and 846 100-million-yuan above projects were implemented. Foxconn Technology City, Huaiyin Cigarette Factory and other projects were completed and put into operation. In 2010, the number of scale above enterprises reached 2419, achieving 239.2 billion yuan sales, increased 49.9%, and sales of Huaigang Steel and Foxconn exceeded 10 billion yuan. Three dominant industries including special steel, IT and salt chemical new materials have taken shape, and emerging industries including new energies and new medicines develop rapidly. Rural economy was promoted at a faster speed. Food production increase was kept for 7 years successively, and areas of highly effective planting industry and fishery industry reached 2.66 million mou and 500,000 mou respectively. The scale breeding proportion of domestic animals was increased to 79%, 11 county-level dominant industries with over 1 billion yuan annual sales were formed, and 121 municipal level above leading enterprises were developed, 5 proof brands of geographical indications were established. A total of 6.5 million m2 standard plants were built for town industrial concentration zones and village-level venture sites, employing 125,000 peasants. And service industry was improved continuously. 4 provincial-level service industry concentration zones, 8 provincial-level logistic bases (enterprises) were established, and 31 specialized markets including Stelong Mould City were constructed, and 3 new 4-star above hotels, and 7 4A-level scenic spots were added; Huai’an Software Park, Huaiyin Software Park and Hongze Anxin Intelligence Port grew vigorously, famous software enterprises including Alibaba, Sohu, Microsoft and Insigma settled in Huai’an successively.

Urban and rural appearances experience new changes. In the five years, Huai’an has always been centering on the strategic positioning of "Important central city in the Northern Jiangsu", planning urban and rural development as a whole, further improving functions and qualities, and successfully became state health city, state park city, state environmental model city and provincial-level civilized city. The central city expanded rapidly. And the built area was expanded to 120 m2 from 80 m2, and the population was increased to 1.2 million from 0.8 million, the urbanization level was increased to 45% from 36.7%. A new round of urban planning compilation was completed, and constructions ecological new city, Qinghe New District, Qingpu New City were accelerated, and Wanda Plaza, Exhibition Center and Xinya International Center was built and put into operation, functions of Huaihai Central Commercial Zone and Shuidukou Central Commercial were further enhanced. Constructions of sightseeing belts of Liyun River, the Grand Canal, and Old Yellow River and Baima Lake ecological environment renovation were comprehensively started, 15 parks were newly constructed and reconstructed, and all the parks in the urban area of Huai’an city were opened for free, 1354 ha. green lands were newly added, disposal rate of sewage exceeded 80%, and 1,200,000 m2 of old city was reconstructed, 3.5 billion yuan accumulation fund loan was released. 85 billion yuan was invested into four counties, to build healthy park at Lianshui, Olympic Center at Xuyi, Yaodi Park at Jinhu, and Happiness Park at Hongze, and Jinhu became a state-level park city. 4470 kilometers of rural roads were newly built, and 1393 rivers in counties and towns were dredged up, 12 provincial-level healthy residential demonstrative villages were established. Construction of infrastructures were comprehensively enhanced.
Opening-up makes new breakthroughs. In the last five years, we kept opening up to absorb productive elements and promote economic development, and improve the level of opening-up, and made fruitful achievements in investment introduction. 1108 domestic-invested projects of 50 million yuan above were introduced, 760 foreign-invested projects were newly approved, and 2.624 billion US dollars of registered foreign capital were on the ground. More than 600 Taiwan-invested enterprises were approved, actual use of Taiwan investments accounted for over half of the foreign investments. Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone was upgraded to "state-level" successfully. And China Huai’an Export Processing Zone, China Overseas Students Pioneering Park, Taiwan Peasants Pioneering Park, and constructions of 7 provincial-level development zones, Huai’an Industrial Park, and Salt Chemical New Zone were accelerated. 16.18 billion yuan was invested into infrastructures of development zones above provincial level, and 4874 enterprises found their home in the development zones. In 2010, foreign currency deposits of municipal financial institutions reached 121.5 billion yuan, and loans balance reached 86.5 billion yuan, which are 2.9 and 3.1 times those of 2005. export of foreign trade exceeded 2 billion US dollars, and total number of international friendly cities reached 11.

