Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 9, 2020)

Delivered at the Fourth Session of the 8th People's Congress of Huai'an on January 9, 2020

Chen Zhichang, Acting Mayor of Huai'an

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Huai'an Municipal People's Government, I will now report to you on the work of the government and ask for your deliberation and approval. I also invite comments from members of the Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other representatives present.

I. A Review of the Work in 2019

In the past year, we adhered to the guiding ideology of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and fully followed the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC. We coordinated works in reform, development and stability by thoroughly implementing the new development philosophy, pursuing supply-side structural reform as the main task, carrying out "Six Measures" for maintaining stable performance and "6+1" Work Arrangement proposed at the third meeting of the 7th Municipal Congress, and promoting "10 Crucial Affairs" and "10 Concrete Affairs" with great efforts. As a result, all-round progress was achieved in various undertakings, and breakthroughs were made in some key and long-term projects as well as issues concerning the overall situation. For example, Huai'an people realized their long-awaited dream of high-speed rail with Xuzhou-Suqian-Huai'an-Lianyungang Railway and Huai'an section in the Lianyungang-Yangzhou-Zhenjiang Railway opened to traffic and Nanjing-Huai'an Intercity Railway started. The completion of the 48 km inner ring elevated expressway marks that Huai'an has entered the era of "Double High Speed." Besides, the first provincial joint conference and the mayors' conference for the cooperation cities along Huaihe River Eco-economic Belt were held in Huai'an, establishing a mechanism for comprehensive strategic planning. The construction of the air cargo hub took a substantial step last year due to the official launch of Huai'an's first all-cargo air route. The CCTV Mid-autumn Gala held in Huai'an brought us highlight moments, and considerable attention from home and abroad and a series of activities celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC much uplifted the morale of the people. All these significant events further strengthened the bases of the high-quality leapfrog development of Huai'an. Huai'an is now standing on a new starting line with brand-new looks!

Facing the complex situation and shouldering heavy burdens last year, we actively responded to severe challenges, overcame various difficulties and comprehensively completed the main tasks of economic and social development. A decisive foundation was solidly laid for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and at a high level. 

——Huai'an economy maintained steady growth. The main indicators remained within a reasonable range. Regional GDP of 384 billion yuan was expected to achieve, a year-on-year increase of 6.7%. The general public budget revenue, the fixed asset investment, and industrial added value above designated size and the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 4.1%, 6.5%, 6.5%, and 8%, respectively. The output value of high-tech industries accounted for 23% of the industrial output value above designated size, and R & D investment of the whole society took up 1.95% of the regional GDP. Two hundred eleven national high-tech enterprises were approved, reaching a record high. For the first time, primary provincial science and technology demonstration projects and provincial high-value patent cultivation projects were approved, continuously enhancing the innovation and development vitality of Huai'an.

——In-depth major reforms were carried out. Fifty-one reforms in 9 categories made breakthroughs, including the reforms that delegate power, improve regulation and upgrade services, as well as reforms in new urbanization and land-use system. The provincial pilot work in integrated administrative approval service of cities, counties, towns, and villages, as well as the mid-term evaluation of the second batch of national demonstration parks for rural industrial integration and development in Jiangsu Province were both completed. The comprehensive medical reform was affirmed by the leading group in the medical reform of the State Council. Our online transaction system of government procurement was set as a national example. Besides, it was also selected as the only national pilot city in Jiangsu for innovating the supervision method of the healthcare insurance fund. The comprehensive reform of Shihe Zhijiaole Town was further promoted, and a new round of institutional reform at municipal, county and district levels was successfully finished.

——Opening-up and cooperation were constantly deepened. Two hundred ten projects with domestic investment over 100 million yuan were newly introduced, including 30 projects with over one billion yuan. Meanwhile, 130 foreign-funded projects were newly set up, of which 15 are over USD 100 million. The number of newly increased Taiwan-founded projects with more than USD 10 million ranked second in Jiangsu, and the actual amount of Taiwan investment ranked high in Jiangsu too. The export of foreign trade increased by 10% in total. Efforts were made in establishing the cultural tourism, health, and youth business alliances as well as the water conservancy professional committee for the Huai River Eco-economic Belt. Nanjing-Huai'an Modern Service Cluster was formally included in the assessment of the province's joint park construction of the north and south. The construction of the Nanjing-Huai'an special cooperation zone was launched, and the industrial park for Huai'an- Kunshan-Taiwan funded cooperation were officially put into operation, being part of the provincial joint meeting of the Kunshan Pilot Zone.

——Huai'an ecological environment continued to optimize. The construction of demonstration projects for ecological civilization proceeded in an orderly manner with an increase of 2% of the satisfaction rate. The air quality was top-ranked in Jiangsu, with an average PM2.5 index of 43 micrograms / cubic meter, a decrease of 10.4% compared with last year, and 265 days with good air quality accounting for 72.6% of the year, 1.3% higher than the provincial level. At the same time, 29 black and odorous water bodies were renovated, and 100 ecological sample rivers were created, basically eliminating all the black and odorous water in the urban built-up areas as well as V types in the national and provincial surface water surveys of cross section. The soil status surveys of 582 enterprises in Huai'an key industries were completed as well. Energy consumption per unit of GDP fell and met the provincial target.

——People's living standard was improved in an all-round way. The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents was estimated to be 38,870 yuan and 18,500 yuan, respectively, both achieving a rise of 8.5%. 280-million-yuan business loan guarantee was newly increased, 78,000 new urban jobs were created, and 55,000 people were reemployed. The registered urban unemployment rate reached 1.8%. Various social insurance standards were raised and expanded with the employees' basic pension insurance plans in urban areas and the home-based pension services with 120,000 targets. The score of our compulsory education development ranked the third in the province, and our education modernization maintained the lead in northern Jiangsu. A multi-level housing security and supply system was established, which had made the housing prices generally stable.

——The construction of government working style was further enhanced. In-depth themed education "Staying True to the Founding Mission" was carried out, further tempering the party spirit and strengthening the thought of "Keeping the Original Intention, Taking the Mission, Finding the Gap, and Grasping the Implementation." Special treatments for "Obstruction from Middle-level Government Officials" and measures of "Six Practices and Six Prohibitions" were solidly put forward to establish platforms for enterprises with greater benefits and a better business environment. Burdens on the grassroots were effectively reduced through the streamlined meeting documents, the standardized inspection and assessment work and the centralized clear-up of grass-roots demonstration projects. We also consciously accepted the legal supervision, the work supervision and the CPPCC democratic supervision from the National People's Congress, improved our major administrative decision-making procedures and revised our government working rules, greatly improving the government construction under the rule of law. By implementing the spirit of diligence and thriftiness, the general administrative expenditure was reduced by 10%. In order to make the government affairs more upright, we also strictly implemented the responsibility system of improving the party conduct and constructing a clean and honest government, standardized public resource transaction, government investment management and state-owned capital operation and strengthened the audit supervision.

