Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 27, 2019)

Delivered at the Third Session of the 8th People's Congress of Huai'an on January 27, 2019

Cai Lixin, Mayor of Huai'an

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Huai'an Municipal People's Government, I will now report to you on the work of the government and ask for your deliberation and approval. I also invite comments from members of the Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other representatives present.

I. A Review of the Work in 2018

In the past year, facing the complicated and challenging macro-environment and arduous development targets, we adhered to the guiding ideology of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implemented the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party in an all-round way, and firmly followed the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability in accordance with all major policies and plans made by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial government and municipal party committee. We thoroughly implemented the new development philosophy, coordinated works in reform, development and stability by pursuing supply-side structural reform as the main task. As a result, we maintained stable and healthy economic and social development, better accomplished all objectives and tasks, and achieved a good start for high-quality development.

1. With equal emphasis on both quantity and quality, the economy achieved generally stable growth while made further progress. Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) totaled 360.1 billion yuan, grew by 6.5 percent. Investment in fixed assets above scale increased by 9 percent; general public budget income added up to 24.73 billion yuan, rose by 7.2 percent; and per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 35,828 yuan and 17,058 yuan, increased by 8.6 percent and 9.3 percent respectively. Strategic leadership was highlighted. The Huaihe River Ecological Economic Region, initiated by Huai'an, had been upgraded to a national strategy, filling the gap in Huai'an that there's no national strategy for a long time. We actively participated in formulating the Outline of the Plan for the Protection, Inheritance and Utilization of the Grand Canal Culture and the development plan of Jianghuai Ecological Economic Zone, integrating more Huai'an elements into major national and provincial strategies. We made full use of strategic opportunities of support from provincial Party committee and provincial government to build an air cargo airport in Huai'an, and systematically promoted preliminary works, including striving for support, attracting foreign investment and plan-making. Industrial support was strengthened. Great importance was attached to building a new generation of information technology, new energy vehicles and spare parts, salted concave soil new materials, food and other competitive and characteristic industries. Industrial economy was stable and healthy, with industrial investment above scale, output value and taxable invoices maintained double-digit growth. The development of modern logistics, modern commerce and trade, eco-tourism and other characteristic services had accelerated, and the added value of the service industry increased by 8.8 percent, ranking in the forefront in the province. Huai'an E-commerce Modern Logistics Park was developed into a provincial demonstration logistics park and Xuyi became a provincial demonstration area for rural tourism innovation and development. Meanwhile, Crystal Palace Beluga Water Park and Jinhu Water Forest were approved as national 4A grade tourist areas, creating a number of provincial 5-star and 4-star rural tourist areas. The development of high value-added and impressive agricultural industries, such as special high-efficiency planting, special green aquatic products and characteristic ecological leisure, had accelerated. Moreover, a series of standards for "Huai'an rice" had been issued and carried out. High-efficiency facilities horticultural area was newly increased by 68,000 mu, and the comprehensive cultivation scale of rice and shrimp exceeded 350,000 mu. The "Medicinal Herbs Gardens" covering an area of over 10,000 mu had been built in Lianshui, and leisure agriculture represented by flower tour in Baima Lake continued to attract more attention. Four counties and districts were approved as "provincial pilot counties to promote complete mechanization of grain production". The principle of project-driven development was insisted. A total of 134.2 billion yuan had been invested in 220 major projects at or above the municipal level, and 210 projects each with domestic investment of over 100 million yuan were started, including 30 projects with over 1 billion yuan. Besides, 154 industrial projects with each investment over 100 billion yuan, were newly started, and 107 projects with equipment investment of more than 10 million yuan were completed. Principal parts of the Dehuai Semiconductor Project Phase I, Advanced Memory and other leading projects had been completed. The first pure electric new energy vehicle "Made in Huai'an" also made its official debut in 2018. We had 200 service projects with each investment over 50 million yuan, and major projects, including Fantawild and China Water Transport City, were under construction. Thirty agricultural projects with each investment exceeding 100 million yuan were completed, while nine provincial leading agricultural enterprises had been added. Three billion yuan were invested in key water conservancy projects. And Huaihe River outfall water way regulation works and other three backbone works of the Huaihe River were successfully completed. Innovation-orientation was emphasized. The output value of high-tech industries increased by 21.4 percent, and 135 national high-tech enterprises were approved, which reached a record high. An industrial alliance of intelligent equipment manufacturing and salting new materials was founded, and 66 "two stations and three centers" above the municipal level and 26 provincial pilot enterprises of integration of informatization and industrialization were newly established, achieving zero to breakthrough in building national engineering research centers and provincial demonstration bases for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Huai'an proprietary technology exchange center was built, and two China Famous Trade Marks were newly approved. Sixty-eight innovative and entrepreneurial leading talents and 11 teams were introduced to Huai'an in terms of the "Huaishang Talent Program". Consequently, the number of patent application granted and valid invention patent per 10,000 people increased by 66.9 percent and 12.5 percent respectively. Innovation has become an important driving force for high-quality leapfrog development.

2. Efforts had been made to overcome difficulties and ensure the speed and stability of reform and opening up. Focusing on turning "bonsai" to "landscape", we paid more attention to the implementation and effect of various measures. Breakthroughs had been made in reforms in key fields. We pushed forward with reforms that delegate power, improve regulation and upgrade services, and the reforms of thirty-in-one license and separating permits from the business license were implemented in the whole city. The new approval process of "35745" had been a routine service, and we also actively promoted the innovative practices such as simulated approval and commissioned application. We pursued the "Cut Certification to Create Convenience" reform initiative and the oversight conducted through the random selection of both inspectors and inspection targets and the prompt release of results was improved. The pilot reform of an integrated examination and approval service system covering the city, counties, towns and villages was launched in an all-round way. The "united examination of digital drawings" was publicly praised by the fifth major accountability inspections of the State Council. The practice "approval without the need to be physically present" was included in the provincial standardization pilot project. We made solid progress in the pursuit of new urbanization and reform of land use system. Moreover, we comprehensively optimized the layout of towns and villages in only one year, which was planned to complete in two years. And the administrative system reform in the developed town, Gaogou, was systematically implemented. The land use planning of the five major functional areas was implemented successfully, with Hongze district achieving the goal of renovating 10,000 mu fields in terms of the "double reduction" principle. Marked achievements were scored in the fiscal and taxation financial reform. We successfully completed the reform of the tax collection systems of local and state taxation. Furthermore, Huai'an Financing Guarantee Group was founded, and Huai'an branch of CITIC Bank was opened. The growing rate of loans in Renminbi and foreign currencies of financial institutions ranked third in the whole province. Altogether, the control mechanism of government debt and financial risks was further improved. Rural reform was further pushed forward by launching general checkup on rural collective assets and promoting joint farming and the transforming of land contracting management right into shares. In the end, 23 provincial demonstration family farms and 51 cooperatives were newly developed. Remarkable results had been achieved in the water pricing reform for irrigation. And breakthroughs had been made in opening up. There were 168 new foreign investment projects, of which 16 had an investment of over 100 million US dollars and the foreign capital invested in manufacturing industry accounted for 40 percent. We actively responded to the China-US trade friction and new situation of international trade. Measures to facilitate investment and trade were implemented and 150 enterprises with new growth points in foreign trade were cultivated. Besides, foreign trade routes were officially opened in Huai'an Port, leading to an 8.1 percent increase in foreign trade imports and exports. We also built two pairs of International Friendship Cities. Breakthroughs had been made in the construction of Taiwan investment cluster. The first provincial joint meeting of Taiwan-funded agglomeration demonstration area was held, in which we drew up relevant development plans and decided to carry out in-depth economic, trade, cultural, medical and other cooperation and exchanges between Huai'an and Taiwan, so that promote the integrative development of industries in the two areas. The Taiwan·Huai'an Week, Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum·2018 Taiwan Week and other activities were successfully held, and the mechanism of the coordinated development of Taiwan-funded economy between Huai'an and Kunshan was implemented. As a result, 48 new and additional Taiwan-funded projects were introduced, of which the number of projects over US10 million increased by 45 percent. We strengthened the building of the 101% service brand and carried out a series of activities themed "Peer with Taiwan Enterprises". In 2018, Huai'an was evaluated as one of the "strongly recommended cities" for Taiwan investment for seven consecutive years, ranking 13th among 112 mainland cities, up 6 places from the previous year. Breakthroughs had been made in the construction of platforms. Compared with the previous year, seven development zones above the provincial level ranked higher in the whole province, with Huai'an Economic & Technological Development Zone rising to the 12th place. Suhuai High-Tech Zone became the only chemical park to pass the EIA after the launch of the special action of "263". Qinghe Development Zone had been approved as a provincial economic development zone. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation science park had been built in Ninghuai Modern Service Area, and five North-South co-construction parks were awarded by the province. In short, the capacity of various parks had been continuously strengthened.