Social undertakings make new progress. In the past five years, we always took comprehensive development of people as the objective, increased public finance investments, planned social undertaking as a whole, and enhanced ability of public services. The effect of technical innovations is obvious. R&D expense of the whole society accounted for 1% of regional gross domestic output, 2195 new products were developed, 3282 patents were authorized, and state-level incubator was built at the municipal high-tech innovation center. Development of educational undertaking was accelerated. Tuition-free was achieved for compulsory education, hardware constructions all reached standards, and performance salaries were all performed, enrollment rate was basically kept 100%. 17 3-star and above general high schools and professional schools were newly established, and 112 municipal high-quality kindergartens were added. Major indexes of college entrance exams were all top-ranking in the Northern Jiangsu. Health undertaking developed well. Three new 3A comprehensive hospitals were established, and urban and rural community health services achieved all-coverage and standardization, and "15-minute health service circles" were built for millions of people. Low birth level was kept stable, and the 6th national population census was successfully implemented. Arts and sports undertakings developed vigorously. Festivals like Huaiyang Dishes Food and Cultural Festival was held, and Canal Museums group was built.

People’s lives were improved. In the past five years, we have always been adhering to people-orientation, giving priority to enriching people, and happiness degree and satisfaction of the people were increased continuously. In 2010, per capita disposable income of urban residents and per capita net income of peasants reached 17600 and 7100 yuan respectively, increased by 14.1% and 12% annually; and per capita deposit exceeded 10,000 yuan. Scale of employment expanded constantly. 554,000 urban people were newly employed or reemployed. Life quality was obviously improved. Guarantee system was improved gradually. Livelihood practical things were promoted. In the recent two years, municipal and county finances invested 3.4 billion yuan to do ten practical things each year.

Self-construction was further enhanced. In the past five years, we always aimed to create service-type government, enhance honesty and teamwork, and improve efficiency, public credit and executive force. The administration efficiency was improved. Municipal and county (district) government agency reforms and institutional reforms were completed successfully. 212 administrative approval items were simplified, bank-enterprise linkage and help-employing for enterprises were carried out actively, 101% services were provided for entrepreneurs. Publicity of politic affairs was promoted steadily. Functions of governmental portal website, mayor mailbox and news spokesperson were exerted, 930 advices from deputies of the People’s Congress and 2060 resolutions from the People’s Political Consultative Conference were handled, and the satisfaction rate exceeded 99%. Social administration was enhanced. Various emergency systems were improved. National defense mobilization was comprehensively enhanced. Agencies of power supply, supply and sales, quality supervision, food and drug monitoring and so on served economy and society actively. And work of food, supply and sales, agricultural machines, audit, price made new progresses.

In the past 2010, the whole municipality hung together and strived to comprehensively accomplish objectives confirmed at the 3rd meeting of the 6th People’s Congress, and create a satisfactory end for the "11th Five-Year Plan". In 2010, 906 key projects with over 50 million yuan investment were performed, including 241 industrial projects with over 100 million yuan investment, and a total of 70.5 billion yuan was invested; 665 projects for the central city was performed, with a total investment of 41.2 billion yuan; and major economic indexes were all top-ranking in Jiangsu province. Common financial budget income of 7 counties (districts) exceeded 1 billion yuan, and Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone exceeded 2 billion yuan. Activities including Taipei Economic and Trade Investment Inviting, Taiwan Merchants (Huai’an) Forum, joints among state-owned, provincial and Nanjing enterprises, Foods Festival Concentrated Signing-up and so on, municipal on-the-ground registered foreign investments reached 1.05 billion US dollars, with an increase rate ranking the 1st in the province, and actually utilized foreign investments of counties (districts) all exceeded 100 million US dollars.

