Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 17, 2017)

Delivered at the 1st Session of the 8th People's Congress of Huai’an  
on Jan 17, 2017
Hui Jianlin
Mayor of Huai’an

Fellow deputies:
On behalf of the Municipal People’s Government of Huai’an, I am now presenting an annual report on the government’s work in 2016 for your deliberation.

I. A Review of the Work in 2016

Over the past year, Huai’an Municipal Government has earnestly implemented the decisive arrangement of the central and provincial governments. Based on two goals of building an all-round well-being society and an important central city in Northern Jiangsu, Huai’an Municipal Government consciously practiced the new development concept, steadily promoted the supply-side structural reform and comprehensively completed all kinds of tasks in reform, development and stability to maintain the steady and healthy development of social economy, which made a good start on its Thirteenth Five-Year Plan.
1. Huai’an has achieved a stable performance while at the same time securing progress in its economic and social development. The GDP reached 304.8 billion yuan, an increase of 9% over the previous year. The investment in various fields increased rapidly. 253.5 billion yuan investment in fixed assets above the designated size was completed and 151.8 billion yuan was invested in industry above the designated size, an increase of 15.1% and 17.3% compared to 2015 respectively. 220 municipal level major projects completed the investment of 104 billion yuan, rising by 11.5%. Total social financing has reached 417.8 billion yuan by the end of the year, growing by 26%. The increasing effective investment keeps promoting the steady development of the economy in Huai’an.  The real economy was developing steadily. Huai’an made great efforts to create a favorable environment for the development of real economy, continuously improving the six platform functions for enterprises and coordinating financial institutions to hand out cheap loans of 1.5 billion yuan and relending funds of 4 billion yuan to enterprises. The incoming taxes of the industry in Huai’an were 17 billion yuan, increasing by 5%, and the profits of enterprises in Huai’an were 36.7 billion yuan, rising by 8%. The transformation and development of the construction industry has been accelerated. The total output exceeded 150 billion yuan. The market dynamics was further stimulated. The number of newly registered private enterprises reached 16,000 and the number of individual businesses was more than 40,000. Innovation ability kept improving. The construction of the national innovative demonstration city was promoted. The building of the national high quality demonstration city was approved. The R&D spending accounted for 1.8% of the regional GDP. The output value of high-tech industry accounted for 25% of the total in Huai’an.
2. The development of modern industries was accelerated. Advanced manufacturing industry enlarged the output and improved the quality. Industries with distinguish features and comparative advantages realized the output value of 410 billion yuan. Salt chemical new materials, special steel and equipment manufacturing industries grew rapidly. The output value of food industry exceeded 100 billion yuan. Several major projects with each investment over 10 billion yuan had been started. 65 billion yuan was invested into the technological renovation of industries. GDP energy consumption per unit in Huai’an decreased to the target number Jiangsu Province set. Featured service industry developed steadily. Huai’an implemented 200 projects with each investment over 50 million yuan and completed the investment of 60.3 billion yuan, an increase of 14.9%. Over 13,000 enterprises settled in 29 provincial or municipal level modern service industries concentrated area, with the business income growing by 13%. The added value of service industry reached 145.5 billion yuan, rising by 10.6%. The trading volume of tourism, express delivery industry and e-commerce increased by 14.3%, 67% and 33% respectively. Four projects including West Journey Cultural Experimental Park were chosen to be one of the national excellent tourism projects, becoming the leading area of the reform and innovation in tourism. 130 agricultural industrial projects with each investment over 30 million yuan were implemented. 871 family farms, 131 rural land stock cooperative organizations, high-efficiency facility parks with the area of 81,000 mu, integrated farming bases with the area of 100,000 mu and 15 certification trademarks of the geographical indication were developed. The investment in agricultural infrastructure was increased. High-standard farmland with the area of almost 400,000 mu was newly developed. The development of comprehensive agricultural mechanization, purchase and storage of major farm products and meteorological service modernization kept speeding up.