3. Efforts had been made to promote integrated development and coordinate the development of urban and rural areas. Efforts were made to optimize the layout, and improve functions and quality, creating a livable environment which is also suitable for industry. The construction of the central city had been steadily improved. Highlighting the effect of planning, we paid more attention to the overall urban design work, invested 96.1 billion yuan and implemented 725 key urban construction projects. We speeded up the construction of the Cultural Corridor of Liyunhe Canal and high-speed rail business district, and started major projects such as Huai'an east railway station comprehensive passenger hub. The first phase of the financial center was completed, and 80 enterprises, including financial institutions, planned to enter. The first phase of the city inner ring elevated road, Lianyungang-Zhenjiang railway and Xuzhou-Yancheng high speed railway were smoothly promoted, while the second phase expansion project of Huai'an Airport had been put into operation. Jinhu Airport was under construction. Precise measures were taken to keep the real estate market stable and innovate the management mode of housing provident fund. Shanty town areas of 1.32 million square meters and 180 old residential areas were renovated. Meanwhile, 1,230 new parking spaces were added and the Huaihai Underground Plaza was upgraded. Twenty-six permanent and 217 hectares of modified green spaces were built. Green buildings accounted for 75 percent in cities and towns. Seven enterprises had been granted modern demonstration bases of the provincial construction industry. We launched a new round of the creation of a nation-wide civilized city by publishing "Ten Don'ts" of civilized behaviors for citizens in Huai'an and promoting the responsibility system for citizens to take charge of five tasks in front of one's doors. In the end, Huai'an passed the national health city review with high score. The construction of towns and villages had been accelerated in an all-round way. Vigorously implementing the rural revitalization strategy, we formulated a five-year action plan for improving the housing conditions of peasants, and issued guidance on project approval and bidding for new concentrated residential areas in collective-owned land. We also compiled the layout plan of rural residence and completed the design scheme of municipal characteristic villages. In the end, 29 concentrated residence for peasants were started, 4 had been finished, and 22,000 households in 111 villages were relocated. Shihe Zhijiaole Town, Smart Chip Town in Huai'an New and High-Tech Industries Development Zone and Jiangba Water Town were selected into the second batch of provincial featured towns, and Sanhe was built into a National Health Town. With 567 km of rural roads and 152 bridges being built, the coverage rate of township road in villages exceeded 97 percent, and buses were fully covered in towns and villages. The consolidation project of rural drinking water safety was completed ahead of schedule. The pilot project of garbage classification in villages and towns was launched, and the concentrated wastewater treatment rate in designated towns reached 50.6 percent. Continued efforts were made in ecological conservation. Huai'an was selected into the first batch of national eco-civilization pilot demonstration areas and passed the inspection of the national cities for the construction of water ecological civilization. Xuyi and Hongze had been built into the first batch of the provincial ecological civilization construction demonstration counties. The "263" special operation was carried out, and feedbacks from and issues assigned by the national and provincial environmental protection inspectors were comprehensively implemented. We implemented 382 key projects for air pollution control, thanks to which days of high-quality air reached 254 days, increased by 1.2 percentage points, and the average PM2.5 concentrations in urban areas was the same as last year. We closely checked remaining plots of chemical enterprises and increased solid waste disposal capacity by 37,500 tons. We actively implemented the special action of "four batches" for chemical enterprises, speeded up the relocation of chemical companies along the Grand Canal and shut down 30. We innovated the "three-in-one" management and protection mechanism of rivers, lakes and sections. Sixty-two new ecological sample rivers were built and 17 urban black and smelly water bodies were renovated, because of which Huai'an was selected into the 20 national demonstration cities for the treatment of black and smelly water bodies. The sewage interception and diversion project of Huai'an section along the east route of the south-to-north water transfer project was completed. The water quality of both national test of water quality standards and concentrated drinking water sources above the county level were up to standard. Our satisfaction rate of ecological environment ranked third in the whole province, and ecology is becoming the most beautiful background of Huai'an.