Over the past year, we focused on goals of high-quality leapfrog development, highlighted our problems, goals and results and strengthened our responsibilities. The following work was mainly achieved:

1. We maintained steady economic growth with all efforts. Effective investment was made in major and important projects with related activities solidly promoted last year. The project manager system, as well as the supervision and assessment mechanism, were applied and innovated. There were 367 newly started projects and 243 newly completed projects, an increase of 116 and 42 year-on-year, and the investment of each of these projects was more than 100 million yuan. Among them, there were 39 newly started projects and eight completed projects, with an increase of 14 and 3 respectively, reaching a record high, and the investment of each of these projects was over one billion yuan. Phase I of Advanced Memory was awarded the title of "One-stop Memory Demonstration Enterprise to Strengthen Industrial Development at the Grass-roots Level" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Jiangsu Suyan Jingshen Co., Ltd obtained the National Quality Award, and Tasly Diyi Pharmaceutical was praised as the National Green Factory. Three enterprises, including King's Luck, were selected among the top 50 provincial independent industrial brands. The stability of foreign trade was maintained as well by actively responding to the economic and trade frictions, providing point-to-point services for key enterprises' export to the United States, organizing enterprises to participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad, and implementing "Jiangsu Trade Loan" with over 100 million yuan. Over 4.68 billion-yuan taxes and fees were newly reduced to stabilize the city's development goals. Policies such as income tax reduction of high-tech enterprises and law education benefited more than 1,000 enterprises in the city; The integrated financial service platforms were set up connecting 33 financial institutions and more than 20,000 enterprises. The balance of manufacturing loans and inclusive small and micro-enterprise loans increased by 4.2% and 36.4%, respectively. Huai'an branch of China Zheshang Bank was opened and Huai'an branch of Bank of Jiangsu officially moved to the city's financial center. In addition, the land supply was further enhanced with 18,000 mu of construction land of all kinds. The "Double Reduction" pilot task of the construction land in Hongze District was completed in advance. Counties and districts were supported to participate in the land transfer of provincial increase and decrease the connection of construction land policy and establish platforms for the transfer. The total output value of the construction industry was 183.2 billion yuan, an increase of 4.5%.

2. We accelerated the pace of rural revitalization in an all-round way. The total and per unit grain yield both set up new records. The total amount of pigs was stabilized with 2.238 million put on the market and 680,000 on the stock. 370,000 mu of palatable rice, 65,000 mu of gardening with high-efficiency facilities and 504,000 mu of rice and shrimp comprehensively cultivated were newly planted. Meanwhile, 36 large leisure & sightseeing agricultural enterprises and 2 national agricultural industrial towns were founded. The regional public branding of "Millennial Huai'an Taste" was actively promoted. Moreover, lobsters from Xiyu and hairy crabs from Hongze Lake were selected as the National Agricultural Brands. Together with Huai'an Rice, they were listed into the top ten regional agricultural brands in Jiangsu Province. The 2nd Huai'an Food Expo was successfully held, the title "City of Food" for Huai'an was actively applied for and the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in Huai'an rural areas was advanced. Project approval and bidding guidance in new farmer-concentrated residential areas were explored and released. Provincial-level special funds and land policy benefits were made good use of. We founded 102 new projects, involving a total of 44,000 households, improving the housing conditions in 17,000 households, and registering and transforming 1410 low-income households. Three projects including Jinhu Taji were selected as the first batch of provincial demonstration projects. 3 billion yuan were invested in 54 water conservancy projects of six categories. 265,000 mu of high-standard farmland, 536 kilometers of rural roads and 100 bridges were newly constructed. Full coverage of four-level highways with double lanes in administrative villages were achieved. The rural residential environment became better through 24,000 newly reconstructed household toilets and 590 newly added public toilets. Furthermore, the 170 kilometer-pipeline network for sewage treatment was completed and 54 domestic sewage treatment facilities in the villages were built or rebuilt. The centralized transfer treatment rate of domestic garbage reached 100% and the pollution control rate of poultry farms was 95.3%. Lianshui and Xuyi were selected as one of the "National Health Counties", Maba as the "National Demonstration Town for Rural governance" and Jiangba as the "Outstanding Case of Small Towns with Characteristics in Jiangsu". Guishan was listed among the national key tourism villages. The pilot construction of four provincial characteristic rural areas was further push forward, including Biandan Village in Gaogou Town. An ecological and livable rural environment had been gradually formed.

3. We vigorously improved the management of urban construction. The infrastructure construction achieved remarkable results with new transportation landmarks such as Phase I of Huai'an High-speed Railway Station, the Comprehensive Passenger Hub and Huai'an Canal Bridge. The expansion of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and 348 and 420 Provincial Highways projects were accelerated. Public facilities have been continuously improved because of Phase I of the city's financial center and public health center delivered, the defense museum and science and technology museum of water conservancy opened to the public, as well as Baima Lake Forest Park, Theme Park of Journey to the West and Huaqiang Fangte Cultural Creative Base proceeding in an orderly manner. Thirty-seven sports parks and cultural and sports squares were optimized and upgraded. One hundred and eight kilometers of fitness trails were extended. Eleven green spaces and 30,000 parking spaces in urban areas were added. The appearance of the city hasbeen improving day by day. National Wetland Park of Ancient Huai River passed the acceptance. Comprehensive improvement of the environment along the high-speed rails and the elevated inner ring roads were carried out to beautify the landscape along the Li Canal. 264 kilometers of rainwater and sewage pipe network were newly built. Shanty houses were newly renovated for 15,000 housing units, and the rebuilding of secondary water supply system was completed in 40 communities. 70 old residential areas were upgraded and 7 provincial livable demonstration residential areas were established. The city also participated in the research and formulation of management standards for the housing provident fund by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. We implemented the marketization of sanitation in the main urban area and launched garbage classification in 382 residential areas. Huai'an Boutique Rose won the highest award of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition. Moreover, we participated in the creation of civilized cities nationwide, accelerated the completion of public toilets, guardrails, blind passages and other facilities, improved the environment of key blocks, station squares, etc., and strengthened the special rectifications such as overloading and slag throwing, and the legal governance of the city environment. The degree of Huai'an urban civilization had increased significantly.

