Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 18, 2016)

---Delivered at the 5th Session of the 7th People's Congress of Huai’an  
on Jan 18, 2016
Hui Jianlin
Acting Mayor of Huai’an


Fellow deputies:
On behalf of the Municipal People’s Government of Huai’an, I am now presenting an annual report on the government’s work in 2015 for your deliberation.
I. Recall of Work in 2015
In face of severe and complicated macroeconomic environment and arduous and hard reform, development and stabilizing work, we always kept in mind the entrustment of building Premier Zhou Enlai’s hometown well from General Secretary Xi Jinping, and stuck to the two objectives of building a well-off society in an all-round way and  an important central city of Northern Jiangsu under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and the Municipal Party Committee, actively adapted to the new normal of the economic development, made progress while maintaining stability, coordinated all efforts in promoting all work. We also completed targets and assignments confirmed by the 12th Five-Year Plan, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the 13th Five-Year Plan.
In the past five years, Huai’an adhered to transformation and upgrading to improve the economic development.
It is estimated that in 2015 the GDP of Huai’an reached 270 billion yuan, a growth of 95% compared to 2010, and the GDP per capita was nearly 9000 US dollars, a level of medium-income countries and regions. The general public financial budget revenues were 30.85 billion yuan, increasing by 150% compared to 2010. 220.3 billion yuan investment in fixed assets above designated size was completed and 129.5 billion yuan was invested in industry, an increase of 140% and 220% compared to 2010 respectively. 97.1 billion yuan retailing sum of consumer goods was achieved, rising by 100% compared to 2010.
Featured industries in Huai’an were further developed. Advanced manufacturing industry was concentrated, achieving output value of 350 billion yuan, accounting for 58% of the industrial output value. Featured service industries developed quickly, especially some new emerging service industries, such as logistics and e-commerce. The percentage of the added value of service industries was increased by 1% annually. Tax revenue from the service industry accounted for 73.5% of the regional tax revenue. The cultivation of modern agricultural industry was accelerated. 28 leading enterprises at or above province level were newly added and 6 national level agricultural carriers were approved. Innovation ability significantly improved. Collaborative innovation of production, learning and research was promoted and Wisdom Valley Phase I was completed. 34 famous university and college research institutes signed contracts with Huai’an and 18 research institutes settled in Huai’an. 5 post-doctoral scientific research stations were approved to be national level. 300 college-enterprise unions were established. A national university science park was created. National high tech enterprises increased to 246, 5.8 times the number in 2010. The output value of the high tech industry accounted for 26%. The total research spending accounted for 1.7% of the city’s GDP. The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress was 51%. Technology innovation became a crucial support for the industrial upgrading.
In the past five years, Huai’an focused on the development of the central city to accelerate the new pattern urbanization.
Huai’an worked energetically to build the new urban system and constantly optimize urban-rural spatial form to realize the interactive development of industrialization and urbanization and synchronous gathering of industries and population. The quality of the central city improved significantly. 389.1 billion yuan was invested to implement 4150 key projects of urban construction. The frame of Central City has been formed and "six functions" have been improved comprehensively. The build-up area covered 155 square kilometers, with the population rising to 1.4 million. Two railways connected to Lianyungang, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Xuzhou, Suqian and Yanchen, which are under construction, turned Huai’an into the regional comprehensive transportation hub. Several major functional projects and landmark buildings, such as Wanda Plaza, Sports Center and Grand Theater, were completed. Major infrastructure projects, including the first phase of Eastern Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project, transformation of Yan River channels, waterway regulation and construction of Huaijin Highway, were also completed. Comprehensive improvement of the urban environment was implemented and the construction of smart city was actively promoted. Huai’an passed the review of National Sanitary City and the work of building a civilized city had made great progress. The city quality was improved. The integrated urban-rural development was speeding up. The functions of four counties were enhanced. Breakthrough had been made in the construction of 10 provincial-level key central towns. The cultivation of a group of characteristic towns was accelerated. The overall arrangement of villages was optimized and the construction of key villages and featured villages were accelerated. The regional water supply project was implemented to ensure the safety of drinking water for 1.19 million rural residents. The construction of rural roads was promoted. The characteristic ecological civilization was becoming distinctive. The ecological environmental protection and pollution prevention were strengthened. The green coverage rate of the city reached 41 percent. Green low carbon cycle development was actively promoted. The green and ecological environment has become one of the most important advantages of Huai’an.