4. Our insistence on the principle of people-oriented ensured the continuous improvement of people's livelihood. We continued to increase inputs to ensure living standards, and completed ten livelihood projects, striving to make people feel more satisfied, happy and secure. Significant results had been achieved in poverty alleviation. We implemented the regulatory system of "sunshine for poverty alleviation" and the partner assistance activities such as the "poverty alleviation action" of deputies to the People's Congress. We also accelerated the construction of poverty alleviation industrial belts along the ancient Huaihe River, the Huaihe-Lianhe junction and Xinangang area, and carried out 114 projects to enrich people through relevant industries. We provided social assistance and ensured basic life needs of those most in need, helping 120,000 low-income people get rid of poverty on schedule. Fifty-one provincial and municipal economically weak villages were out of poverty through the relatively concentrated residence, land consolidation, pilot project for paid withdrawal of house site and poverty alleviation by asset income. Public services were continuously optimized. Fifty-three primary and middle schools and kindergartens were newly built. We also achieved the best results in history in the provincial vocational skills contest and constructed 12 provincial modernized professional groups and training bases. Meanwhile, we supervised and urged 190 after-school training institutions to rectify. Scores for the test of education modernization and evaluation of the performance of educational responsibilities carried out by the provincial government ranked first in Northern Jiangsu. The comprehensive reform of public hospitals, characterized by the continuously improved tiered diagnosis and treatment model and service system of contracted family doctors, was commended and encouraged by the State Council. North Jiangsu Institute of Clinical Medicine was established. Moreover, we built 12 cross-regional medical treatment alliances and 10 specialized alliances with Shanghai and Nanjing. The database of cultural heritage in the Huai'an section of the Grand Canal was built and the exhibition of intangible cultural heritage in cities along the Grand Canal was held. Based on the Hongze Lake international mitten crab fashion show, we cooperated with CCTV and held the first special program of Chinese peasants' harvest festival, during which many art works, including the modern Peking opera piece "Cranes Dancing in Sky", were created. Thirty-two sports parks and 86.5 kilometers of fitness trails were newly built all over the city. We hosted several international and national sports events, and held the sports industry expo. Support capacity had been continuously strengthened. We provided vocational and entrepreneurship skills training for 55,000 people, created 92,000 new jobs in cities and towns, and supported 56,000 people to achieve re-employment. The urban and rural minimum living standards were raised to 580 yuan and 520 yuan per person per month respectively, among which the rural minimum living standard exceeded the provincial poverty alleviation line. We continued to raise standards for subsidies for the disabled and provided precise rehabilitation services for disabled children. We had purchased elderly care services for 97,000 elderly people in need, and built 30 institutions integrating medical care and elderly care. The outdated vaccine incident in Jinhu was quickly and thoroughly investigated and relevant people got punished strictly. Meanwhile, we carried out special action to investigate and rectify potential safety hazards of vaccines, food and drugs, among which the special action for food safety was recognized and recommended by the State Council. The degree of satisfaction for the trustworthy consumption environment ranked among the best in the whole province. Special action was also carried out to rectify outstanding problems in funeral and interment customs. Social governance continued to be strengthened. We promoted the construction of the public legal service system, and results of law education during the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" passed the mid-term assessment of the province. The grid social governance mechanism was further carried out. People's mediation and administrative mediation had become one of the eight typical cases in China. The resolution rate of key disputes and accumulated cases of petition had been greatly increased. We promoted policies of strengthening police force by reform and technology, and achieved outstanding results through the three-dimensional public security prevention and control system. As a result, the number of crimes continued to decline. Huai'an became the only city in Jiangsu to achieve continuous growth in people's sense of security for three consecutive years and had been appraised as an advance city in the comprehensive management of social security for two consecutive years. The responsibility system for production safety was strictly implemented, leading to declines in both accidents and death tolls. We speeded up development of military and civilian integration and, passed the check and acceptance of the provincial "double-support model city". The national defense and reserve forces were steadily developed. We comprehensively promoted the fourth national economic census. The national security, ethnic religion, government affairs administration, supply and marketing, price, meteorology, arbitration, archives, radio and television were further strengthened, and elderly, youth, women and children, charities, Red Cross and other undertakings had made new progress.

5. Persistence in responsibility led to continuous improvement in the ability to perform functions of the government. New atmosphere and new actions are required in the new era. Therefore, we vigorously carried forward Zhou Enlai's spirit to enforce full and strict discipline over the Party and further strengthen government credibility and capacity for execution. We paid more attention to the systematic planning and coordinated development. Centering on the implementation of high-quality leapfrog development, we carried out discussions on ideological emancipation and research activities themed "Make benchmark, improve shortcomings and learn to catch up and surpass". Through study, we issued the "1+8" high-quality development plan, and made careful plans for major, path-breaking works, including construction of the "433" modern industrial system, implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and construction of an air cargo hub. We improved the statistical monitoring and target assessment system and strived to improve the basic support which corresponds to high-quality development. We made every effort to implement projects, optimize environment, improve shortcomings and increase momentum. Therefore, we issued policies and opinions, including "58 preferential policies for Taiwan", financial support for the real economy, and deepening the reform of scientific and technological system. We also set up development funds for key industries, and kept major economic indicators within an appropriate range. More importance was attached to cultivating features and brands. Centering on the strategy of "one zone and two belts" and the positioning of an eco-city for cultural tourism, we promoted the transformation in development mode, structure optimization and power transformation. We spared no effort to advertise the eco-tourism brand of "Water Knows My Heart in Natural Huai'an" and the regional public brand of agricultural products. The first China (Huai'an) International Food Expo was held, winning us the title of "famous food city in China". We started to apply for a "City of Gastronomy" in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network to further enhance Huai'an's reputation and influence. We paid more attention to administration by law and efficient service. We readily subjected ourselves to the legal oversight of the people's congress and the democratic oversight of the CPPCC committee. Over the past year, we handled 200 proposals from deputies to the People's Congress and 457 from CPPCC members, the satisfaction rate of which were above 99 percent. Major administrative decision-making procedures were strictly implemented, and the standardization of administrative law enforcement and administrative reconsideration was promoted. The openness and transparency of government affairs and press release was deepened, and new results were achieved in the construction of a law-based government. We fully enforced the Party Central Committee's eight-point decision on conduct and its rules for implementation, and implemented the responsibility system of improving Party conduct and ensuring clean government. We kept up efforts to address formalities performed for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance. We strictly ensured the implementation of rectify opinions from the teams of disciplinary inspectors. We strengthened auditing-based oversight and financial inspection and oversight, and innovated post-bidding oversight system of government-invested construction projects, thus further fulfilling the mission of combating corruption and building a clean government. We insisted the practice of making leaders take charge of major projects and serve key enterprises; strictly carried out the special rectification of "malconduct and nonfeasance of government officials", and promoted the implementation of "three mechanisms", naming encouraging, tolerance and position adjustment. By these measures, the effectiveness of administrative services was further enhanced.

Fellow deputies, looking back at the past year, we can see that our achievements did not come easily. We owe these uplifting achievements to the strong leadership of the provincial committee and government and municipal Party committee, to the oversight and support from the municipal People's Congress, municipal committee of CPPCC and people from all walks of life, and to the concerted efforts of the people in Huai'an. On behalf of the municipal government, I express sincere thanks to the people and government officials, deputies to People's Congress, CPPCC committee members and emeritus and retired comrades. I express sincere appreciation to other political parties, federations of industry and commerce, people without party affiliation, and people's organizations. I also express our sincere gratitude to troops stationed in Huai'an, the armed police officers and soldiers, investors and entrepreneurs coming to Huai'an, and all friends from China and abroad who care about and support the construction of Premier Zhou Enlai's hometown, Huai'an!