3. Reform and opening up were comprehensively deepened. Breakthroughs were achieved in key areas, including the reforms in administrative approval system, market regulation mode, new type urbanization, land use system, new type rural system, financial institutions and real estate registration system. Opening-up and cooperation were improved gradually. The construction of the industrial transfer cluster service demonstration area of Taiwan-funded enterprises obtained special policy support from Jiangsu Provincial Government, and Huai’an was awarded as a city that Taiwan businessmen highly recommend to invest in for five consecutive years. Huai’an actively responded to the significant national and provincial development strategy. 200 domestic projects with each investment of over 100 million yuan were newly introduced, in which there were 20 projects with each investment over 1 billion yuan. 59 foreign invested projects with each investment over 30 million US dollars were approved, in which there were 10 projects with each investment over 100 million US dollars. 140 import or export enterprises and 15 overseas investment enterprises were newly built. 2 more foreign cities and Huai’an became sister cities. The industrial parks in Huai’an were improved and upgraded.
4. Urban and rural construction was coordinately promoted. 84.5 billion yuan was invested to implement 846 major projects in the construction of central city. The construction of functional areas was accelerated. The construction of high-speed rail business district had completely started. The first phase of Financial Center sealed its roof atop the concrete and steel frame. The construction of Baima Lake national wetland park was approved. The protection and development of the scenic spot of Zhou Enlai’s hometown, Hexia Ancient Town, Matou Ancient Town and Jiangba Ancient Town were promoted orderly. The transformation task of the shanty town with the area of 1.93 million square meters was completed. Urban public transportation was upgraded. The first phase of the modern tram went into operation. The construction of elevated roads of the urban inner ring line started. 27 bottleneck roads were transformed. More than 2200 parking spots were reconstructed. The reform of the urban public transport system was completed and 700 new energy buses were purchased. Projects like emergency shelters and the sponge city were implemented. The geographical information system of pipelines and the elevator emergency disposal platform were established. The construction of major infrastructure projects made new progress. The construction of two railways was accelerated and the preliminary work of Nanjing-Huai’an Railway officially started. The construction of China National Highway 235 and Jiangsu Provincial Highway 503 and 348, the sea waterway regulation of Huaihe River and the construction of the second phase of New Port were completed. Huai’an Airport had started the construction of the second phase. Fresh progress had been made in the construction of urban and rural environment. 139 renovation projects and 542 regulation projects were implemented. 230 older residential communities were renovated. Illegal buildings with the area of 158,000 square meters were dismantled. The layout planning of 28 districts and 109 villages were upgraded. 10 key central towns had completed functional projects. 500 kilometers of rural roads were renovated. 32 beautiful villages were built. The construction of drinking water safety projects was completed, which solved the drinking water safety problem of 418,600 rural residents. New breakthroughs were made in the construction of ecological civilization. Regulation for the Protection of Permanent Green Space of Huai’an and Regulation for the Protection of Ancient Huai River of Huai’an were published and implemented. The prevention of air pollution was strengthened. The average of PM2.5 concentration had decreased by 8.4% over the previous year.
5. The protection of people's livelihood was constantly strengthened. 5.56 billion yuan was invested to complete ten practical projects for the people’s livelihood. Per capita disposable incomes of urban and rural residents were 30335 yuan and 14319 yuan respectively, rising by 7.9% and 9.1%. The level of public services was improved. 60 modernized schools were built and 23 provincial high-quality kindergartens were extended. Comprehensive health care reform was deepened. Hierarchical medical system was implemented and family physician model was promoted. The coverage of public cultural facilities reached 95%. Copyright registration increased significantly. Huai’an Grand Theatre had been completed and put into operation. The core area of Enlai Cadre College had been completed. The system of social security was improved. Huai’an government gave more support to promote entrepreneurship and employment and offered loans of 130 million yuan for entrepreneurship. The urban unemployment rate through unemployment registration was 1.87%. Targeted poverty alleviation was implemented to bring 129,000 low-income rural residents out of poverty. The guaranteeing minimum living standards for urban and rural residents were increased from 490 yuan and 370 yuan respectively per person each month to 520 yuan and 400 yuan. Social assistance and serious illness insurance system was improved. The multi-level old-age service system was established. The housing guarantee system was improved and 3.2 billion yuan of housing accumulation fund loans was offered. The innovation of society governs system was promoted. The reform of police system and mechanism was explored and innovative management of transient population was created. The incidence of criminal cases dropped significantly. People’s conciliation and community correction were strengthened. The grid management of urban and rural community social services was realized. Free-pollutant food market and transparent catering system were established. Sunshine Xinfang (letters and visits) was upgraded.