In the past five years, Huai’an insisted on the attraction of Taiwan investment and the expansion of the new space of opening-up and cooperation.
There plans were implemented, including the multiplication of Taiwan-invested projects, the extension of communication platform and the upgrading of 101 percent service (100 percent of good service and 1 percent of surprise). Huai’an was approved to be the national service demonstration area of industrial transfer and agglomeration of Taiwan-invested enterprises. The first cross-strait information and appliances industrial park in the mainland of China settled in Huai’an, and Huai’an had been awarded as the city Taiwan businessmen highly recommended for four successive years. 428 Taiwan-invested projects were newly approved, and the number of Taiwan-invested enterprises was nearly 1200. The amount of Taiwan capital actually used was 3.32 billion US dollars. A group of key Taiwan-invested projects had become a crucial support for the industrial agglomeration. The quality of opening-up was improved. Huai’an Export Processing Zone was upgraded into a national Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and Huai’an Airport was approved to be a first class domestic airport, becoming new advantages for cooperation. 141 foreign invested projects with each investment over 30 million US dollars were introduced, among which each of 36 projects had the investment over 100 million US dollars. The amount of foreign capital actually used was 5.75 billion US dollars. 1050 domestic projects with each investment over 100 million yuan were introduced, among which each of 142 projects had the investment over 1 billion yuan. Foreign trade increased by 13.6 percent annually. Huai’an newly established 25 sister-city relationships. Regional cooperation was comprehensively deepened. Development zones above provincial level completed the north and south coverage. The comprehensive capacity of Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone entered the top 20 in Jiangsu Province. Huai’an established 12 provincial level special industrial parks, 8 Taiwan-funded industrial parks and 7 key foreign-funded industrial parks. 
In the past five years, Huai’an persisted to put the reform in key areas at the first place to enhance the vitality of economic and social development. Reform system with Huai’an characteristics was established. The reform of administrative approval system was at the forefront.  The reform effectively stimulated the vitality of entrepreneurship. The number of private enterprises and individual businesses reached 64,000 and 220,000 respectively. Breakthroughs were made in the reform of land use system. The reform program got support from Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China, the Jiangsu Provincial Government and Department of Land and Resources of Jiangsu Province. Land usage index in 2015 increased by 12.5 percent over the previous year. The financial reform was constantly deepened. 32 enterprises entered the multi-level capital markets and 39 financial institutions were introduced. The rural financial comprehensive service station realized the complete coverage of administrative villages. By the end of 2015, RMB deposit and lending balances in financial institutions had reached 232.9 billion yuan and 186.5 billion yuan respectively. The new urbanization comprehensive reform was advanced steadily. The medical and health system reform was deepened. The reforms in education, culture, technology, state-owned enterprises , agriculture and rural areas were promoted. The average life expectancy increased from 76.75 to 78.16. The Grand Canal was listed on the World Cultural Heritage.
In the past five years, Huai’an insisted on improving people's livelihood and increasing the happiness index. Over three quarters of newly increased revenue were invested to improve people’s livelihood and ten livelihood projects were implemented. The incomes of urban and rural residents reached 28120 yuan and 13210 yuan respectively, 1.6 times and 1.8 times as much as those in 2010. Social programs were developed harmoniously. The modernization of education was basically achieved. The modern vocational education system was established. The level of social security was raised steadily. The coverage of basic endowment insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance was more than 95 percent. The minimum living standard for urban and rural residents increased from 300 yuan and 160 yuan to 490 yuan and 370 yuan. Multi-channel measures were proposed to help the low-income population with the housing difficulties. Affordable housing of 8.03 million square meters was newly built. 8.96 billion yuan was provided as the housing fund loans. The coverage of old-age nursing service centers in urban and rural communities reached 100 percent and 80 percent respectively. A social assistance system was established. 339,000 new jobs were created and 79,000 people were given support for their enterprises. The innovation of society governs system was constantly enhanced.
II. Major Tasks in 2016
This year, the principal expected targets of economic and social development are as follows: 10% increase in GDP and 11% increase in general budgetary revenue, 18% rise in investment in fixed assets above designated size and 20% rise in industrial investment, 11% increase in sales volume of consumer goods, 5% rise in actual amount of registered foreign capital, 8.5% and 9.5% rise in urban and rural per capita disposable income respectively, and no more than 4% in registered urban unemployment rate.
