Huai'an China Government Government Bulletin
Report on the Work of the Government (January 15, 2021)

Delivered at the Fifth Session of the 8th People's Congress of Huai'an on January 15, 2021

Chen Zhichang, Mayor of Huai'an

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Huai'an Municipal People's Government, I will now report to you on the work of the government and ask for your deliberation and approval. I also invite comments from members of the Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other representatives present.

I. A Review of the Work in 2020 and the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period

(1) We made concerted efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Adhering to the principle of people first and life first, we lost no time in establishing a joint prevention and control mechanism for the epidemic with "Ten Principles" issued. The measures of "Early Detection, Reporting, Quarantine and Treatment" and "Concentration of Patients, Experts, Resources and Treatment" were strictly implemented. The mechanism of "Big Data + Grid-based Governance + Grassroots Visits" and partitioned and graded prevention and control was carried out. Given the severe overseas epidemic outbreak, we rigidly prevented imported cases of COVID-19 from abroad and strengthened the closed-loop management of entry and exit personnel, as well as imported cold-chain food and goods. To further improve the mechanism, we timely made and revised the prevention and control plan and the corresponding emergency response plan for the epidemic, introduced the implementation plan for the public health emergency management, and standardized fever clinics, specialist hospitals and professional teams. We also established a "three-in-one" material support system of medical treatment, material reserves and capacity mobilization, and launched relevant training and patriotic campaigns to effectively enhance the normalization foundation for the epidemic prevention and control. Jointly and in a timely manner, a total of 1.4 billion yuan was invested to effectively curb the spread of the virus. We achieved a milestone victory with all confirmed patients in Huai'an cured and discharged earlier in the province, as well as no deaths of confirmed patients, no infections among medical staff and no secondary attack of imported cases. At the same time, 74 medical staff were sent to support Hubei, actively serving the battle against the COVID-19 nationwide.

(2) We strived to stabilize Huai'an economic operations. It is estimated that the regional GDP increased by about 3% and the general public budget revenue by 2.7%. Policies were issued to support the stable and healthy development of small and micro enterprises in the city, including the "Nine Principles for the Benefit of Taiwanese Enterprises", which takes the lead in China. According to statistics, a total of 5.676 billion yuan in tax cuts and fee reductions for main market bodies and 1.465 billion yuan in enterprise-related funds at all levels were both achieved in Huai'an. There was a balance of 8.988 billion yuan in credit loans for small and micro enterprises, 4.61 billion yuan more compared with the beginning of the year, and a total of 3.5 billion yuan in special refinancing lines, benefiting 12,000 small and micro-sized, private, agriculture-related enterprises and individual business households. Also, plans were formulated and implemented in a timely manner to resume production and promote consumption, new businesses formats such as live streaming and contactless delivery were accelerated, and our national comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce was approved. A total of 240 major and mega industrial projects in three batches were centrally launched, and 220 provincial and municipal major projects completed 119% of the annual investment plan. Other policies were timely introduced to encourage migrant workers to stay in their hometowns, and our social security system was improved. 67,400 new jobs were created in cities and towns, the urban registered unemployment rate was 1.76%, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents was expected to grow by about 4% and 6%, respectively. We created 68 demonstration areas of green, high-quality and efficient agriculture, and ranked first in the province in terms of integrated rice and shrimp farming area and output. A harvest was achieved in the grain production, and the provincial and municipal tasks of pig stocking and slaughtering. We followed the 20 policies in S&T reform, with the input number of S&T-based small and medium enterprises exceeding 900. We supported the transformation and development of key backbone enterprises and made them bigger and stronger. To be precisely, 61 enterprises were assessed through the integration of informatization and industrialization. The brand "Suyan Jingshen" won the Governor's Quality Award and the first batch of "Jiangsu Excellence" certification, and the invoiced sales of new-generation information technology, green food and new energy automobile and parts industries increased by 12%, 6% and 10% respectively. Eight hundred twenty new enterprises above the designated size were added. The "Huai'an Taste" regional public brand with agricultural products was expanded to 12 authorized categories, 50 enterprises, and 27 new offline stores. Moreover, Xuyi County was approved to create a national modern agricultural industrial park, Huaiyin Agricultural Science Park became Jiangsu's first high-tech industrial demonstration zone in agriculture, and Huai'an District established a national demonstration zone for the integrated development of rural industries.