6. Administration efficacy was constantly improved. According to the 13th Five-Year Plan, we planed and promoted important projects which lay good foundation and benefit in the long term. Policy documents including opinions of space function position optimization and industrial layout, implementation plans into the coastal development and action plans of the construction of Taiwan-funded demonstration area were published and implemented to improve the perspectiveness and initiative. Series of opinions on supply-side structural reform and implement innovation in promoting the development of substantial economy and maintaining steady growth in foreign trade were formulated to create a good environment for the development of enterprises and the growth of economy. At this development phase, Huai’an put the construction of new-type industrialization at the priority and focused on the cultivation of industries and attraction of projects to strengthen the dominant position and supporting role of industrial economy. The government further reduced the number of meetings and documents, and continued to provide its  "101% service", which means Huai’an government, within its power, meets "100%" of the reasonable requirements raised by investors, and add "1%" of considerate service and pleasant surprise. Those unfulfilled commitment matters were required to be resolved in a given time. Huai’an government endeavored to create a working atmosphere full of faith, responsibility and service-orient.

II. The Plan for Work in 2017

We have set the main targets for the economic and social development of Huai’an for this year as follows:
increase the GDP by 8.5%;
increase the added value of industries above a designated scale by 9%;
increase the investment of fixed assets above a designated scale by 12%;
achieve growth in the general public budget revenues;
increase the retail sales of consumer goods by around 11%;
increase per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents by approximately 7.5% and 8.5% respectively;
keep the increase in the CPI at around 3%;
ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate does not rise above 4%;
continue to reduce the emissions of major pollutants.

To deliver a good performance in the work of the government this year, we need to concentrate on the following seven areas:
1. We will accelerate the development of new type industrialization.
We need to make a solid foundation for development. We will accelerate the development of the provincial and municipal major projects and increase the investment of industries above a designated scale by 13%. We will also speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industries like new energy vehicles, actively cultivate professional and innovative enterprises and products of high-quality and promote the transformation of upgrading of industries.  We will focus on the development of enterprises and implement the development scheme of key enterprises to promote the development of growing enterprises. The aim is to help 60 leading enterprises develop further and develop 30 enterprises into larger enterprises with the annual sales of more than 100 million yuan and another 200 into enterprises with the annual sales of more than 20 million yuan. Activating the entrepreneurship among citizens is an important task this year. More effort will be paid to entrepreneurship training. The electronization of business registration will be accelerated and more market bodies will be fostered.
We will enhance the capability of self-innovation. We will stick to the principal position of enterprises, lead the innovative activities including capital and policies to congregate in high quality enterprises and promote innovation activities from product and management innovation to business model innovation. 100 national high-tech enterprises will be newly developed and the output of high-tech industries will account for 27%. We will concentrate on the industries like salt chemical new materials and the development of concave soil resources. Major equipment technology and product quality research project will be implemented and the research and development of key core technologies will be accelerated. We will activate innovation factors and promote government, production, study and research cooperative innovation. We will endeavor to develop 900 enterprises with two workstations (academician workstation and postdoctoral fellows workstation) and three centers (engineering technology research center, enterprise technical center and engineering center). 15 "innovative and entrepreneurial talent" projects and 60 elite programs will be newly introduced.
We will optimize the development environment of enterprises. We will offer more support to help enterprises solve the most urgent problems in the development and stimulate the vitality of enterprise development. We will provide better financial services and rise the proportion of loans of manufacturing industries. The public platforms including product research and development, information consulting and intermediary services will be established to meet the diversification of demands of enterprises. The construction of the national high quality demonstration city will be promoted. 1 or 2 enterprises will be fostered to award "Mayor Quality Prize" and 15 famous trademarks, 35 well-known trademarks and 5 or 6 provincial brand-name products will be newly developed. Inefficient industrial land should be made efficient. Industrial development space should be expanded. The output of land should be improved.