4. We took solid actions in the "Three Critical Battles" against potential risks, poverty, and pollution. Major risks were effectively controlled and special supervision was greatly strengthened. We included the financing entities of the city's hidden pension debt into platform management, so the debt ratio was reduced year by year, and the annual government's hidden debt was fully resolved, too. Risks of capital chain rupture of key enterprises were prevented and a coordinated linkage mechanism for bankruptcy disposal was formally established. Practitioners of the local financial industry such as the small loan companies were enhanced with supervision, and illegal financial businesses such as "Tricky Loans" and "Cash Loans" were further investigated and rectified. As for pollution prevention and control, we carried out 241 key air pollution prevention and control projects and bans on fireworks and firecrackers in the main urban area which had received a positive response from the general public. Microenvironment control and dust pollution control in key areas were also vigorously brought into force. The management and protection mechanism of "Chargeman of River, Lake and Cross-section with Integrated Responsibility" was innovated in Huai'an. Projects such as source control, urban and rural sewage treatment were sped up, illegal discharge along with the Qing'an River were blocked and the regional compensation system for the water environment was strictly implemented. We set up the environmental resource court of Hongze Lake Basin so as to promote the stable water quality of cross-sections and increased the safety and environmental protection of the chemical industry and shut down 35 chemical companies. A comprehensive monitoring platform for pollution prevention and control was established. "Looking Back" special supervision by the central government on the environmental protection and feedback from the provincial environmental protection inspections were comprehensively put into effect. In addition, we deepened the "Sunshine" poverty alleviation and refined the implementation of "Two Worry-free and Three Guarantees". There were about 90,000 low-income people left who had filed cards and 28 villages used to be economically weak but reached the standard last year. The collective economic income of all Huai'an villages exceeded 100,000 yuan, and 50% of them reached 180,000 yuan. The key projects in crucial areas were fully completed, including 51 agricultural projects to increase people's income. Three counties and districts with provincial key support reached the standard one year in advance, together with the whole province to basically achieve the goal of poverty alleviation.

5. We coordinated the development of various social undertakings. The quality and scale of public services was extended. Fifty-five primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were newly restored. We also promoted the communities equipped with kindergartens, supervised and rectified after-school training institutions and standardized school-running and achieved the best results in history in the national and provincial vocational skills contest. A third-class general hospital was newly constructed along with the completed standardization of the vaccination information management system and the child vaccination clinics. A cross-regional purchasing alliance was founded on medical consumables with places like Nanjing, and the full network coverage was realized of site-off health insurance. A series of cultural activities celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of P.R.C, and China (Huai'an) Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition of Grand Canal Cultural Belt were both successfully held. Three national and ten provincial cultural protection units were added. Huai'an traditional opera "The Stayed Village Head and Goose" won the provincial "Five Ones" Project Award, and the local original film "The Past of Huanghuatang" was released last year all over the whole country. A number of international and domestic brand sports events were also undertaken. We built 10 new supplementary employment bases for the disabled, helped 5,000 disabled people with stable jobs and provided care and protection for left behind and disadvantaged children in rural areas. We continued to deepen social governance and formed a diversified pattern of social co-governance. The pilot work of "Good Governance for Thousands of Villages" was basically completed. Substantial progress had been made in the construction of upgraded city technologically being on guard with 82.6% of the video networking rate in residential areas, 100% and 97.2% of the completion rate in towns and villages, respectively. The practical work of Data Enforced Police ranked in the forefront of the whole province, and the major security tasks in the 70th anniversary of the founding of P.R.C were successfully completed. In-depth investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes was carried out, and key problems in the accumulated cases of letters and visits were solved. The number of abnormal appeals to Beijing and to the province continued to decline. "Sunshine Letters and Visits" was selected into 2019 Excellent Cases of Smart Jiangsu. Our experiences such as veterans' mediation and letters and visits courts were promoted throughout the country. The special campaign of crime crackdown had won an overwhelming victory, destroying 8 underground criminal organizations, 31 criminal groups of evil forces, and rectifying 113 violations in the industries. It had been fully affirmed by the central steering group and made Huai'an the only national key training city for crime crackdown in Jiangsu province. Learning from the lessons of "3.21" Major Accident in Xiangshui, we put forward the special rectification of work safety and problems based on the provincial patrol feedback, publicized the hidden dangers from investigation for rectification and launched expert diagnosis and inspection. In addition, the "423" classified regulation mode was comprehensively promoted in hazardous chemical enterprises as well as the treatment of potential safety risks in key fields such as chemical enterprises, industry and trade, road traffic, building construction, and fire protection. The number of accidents and deaths had declined for 18 consecutive years. Through activities on food safety carried out the "every ten days", small food workshops were upgraded and 5,159 small restaurants were improved. The religious supervision and rectification work also finished in an all-round way. We actively strived for the title of "National Double Support Model City" for the five consecutive years. Solid progress had been made in supporting Xinjiang and Tibet, as well as exchanging with the city of Tieling. The fourth economic census was completed at a high level of quality. Work had been further strengthened on national security, agency affairs management, radio and television, supply and marketing, meteorology, earthquake, arbitration, archives and local chronicles, and new progress had been made in various undertakings related to the elderly, youths, women and children, charity, Red Cross, etc.

Fellow deputies, we owe these uplifting achievements to the strong leadership of the Provincial Committee and Government and the Municipal Party Committee, to the oversight and support from the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal committee of CPPCC and people from all walks of life, and to the concerted efforts of the people in Huai'an. On behalf of the Municipal Government, I express sincere thanks to the people and government officials, deputies to People's Congress, CPPCC committee members and emeritus and retired comrades. I express sincere appreciation to other political parties, federations of industry and commerce, people without party affiliation, and people's organizations. I also express our sincere gratitude to troops stationed in Huai'an, the armed police officers and soldiers, investors and entrepreneurs coming to Huai'an, and all friends from China and abroad who care about and support the construction of our hometown, Huai'an!

We must also be clear about the problems and challenges our city faces in its development. The driving force of the leading industry is not strong enough, the support of major and extra-large projects is insufficient and the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises are not high as a whole. At the same time, the key achievements of reform need to be applied more comprehensively, and the driving force for development needs to be further strengthened. There are still many areas where we fall short for a well-off society in an all-round way. The added value of strategic emerging industries accounts too much for our GDP and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress and other indicators are difficult to achieve. Many risks and hidden dangers still exist. The supply of public services does not match the growing needs of the masses for a better life. The business environment needs to be further optimized and the problems that have long plagued the main body of markets need to be solved urgently. A small number of government employees need to improve their sense of responsibility and service awareness and the implementation of policies and the level of government services need to be further improved. Confronted with the difficulties and problems on our way, we will strive to solve them in the process of promoting high-quality leapfrog development and deepening reform.

II. The Plan for Work in 2020

We have set forth the main targets for Huai'an's economic and social development in 2020 as follows. The regional GDP, the added value of industrial enterprises and the fixed asset investment above the designated size are all projected to grow by about 6.5%. The general public budget revenue, the total retail sales of consumer goods as well as the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents are expected to increase by approximately 2.5%, 7.5% and 8%, respectively. R & D investment will account for 2% of the GDP and the urbanization rate of permanent residents will reach 64%. The consumer price index of residents will be controlled at about 3%, and the registered unemployment rate of cities within 4%. Meanwhile, our tasks in energy conservation and emission reduction as well as air and surface water quality will also meet the provincial standards.