We must also be clear about the problems and challenges our city faces in its development. While we put forward the requirement of high-quality development, we are facing such problems as the outstanding contradiction of the unbalanced and inadequate economic and social development, low level of industries and inferior ability of technological innovation. The real economy is facing rising costs and prominent structural contradictions for financing. In work on public wellbeing and public service there are still many areas where we fall short; and the "three critical battles" remain formidable tasks. We still need to intensify the transformation of government functions. A small number of government employees still need to improve their sense of responsibility and service awareness. Confronted with the difficulties and problems on our way, we will unswervingly free our minds, deepen reform and further open up, striving to solve them in the process of promoting high-quality leapfrog development.

II. The Plan for Work in 2019

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It will be a crucial year for us as we endeavor to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. In the year ahead, we are facing unprecedented opportunities for development. The development plan of the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Region has been launched and implemented. The advantages of "one zone and two belts" construction and major strategies such as the Yangtze River Delta Integration are integrated. The provincial Party committee and government strongly support the construction of the air cargo hub. Xuzhou-Yancheng high-speed railway has been opened to traffic. Huai'an's role in regional development is further highlighted, but we still need to be more prepared to seize opportunities and take advantage of the momentum. Outside China, we are facing an unprecedentedly complex situation, where the trend of the world economy is complicated and changeable, and the impacts of trade frictions continues to grow. At home, downward pressure on the Chinese economy continues to increase, and enterprises face more difficulties. Regional competition is increasingly fierce with intensifying major risks and challenges. We need to be more determined to shoulder responsibilities and fight with the problems and challenges. We are also facing unprecedentedly arduous tasks. Entering the new era and in the critical period of transformation and upgrading, we are confronting with the dual test of idea changing and capability enhancement, undertaking the dual task of improving development quality and keeping scale and speed, bearing the dual pressure of economic development and environment protection, and shouldering the dual responsibility of seizing opportunities and preventing risks. Therefore, we must have the unshakable will and stick to our targets for a long time until they are achieved.

In the year ahead, we must follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; implement fully the guiding principles of the Party's 19th National Congress and the second and third plenary sessions of its 19th Central Committee, and implement the decision-making arrangements of the Central Economic Work Conference, the fifth plenary session of the 13th Jiangsu provincial Party committee and the third session of the seventh Huai'an municipal people's congress. We will actively carry out the new development philosophy, and follow the general principle of "maintaining stability in the changing environment, pursuing progress if stability can be ensured, and striving for good results in progress, and finally for better results". Centering on the "6+1" deployment and taking the supply-side structural reform as the main line, we will constantly deepen the market-oriented reform, expand high-standard opening up, accelerate the construction of modern economic system, and push forward the high-quality leapfrog development. We will strive to achieve a leading position in the provincial assessment. Therefore, we have set the main targets for the economic and social development of Huai'an for this year as follows: increase the GDP by 6.5 percent; increase the added value of industries above a designated scale by 5.5 percent; increase the investment of fixed assets above a designated scale by 7.5 percent; achieve growth in the general public budget revenues by 5 percent; increase total retail sales of consumer goods by 8.5 percent; R&D investment accounts for 1.91 percent of the region's GDP; increase per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents by approximately 8 percent; keep the increase in the CPI at around 3 percent; permanent urban residents accounts for 62.4 percent; ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate does not rise above 4 percent; continue to reduce the emissions of major pollutants; fulfill the provincial task of energy saving and emission reduction, air and surface water quality. We must celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with outstanding achievements. Therefore, we will concentrate on fulfilling the following ten tasks: First, we will build the Huai'an east railway station to start the railway era. Second, we will finish the first phase of the urban inner ring elevated road to construct the rapid rail transit system. Third, we will establish a cooperation mechanism among cities along the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Region and speed up the planning and implementation. Fourth, we will improve the housing conditions of 118,000 rural households and promote the integrated development between urban and rural areas. Fifth, we will move toward completion of the task for poverty alleviation one year ahead of schedule, and province-level poor counties will be lifted out of poverty. Sixth, we will completely renovate black and smelly water bodies in urban areas to restore the cleanness of water bodies in the city. Seventh, we will open all-cargo routes to accelerate the construction of the air cargo hub. Eighth, we will implement breakthrough from major projects and strive to cultivate one industrial enterprise with sales exceeding 10 billion yuan. Ninth, we will improve the integrated approval service system of the city, counties, towns and villages to further optimize the business environment. Tenth, we will apply for "City of Gastronomy" and promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries related to food. To deliver a good performance in the work of the government this year, we need to concentrate on the following seven areas:

1. We will push forward reform and opening up from a higher starting point. We will conscientiously implement the spirit of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up celebrations of the Central Committee, and strive to compose the story of Huai'an in the new era in accordance with the requirements of nine "musts".

We must push forward with reforms that delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services. Adhering to problem and demand-orientation, we will build a sound "background" of public service to support the "foreground" of economic and social development. We will upgrade the comprehensive listing system for municipal government services, promoting online, concentrated and agent services, and making "nearby" service without the need for a second visit accessible for the people. We will enlarge the advantages of the "digital platform of united construction drawing examination" and upgrade the approval process of "35745". We will also further promote the examination and approval with no need to meet face to face and improve the level of "Internet plus government services", so that more matters can be handled without the need to be physically present. We will fully implement tax and fee cuts policy, and strengthen auditing-based oversight for services for private enterprises. We will endeavor to create a first-class business environment by further paying overdue payments to enterprises, and earnestly helping enterprises boost confidence, overcome difficulties and ensure stable expectations.

We will fully deepen reforms in key sectors. We will push forward comprehensively supporting reform of the new-type urbanization and build the "1+4" administrative system at the grassroots level in towns. We will promote the pilot reform of Shihe town and build a comprehensive reform pilot area of the whole city. We will finish the reform of coordinated law enforcement by government departments in municipal transportation, ecological environment and market oversight. We will deepen the reform of the land use system and intensify the planning implementation of five major functional areas; launch pilot project on the layout adjustment of construction land and reclamation and utilization of industrial and mining wasteland in villages within same towns; and support Xuyi and Hongze to carry out large-scale pilot projects on mine land reclamation and "double reduction". We will deepen reforms of the fiscal, taxation and financial systems to effectively control and resolve government debts and decisively forestall any systemic or regional financial risk; fully implement policies and measures to encourage financial support for the real economy; promote the construction of online comprehensive financial service platform and offline financial service center; build a high-quality and efficient financial service system; and constantly improve the financial and credit structures. We will improve incentives for using financial funds to support major projects; implement the credit loan risk sharing mechanism in the city and counties; and steadily promote the transformation and development of platform companies. Centering on the deployments of the central and provincial government, we will fully implement institutional reforms of government, and further deprive social functions from state-owned enterprises.