Achievements during the "11th Five-Year Plan" were gained through united endeavors of Huai’an people under correct leadership of Huai’an Party Committee of the CPC, and through care and help from deputies of the People's Congress and members of the People’s Political Consultative Conference. Meanwhile, the achievements could not be gained without kind supports from troops in Huai’an, armed police, and the old comrades, or active attendance of investors. Hereby, on behalf of the People’s Government of Huai’an, I express my greatest respect and heartfelt thankfulness to the contributors and friends of various social fields.

By recalling development during the "11th Five-Year Plan", we deeply understand that: we must stick to acceleration of development, make all efforts to focus on projects and development, to get more right of speech and stronger competitive power, and win broader space for development. And we should insist on scientific development, creative development, and harmonious development.

Meanwhile, we should see clearly that there are still many hardships and problems in economic and social development: the economic sum is not large, power of counties is not strong, some per capita indexes are lower than national levels; strategic emerging industries have just started, independent innovative capacity is strong enough, and public service level is not high, urban and rural development is not balanced, some cadres have laggard thoughts, working means is still to be improved. Thus we will take effective measures to solve them.
Prospect of the "12th Five-Year Plan"
The future five years is a key period of Huai’an for leaping development and construction of comprehensive well-off society. We are faced by many challenges and tests, as well as precious opportunities and conditions. On one hand, the international economic environment becomes more complicated, and constraint pressure from resources and environment increases, the national macro control becomes tighter, and various uncertainties increase. On the other hand, the world economy enters a new round of growth cycle, China's internal power for development is enhanced, and strategies of Yangtze Delta economic integration and coastal development are deeply implemented, these provide wider space for Huai’an. We must grasp new trends and features for development, and promote bigger breakthroughs during the "12th Five-Year Plan".

The guidance thought for municipal economy and society during the "12th Five-Year Plan" is: take promoting scientific development and achieving comprehensive well-off as the theme, and regard amount expansion, quality improvement, transfer and upgrading as main threads, implement strategies of powerful industrial city, urbanization, utilize scientific education to boost city, borrow the port to go to the sea, drive economy by opening-up, green development and overall planning of urban and rural areas. Continue promoting "the Five Constructions", create an important central city to the north of Yangtze Delta with prosperous economy , beautiful environment, and happy people.

Major objectives for economy and society during the "12th Five-Year Plan" include: the economic total doubles, finance exceeds 100 billion yuan, building ecology city, achieving well-off. By 2015, the municipal economic amount will double on 2010, and financial income exceeds 100 billion yuan, building national ecological city firstly in the Northern Jiangsu, and achieving comprehensive well-off by the unit of county.

By centering on the above guiding thoughts and objectives, we will focus on five aspects:

Ⅰ. Enhance competitiveness amid development. Insufficient development and weak power are the biggest conflictions of Huai’an. And accelerating development is still the primary assignment during the "12th Five-Year Plan". In the future five years, we must increase effective investments and quicken project construction, to make sure that fixed assets investment will double on that of 2010, and increase rates of major economic indexes will be leading in Jiangsu province, per capita regional output value will exceed national average level, and make efforts to let at least one county enter the top ten of the Northern Jiangsu and top 100 in China. We should stick to transferring means and adjusting structure, till the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", industrial added-value of Huai’an, added-value of service industry, sales income of emerging industries and high-tech industries should exceed 100 billion yuan respectively, and industrial sales should exceed 800 billion yuan. Industrial breakthrough plan for counties (districts) and the development zones should be implemented forcefully, to enrich industrial amount of them. Accelerate agricultural structural adjustment, make five 10-billion yuan dominant industries larger and stronger, and improve industrialization level of agriculture comprehensively. Improve regional creation system, till the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", the R&D expense should account for 2% of the regional output value, and advancement of science and technology should contribute more than 50% for the growth of economy.