This year, we will concentrate on fulfilling the following ten tasks. First, we will continue to carry out relative activities in major and important projects to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. Second, we will deepen the cooperation with Nanjing and the coordinated development with Kunshan, and actively follow the regional integration strategy of the Yangtze River Delta. Third, we will promote the construction of National Cultural Park of the Grand Canal (Huai'an section), and create a city featured with the Grand Canal Cultural Belt. Fourth, we will speed up the establishment of the headquarters of Huaihe River Development and Construction Group and the implementation of Huaihe River Eco-economic Belt. Fifth, we will push forward the construction of an air cargo hub and an integrated transportation system. Sixth, we will vigorously advance tourism in our whole regions and highlight the characteristics of the water city with eco-cultural tourism resources. Seventh, we will continue to improve the housing conditions of farmers and accelerate the pace of rural revitalization. Eighth, we will carry out in-depth integrated reform of the approval system of engineering construction projects, and continuously optimize the administrative approval services. Ninth, we will start to build as an international wetland city and a comprehensive system of ecological environment protection. Tenth, we will strive to establish a national civilized city and improve our social civilization in an all-round way.

To deliver a good performance in government's work this year, we need to concentrate on the following eight areas:

1. We will continue to insist on the innovation-driven development, and comprehensively promote the integrated reform system. The consciousness that innovation is the primary driving force and the reformation is the fundamental driving force of development will be strengthened. We must put forth the effort to play the "concerto" of scientific and technological innovation, and do a good job in all-round and in-depth reforms.

We will enhance the ability of collaborative innovation. We should lay emphasis on the innovation cultivation of main bodies by implementing the "20 Policies" of scientific and technological system reform, and establishing the promotion mechanism of high-tech enterprises gradient development. One hundred national high-tech enterprises and thirty enterprises above the municipal level with "Two Workstations and Three Centers" are expected to be established. The contribution rate of technological progress will achieve at 57%. Meanwhile, more emphasis on the system construction will be paid through accelerating the development of the S&T service industry, then carrying forward the innovation carrier, perfecting our city's sharing service platform for large-scale scientific research equipment, and achieving the establishment of two new municipal S&T public service platforms. R&D institutions or technology transfer centers of organizations from Shenyang Aerospace University and Soochow University will be further set up along with 10 transformation projects of major achievements to be launched. The introduction and training of persons of talent will be our another focus. We will introduce more than 10 "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" projects as well as 30 "Huaishang Talents Development Plan" projects and build the innovation and entrepreneurship bases for overseas talents. Schools in Huai'an will be encouraged to optimize their specialized subjects so as to train and transport more practical talents. We need to achieve the goal of 12,000 newly added skilled talents and 20,000 newly employed college students in the near future.

We will boost the reforms in key areas. We should promote the reform of new urbanization continuously, make good evaluations of the comprehensive pilot reform of provincial new urbanization, and explore the cultivation of supply-side small-town economy. We will advance the reform of the land-use system and basically complete the overall planning of the national geographical space with the establishment of a "Multiple Planning Integration" system. Our trials in the reform of industrial land supply, functional area planning, redevelopment of inefficient industrial land, and evaluation of intensive urban land use will be actively promoted, as well as the market-based allocation of land factors. Reforms of "Separation of Powers" and the collective property rights system in rural areas will be firmly implemented, and the reform of the community shareholding system in all administrative villages will be basically completed. Furthermore, we will improve the market functions of property transaction in the countryside and spread the pilot experience of mortgage loans for land management rights. We need to cultivate new types of agricultural business entities, perfect social services in rural areas and build an effective connection between small farmers and modern agriculture. Besides, the fiscal, tax and financial reform will be advanced, major policies will be strengthened with audit trails applied, government debts will be effectively controlled and resolved, and the bottom line against systemic and regional financial risks will be strictly guarded. We also need to make innovation in financial products and service models, vigorously develop private equity investment funds, and strive to open Huai'an Branch of Everbright Bank within the year. At the same time, the mechanism for risk-sharing of financing guarantees will be greatly improved, and financial support for the real economy will be effectively increased.

We will optimize the service environment of government affairs. We will standardize our services, thoroughly apply the Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment issued by the State Council, and comprehensively implement the list management and time-limited processing. Government services will offer the integrated online platform, one-window handling mode, and notification and commitment of certification so as to accelerate the creation of a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment. The approval system will be further standardized and the process of government services will be redesigned. We will focus on the integrated reform of the examination and approval system for construction projects, and ensure that the whole process is handled in a coordinated manner, all items are examined and approved online, and the time limit is kept within 100 working days. We should fully implement the policy of reducing taxes and fees and one-window handling to ensure enterprises' sense of gain. In addition, we will promote legalization in supervision, as well as the "two random selections and one informational publicity" in joint supervision of government departments, and comprehensively carry out embedded supervision during and after the event. We will actively establish a model city for national credit construction and strive to build a new mechanism for market supervision with credit as the core. Meanwhile, the socialization of assessments will be pushed forward, the business-friendly model for enterprises will be consolidated and enhanced, the evaluation of government services will be arranged, and mobile applications for comprehensive urban services such as "Yuanlai Huai'an" will be developed.

2. We will adhere to regional coordination and discover new advantages through all-round opening up. We need to seize the strategic opportunities, accelerate the cross-regional opening up and cooperation, promote the orderly flow of all elements and the efficient allocation of resources, deepen the integration of markets, and expand new space for high-quality leapfrog development.

We will take the initiative to implement the major strategies. The "14th Five-year Plan" will be formulated in a scientific way, as well as the strategic action plan for the regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta. At the same time, the integrated development of industrial innovation, infrastructure construction, ecological environmental protection, market opening up, public services and other fields will be pushed forward with all strength. We need to promote the high-quality construction of "the Belt and Road" intersections and encourage the key enterprises to deepen their global cooperation on production capacity. The export share of markets along "the Belt and Road" is expected to increase to 30% in 2020. Playing as one of the leading cities and together with the cities along Huai River, Huai'an will actively promote the preliminary work of major projects including the railway construction along the Huai River. We will push forward the simultaneous implementation of the second-class channel project along with Phase II of the Huai River Seaward Waterway, and strive for the commencement of the pilot section of the waterway. Cooperation between Nanjing and Huai'an, especially the innovative and characteristic development of Ninghuai modern service industry clusters and special cooperation zones will be all deepened.

We will continue to make breakthroughs in major projects. Greater efforts should be made to promote the construction of major projects, improve the efficiency of our service and strengthen the on-site supervision and special audit investigation. 220 major projects are projected to complete an investment of over 80 billion yuan in the whole year. There will be more than 300 newly started industrial projects of over 100 million yuan, such as Jinshiyuan Intelligent Packaging and Logistics, new factory area of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical, Yichen Steel Pipe, and more than 200 newly completed industrial projects of over 100 million yuan, such as Fuqiang New Materials and Lichuang Electronics. We will explore innovative ways to attract investment, focus on optimizing the investment structure, and put effort into introducing flagship, S&T, and tax source-oriented projects. We will introduce 50 new industrial projects of more than 1 billion yuan and strive to make breakthroughs in industrial projects worth more than 5 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan. The actual registered foreign investment will achieve a positive growth, of which manufacturing projects accounts for more than 40%. There will be 30 new manufacturing projects with a total investment of more than USD 30 million. We will strictly control the quality of projects, strengthen the study, judgment and selection of projects, and resolutely prevent misrepresentation of investment, excessive reliance on loan financing and advances, and excessive use of environmental resources.