2. We will change the development mode to improve the quality and efficiency of modern agriculture.
We will strengthen the support for the agriculture.  The agricultural supply-side structural reform will be deepened and the supply structure and resource allocation will be optimized to improve the comprehensive benefits and competitiveness of agriculture. The investment in agricultural infrastructure will be increased. The construction of farmland water conservancy and the comprehensive development of agriculture will be strengthened. The proportion of high standard farmland should be risen by 4%. The mechanization of grain production will be accelerated and the application of agricultural equipment mechanization will be promoted to improve the level of agricultural equipment. More financial funds will be used to support agriculture and part of social capital will be invested to agriculture. The national policy funds should be well used and the innovation of agricultural insurance products should be encouraged to prevent the agricultural management risk. Technological innovation resources will be activated. The transformation and application of agricultural technological achievements will be accelerated. The capacity of promotion and services in agricultural technology will be improved. The big data platform of agriculture will be established. Internet plus modern agriculture will be promoted.
We will establish the system of agricultural industry. According to the industrial plan of modern agriculture, we will focus on the development of leading industries and featured products, as well as green and high-quality agricultural products.  Industry convergence will be promoted and the processing industry of agricultural products will be expanded. New formats like agricultural e-commerce and countryside tourism will be cultivated. 10 agricultural industrial projects with each investment of over 100 million yuan and 50 agricultural product processing projects with each investment of over 30 million yuan will be implemented. The standardized production of agricultural products and the construction of quality supervision traceability system will be promoted. The construction of national famous trademark agricultural product demonstration bases will be accelerated. Ecological agriculture modes like rice-shrimp cultivation and combination of farming with animal husbandry will be actively developed to enhance the comprehensive benefits of economy, ecology and society. National and provincial agricultural technological parks will play an exemplary role in promoting the development of the facility agriculture on a large scale. Highly productive agriculture with the area of 60,000 mu will be newly developed.
We will cultivate new-type business subjects. Agricultural leading enterprises will be developed. Farmers' cooperatives will be standardized and improved. Family farms and professional agricultural households will have strong support. New-type business subjects like  social service organizations and rural e-commerce will be cultivated. 800 family farms, 100 demonstration farmers’ cooperatives of municipal level and above and 10 agricultural leading enterprises of provincial level and above will be newly developed. The training of new-type professional farmers will be strengthened and migrant workers, college graduates, demobbed soldiers and agricultural technical workers will be encouraged to start business to improve the income of farmers and the efficiency of agriculture.
3. We will make full use of the local advantages to promote the transformation and upgrading of modern services industry.
We will focus on the project construction. The attraction, follow-up services and dynamic monitoring of key projects will be strengthened. 200 characteristic industrial projects of services industry with each investment of over 50 million yuan will be implemented and 63 billion yuan will be invested. The aim is to increase the proportion of characteristic industries of services to 77%. Manufacture-related service industry will be actively developed and the implement of high-quality projects with big market potential and high investment benefits will be accelerated. Characteristic services industry will be encouraged to extend to professionalization and high-end value chain. Enterprises will be promoted to reduce the cost and increase the profit. New superiority of the industrial development will be created.
We will concentrate on the important fields. To be the regional logistics hub city, we will further develop modern logistics, especially the construction of ports, railways and aviation, and accelerate the construction of Northern Jiangsu express delivery industrial park as well as industries from warehousing to distribution. We will develop characteristic elderly care industry, promote the interactive development of health care, nursing and tourism and accelerate the cultivation of new-type health industries. To build a city of touristic destination in Yangtze River Delta region, we will enhance the cultural tourism, enrich the cultural tourism of Li Canal and West Journey and ecological tourism of Hongze Lake and Baima Lake, improve the influence of Red Tourism and start the three-year action plan of B&B construction in rural tourism. To build the industrial leading position of software and information services in Northern Jiangsu, we will promote the new business modality, implement 20 action plans of "internet plus", develop digital economy, sharing economy and creative economy, and accelerate the construction of national e-commerce demonstration city.