In order to achieve these targets, we will pay close attention to the following tasks.
1. We will make every effort to maintain the healthy economic growth.
The effective investment should be expanded. 258 billion yuan investment in fixed assets above designated size should be completed to provide the sustainable power for the stable development. 220 major projects will be accelerated and 107.2 billion yuan investment will be completed in this year.
Policy guidance will be strengthened and new areas of high consumer demand will be cultivated. New business modalities from tourism to health care will be supported. Share economy will be encouraged. The contribution of consumption to the economic growth will rise to 52%. Traditional consumption potential will be developed. The rural consumption market will be expanded. The brand of Huaiyang Cuisine will be further developed. The destocking of real estate will be accelerated. The transformation and upgrading of the market will be guided. Characteristic commercial districts will be planned and constructed to satisfy the multi-level consumption demand of consumers.
Enterprises will be guided to expand the international market. 5% rise in import and export volume will be realized. Growing foreign trade enterprises will be strongly supported. 100 new import and export enterprises will be fostered and 2 new enterprises with the import and export volume over 100 million US dollars will be developed. The export potential of characteristic industries will be explored and developed. 18% increase in agricultural product exports will be realized. The structure of foreign trade will be optimized and the transformation and upgrading of processing trade will be promoted. General trade and service trade will be actively developed and bonded logistics and bonded processing trade will be expanded. The contribution of imports and exports will be improved. International E-commerce will be developed and foreign trade marketing channels will be expanded.
The policy support, factor security and assistance to enterprises will be strengthened to help enterprises solve practical difficulties. The operation quality of major enterprises will be improved. For 100 key enterprises, the support mechanism of One Enterprise, One Policy will be implemented. We will strive to develop 50 enterprises with the sales over 1 billion yuan and 30 new enterprises with the sales over 100 million yuan. Popular entrepreneurship and innovation will be strongly promoted. 11,500 new private enterprises and 27, 000 new individual businesses will be developed.
2. We will adhere to restructuring to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
We will insist to put technological innovation as the main engine of industrial upgrading and establish industrial innovation development fund. 10 leading innovative enterprises and 280 provincial level high-tech enterprises will be cultivated. The output value of high-tech enterprises will account for 27.5 percent. We will continue to develop the innovative platform of the industrial park and promote Huai’an High-tech Zone to develop into a national high-tech zone and Salt Chemical Zone to develop into a provincial high-tech zone.
The development of advanced manufacturing industries will be accelerated. 150 projects with each investment over 100 million yuan will start and 100 projects with each investment on equipments over 10 million yuan will be completed. We will strive to realize the annual output value over 400 billion yuan.
Featured service industry will be cultivated and strengthened. The development program of featured service industry will be improved and the implementation opinions will be formulated. The whole industrial chain will be integrated and optimized. The construction of Nanjing-Huai’an modern service industries concentrated area and other important industry parks will be accelerated. With the advantages of comprehensive transportation, the construction of the logistics port will be accelerated and commerce, express delivery, ports, customs bonding and warehousing will be developed. To improve the advantage of ecological culture and the feature of Huaiyang Cuisine, the development of tourism, health regimen and cultural creativity industry will be accelerated.
Modern agriculture will be developed. It is planned to introduce 10 agricultural industrial projects with each investment over 100 million yuan and 35 agricultural products processing projects with each investment over 30 million yuan and to establish 400 family farms. Each county or district is going to establish 2 or 3 updated rural tourist spots and agricultural product e-commerce demonstration sites. The bearing capacity of industrial parks will be improved. The construction of 3 national and 10 provincial agricultural parks will be accelerated.
3. We will deepen reforms and promote opening-up to strengthen the internal vitality of development.
The comprehensive pilot of new pattern urbanization will be promoted. The opening-up will be enlarged. Each county or district is going to introduce 3 projects from Europe, America, Japan or Korea and at least 1 foreign invested project with the total investment over 100 million US dollars. Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone is going to introduce at least 5 foreign invested projects. Huai’an is going to more than 180 domestic projects with each investment over 100 million yuan, in which, 10 important projects with each investment over 1 billion yuan. Industrial supporting function of industrial parks will be improved and public service platforms for designing, researching and developing will be introduced and established. Enterprises will be encouraged to invest in foreign countries to speed up the internationalization of Huai’an enterprises.