We will promote the quality while maintaining stable performance of foreign trade. We should actively respond to economic and trade frictions, dynamically track key enterprises, key products and related industries, guide enterprises to make good use of foreign trade policies and credit insurance tools, and open up markets in diversified ways. We will upgrade the industrial chain of processing trade, increase the share of general trade, foster export brands and bases, support the import of advanced equipment, raw materials and bulk products, and greatly develop new business forms such as cross-border e-commerce. We will implement the action plan for international operation of industrial enterprises, and foster more than 120 enterprises with import and export exceeding USD 5 million and new growth points.

We will make solid efforts to promote "Secondary Entrepreneurship" in Taiwan-funded enterprises. We must strengthen the policy integration and fully implement the central government's "31 Preferential Policies" and "26 Preferential Policies" as well as various provincial and municipal preferential policies for Taiwanese and Taiwan-funded enterprises. We will speed up the replication and promotion of regional experiences, improve the linkage mechanism for Taiwan enterprises and operate the Taiwan Business Service Center in a physical way. Furthermore, we will strengthen the regional coordination, give full play to the carrier role of the Huai'an-Kunshan-Taiwan Cooperation Industrial Park and comprehensively promote the coordinated development of Taiwan-funded economy with Kunshan. The development zones above the provincial level in the city will be encouraged to cooperate with Taiwanese key parks and industry associations so as to build the strategic highland of cross-strait industrial integration. We will promote the gathering of projects, carefully organize Taiwan Business Forum, Taiwan-Huai'an Week, Huai'an-Taiwan Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Week and other activities. Our advantageous and characteristic industries will also be highlighted by building strong chains and supplement chains. 1-2 complete industrial chains as well as more than 30 Taiwan-funded projects are to be built throughout the year. We will deepen non-governmental exchanges as well, and actively carry out hundreds of actions to accelerate the exchange and cooperation with Taiwan high-end talents, promote the recognition of relevant professional qualifications in Taiwan, and attract more young people from Taiwan to come to Huai'an for innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. We will continue to transform and upgrade to enhance the competitiveness of our advanced manufacturing. We will deepen the supply-side structural reform, further promote industrial agglomeration, enterprise clusters and resource intensification, and accelerate the building of a dynamic and modern manufacturing system.

We will continue to consolidate leading industries. For this aim, we will formulate the "Three New Industries and One Characteristic Industry" policy to support different types of industry in different ways and make the market share of our four leading industries reach over 46% of the whole. We will also develop the industrial clusters of integrated circuits and applied electronics and build a "Town of Smart Chip". We will support the mass production in Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Corporation, and more than 10 billion yuan of invoiced sales in Qingding Precision Electron Corporation. Min'an Electric Vehicle will be promoted to expand its market share and mass production, too. The development of enterprises such as BYD, Jun Sheng New Energy, Yomahub will be further advanced as well as their industry chains. Holding the chance of safety and environmental protection and improvement of the chemical industry, we will promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industrial parks according to policies and their own features. Through these actions, 57 chemical enterprises will be stopped to be rectified together with 87 to be rectified and optimized. China's first-rate new materials industrial base for salt chemical in Suhuai Hi-tech Industries Development Zone should be built based on high standards. Also, the relocation of Southwest Chemical Industry Zone should be listed in the actions of special rectification of hazardous chemical industry. The structure of the food industry will be adjusted along with the technological innovation of Jin Shiyuan Enterprise and the construction of Baisite Food Industrial Park and other key projects. We will also build a national-level food industrial park and hold the Third Food Expo this year in Huai'an.

We will establish and optimize key enterprises. We will encourage them to grow stronger through mergers, acquisitions and technological transformation. The investment in industrial technological transformation will increase by 9% in the whole year. We will strive to establish more than 350 enterprises with sales exceeding 100 million yuan and more than 30 enterprises over 1 billion yuan. The industrial sale above designated size is expected to grow by 6.5 percent or more. 150 enterprises above designated size, 10 small-scale giant enterprises above the municipal level and 10 minor enterprises which are specialized, refined, characterized and innovated will be all cultivated. We will strengthen our demonstrative guidance on the application of information, actively introduce new technologies such as 5G applications and blockchains to not only accelerate the integrated development of new information technology and industry but also establish 30 provincial and municipal enterprises as demonstrations and pilots with integrated information and industrialization. 15 enterprises will reach the standard of the integration of the two, 50 e-enterprises above key provincial level will be cultivated and the municipal big data platforms of quality information will also be set up. We will support the leading enterprises with new materials such as salinized attapulgite to actively participate in the construction of international and domestic technical standard systems.

We will increase the intensive level of our industries. The comprehensive evaluation of resource intensive utilization in industrial enterprises will be carried out in an all-round way, and enterprises will be graded according to the indexes of per-mu tax and per-mu sales, so as to promote the capacity of low-efficiency and high-consumption enterprises in an orderly manner. We will encourage enterprises to implement green manufacturing projects with 30 to be fulfilled. We will upgrade the energy efficiency of 100 key energy-using enterprises, create two new national circular economy demonstration enterprises, accelerate the reduction of excess capacity in industries such as cement and coke, and meet the provincial target of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP. We will start a new round of revisions to the overall planning of the city's development zones, fully implement the regional assessment of the zones, as well as copy and spread the experience of the fifth batch of pilot reforms of the free trade zone. 

4. We will adhere to Huai'an characteristics and bring the city to new heights of modern services. We should embrace the era of high-speed rail, rely on our advantages, expand and upgrade our consumption and enhance the radiation and driving forces of modern services.

We will enhance the development of all-for-one tourism. We need to accelerate the process of brand building, strengthen the construction of smart tourism, and establish 1-2 counties into the national or provincial all-for-one tourism demonstration zones. We need to further promote the eco-tourism brand "Fall in Love with Water Huai'an at the First Sight". Meanwhile, Huai'an characteristics interpreted as "Visiting Rivers, Lakes & Wetlands and Tasting Prawns, Crabs & Delicacies" will be thoroughly displayed. We will push forward our high-quality tourism projects, such as the flagship projects of Fantawild, the trial operation of part of Journey to the West Theme Park, the high-level resort hotels like Overwater Forest & Hot Spring Hotel as well as the Baima Lake Ecotourism Site into a national 4A scenic spot. Aiming at the new preference of experiential tourism, we will promote and transform the tourism blocks such as Yumatou Delicacy Street and Hexia Ancient Town. A batch of old brand characteristic shops will be revived to attract more tourists. To shape the tourism features in rural areas, the Gold Seed cultivation project which strengthens the villages and enriches people's lives, as well as the first Rural Tourism Carnival of Huai River Eco-economic Belt will be held, and a batch of characteristic towns such as Jinhuheyun Town will be formed as clusters.