We will integrate platforms and carriers. According to the spatial distribution of the city and characteristic industrial planning, Huai’an will make full use of its characteristics and advantages to realize the supplementary development of industries and rational distribution of professional markets. The aggregation of industries will be promoted. Carries including Nanjing-Huai’an modern services industrial aggregation area, Nanjing-Huai’an Emerging Industrial Research Park and Huai’an Software Park will be improved. Competitive industrial clusters of modern services industry will be developed. 3 to 5 municipal level services industrial aggregation areas will be approved. Over 14,000 enterprises will be introduced to settle in services industrial aggregation areas of municipal level and above. 15 billion yuan will be invested and the business income is expected to increase by more than 12%.
4. We will insist on co-construction and sharing to promote the coordinated development between urban and rural areas.
We will emphasize the guiding function of planning. The transformation of urban development mode will be accelerated. The optimization of spatial distribution and functional upgrading will be improved. The integrated development of urban and rural areas will be promoted. The reform of "Multiple Planning Integration" will be deepened. The revision of the general urban planning will be completed. Urban design, regulatory planning of the central city and the revision of specialized planning will be accelerated. Public facilities of education, health care, entertainment and sports will be coordinately distributed. The function of services will continue to be improved. Population agglomeration will be reasonably guided. Design concept should be changed. The planning and design of architectural forms, green landscape, neighborhoods and underground space should be paid adequately attention to. Planning regulation will be intensified. Projects should conform to the planning. The planning and control of land listing transactions and market regulation will be reinforced. The healthy and gradual development of the city will be promoted.
We will improve the function of the city. 96.8 billion yuan is planned to invest to implement 793 key projects. The construction of functional areas will be accelerated. The quality of the development of Huaihai central business district and the capacity of aggregation of Shuidukou central business area will be improved. The construction of high-speed rail business area and airport industrial park will be accelerated. The characteristics of the city should be further revealed and the historical and cultural connotation should be explored. The construction of China Canal Transportation Town and Salt Crystal Fort Theme Park will start. Old Bakou Historic Conservation Area will be built. The renovation project of Memorial Hall of Zhou Enlai and surrounding environment will be implemented. City Identity System will be fully applied. The environment for habitation will continue to be improved. 210 old communities will be renovated. The demonstration area of sponge city with the area of 6 square kilometers will be completed. Waterlogged lowland and waterlogged points on the roads will be renovated completely. The deep treatment of 3 water plants and the promotion of 2 wastewater treatment plants will be implemented. The construction of several railways will be actively promoted. The construction of Provincial Highway 503 will be completed and the national and provincial highway system will be improved. The construction of projects like Huaihai South Road Bridge of Beijing-Hangzhou Canal will be accelerated. 10 jam links will be opened up. Flood control, regional governance and other projects will be completed.
We will promote the coordinated development. The functional layout of Qingjiangpu District will be optimized and comprehensive carrying capacity will be strengthened. The integrated development of Huai’an City and Hongze District will be accelerated. The integrated development of Huai’an District, Huaiyin District and the main urban area will be further promoted. The supporting system of "different county employing different policy" should be innovated. The course of Xuyi being removed the county and established as a city will be speeded up. The construction of sub-center area of Lianshui County and water garden city of Jinhu County will be promoted. The central areas of counties with different characteristics will be built. The policy of rural areas driven by urban areas will be emphasized and the guiding of planning and the driving of industries will be strengthened. The integration of industries and towns, the comprehensive utilization of resources and the display of the regional characteristics will be promoted. The construction of small but beautiful towns with local features will be accelerated. The governance system and level of villages will be improved and the construction of beautiful villages will be actively promoted.
We will focus on the innovation of the governance system. The reform of the city comprehensive law enforcement will be deepened. The legalize management of the city environment will be promoted. Whole process supervision of planning, construction and urban management will be implemented. Four-level administration and service system of the city, districts, neighborhoods and communities will be established and improved. The underlying database and basic network of "Smart Huai’an" will be comprehensively established. The digitalization application in key fields of people’s livelihood will be realized. The digitalized urban management supervision and command system covering the whole city will be improved. The establishment of "national civilized city" will be further promoted. 