We will comprehensively raise the level of openness. We will deepen the critical year activity for developing major projects, paying equal attention to software and hardware, project introduction and potential tapping, secondary industry and primary, tertiary industries, industrial projects and infrastructure construction, and professional and part-time investment attraction for cross-regional industries. Great importance will be attached to improving business environment, introducing major industrial projects, constructing infrastructure, improving functions of major carriers, and innovating security and incentive mechanism. Centering on characteristic industries, we will introduce 200 new domestic funded projects, each with over 100 million yuan, and 30 foreign funded manufacturing projects, each with more than US 30 million. Foreign investment used in manufacturing and strategic emerging industries will account for at least 40 percent and 30 percent respectively. We will also strive to make greater breakthroughs in introducing projects over 10 billion yuan. We will enhance the impacts of "favorable policies for Taiwan", and take advantage of the provincial association conference for Taiwan-funded agglomeration demonstration area to promote "second undertaking" in the demonstration area. Adhering to the principle of introducing and cultivating high-quality enterprises, we will implement the action plan for internationalization of industrial enterprises, and guide scientific and technological enterprises and domestic companies to expand export, striving to cultivate more than 100 enterprises with new growth points in foreign trade. We will actively participate in the joint pursuit of the BRI, and support cross border mergers and acquisitions of key enterprises. Exports to countries along the Belt and Road will account for more than 25 percent. We will pass the acceptance examination of the second phase of the comprehensive bonded zone, and apply for building an international express supervision center. Then we will develop and innovate cross-border electronic commerce and other emerging industries. To promote the innovative development of the Huai'an Economic & Technological Development Zone, we will design sound development plans, build a batch of platforms for technology R&D, achievement transformation, and inspection and test, and strive to build a cluster of characteristic industries.

We will promote coordinated development across regions. Centering on the positioning of "one center and five hubs", we will give full play to Huai'an's leading role, and draw up and implement a three-year development plan of the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Region. We will build and improve a cooperation mechanism of cities and promote the formation of special committees and industrial alliances in relevant fields. We will cooperate with other cities to promote the joint construction and sharing of infrastructure, ecological environment protection, industrial upgrading and public services along the Huaihe River basin. We will construct the secondary channel in the main stream of the Huaihe River, and prepare for the building of Linyi-Huai'an railway and Bengbu-Huai'an railway. We will make every effort to promote the high standard implementation of the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Region development plan and the efficiency of the cooperation mechanism of cities. We will actively participate in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta by accelerating the implementation of in-depth cooperation plan between Nanjing and Huai'an, and building Ninghuai Modern Service Area into a provincial North-South co-construction park. We will continue to support Xinjiang's and Xizang's development, and further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Tieling.

2. We will give prominence to supporting quality industries and fostering leading industries, and vigorously develop advanced manufacturing industries. We will take innovation and transformation as our guide, speed up forming a hierarchical development pattern of leading enterprises, backbone enterprises and leapfrog small and medium-sized enterprises and accelerate the middle and high-end development of manufacturing industry.

We will promote the development of competitive industries. We will accelerate industrial agglomeration, implement the development plan for leading industries of new information technology, new-energy vehicles and auto parts, new saline attapulgite claypromote materials and food, coordinate the development of strategic emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, biotechnology and new medicines, and steadily develop traditional industries such as textiles and building materials. We will increase investment in enterprises above designated size by about 9%, launch 150 new industrial projects each with a value of more than 100 million yuan, and complete 100 new projects each with investments of over 10 million yuan. We will enhance industrial forms and modes, continue to carry out the initiative of "transforming and upgrading 10 key industries, strengthening the leading and demonstration role of 100 major projects in service industries, and increasing 100 billion of social investment annually", accelerate the development of high-tech products, create high-end brands, foster high-tech enterprises, and extend existing industrial chains to both ends. We will introduce related projects such as opto-chips and semiconductor films, and cultivate advanced manufacturing clusters such as integrated circuits and application electronics. We will promote green and intelligent development, implement 30 green transformation projects, and actively establish green factories; we will solidly carry out actions of "closing, transferring, upgrading and reorganizing a batch of chemical enterprises respectively", complete the annual task of "reducing coal consumption and chemical enterprises"; we will increase 30 new enterprises with access to cloud services and let 3 enterprises pass the national standard of managing system for the integration of information and industrialization.

We will support and strengthen backbone enterprises. We will enlarge the superposition effect of polices on setting up industrial funds and fostering enterprises worth over ten billion yuan, endeavor to cultivate leading enterprises with the scale of more than 1 billion yuan and the ability to integrate industrial chains, boost the annual sales of Qingding Precision Electronics to over 10 billion yuan, and put such projects as electric cars of Min An Auto, semiconductor of Huai'an Imaging Device Manufacturer Corporation (HiDM) and Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co, Ltd etc. into full production. Focusing on 158 key enterprises, we will further promote the three-level cultivation plan of cities, counties and towns, strive to get 310 enterprises achieve a taxable sales volume of over 100 million yuan and 32 enterprises over 1 billion yuan, and foster 100 new enterprises above designated size, and increase more than 10 new technological giant enterprises at or above the municipal level and 10 new specialized small and medium-sized enterprises. We will facilitate the upgrading and transformation of 150 small and micro enterprises and help them develop into enterprises above designated size, increase 60 new enterprises above designated size, and gradually improve the survival rate and activity of private enterprises and individual businesses.

We will enhance innovation-driven capabilities. We will give full play to the principal role of enterprises, carry out at least six projects for major achievements transformation, get more than 100 enterprises approved to be national high-tech enterprises, make the output value of high-tech industries account for 22.5% of the total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size, and increase the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress by 1.5 percentage points. We will give full play to the principal position of platforms, promote Huai'an New and High-tech Industries Development Zone and Su-Huai New and High-tech Industries Development Zone to compete for the advanced position, enhance the scientific and technological connotation of six national-level platforms for agricultural technological innovation, and build more than 10 new makerspaces and technological business incubators. We will give full play to the role of synergistic innovation of enterprises, universities and research institutes, promote Industry Technology Synergy Innovation Alliance to serve more than 1,000 enterprises and develop and popularize more than 50 new items of technologies and products. We will give full play to the guiding role of policies, carry out pilot projects of intellectual property financing, establish a system of awards and subsidies for science and technology financing, and improve the construction of sharing service platforms such as large-scale scientific research instruments and facilities. We will give play to the leading role of talents, implement the provincial "innovative and entrepreneurial talent" program and the municipal Huaishang Talent Program and promote training projects for skilled personnel so as to constantly consolidate the talent foundation for innovation and development.

3. We will improve modern service industry in an all-round way with emphasis on increasing speed and efficiency. Centering on existed advantages, enhancing business forms and modes and upgrading consumption, we will actively build leading modern business and trade centers, logistics hubs and pacesetters of cultural tourism in the region.