We will give full play to the creativity in emerging forms of consumption. We should actively develop the digital economy, speed up the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, fully promote new smart city projects, plan and build municipal data centers, and complete a large agricultural data platform. We will carry out joint innovation in value-added applications such as big data and artificial intelligence, realize the deep integration of digital economy with real economy and daily life, and develop new forms of industry such as internet, intelligent manufacturing, distance education, and medical treatment. To actively develop the night economy, we need reasonable layout and careful design of night economic projects to form a complete industrial chain. We should encourage key blocks and commercial institutions to extend business hours appropriately, and strengthen night traffic, safety, environment, and other supporting services and management. The fashion industry will also be developed. According to the consumption needs of different groups, a number of characteristic restaurants, pocket parks, cultural and sports venues will be laid out to create more leisure space integrating culture, creativity, consumption, and other elements, so as to improve the city's fashion and vitality.

We will speed up the upgrading of logistics hubs. Based on aviation, high-speed rail and inland water transport, we will work to build Huai'an as a logistics hub city on the eastern coast. Relying on our "Golden Triangle" modern logistics system together with Xuzhou and Lianyungang, we will accelerate the construction of an air-cargo transportation hub by adding one or two new all-cargo routes and accelerating the construction of 327 Provincial Highway and other assembling and evacuating roads. We should research on how to build a logistics base equipped with high-speed rail and how to combine aviation with high-speed rail as a new system. Based on high-speed rail transportation, we will step up the building of the distribution center which serves Northern Suzhou even the whole country. The transit and intermodal capacity of the inland river should be strengthened. With the available ports at the moment, we will put efforts into the construction and transformation of multimodal transport facilities, cooperate with hub ports of Lianyungang, Taicang, and Nanjing. Also, the construction and application of logistics information service platforms will be quickened and the modern high-end services such as financial transaction settlement will be further planned.

5.We will stick to Huai'an inclusive development and improve the city's comprehensive service functions. Focusing on our people and the characteristics of our eco-cultural tourism, we will make our water city more inclusive and livable, and equip our central city with concentration, radiation and comprehensive carrying capacity. 

We will improve the quality of functional areas. 72.6 billion yuan will be invested in 523 major projects to enhance the urban function level. We will draw up and complete the protection plan of historical and cultural cities in order to enhance the space configuration of our old cities, manifest their styles and features and promote the surrounding regulations of Enlai Executive Leadership Academy. We will construct Huai'an Section of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park based on high standards, compile the plan of inheritance, protection and development of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, carefully plan for the protection and development of Shanyang Lake, speed up the construction of the core exhibition area of the canal culture, and start the preliminary work of the construction of China Science and Technology Museum of Water Conservancy. We will promote the landscape upgrading and reconstruction, the construction of cultural tourism facilities, the regulation and protection of channels, and the environmental improvement along Huai'an section of the Grand Canal from all aspects. Efforts will be put into building the Green and Modern Shipping Demonstration Zone, making Huai'an the first pilot city. Business centers, schools and other supporting facilities will be constructed based on high standards, and the multiple functions of high-speed railway's business class will be further enhanced. We will speed up constructing Phase II of the financial center and custom streets, and improve the quality of Huaihai Central Business District and Shuidukou CBD.

We will create an enabling environment in which people enjoy living and working. We will fully improve the landscape along Qing'an River and Xiao Lake, construct the green corridors of Li Canal and Ancient Huai River as well as a number of distinctive parks. We will relocate the waterworks on Beijing Road and Sijiqing Sewage Plant, continue to update the secondary water supply equipment in residential areas, build urban networks for rain and sewage diversion, complete the programs of second-phase disposal of food waste and sludge incineration, and advance the development of garbage classification in urban residential areas and public institutions. We will adopt precise measures to regulate and maintain the sustained and healthy development in the real estate market. We will accelerate the function upgrading of inefficiently used land, rebuild 15 thousand housing units in rundown urban areas, improve 70 old residential areas and take systematic steps to install elevators in multi-story residences. We will explore to pilot the construction of "future communities" and create novel cities with various functional units. We will spare no effort to reach the standard of "National Civilized City". In order to further increase the city's appearance, the networked and digitalized mechanisms for management will be refined, Regulations on Property Management in Huai'an Residential Areas will be enacted and implemented, the system of being responsible for "general sanitation, green covering, repairing, protecting the infrastructure and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building" will be improved, and the measures for law enforcement will be taken. To fully increase the civilization level of the city, we will conduct extensive activities to promote the public service publicity of "Ten Don'ts" related to civil behaviors and strengthen law enforcement, too.

We will improve the integrated transportation system, including the formation of comprehensive urban transportation, assembling and evacuating system of airport and cargo hub as well as the spatial plans. We will advance the all-round construction of Nanjing-Huai'an Intercity Railway, connect the whole Lianyungang-Zhenjiang High-speed Railway and carry out the preliminary work of Xinyi-Huai'an high-speed railway. We will carry out the terminal expansion and reconstruction of Huai'an Lianshui International Airport, promote the preliminary work of its Phase III project, and build Jinhu General Airport. We will accelerate the Phrase II construction of Lianshui New Port operating area and the construction of Huangma Port. We will expand Huai'an section of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, complete Hongze and Huai'an sections of 348 Provincial Highway, commence the construction of Huai'an section of 264 Provincial Highway, promote the preliminary work of Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway and Hongze Lake Avenue, and make Binhe Avenue open to traffic. 10,000 new parking spaces in the urban area will be added, and intelligent transformation of Huai'an signal lights, bus stops, etc. will be orderly promoted so that our traffic capacity of urban roads can be greatly improved.

6. We will vigorously implement the rural revitalization by taking holistic approaches. We should strengthen the overall allocation of resources, improve the quality and efficiency of our industries, optimize public services, improve our living environment, and strive to write a chapter of rural rejuvenation with prosperous industries, rich people, beautiful villages and harmonious relations.

We will speed up the development of industries with local advantages and features. We will deepen the agricultural supply-side structural reform, and energetically develop high-efficiency agriculture, green aquaculture and distinctive eco-leisure agriculture by the idea of leading the market by brands, ensuring the production by bases, and upgrading the industries by parks. We will use brands to develop our agricultural economy. For example, the marketing model "Millenarian Huai'an Taste +" will be adopted together with more than 20 exhibition platforms to gain the brand with greater influence and visibility. We will expand the production scale of our bases with 200,000 mu of palatable rice, 60,000 mu of facilities and 1000,000 mu of rice and shrimp comprehensive cultivation land to be built. We will develop the park better by accelerating and upgrading the Taiwanese Farmer Entrepreneurship Park in Huaiyin District as well as over 25 urban parks. There will be more than 100 key agricultural projects with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan to be started, and 10 leading agricultural enterprises of over 100 million yuan to be cultivated. We will better prevent Africa swine fever, maintain pig production, and stabilize market supply.