5. We will deepen the reform and opening up to speed up the development of new energy.
We will promote supply-side structural reform. The aim is to improve the total factor productivity. De-capacity scheme will be comprehensively implemented. Market exit mechanism will be improved. New backward production facilities will be strictly controlled. Destocking channels will be actively expanded. The monetization of housing subsidy and shantytown renovation will be strengthened. The cycle of reducing the number of unsold homes will be reduced to the reasonable range. Regulation and supervision will be intensified. The healthy and orderly development of real estate industry will be promoted. New debt will be strictly controlled. Deleveraging will be steadily promoted. Cost reducing supporting measures will be published. Cost of taxes on real economy, financing, energy using and labor will be practically reduced.  According to the overall well-off construction standards, effective resources will be further concentrated to improve weak links.
We will make breakthroughs in the reform in key fields. Administrative approval system reform will be further promoted. Administrative services will be upgraded and improved. The comprehensive reform of new type urbanization will be promoted steadily. The policy support for rural migrant workers to become urban residents will be strengthened to speed up the citizenization of rural migrant workers. Land use planning pilots of 3 functional areas will be implemented. Optimization layout of villages and comprehensive improvement of land will be promoted. The intensive degree of land utilization will be improved. Reform of rural property rights system will be deepened. The orderly circulation of rural land management right will be promoted in accordance with law. Financial reform innovation will be deepened. Banking financial institutions of joint stock and Taiwanese investment will be attracted to settle in Huai’an. Local financial organizations will be cultivated. Inclusive finance will be developed. Financial institutions will be guided to gather in Financial Center. The progress of company listing will be accelerated. Reform of state-owned enterprises and supply and marketing cooperatives will be enforced.
We will improve the opening up. The influence of brands of Taiwan-funded demonstration area and provincial special support policies will be enlarged. The multiplier of Taiwan-funded projects, extension of exchange platform and upgrading of 101% services will continue to be implemented. Efforts will be made to attract high-end projects of Taiwan-funded industrial chain. The transformation and upgrading of Taiwan-funded industries will be promoted. We will endeavor to improve the quality of foreign capital utilization. The goal is to introduce at least 30 advanced manufacturing industrial projects with each investment of over 30 million US dollars and realize a positive growth in the actual appropriation of registered foreign capital, in which the actual appropriation of manufacturing and manufacture-related services industries need to increase by around 10% and account for at least 50%. We will emphasize the guidance in imports and exports. New industries like cross-border e-commence will be developed. More than 100 import and export enterprises will be newly cultivated. The total imports and exports should realize a positive growth. Enterprises will be guided to participate in the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiatives" and international cooperation of capacity will be carried out. The establishment of national and provincial level industrial parks will be promoted. Innovative system and mechanism will be explored, the connotation of the development will be enriched and the agglomeration of industries will be accelerated. The contribution and supporting function of various industrial parks to the open economy of Huai’an will be constantly improved.
We will promote the development of regional cooperation. Important development strategies like "the Belt and Road Initiatives", Yangtze River Economic Belt and the exploiting of coastal cities will be comprehensively responded. The planning formulation of Huai River Ecological Economic Belt will be actively promoted. Business Alliance of Huai River Ecological Economic Belt will be supported to carry out the regional economic cooperation. The construction of Hongze Lake Ecological Economic Zone and the preliminary work of the establishment of Huai River Bank and Huai River Development Corporation will be promoted. We will participate in the coastal development association and work together to establish Jiangsu Coastal Development Funds. Economic and trade cooperation with coastal cities will be explored. Nanjing-Huai’an integrated development plan will be implemented. Xuyi County, Jinhu County and Hongze District of Huai’an will be promoted to integrate into Jiangbei New District and the whole city will be accelerated to integrate into the metropolis circle of Nanjing.
6. We will adhere to the green development to create new advantages of regional competition.
According to the arrangement of the provincial government, we will strive to solve conspicuous problems and control environmental risks effectively in 2 or 3 years and improve the ecological environment from the fundamentally. Special action implementation scheme and annual work plan will be formulated and all the targets will be broken down and assigned to counties and districts and finally realized through enterprises and projects to promote the ecological protection and environmental improvement. To improve air quality, SO₂ and NOx reduction projects will be implemented. Coal-fired boiler renovation and improvement of volatile organic compounds and dust from key enterprises will be promoted constantly.  Efforts will be made to promote the mechanization of straw returning to field and to make sure that the concentration of PM2.5 declines and days of good air quality reach the standard that the state and provincial government sets. Water pollution will be prevented vigorously. Production projects which do not comply with the environmental policy will be resolutely banned. Pollution control and waste water regulation were comprehensively implemented in urban built-up area. Disposal of the pollution from poultry and livestock breeding farms will be strengthened. Soil pollution control action plan will be implemented. Investigation on soil pollution and supervision on soil environment will start. The renovation of chemical industrial park will be promoted.