We will accelerate the development of the hub economy. Based on the comprehensive advantages of strategy, location and industry, supported by the three economic hubs of aviation, high-speed rail and inland navigation, we will speed up the planning and construction of comprehensive transportation hubs, optimize the allocation of people, logistics and capital flows, and enhance the ability to gather elements. We will grasp the opportunity that the air cargo hub is included to the development plan of the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Region, and intensify the planning of the hub economy and the collecting and dispatching system, striving to get included into the layout of national logistics hub as soon as possible; we will strive for policy support from superior government, promote co-construction with leading enterprises and accelerate the preparatory work of the third phase of airport expansion. As the high-speed railway is about to be open to traffic, we will develop businesses, trade and tourism around the East Railway Station, and improve production and living service functions so as to enhance popularity and develop commerce of the high-speed railway business district. Focusing on the goal of building inland navigation center, we will start the construction of the first section of Huaihe River seaward waterway, promote the construction of supporting projects for the new port in an all-round way, develop high value-added industries such as collection, warehousing and distribution and boost the transport volume of inland river container to a new high.

We will launch an all-for-one tourism brand. We will implement a three-year program for the development of all-for-one tourism, advance the construction of the pilot area for national tourism reform and innovation, and further promote the brand of "Water knows my heart in natural Huai'an". We will build leading projects for quality tourism, accelerate the construction of large projects such as Huaqiang Fantawild and China Canal Transportation Town, forge the theme park of Journey to the West to be a national 5A tourism attraction and create a batch of national and provincial tourist resorts. We will build characteristic rural tourism, vigorously develop the "two circles and two belts" of leisure agriculture, focus on constructing 16 characteristic rural villages, and create a number of provincial-level rural tourist areas. We will create new driving force for industrial tourism, accelerate the development of industrial tourism like Huai Salt, leisure tourism like Baima Lake health care area, and water conservancy scenic tourism like Sanhe River Bend in Jinhua. We will enhance tourism services, organize such activities as the trip for tasting Huaiyang cuisine and China Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Festival, accelerate the design and development of Huai'an tourism mascot, and build a smart tourism information platform so that people can get a view of Huai'an through internet.

We will develop modern commerce and trade. We will vigorously cultivate new business forms and modes, expand the functions of platforms like Ninghuai Modern Service Area and Huai'an E-commerce Modern Logistics Park, drive the development of e-commerce industry cluster, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of physical commerce and old markets, start the project of China Supply and Marketing Agricultural Production Wholesale Market Holding Co. Ltd (CAWM) and Huai'an Agricultural Products Logistics Park, with the aim to realize the organic integration of online and offline businesses. We will improve the configuration of convenience services in newly built residential areas and accelerate the construction of a 15-minute convenience life circle. We will promote traditional service industries such as catering, carry forward Huaiyang cuisine culture, and carry out public selection of Huaiyang cuisine brand stores to inherit and develop old brands. We will endeavor to develop exhibition economy, build a food exposition city, elaborately organize the second China (Huai'an) Food Exposition, and further build international exhibition brands in food industry.

4. By bringing out our strengths to make up for our weaknesses, we will initiate a new stage for rural revitalization. In order to build a Huai'an sample for rural revitalization in the new era, we will formulate the implementation plan of rural revitalization as well as carry out ten programs including enhancing the quality and efficiency of modern agriculture and concentrating and improving rural construction, etc. 

We will endeavor to develop agriculture that is high both in output and efficiency. We will promote the construction of important bases, focus on the development and growth of high-efficiency agriculture, green aquaculture and distinctive eco-leisure agriculture, integrate the funds of agricultural projects, accelerate the systematic management of concentrated farmland, establish a batch of high-efficiency cultivation zone and advantageous development zone, increase 400,000 mu (about 26,666 hectares) of integrated cultivation area for rice and shrimp and 300,000 mu (20,000 hectares) of well-facilitated farmland and strive to integrate related counties into provincial pilots for mechanization of grain production. We will support Huai'an National Agricultural Science and Technology Park to build itself into a national agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone, and add a new provincial-level modern agricultural industry demonstration park. We will speed up building key brands, and cultivate one to two key brands in each county. We will improve the traceability system for standardized production and quality supervision of agricultural products, constantly enhance the brand value, and strive to make Huai'an Flavor into a state-level regional public brand of agricultural products. We will try to make breakthroughs in major projects, establish 100 agricultural industrialization projects with an investment exceeding 30 million yuan, and increase more than 10 enterprises with a sales value over 100 million yuan. We will construct the flood detention areas around Hongze Lake and build a meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning center of Hongze Lake basin.

We will speed up the construction of beautiful countryside. By grasping the "window period" of policies, we will take measures to improve the housing conditions of peasants in an all-round way, including building 62 concentrated residence communities and 58,000 directed placement houses, resettle 33,000 households with money compensation as well as rebuild and upgrade 58 characteristic natural villages which will benefit 27,000 households. We will fully implement the three-year plan for improving rural living environment, speed up extending infrastructure and public service facilities to new rural communities, build 20,000 new sanitary toilets for households, make township road cover 98% of administrative villages, and achieve 70% standard-reaching rate of construction of beautiful and livable villages. In accordance with the requirement of "perfecting one and expanding another" in each county, efforts will be made to build 12 characteristic towns to lead the integration of urban and rural development.

We will fully stimulate the vitality of agriculture and rural areas. We will deepen the reform of separating rural land ownership rights, contract rights and management rights, establish a market trading system for rural collective property rights, propel the pilot project of mortgage financing of land management rights in an orderly manner, steadily expand the scale of joint stock partnership and combined tillage, increase the land circulation area by 200,000 mu (about 13,333 hectares), and basically complete joint-stock cooperative system reform in more than 50% of the villages. We will upgrade the development quality of new agricultural operators, and nurture 100 new demonstration family farms and cooperatives respectively at or above the municipal level. We will deepen the reform of agricultural administrative law enforcement as well as joint examination between towns and villages, realize 80% of reform coverage of agricultural water prices, and build 10 demonstration supply and marketing cooperatives at the primary level in accordance with the requirement of "developing three entities of independent operators, farmer members and economic cooperatives, improving comprehensive abilities and agriculture service abilities".

We will thoroughly complete the goal of poverty alleviation. We will improve the regulatory system of "Sunlight Poverty Alleviation", strengthen auditing of special aid-the-poor funds, consolidate assistance responsibilities of all levels, enhance precise assistance to villages and to households, and basically achieve the three objectives of "lifting all filed destitute households out of poverty, lifting provincial and municipal economically weak villages out of poverty, and significantly improving the face of key areas" a year ahead of schedule. We will strengthen assistances to key poor areas and economically weak villages, and increase the income of both villages and low-income farmers. We will give priority to improving the housing conditions of financially difficult farmers, and strengthen social assistance and insurance for key low-income groups. We will attach great importance to the issue of repoverty, enhance temporary assistance, and continue to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.

5. We will attach importance to comprehensive measures to tackle the key battles against pollution prevention and control. We will give priority to building national ecological civilization demonstration zone, speed up the modernization of environmental governance capacity, and strive to return people the blue sky, white clouds and shining stars.