We will promote eco-livable rural construction in Huai'an. In order to accelerate the progress of rural housing improvement, 90 projects under construction will be coordinated and 100 new renovation projects will be implemented, relating to the residential infrastructure of 21,500 households. We will carry out "Four Governances and Four Promotions" in the reserved and upgraded villages on the plan list, and finish the municipal pilot project of characteristic countryside. We will quicken the upgrading and reconstruction of rural roads, including 200 kilometers of new roads and 30 bridges. In order to complete the three-year task of improving the living environment in rural areas, we should push on the dredging of rural rivers and the treatment of black and odorous water. At the same time, achievements of rural drinking water safety after special rectifications will be consolidated and the water supply of urban-rural integration will be basically realized. Public toilets will be equipped reasonably as well as 18,000 new household toilets according to the regulations, and the effective link between toilet modification and domestic sewage treatment will be promoted. The operation of sewage treatment plants in towns will be up to the standard, the coverage rate of sewage treatment facilities in the administrative villages will be more than 60%, and the domestic sewage treatment rate in the villages on the plan list up to 90%. We should take good control of rural domestic waste and non-point source pollution, improve the coverage rate of cleaning operation system and harmless treatment of refuse, and realize the comprehensive utilization rate of straw and livestock's excrement up to 95% and 85%, respectively.

We will improve rural civilization and good governance. We need to push the focus of our governance down to the grass-roots level and accelerate the building of democratically managed villages which are vibrant, harmonious and orderly. We need to learn from the experience of Fengqiao Town, promote a grid-based community governance model, continually review the potential rural safety hazards and establish a comprehensive platform for alternative dispute resolution. We will actively create model villages that are free of triads and cases and in which all villagers follow the law, solidly promote the construction of civilized towns and villages, and vigorously carry forward the new culture of the times. We will continue to consolidate and improve the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas. The "Leading 3" Action Plan (leading the inheritance of skills, strengthening the development of industries and promoting the prosperity of the masses) for rural talents will be further implemented, the innovation and entrepreneurship among them will also be supported so as to provide the basis for rural revitalization. Cultural projects for the benefit of the people will be further promoted, and cultural and sports square in towns and streets will be fully covered.

7. We will insist on systematic thinking and promote ecological progress in a coordinated way. In accordance to the concept that "clear water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver", we will stick to the red line of ecological protection, the bottom line of environmental quality and the upper line of resource utilization, so that all Huai'an people can enjoy great benefits from the green environment.

We will improve the ecological space system of the city. In combination with the overall planning of national land space, the protection and management of the system of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses shall be planned as a whole, the co-construction of forest land, green land and wetland shall be promoted, and the integration of greening, beautification and culture shall be promoted, so as to accelerate the formation of ecosystems around the lake, along the river and of the wetland. We will also implement ecological restoration projects, increase afforestation efforts, and create more green corridors around lakes and along rivers that integrate landscape, ecology and economy. We will comprehensively deepen the ecological management and protection of rivers and lakes, and accelerate the project of returning Hongze Lake, Gaoyou Lake and Baoying Lake to the lake. We will prepare the wetland protection plan, carry out relevant legislative research and strive to pass the acceptance of Baima Lake National Wetland Park so that Huai'an could join the ranks of international wetland cities after four years' efforts. We will strictly set the threshold for project access, optimize the industrial structure for green adjustment, and build a global ecological economic system with the theme of green development.

We will improve the effect of pollution control. We will attach importance to the feedbacks from the central and provincial environment protection supervision and complete tasks within the time limit. We need to improve the air pollution prevention and control mechanism and pre-alert mechanism, and control all kinds of pollution systematically to ensure that the PM2.5 concentration continues to decline and the number of days with good air quality steadily rises. We will increase the prevention and control of water pollution as well by implementing 29 key water control projects such as the supporting pipe network of Jinhu sewage treatment plant, accelerating the improvement of treatment standards of black and odorous water bodies, launching various projects such as water source protection, port pollution prevention and control, river and lake dredging, and source control and pollution interception. Besides, we will promote the discharge reduction of agricultural inputs, reduce the total amount of pollutants entering the river and lake, and ensure that the cross-section is stable and up to the standard. We must complete land use surveys in key industries, build the first area of comprehensive soil pollution control, launch the soil remediation project in Jiqiao Chemical Industry Park and deepen the implementation of soil testing and formula fertilization. Furthermore, the facilities construction for centralized disposal of hazardous wastes will be sped up, and illegal transshipment, dumping and other crimes will be cracked down.

We will carry out the toughest ecological protection system. We will implement the lists of environmental protection regulatory responsibilities and strictly follow the systems of environmental interviews, limited approval on new regional project, audition on the departure of natural resources and life-long accountability for ecological environmental damage. We will deepen the reformation of the compensational system for ecological environment damage to further fulfill our responsibilities. To motivate internal force of various subjects in pollution control and emission reduction, we will move forward our trade in pollution right and energy consumption, improve the fiscal policies that are linked to the quantity of pollutant discharged, explore and establish the incentive policies about green-credit, bonds, taxes, electricity, purchase and so on. We will also give full play to the comprehensive supervisory platforms for pollution prevention and control, improve the mechanisms for reporting of environmental violations with awards, public interest protection, unified punishment for poor credit and so on, and maintain the high pressure of environmental law enforcement.

8. We will continue to give priority to people's well-being and achieve a higher level of moderate prosperity in all respects. We will seize the issues most concerned by the masses and the groups most in need of concern, persevere in the job of people's livelihood, and combine the "small happiness" of individual families into the "great harmony" of the whole society.

We will increase employment and income in Huai'an. We will implement the three-year plan of "Creating Wealth in Huai'an", intensify employment training, strengthen basic employment security, encourage university students and returnees to find employment and start businesses, and promote quality employment for veterans. Moreover, we will deepen the upgraded sunshine poverty alleviation, accelerate the implementation of industrial poverty alleviation projects, complete the construction of crucial projects in key areas and Huanghuatang Revolutionary Base, and maintain the stable income growth for low-income farming households and villages. The policy will be carried out that makes rural people in need free from worries over food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services and safe housing. The long-term mechanism for preventing the return to poverty will be perfected, the stability of supporting policies during the hardening period will be kept, and the special audit on poverty alleviation will be launched so as to effectively consolidate our achievements in the fight against poverty.

We will continue to improve the security system. We should expand the payment of basic pension insurance and housing provident fund for employees in new types of business and flexible employees. We will consolidate integrated standards of urban and rural subsistence allowance, deepen the special campaigns of rural subsistence allowances, promote the reform of warm social assistance, and raise the subsidy standards for children in need and disabled people. Also, we need to improve the medical security system, consolidate and integrate employee's health insurance and maternity insurance, promote the overall planning of basic health insurance at the city level, and deepen the reforms of payment methods, pharmaceutical consumables and medical service prices. The construction of standardized home-based elderly care service centers in communities will be sped up for a diversified elderly care service system and home-based care services for 6,000 poor and severely disabled people.