Reform of ecological civilized system will be deepened, including the establishment of systems of compensable use of resources and ecological compensation, the improvement of market systems of environment management and ecological protection, the strengthening of performance evaluation of ecological civilization and accountability system and the reinforcement of ecological security mechanism. Cases of projects that contravene laws and regulations will be investigated and prosecuted. The grid management of environment protection will be implemented. The risk assessment of sensitive targets will be carried out. Emergency response capability will be strengthened.
We will promote green and low carbon development. More efforts will be made in the low carbon retrofit of traditional industries. Enterprises will be guided to adopt Energy Performance Contracting. 30 key energy-saving transformation projects will be implemented and 60,000 tons of standard coal will be saved. The circulating transformation in Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone will be accelerated and 3 municipal level low carbon pilot industrial parks will be constructed. Green and energy-saving buildings will be developed and supervision on energy consumption limits of public buildings will be strengthened. Prefabricated buildings will be actively developed. New civil structures in urban area and towns will comprehensively reach the star-rating standard of green construction and house demonstration project with super low energy consumption passive will be completed. To build green transportation system, low-carbon and green travel will continue to be promoted, public transportation will be the priority to develop and new energy vehicles will be generalized.
7. We will increase the input to people's livelihood to improve the level of public services.
We will actively develop social undertakings. Educational modernization will be comprehensively promoted. The layout plan of kindergartens, primary and high schools in urban area will be improved. A batch of new school areas will be built and the teachers’ training will be strengthened. Balanced allocation of high-quality resources will be promoted. Several national and provincial level demonstration vocational schools and vocational education groups will be newly established. The integrated development of colleges and universities in Huai’an and the local culture will be promoted. The core area of Enlai Cadre College will be completed and put into operation. The construction of "Healthy Huai’an" will be advanced steadily. The reform of public hospitals will be deepened. The construction of modern hospital management system will be accelerated. The operating mechanism of grassroots medical and health institutions will be improved. Health information platform of regional population will run efficiently. The service level of family planning and women’s and children’s health will be improved. The modern public cultural service system will be enhanced. The construction of grassroots comprehensive cultural service center will be promoted steadily. The creation of high-quality cultural works will be encouraged. The construction of public sports service system will be reinforced. Public fitness activities will be extensively carried out. The reserve personnel training system of sports will be improved. The coordinated development of public sports, competitive sports and sports industry will be promoted.
We will constantly improve the security system. Employment assurance mechanism will be improved. The focus will be on college graduates and laid-off workers. The employment of those groups who have difficulty in finding jobs will be promoted. The mechanism for poverty alleviation will be improved to help 130,000 low-income people out of poverty and 45 villages of weak economy reach the new standards. Universal insurance registration scheme will continue to be implemented to extend the coverage of social insurance. Old-age pension, fund-raising standard of critical illness insurance, reimbursement proportion and maximum payment limit of medical insurance will be raised steadily. The gap between urban and rural residents in minimum living standard will be narrowed gradually. The system of temporary assistance, medical assistance and critical illness insurance will be improved and the scope of bailouts will be increased.
We will spare no effort in maintaining social stability. The construction of "safe Huai’an" and "law-based Huai’an" will be deepened and criminal offenses will be severely cracked down on to improve the sense of security and satisfaction of citizens constantly. The innovation of social governance, deep integration of big data application and social governance will be promoted. Crime prevention and control system will be upgraded and the reform of public security will be comprehensively deepened to improve the professional level of social governance. The awareness of the rule of law among the general public will be raised. "Safe Family" will be created to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children. Transparent supervision system of foods and drugs will be improved and provincial level food safety city will be actively built. Safety supervision in key fields like production, transportation, firefighting, internet and finance will be earnestly carried out. Emergence linkage mechanism will be improved to enhance the public security and the capacity of responding to emergencies.