Ⅱ. Strengthen attraction in opening-up. Continue to seize export-oriented economy as a leading element of development of Huai’an, and constantly enhance driving capacity of opening-up. During the "12th Five-Year Plan", the on-the-ground registered foreign investments of Huai’an are expected to reach 12 billion US dollars, including 5 billion dollars of Taiwan investments, and Huai’an will become a influential concentration zone for famous Taiwan-invested enterprises. Promote constructions of development zones, specialized parks, features parks and town industrial concentration zones. And make Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone one of the top ten in Jiangsu province. Accelerate constructions of composite hinges of "highways, waterways, railways and airways"; enhance regional cooperation and internationalization, and external communications.

Ⅲ. Strengthen influence in overall planning of urban and rural areas. Center on strategic positioning of cultivating emerging growth poles and constructing important central city to the north of Yangtze Delta, and expand scales, improve functions and qualities. By the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", built area of the central city will expand to 180 square kilometers, and the population will reach 1.5 million, and urbanization level will exceed 55%, modern functional zones like Huaihai central business zone, Shuidukou central business zone and ecological new city core zone, foster features of famous historical city, renowned cultural city, and ecological water city, and strengthen bearing capacity and influential power. Accelerate steps of building county cities, build Lianshui and Xuyi into medium cities with nice ecology and prosperous economy, and Hongze and Jinhu into featured cities with lakeside ecology. Focus on infrastructures of key central towns and featured towns. By 2015, municipal urban population will exceed rural population, and non-agricultural proportion will exceed 92%.

Ⅳ. Enhance cohesiveness by improving livelihood. Stick to human-orientation, and taking livelihood as a top priority. Try to increase happiness index of the masses. Implement income-increase plan for urban and rural residents, promote income-distribution system reform, and by 2015, per capita disposable income of urban residents and net income of peasants will reach 31,500 and 12,700 yuan respectively. Increase investments in livelihood, add 70% of finance for livelihood constructions, and do ten practical things annually for the masses. Improve equalization level of public services, and construct complete service systems of education, health, culture, sports and employment. Resolve hot issues focused by the masses, add 450,000 m2 more guarantee-type houses, make quality of water sources up to standards by 100%, and satisfy demands for substances and culture of the masses and promote comprehensive development of the people.

Ⅴ. Enhance bearing capacity in ecological construction. Start from building state-level ecological city, strengthen protection and construction of ecological environment, and make sure that 80% of the counties will become state-level ecological counties, 80% of the towns will become state-level ecological towns, and 80% of the villages will become municipal-level above ecological villages. Keep quality of ecological environment leading in Jiangsu. Develop circular economy and green economy, promote energy-saving and emission-reduction.