We will advance the development of social programs. We will form a learning society with life-long educational systems. In order to deepen the reform of educational systems and mechanisms, we will keep our achievements of compulsory education by group, promote the supply of educational resources in general high schools, advance the healthy and standardized development of private schools and improve the mechanism of teacher's supplement and renewal. 75 educational construction projects will be carried out and the teaching equipment in 30 schools will be improved. We will form the cooperation alliance of secondary and higher vocational schools, promote the integrated development of Huai'an universities and local features, introduce well-known universities to set up independent colleges and attached middle schools. We need to deepen the health construction in Huai'an by the perfect modern hospital management system and the close medical associations. We will establish an emergency center in Huai'an First People's Hospital as well as 6 regional medical and health centers in rural areas, conduct the prevention and control of disease, the pre-hospital medical emergency system and the comprehensive regulatory enforcement of health problems. We will accelerate the construction of a new Huai'an radio and television center, improve the construction of cultural centers, art galleries and libraries in counties and districts and complete the upgrading of integrated cultural service centers at grassroots level. The 3rd City Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt will be held, as well as the protection and utilization project of revolutionary cultural relics. Besides, we will continue to run branded sports events well, build characteristic sports projects with independent intellectual property, and promote the coordinated development of mass sports and competitive sports. The seventh population census is expected to be conducted, too.

We will comprehensively enhance our social governance. We will actively apply for the first batch of pilot cities for the modernization of municipal social governance in China, adhere to and improve the social governance system of co-construction, co-governance and sharing, and continue to perfect the multiple prevention and resolution mechanisms of social conflicts and disputes. We must deepen the construction of a model city for crime crackdown, promote the integrated development of governance by virtue, law and people, and build a joint mechanism of "Grid Management" to report problems to related departments in time. We will implement the intelligent policing strategy based on big data, complete the construction of "upgraded version of technical prevention city", improve the framework of "One Core, Four Bases and Multiple Parts" intelligent politics and law, and accelerate the construction of research and judgment operation centers based on big data. We must enhance our fight against crimes, resolve social contradictions and prevent and control from the source. The long-pending cases of letters and visits should be solidly solved, law popularization of the Seventh Five-year Plan should be advanced for a national standardized city with the social security prevention and control system, and the legalization of ethnic and religious work will also be compressively pushed forward. We will strengthen the supervision of food and drug safety and support the "Transparent Food Safety" mode so as to ensure the safety and benefits of our people. We will insist on the reforms of national defense and the armed forces, strengthen the mobilization of national defense and the building of reserve forces, and apply the national defense education for all. The service assurance system for ex-servicemen will improved and the continuation of social insurance for them will be promoted as a whole. We will push forward the integration of military and civilian development, and create a national model city for supporting both sides.

We will do our best to ensure our safety in production. Taking the opportunity of the State Council's supervision of our work safety, we will carry out in-depth special rectifications, effectively build up the defense line in mind, further clarify the responsibilities of all parties, and constantly consolidate the foundation of work safety. All kinds of potential safety hazards shall be investigated very carefully, special rectification shall be carried out in a high standard and normalized way, and comprehensive safety management of hazardous chemicals shall be emphasized. Moreover, general accidents will be greatly reduced, major accidents will be firmly contained, and major accidents will be eliminated. As for the improvement of our emergency management ability, we will build a large pattern, improve its supporting plan and strictly implement the emergency duty system so as to ensure the stable and improved Huai'an work safety.

Fellow deputies, people's livelihood is the first priority on government's agenda. This year, we will carry out the ten practical projects for Huai'an people's livelihood so as to solve their structural problems and meet their new expectations for a better life. The ten projects include the updated and transformed service facilities for urban and rural residents, the upgraded rural roads, the improved wetland ecosystem, the completed "Rose-decorated City Relax Station", the expanded quality resources for basic education, the drug guarantee for people with high blood pressure and diabetes, the caring actions for the poor and the disabled, the improved public security in urban and rural areas, the increased training of employment and entrepreneurship skills, and the enriched people's cultural and sports life. 

III. Enhancing the Government's Self-construction in an All-round Way

We must conscientiously follow the guiding principles set out at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth CPC Central Committee, further innovate administrative methods, improve administrative efficiency, and strive to build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with, centering on the new requirements of promoting the modernization of the government's governance system and capacity.

We will remain true to our original aspiration and keep fighting. We will consolidate the educational achievements on the theme of "staying true to our founding mission," and effectively put what we have learned into strengthening our party spirit, improving our working ability and style, and facilitating the process of work. We should thoroughly study, understand and practice the guiding ideology of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and build a firm foundation for the belief to keep our original aspiration. We should take the hearts of the people as our hearts, share a common fate with them and show our sincere love for them. We must always maintain the attitude of catching up with the "Examination" and be a good "examinee" in the new era. We will resolutely implement the various tasks arranged by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Municipal Party Committee, and put our dreams into practice with a strong sense of public servant.

We will keep our mission in mind and serve the mass efficiently. We should strengthen our responsibilities and take positive actions. We will develop ourselves without distractions, do solid work, and courage the government officials to do good jobs and show their sense of presence. We must face the difficulties and go forward with burdens. Facing the pain of economic transformation and upgrading, the short board of building a well-off society in all respects and at a high level, the hidden danger of social security and stability, and the difficulty of deepening reform, we will overcome all kinds of obstacles with great perseverance. We should make more innovation, improve our working efficiency, promote the process reform of government service and resolutely uphold special treatments for "Obstruction from Middle-level Government Officials." We will take a clear stand for enterprises, treat them equally no matter how big or small their sizes are, whether they have internal or external investment and entrepreneurs and whether they are emerging or traditional industries. A friendly, safe and rich development environment for business will be strived to create.

We will respect the rule of law and scientific governance. We must strengthen the construction of a government under the rule of law, promote administration according to law and strictly regulate fair and civilized law enforcement. Legislation in key areas will be promoted, the work of administrative reconsideration and response to appeals will be carried out, and the public legal service system covering urban and rural areas will be accelerated. We will adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making in accordance with the law, improve the system of public participation in major administrative decisions, expert argumentation, risk assessment, legitimacy review, as well as group discussion and decision-making, and resolutely improve the vanity projects. We must keep government affairs more transparent and legal. We must strengthen the supervision of administrative law enforcement, and consciously accept the legal supervision of the Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee, the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, and the supervision by public opinion.

We will take on the responsibility faithfully and preserve our nature. We will act in strict accordance with the Party Central Committee's eight-point decision on conduct and its rules for implementation, conscientiously fulfill the main responsibilities for the overall and strict governance of the party and strictly implement the requirements of "One Position, Two Responsibilities." We should consciously abide by the principles of integrity and self-discipline. We will strengthen supervision at all levels and supervision through auditing within the government, and resolutely build a strong line of defense, strictly abide by the bottom line and stay away from the red line. We should practice strict economy, further reduce the expenditure of "Three Public Funds," and vigorously promote the cost-saving management of public institutions. We will resolutely crack down on formalism and bureaucracy, continue to reduce the burden on the grass-roots level, take the lead in streamlining meetings and reducing documents, standardize inspection and submission of materials, and let our government officials focus on implementation.

Fellow deputies, our founding mission will lead us to greater achievements and a brighter future. We will unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core and adhere to the guiding ideology of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Guided by the correct leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Municipal Party Committee, we will stick to our goals, innovate and work hard, and strive to promote the high-quality leapfrog development and to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects and at a high level!