The advantage of regional comprehensive transportation hub will be used to speed up capital accumulation of various elements. The construction of the high-speed rail district will start. The infrastructure construction, industry planning and important project introduction will be promoted to accelerate the development of high-speed rail business circle. Based on the construction of the airport industrial park, Huai’an endeavors to develop aviation economy, promote the accumulation of key industries including air transportation and aviation manufacturing industry, speed up the construction of E-port and open the international air cargo business. Relying on the inland water transportation and high-level highway network system, Huai’an strives to promote the construction of port industrial park and modern logistic industrial park and develop industries with high added value like storage and distribution.
4. We will make overall plans to promote the development of urban and rural areas.
The function of the central city will be strengthened. A new overall urban planning revision will be completed. 66 billion yuan will be invested to implement 780 key urban construction projects. The construction of ten key projects will be accelerated. The planning and construction of key function areas will continue to be promoted to improve the influence of Li Canal Cultural Corridor and the capacity of Huaihai central business area, Shuidukou central business area, Hexia culture and tourism development zone and low carbon demonstration area of Ecological New Town. Huai’an will pay more attention to the building of the city image. The construction of sewage treatment, underground pipe gallery and sponge city will be strengthened. The renovation of old residential areas and streets will continue. The construction of smart city and the building of national civilized city will be promoted.
The construction of important infrastructure will be accelerated. The construction of two high-speed railways will be promoted. The phase II Extension Project of Huai’an airport will be promoted. The construction of Provincial Highway 348 will be accelerated to improve the highway network system. The waterway regulation of Huaihe River and the phase II of New Port will be implemented. Urban rapid transit system will be planned and constructed.
5. We will continue to focus on the ecology to promote the green development.
The construction of ecological civilization will be strengthened. The environmental protection of key areas will be strengthened. The construction of urban and rural pollution treatment facilities and life garbage collection and transportation will be accelerated. The management of the farmers' market will be standardized and the safe disposal of solid waste will be strictly managed. The construction of low carbon transportation, low carbon industrial parks and low carbon communities will be accelerated.
The prevention of water and air pollution is still an important task. Surface water ecological environment function areas will be reasonably divided. The management of emission administrative permission will be implemented. The environmental impact assessment system will be improved. The protection of Hongze Lake and Baima Lake will be promoted. The prevention of air pollution will be strengthened.  The ultra-low emission of thermal power industry and the desulfurization and denitrification and dust removal renovation project of non thermal power industries will be implemented. New energy vehicles will be popularized and applied.
Huai’an will be working on the building of livable city. The layout planning of towns and countries in Huai’an will be completed. The construction of demonstration projects of key countries and featured countries will be implemented. The construction of "beautiful countries" will be improved. 30 municipal level livable countries will be built. The upgrading of rural roads will continue to be implemented. 300 km of roads and 45 bridges will be newly rebuilt. The infrastructure construction and the level of public service will be improved.
6. We will increase investment in people's livelihood to enhance the well-being of citizens.
5.56 billion yuan will be invested into social undertakings and people's livelihood to promote social harmony and stability.
The construction of educational modernization will be reinforced. A group of provincial high-quality kindergartens will be newly built and expanded. The upgrading of vocational schools will be promoted. The main project of Huai’an Open University will be completed. The reform of the medical and health system will be deepened. Modern health care system will be established. 5000 grassroots medical talent training project will be implemented. The construction of national level digital service platform of public culture, the demonstration area of public cultural service system and three cultural museums will be accelerated. The second cultural and art festival will be held. Extensive fitness programs for the general public will be launched. The eighth municipal sports meeting will be held.
 The system of employment and entrepreneurship mechanism will be improved. The promotion of college graduates' employment will still be placed as number-one priority. 60,000 jobs will be created. Universal insurance registration scheme will be vigorously implemented. The establishment of a unified rural-urban residents' basic pension and medical insurance system will be accelerated. The serious illness insurance system will be improved to reduce the burdens of patients with serious illness. Targeted poverty alleviation will continue to be implemented. Assistance platform will be established and the subsidy policy for the disabled will be implemented. Free-pollutant and safe food markets will be built to ensure the food safety.
Fellow deputies, the great goals are the motivation for us to strive with concerted efforts and a bright blueprint needs us to work together. Let us be united around the Party Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and rely on solid leadership by the Provincial Government Party Committee and Government and the Municipal Party Committee, and endeavor for the better construction of Huai’an.