The Work in 2011
2011 is the beginning year of the "12th Five-Year Plan". According to the 5th meeting of the 5th municipal congress of Party representatives, the major prospective targets of economy and society this year are: regional GDP grows by 13.5%; financial revenue increases 30%, local common budget income increases 35%; fixed assets investments of the whole society rise by 28%, township above fixed assets investments increase by 22%; retailing amount of social consumer goods up 18%; total sum of foreign trade increases by 25%, and on-the-ground registered foreign investments jump 45%; and per capita disposable income of urban residents and net income of peasants increase by 13% and 12.5% respectively; consumer price index of residents does not exceed average level of the province; urban registered unemployment rate is control beneath 3.5%; and energy-saving and emission-reducing complete provincial targets.
Based on the above targets, six aspects of work should be focused this year:
Ⅰ. Take accelerating constructions of projects as key points, and promote new-type industrialization. Expand total amount, improve quality, transfer means and adjust structures, to make sure the municipal scale above industrial added-value increase 16.5%, and more than 150 governmental-listed enterprises are added.
Focus on important projects. Carry out the activity of "accelerating year for completion of major industrial projects", 100 billion yuan is invested, 140 100-millio-yuan above projects are started construction, 100 are completed, 30 1-billion-yuan above important projects are implemented. Improve project promotion mechanism, increase project evaluation weight, promote constructions of important projects. Mainly cultivate 60 provincial-level and 220 municipal-level new growth points, 20 billion yuan sales revenue and 2 billion yuan profit tax added, and drive over 10% of industrial growth of Huai’an.
Increase industrial scale. Regard Huaigang Steel, Foxconn, Taiwan Glass and others as leading enterprises, form 100-billion-yuan dominant industries of special steel, IT, salt chemical new materials, energy-saving and environmental protection, food, etc., make efforts to let the sales sum exceed 150 billion yuan. Reconstruct traditional industries of mechanism and textile, make efforts to let the sales sum exceed 100 billion yuan. Develop strategic emerging industries of new materials, new energies, new medicines, software and information service, and make efforts to double the industrial scales. Support key enterprises and make them larger and stronger, and promote upgrading of small and medium enterprises. Make sure that there are 600 enterprises with more than 100 million yuan sales income, and 30 of them have more than 1 billion yuan sales income.
Promote independent innovations. Encourage and support enterprises to increase investments in research and development, implement 100 projects of key technological reforms, invest more than 1.8 billion yuan for research and development in the whole society, and add 40 municipal above enterprises R&D institutions. Promote energy-saving and emission-reducing.
Optimize element supply. Attach importance to both employment and merchant inviting, guide college students to work in local places. Enhance land arrangement and development, and build credit guarantee system, resolve the problem of hard financing of small and medium enterprises.
Ⅱ. Increase influence and improve capacity, boost featured urbanization. Invest 56.5 billion yuan to implement 8 kinds of 910 key projects. Make sure that the built area reaches 130 square kilometers and the population reaches 1.3 million, and the level of urbanization is increased to 47%.
Improve city functions. Quicken the constructions of ecological new city, build library, culture museum and so on. Improve functions of business and commerce. Complete administrative supporting functions. Start up prophase work of municipal rapid channels. Focus on both protection and development, promote reconstructing of old urban areas. Improve qualities of citizens and preserve image of city.
Enhance ecological construction. Highlight protection of Hongze Lake and Baima Lake, build scenic belt of the Grand Canal, Liyun River Bank Park, Old Yellow River Marsh Park, and so on, add 600 ha. public greenland. Improve ecological environment in rural areas.
Promote interactions between urban and rural areas. Accelerate reconstruction of old urban areas of the four counties, and construction of new areas. Promote extension of urban infrastructures into rural areas. Build water plants to expand water supply scopes. Enhance construction and management of communities to improve service level.
Expand external channels. Enhance linkage with key cities, open flights to Shenzhen, Xi’an, Chengdu and Dalian, endeavor to open flights to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Build Suqian-Huai’an Railway. Promote projects of Yanhe River Waterway, etc.
Ⅲ. Focus on enriching peasants, making villages and towns stronger, boost rural economy. Plan industrializations of agriculture and counties and towns as a whole, improve production and living conditions of countryside, and build beautiful homes for peasants.
Develop modern agriculture. Promote standard production of scale bases, accelerate constructions of Taiwan Peasants Pioneering Park and other modern agricultural industrial parks. Highlight agricultural merchants inviting. Develop professional cooperation of peasants, and promote brand establishment of geographical marks, boost brand effects of Huai’an rice, Xuyi lobster and Huai’an red pepper.
Seize county economy. Enhance inside power of county economies. Take town industrial concentration areas and village pioneering sites as carriers, accelerate construction of standard plants, introduce development-type projects, make sure that investment in fixed assets exceeds 20 billion yuan, and add more than 150 scale village pioneering sites.
Improve environment of the countryside. Increase investments in agricultural irrigation. Promote construction of high-standard farmlands. Deepen countryside cleaning projects, build 80 straw solidifying demonstration sites, and improve sewage and garbage treatment capacities in the countryside.
Ⅳ. Focus on optimizing industrial structure, and promote modern service industry. Implement plan for accelerating service industry, increase proportion of service industry, optimize its structure and improve its competitive force.