We will spare no efforts to control environmental pollution. We will further promote the "263" special action, carry out the special rectification of environmental protection supervision, strictly implement the detailed implementation plan of mandatory pollution reduction, and focus on solving prominent environmental problems so as to take the lead in improving ecological environment quality in the province. We will strengthen systematic control of air pollution, complete comprehensive treatment of "disorganized, polluting and illegal" enterprises with scientific measures and classified guidance, move 50% of chemical enterprises to the parks, reduce coal consumption in non-electric industries as regulated by province, strictly implement the ban on fireworks and firecrackers in main urban areas, and ultimately reduce PM2.5 concentration and increase days of good air quality. We will vigorously implement key projects such as water system connectivity, river and lake dredging, and black and odorous water bodies cleaning, substantially reduce the total amount of pollutants entering rivers and lakes, comprehensively eliminate the inferior class V water bodies of national and provincial examination in surface water sections, and complete the standard construction of water source areas for township water supply.

We will strengthen ecological protection and restoration. Efforts will be made to deepen the implementation of the management system of "river chief, lake chief and section chief" and carry out off-office auditing for natural resources and assets; to promote ecological management of mountains, water, forests, fields, lakes and grass systems, rectify "disorderly occupation, construction and emission" around rivers and lakes, reduce the farming area of Hongze Lake by 15,000 mu (1,000 hectares), build 40 new ecological sample rivers, so as to create a clean, smooth, green and scenic coast. We will implement the action of increasing efficiency while reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, pilot rotation fallow area of 20,000 mu (about 1,333 hectares), and increase 25,000 mu (about 1,667 hectares) of afforestation lands. We will comprehensively implement the "five-sphere integrated" management mode of rural public welfare facilities, accelerate the construction of sewage pipe networks in towns and villages, and steadily improve the centralized sewage treatment rate in towns and villages.

We will innovate ecological construction mechanisms. We will systematically improve management effectiveness through such measures as deepening the reform of ecological environment protection systems, improving the mode of environmental protection supervision and law enforcement, perfecting the joint punishment mechanism of dishonesty and enlarging the role of pollution prevention surveillance platform. We will strictly implement the system of negative list for project construction, ecological compensation and accountability, strictly carry out inspection conducted through the "random selection of both inspectors and inspection targets" and various special rectification actions, strengthen the construction of grid pollution source supervision and law enforcement mechanism, and severely crack down on illegal activities. We will promote the recycling transformation of development zones above the provincial level, strictly control the total amount and intensity of energy consumption, speed up the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of chemical, iron and steel, coal and power industries, and set a sample for energy conservation of national and provincial public institutions. We will resolutely curb excessive growth of energy consumption, strive to connect Huaiyin and Lianshui biomass power generation projects and build Huai'an Economic & Technological Development Zone to be a national green park.

6. We will attach equal importance to construction and management and strengthen the leading role of central cities. We will enhance functions, improve quality, strengthen radiation, and speed up the construction of modern regional central cities with regional, cultural and contemporary characteristics.

We will focus on creating city characteristics. We will accelerate the application of "Multiple Planning Integration" platform, attach importance to systematic planning and rigid regulation, further enrich humanistic connotations, magnify the advantages of resources, and constantly enrich the connotation of eco-cultural tourism city. Centering on water, we will coordinate water bank and wharf renovation, water culture rejuvenation, beautify ancient Huaihe River, Yanhe River and corridors around Hongze Lake and Baima Lake, and restore ecological functions of Qing'an River. Centering on culture, we will create a landmark city with distinctive Grand Canal culture through measures such as digging deep into the cultural connotation of the canal, strengthen the protection of canal heritage like Qingkou Water Conservancy Project, Qingjiang Gate, Caoyun Governor's Office, and Hongze Lake Embankment, finish spatial landscape design of Zhou Enlai's former residence, accelerate the construction of Banzha Relic Park, Hexia ancient town, Shanyang Lake, Jiulongkou and other historical and cultural areas.

We will speed up the improvement of urban functions. We plan to invest 81.3 billion yuan in 600 key projects. Efforts will be made to build functional zones, upgrade Huaihai Square and Shuidukou business district, start the construction of phase II of Financial Center and style streets, and enhance the radiation power of core business circles. We will promote the construction of science and cultural parks such as higher education parks and wisdom valley so as to accelerate the gathering of high-end resources. We will accelerate infrastructure construction and improve functions of comprehensive passenger transport hub through such measures as ensuring the smooth opening of Xuzhou-Yancheng Railway, completing the construction of Lianyungang-Huai'an section of Lianyungang-Zhenjiang Railway, building the parallel section of Ninghuai Intercity Railway and Lianyungang-Zhenjiang Railway, starting the expansion of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in an all-round way, advancing the construction of provincial highways 348 and 420and preliminary work of provincial highway 330, completing the main part of the first phase of the city inner ring elevated road and building the Grand Canal Bridge in Huaihai South Road.

We will speed up constructing the data management service platform of Wisdom Huai'an. We will continuously optimize the living environment, speed up the construction of demolished plots in urban areas, renovate 4,875 households in shanty town areas, and build a number of provincial livable demonstration residential areas. We will carry out the landscape upgrading project along the inner ring elevated road and Xiangyu Avenue, and optimize the public spaces like streets and parks. We will improve public facilities, build urban non-motorized traffic systems and multi-dimensional parking systems, increase public parking spaces, add 20 kilometers of bus lanes and intelligently transform traffic signal facilities; we will build new Beijing Road Water Works and Sijiqing Sewage Treatment Plant on a new site, accelerate the construction of incineration power plants and waste treatment plants, start the phase II expansion of kitchen waste disposal plants and actively promote the development of urban underground space. 

We will strengthen meticulous urban management. We will further clarify the responsibilities and powers, push down the focus of management, and achieve throughout and all-round meticulous management. We will complete the market-oriented reform of sanitation operations, comprehensively strengthen the environmental sanitation renovation of public places in urban areas, and firmly promote garbage classification in urban residential areas. We will continue to improve the long-term mechanism for building a national civilized city through such measures as fully implementing Regulations on Promoting Civilized Behavior of Huai'an City and Regulations on City Appearance Management of Huai'an City, further intensifying efforts to improve the city's environment, and endeavoring to solve prominent problems such as dirty and disorderly environment, irregular outdoor advertising settings, and road-occupying operation of mobile stalls. We will strengthen coordinated law enforcement of urban management, carry out in-depth special rectification of uncivilized behavior so that being civilized, abiding etiquette and building new ethnos become citizens' consciousness.

7. We will focus on enriching and benefiting people, and continuously improve people's sense of acquisition. Based on people's new expectations for a better life, we will strive to smoothen the last kilometer of serving people's livelihood and contacting the masses.