In 2017, Huai’an government will continue to do ten practical things for the masses to further improve the working and living conditions of citizens. First, the construction of the inner ring viaduct of 45.6 km in length and its connecting parts in the central city will start to enhance the speed of transportation. Second, backup water source of drinking water in the central city will be constructed. New water intake in Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal will be built and pipelines of 52.8 km in length will be laid to realize the water of Yangtze River and Huai River backs the other up. Third, sewage pipe networks and storm drainage pipe networks in old areas of the city with the area of 63.5 square kilometers will be renovated to improve the urban water environment. Four, shanty buildings involved 11,000 families will be rebuilt to improve the living conditions of 35,000 residents. Five, Ecological New Town High School, the High School and the First Primary School Attached to Huaiyin Normal University, Huai’an Foreign Language Experimental Primary School and 20 kindergartens will be built or expanded to optimize the layout of education. Six, Huai’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital will be relocated and Huai’an Public Health Center will be completed to enhance the capacity of medical and health services. Seven, 300 new energy buses and 3000 new-type public bicycles will be put into use to facilitate the movement of residents. Eight, the level of social security will be raised. Government subsidies for medical insurance for urban and rural residents will be increased from 425 yuan to 470 yuan. The minimum living standards for urban and rural residents will be increased from 520 yuan and 400 yuan respectively to 550 yuan and 460 yuan. Nine, employment and entrepreneurship will be promoted. Vocational training of 26,000 people each time for urban and rural workers will be organized. 60,000 new urban jobs will be created and 15,000 people will receive support to start up their business. Ten, ensure that rural residents gain access to safe drinking water.  Centralized water supply pipe networks will be consolidated and improved and 1 million people will get benefit from it.

III. Improving Government

To make new progress requires higher standards on the construction of government itself. Huai’an government will always remember their duties and responsibilities and continue to strengthen the construction of the concept, system and capacity of modern government governance. We will fully enhance the government’s administrative capacity and public credibility to build a government that the people are satisfied with.
We will always advocate a work style of being practical and responsible and bear in mind that practical work can make a nation prosper, while empty talks lead a nation astray. All public servants and officials should focus on the work that can lay a solid foundation and benefit in future, and determine to put an end to the attitude of "trying to reach the requirements of indicators on purpose". We will ensure that all the work can stand the test of history, practice and the people. We will strengthen the accountability system and encourage innovation and exploration. We will resolutely hold to account those who are indolent, sloppy, or neglectful of their duties. We should have the spirit of craftsman to improve our ability of implementing the scientific administration and managing the development of economy.
We will strengthen the construction of Credible Government. We will intensify the track and supervision on the policy implementation, make full use of auditing oversight, and fulfill each promise of services. We will see to it that every discreditable behavior of government departments or public servants is severely punished to protect the interests of the people and the fairness of the market. We will continuously improve the 101% services (100% services plus 1% surprise) and develop a friendly and clean relationship between the government and enterprises to create favorable administrative services environment, law-based environment, market conditions and cultural environment for entrepreneurs to invest and start business. We should adhere to put the fundamental interests of the people at the first place and earnestly solve those problems of great concern to the general public.
We will improve the law-based and high-efficiency operation mechanism. We will intensify the idea of rule of law, make rules and regulations based on the Constitution and other laws, and strengthen supervision and inspection on administrative law enforcement. To ensure decisions are made in a sound and democratic way, we will conscientiously implement the decision-making process and fully put into practice transparency in government affairs. We must actively accept oversight by the people’s congress and accept the democratic oversight of the CPPCC committee. We will promote the innovation of the mode of "internet plus administrative services" and the open, transparent and standardized operation of administrative powers online to practically improve the efficiency of administrative services.
We must remain clean and upright, strictly abide by the political disciplines and rules and earnestly enforce the laws and regulations of the Party. We will develop five moral educations of ideology, which proposed by former premier Zhou Enlai, and promote integrity.

Fellow deputies, the new situation is uplifting, while the tasks entrusted to us are heavy and our road ahead is long. Let us be united around the Party Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and rely on solid leadership by the Provincial Government Party Committee and Government and the Municipal Party Committee. Let us further emancipate our minds to break new ground, and endeavor for the construction of a prosperous, livable and civilized Huai’an.