Develop emerging circulation industry. Develop modern logistic industry, quicken construction of composite logistic park, Lianshui Airport Industrial Park and so on. Enhance construction of concentration zones of modern service industry, implement a number of key projects including the modern international new city. Satisfy multi-level needs for consumption. Boost utilization of internet of things and develop electronic commerce.
Expand financial and security industry. Enhance connection with financial institutes, expand business scale of municipal credit reassurance company to over 3 billion yuan. Enhance construction of credit environment. Enhance safety production and insurance of environmental duties, improve service level of industries. Develop risk investment and various industrial funds, explore new means for financing assurance.
Boost cultural tourism industry. Protect and develop 7-square-kilometer historical core zone at Chuzhou District, enhance planning and construction of Hexia Ancient Town and Matou Ancient Town, reflect features of historical and cultural famous city. Quicken projects of Liyun River Cultural Corridor, Hongze Creative Culture Industrial Park, Xuyi Film Base, etc. Develop resources of "famous city, people, dishes and lakes", quicken constructions of Baima Lake, Tianquan Lake and other scenic spots.
Ⅴ. Focus on construction of highland of concentration of Taiwan investments. Boost opening-up. Seize the opportunities of integration of Yangtze River Delta area, and coastal strategic development. And create open-type economic advantages.
Highlight inviting large projects and strong enterprises. Introduce more than 200 domestic-invested projects with more than 100 million yuan fixed assets investment; newly approve over 100 foreign-invested projects with more than 10 million dollars of investments. Enhance cooperation with state, provincial, and Nanjing enterprises. Bring in a number of projects with high connection degree and strong supporting capacity. Carry out merchant inviting activities in the Southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
Deepen cooperation between Huai’an and Taiwan. Introduce projects that support Taiwan-invested enterprises and advantageous industries. Make efforts to utilize more than 600 million dollars of Taiwan investments. Exert functions of municipal Taiwan merchants association, Taipei economic and trade contact office and Taiwan merchants service center, hold the 6th Taiwan Merchants (Huai’an) Forum successfully, and expand cooperative space between Huai’an and Taiwan.
Build the platform for opening-up. Urge Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone to improve functional facilities and enlarge industrial scale, to strive for the target of top ten of the province. Promote transformation of export processing zone, and accelerate constructions of phase two of overseas students pioneering park, and phase two project of software park, and enhance functions of supporting services. Expand investments in Huai'an Industrial Park, Salt Chemical New Zone, and Special Steel Industrial Park. Create more than 2 provincial featured industrial parks. Promote constructions of other provincial development zones.
Ⅵ. Highlight improvement of livelihood, and promote harmony society. Plan coordinated development of economy and society as a whole, perform various livelihood and people-benefited projects well, and protect fundamental benefits of the masses.
Increase income of residents. Promote employment of urban and rural areas, enhance policy supports, skill training and tracing services. Achieve employment of 55,000 more people in urban areas in one year, add 10,000 private enterprises. Promote reform of income distribution system, improve salary negotiation, normal increase and payment guarantee system in enterprises.
Make social undertakings prosperous. Implement planning for reform and development of education, develop preschool education, promote high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education. Build Hongze and Xuyi into advanced counties of modern education. Deepen reform of medical and health system, start reform of public hospitals, enhance construction of health service center of urban communities, and improve service level of basic public health. Enhance supervision of food and drug. Build projects including Huai’an Theater and TV FM transmitting tower. Carry out all-people health activity, prepare for the 18th provincial sports meeting. Do population work well, improve qualities of new-born people.
Improve guarantee level. Expand coverage of various social insurances, add over 100,000 person-times for the "five insurances". Enhance construction of network of endowment services, build 300 more endowment service centers for communities (villages). Promote coverage of tackling difficult problems of poverty, and accomplish the provincial plan one year in advance. Enhance price monitoring, focus price changes, and release price subsidies to low-income masses. Develop charity and public welfares.
Do livelihood practical things well. Invest 2.5 billion yuan to do ten practical things for the masses: 1. newly build or expand 11 primary and middle schools in the urban areas; 2. add 40 more high-quality kindergartens; 3. increase basic living allowances of urban and rural areas to 340 and 210 yuan per month respectively; 4. release elder-respect allowance to all the old people above 80 years old; 5. build comprehensive service center for the disabled; 6. build 10 people-benefited hospitals; 7. establish unified municipal health management information service platform; 8. improve living environment for urban and rural residents; 9. provide free health inspection for newly married couples; 10. promote construction of low-cost housing.
Strengthen social management. Enhance construction of harmonious Huai’an and legal ruling Huai’an, grasp composite handling of social security, and attack various illegal criminals. Improve systems for evaluating risks of significant decisions and important things, deal with proper requirements of the masses, keep stability of society. Attach great importance to safe production, enhance market supervision, and regulate market orders. Improve various emergency systems, and prevent and treat mass incidents and natural disasters in time.
Strengthen self-building of government