We will improve the security system. We will fully implement the entrepreneurship support policy and arrange 40 million yuan of guiding funds and 10 million yuan of guaranteed funds to support entrepreneurship, re-employment and poverty alleviation projects. We will execute precise enlargement of insurance coverage and guide new industry practitioners and low-income groups get insured. We will improve basic medical insurance systems and serious illness insurance systems for urban and rural residents and promote the integration old-age insurance for urban and rural residents. We will strengthen the link between major illness insurance, basic medical insurance and medical assistance, and promote the reform of integrated payment models in medical service, medical insurance and pharmaceutics. We will fully safeguard the interests of disadvantaged groups such as disabled people and left-behind children; we will build more than 10 employment bases for disabled people, carry out actions to improve the service quality of pension institutions, mobilize various social forces to provide home-based services for the elderly, pilot the construction of embedded pension institutions, promote in-depth combination of medical treatment and healthcare as well as continue to strengthen the protection of education for the elderly.

We will optimize public services. Measures will be taken to deepen the reform of educational system and mechanism, including innovating the dynamic management mechanism of faculty establishment, promoting the independent running of public kindergartens, implementing the management standards of compulsory education schools, speeding up the construction of high-quality demonstration high schools, promoting the classified management of private schools, and supporting the integrated development of colleges and universities. Eighty-five educational construction projects will be implemented to improve educational equipment in 30 schools and consolidate the special management achievements of off-school training institutions. We will establish a modern hospital management system, build a close medical treatment alliance, strengthen the construction of general practitioners, make greater efforts to promote tiered diagnosis and treatment, improve the service quality and effectiveness of contracted family doctors, strive to create national key clinical specialties and provincial key medical disciplines, and accelerate the construction of northern Jiangsu regional medical highland. We will strengthen the supervision and management of community-level medical and health institutions to ensure the safety of public health services, and build a number of national and provincial demonstration community-level medical and health institutions. We will establish municipal cultural travel group and performing arts group, establish and improve the public cultural service network, strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics as well as inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. Thirty-seven new sports parks and more than 100 kilometers of fitness trails will be built. Brand sports events will continue to be well organized to promote the coordinated development of mass sports, competitive sports and sports industries.

We will strengthen social governance. We will promote a new round of establishment of Secure Huai'an, speed up the construction of "upgraded version of technical prevention city", and intensify the campaign to combat organized crimes and root out local mafia. We will improve the quality and effectiveness of community grid governance, promote special governance in key areas with frequent social conflicts and complaints, and strictly prevent large-scale mass incidents and major public security incidents. We will improve public legal service systems, expand the scope of legal aids, and address public complaints, mediation, arbitration, administrative reconsideration and community correction so as to properly resolve contradictions at the primary level. We will conduct in-depth investigation of potential safety hazards, enhance emergency response capabilities and strictly prevent major production safety accidents. We will establish a national food safety demonstration city, and expand transparent food safety. We will construct a new national defense mobilization system, standardize the construction of armed forces at the primary level, strengthen the service and management of demobilized military personnel, improve the relief and condolences work, promote the coordinated development of military-civilian integration, and strive for the five consecutive championships of "support the army and give preferential treatment to the families " nationwide.

We will focus on solving the most urgent and expected issues about people's livelihood, carry out 10 programs of upgrading the environment of old residential areas, cleaning up black and odorous water bodies in cities, guaranteeing the safety of drinking water in high-rise buildings, improving the living security level of urban and rural residents, letting more children enter good schools for study, carrying out caring actions for women and children, facilitating public travel of urban and rural residents, enhancing the environment of small restaurants, helping the disabled get out of poverty through employment, and enriching the cultural and sports life of the urban and rural masses. We will comprehensively strengthen the follow-up audit to ensure that the practical work will be done well!

III. Enhancing the Government's Self-Construction in an All-round Way

The new era is an era of struggle and we are running dreamers. Faced with the new task of leap-forward and high-quality development as well as people's new expectation for a better life, we will uphold the Party's leadership over all work of the government, more consciously shoulder the heavy responsibility of development, keep people's interests in mind, and strive to build a government that the people are satisfied with.

We will practice new ideas and build an innovative government. We should persist in carrying out new concepts and new strategies with systematic thinking and creativity. In pursuing coordinated progress in the five-sphere integrated plan, we will strive to explore a way of development that is in line with Huai'an's reality through stressing essentials and strengthening weaknesses. We will observe Huai'an from an open and bigger perspective, consciously locate and set up good benchmarks in the overall situation of the whole province and the whole country, seize opportunities, expand space and create characteristics in the implementation of major national and provincial strategies. We should upgrade our governance ability by means of modernization, and comprehensively promote the renewal of ideas, system innovation and model innovation.

We will strengthen new responsibilities and build an effective government. We should insist on using the "scale" of public opinions to measure the weakness of our work style, and strive to earn people's high happiness index through our hard work. We should always carry forward the spirit of "nailing" and resolutely break through the last kilometer of policy implementation to ensure that every piece of work is done and done well. We should conscientiously implement the "Three Mechanisms", adhere to the combination of strict management and love, and the combination of incentives and restraints, so that the majority of officials can work hard under strict restraints. We will deeply implement the deployment requirements of centralized renovation of formalism and bureaucracy, firmly carry out the special rectification of "obstruction from middle-level government officials" in the government system, and focus on solving problems of inaction, slow action and disorderly action such as buck passing, and vigorously create a strong atmosphere of willing to work, able to work and succeed to work.

We will adapt to the new situation and build a government ruled by law. We will strengthen the study of local legislation, deepen the reform of judicial system, promote administration according to law, and strictly standardize fair and civilized law enforcement. We will promote the standardization of making government affairs public in the whole process of power operation and public services, so as to make policy transmission smoother and government performance more transparent. We will strengthen the legitimacy review and risk assessment, and improve the government's scientific, democratic and legal decision-making mechanism. We should conscientiously carry out work of administrative reconsideration and response to appeals, earnestly safeguard fairness and justice, and safeguard the rights and interests of the people. we must accept, as law requires, the legal and work oversight of the people's Congress and democratic oversight of CPPCC committees, readily subject ourselves to judicial oversight, public oversight, and oversight through public opinions so that power is exercised with transparency.

We will build a clean government according to new requirements. We should consciously carry out the requirements of strict discipline over all aspects of government work; we will keep firmly in mind the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment; we will resolutely uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping's core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and resolutely uphold the Party Central Committee's authority and its centralized, unified leadership; and we will step up efforts to improve Party conduct and ensure a clean government. We will act in strict accordance with the Party Central Committee's eight-point decision on conduct and its rules for implementation, give full play to the "leading wild goose effect" of leading cadres, and effectively prevent variations of formalities, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance. We will deepen the construction of the government system to prevent and punish corruption, actively support the work of discipline inspection authorities, thoroughly investigate all kinds of unhealthy tendencies and corruption occurring around the masses, highlight auditing and supervising oversight in key areas and posts, and promote cadres' integrity, government integrity and political clarity.

Fellow deputies, we must sail and break the waves when the wind is fair, and fight our way ahead in spite of heavy responsibilities. We will unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, keep in mind our Party's founding mission and strive to make new progress under the correct leadership of provincial Party committee, government and municipal Party committee. We will make outstanding achievements to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and strive to promote high-quality leapfrog development of Huai'an and build a well-off society at a high level in an all-round way.