Accelerating development of Huai’an and constructing comprehensive well-off are the common aspirations of Huai’an people. And we will enhance constructions of honesty, teamwork and efficiency, and push forward rapid and sound development of Huai’an.
Improve capacity of creative development. Make creations in target positioning, confirm high objectives. Be creative in thinking concept, means and methods. Implement decisions and deployments from the superior, and create featured brands on the basis of realities of Huai’an’; quicken functional transfer of government, and mobilize creative vigor of the grass roots.


Improve capacity of overall planning and coordination. Enhance contact and communications with state ministries and provincial departments, strive for supporting policies from provincial committee and government, and make sure that more projects will be focused, and let more capital flow to Huai’an. Implement 101% service concept, support development of grass roots and enterprises, enhance concept of the masses, strengthen communications and cooperation, follow market rules and respect choice of enterprises. Report important issues to Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Congress in time, and enhance coordination and cooperation among departments of the government.
Improve practical operative capacity. Put emphasis on development, projects and implementation. Be brave to bear responsibilities, and promote reform and development with nice working style. Stick to giving priority to efficiency, simplify meetings and documents, reduce administrative approval issues and working segments, carry out electronic political affairs and online work, and improve executive ability of the government constantly. Adhere to seeking continuous improvement, and do every thing with emotions and duties, focus details, pursue perfectness, and strive for zero error and first-class.
Improve ability of law-based administration. Take scientific regulating as premise, and implement the system of expert’s demonstrating important decisions, social publicity and hearing, improve affairs discussion rules of the government, and boost scientificalness, democratization and legalization of administrative decisions. Receive legal supervision from the People’s Congress and democratic supervision from the People's Political Consultative Conference, enhance special supervisions of audit and supervision, and support public opinion supervision from new medias. Take system construction as the guarantee, and center on key fields of land transfer, government procurement, medicine purchase and sales, bidding and tendering and state-owned assets management, strengthen system construction, do things according to systems, and management people by systems, let the rights operate under sunlight. Based on clean government, all levels of cadres should lead in implementing various rules of clean government; cherish power from the people, and use limited assets in accelerating development and improving livelihood.
Fellow deputies, the development targets of the "12th Five-Year Plan" have been confirmed, and this year’s assignments have been clarified. Under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee of the CPC, let us concentrate power of the entire municipality, assemble wisdom of all the people, be united and strive to construct a beautiful and rich new Huai’an, which is respectable and desirable.