(3) We promoted reform and opening up in a coordinated and efficient manner. Twenty-two tasks were implemented in five categories of "reforms to streamline the government, delegate power, and improve government services," the first integrated service reform was launched with financial incentives and subsidies, and the city's physical service center was put into operation for Taiwanese businessmen and compatriots; the innovation of institutional mechanisms in parks was accelerated, the de-administration reform was advanced, and the new industrial parks were formed; the integrated reform pilots of Huai'an High-tech Zone and Gaogou Town were implemented, Xuyi was selected as a national model county for new urbanization, and the experience of issuing certificates for rural houses and land as a whole was pushed forward in the whole province. In the same year, the Huai'an branch of Everbright Bank was officially opened, and CCGrass was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is worth mentioning that we made and conducted our plan for the integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta region, and continued to deepen cooperation with Nanjing and Kunshan. Also, we actively played the leading role along the Huaihe Ecological Economic Belt, gave impetus to the annual tasks and cross-city exchanges (friendly cooperation with Bao'an District in Shenzhen), and set up the China Construction Huaihe Development Co., Ltd. For big events, we both successfully held the 15th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum and the 3rd China (Huai'an) International Food Expo, approved the cross-strait pilot zone in modern agricultural cooperation, initiated the Taiwan-invested Industry Alliance at the Yangtze River Delta, and officially operated the "Huai'an-Shanghai" sea-rail transport train as well as the "Huai'an-Taiwan" air link business; besides, we signed strategic cooperation agreements with 12 units, including COFCO, Tsinghua Unigroup, Baoneng Group and Nanjing Agricultural University, and promoted a number of major projects such as the Yikai Kerry Grain and Oil Recycling Economy Industrial Park. There were 69 newly established foreign investment projects with an overall investment over USD30 million and actual use of USD1.05 billion, including the Taiwanese fund of USD166 million. A 5% increase in Huai'an total foreign trade imports and exports was achieved in 2020.

(4) We tackled difficulties to accelerate urban and rural construction. With an investment of 72.5 billion yuan for 523 key urban construction projects, the quality of urban functions was continuously improved, making Huai'an into a beautiful and livable pilot city in the province. First of all, the functions of key areas were continuously enriched, with the first phase of Huai'an Financial Center put into use and its second phase basically completed, the infrastructure of the high-speed railway business district comprehensively constructed, the tourism distribution center accomplished and operated, and the appearance of the ancient town further beautified. Regarding the Huai'an public facilities, source control and sewage interception projects made great progress in Huai'an main urban area, with completed rain and sewage diversion transformation in 258 communities, and the centralized treatment rate of urban sewage increased to 86.5%; the construction of three-dimensional and underground car parks also forged ahead, with more than 30,000 parking spaces added; meanwhile, urban domestic waste incineration and power generation, sludge incineration in sewage treatment plants and other projects were all put into operation, the urban backup water supply projects were basically completed, as well as the implementation plan for the construction of sponge cities was introduced. In addition, the city's appearance was largely upgraded by undergoing the crucial stage of 16 renovation plans to address housing in rundown urban areas, "clearing up" the 12 plots of land such as the Economic and Trade Building, and renovating 70 old neighborhoods; 200,000 square meters of illegal constructions and 65,000 billboards were demolished, 278 "decoration projects" in the range of 500 meters around farmers' markets were unfolded, and the environment along "Three Viaducts and One River" was effectively and comprehensively optimized. We paid much attention to the construction of Huai'an major infrastructure as well, with the Nanjing-Huai'an Intercity Railway in full swing, the completed expansion of the airport terminal, the accelerated renovation and expansion of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, the smooth progress of the green and modern shipping demonstration area along the Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal, as well as the Hongze section of 348 Provincial Road and the Huai'an District section opened to traffic. As a result, people's satisfaction with our public transport ranked second in the province; and besides, 4,179 5G base stations were accomplished, basically achieving full coverage in the main urban areas of cities and counties. In the area of rural construction, we made solid contributions to Huai'an beautiful countryside, with 97 farmhouse improvement projects accomplished, benefiting more than 25,000 households; 2,309 kilometers of rural sewage networks and 57,200 household toilets were newly reconstructed; 269 county and township rivers were dredged and 307 kilometers of rural roads and 95 bridges were rebuilt; and there were three towns selected as provincial beautiful and livable plot towns, and eight villages (communities) approved as provincial special pastoral villages.

(5) We persistently fought against the three critical battles against potential risk, poverty, and pollution. First of all, we carried in-depth investigation and resolution on risks in economic, financial, social areas, etc., as well as effective prevention and resolution of government debt risks. We standardized the financing of state-owned enterprises and external guarantees and strengthened the special rectification of Internet financial risks. As a result, the number of new cases, the amount of money involved, and the number of people suspected of illegal fund-raising continued to decline. We also focused on the special rectification of production safety with "one year's great support," promoted Hongze District so as to build a provincial model city of safety development, and comprehensively rectified Huitong market, 205 national highway safety hazards and other key issues. We were the first in the province to build a safety supervision information platform, and the number of our production safety accidents and fatalities dropped by 69.9% and 65.7%, respectively. Next, the outcomes of poverty alleviation were continuously consolidated in Huai'an. A mechanism was set up to link poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, an implementation method was introduced to prevent return to poverty, as well as 317 million yuan was invested to 31 industrial projects and 35 poverty alleviation fund projects for the benefits of people. In addition, our ecological environment continued to optimize. We perfected the linkage mechanism between environmental protection and emergency management, and solidly pushed forward the rectification based on the feedbacks from the central and provincial environmental protection inspectors, thus achieving public satisfaction with the ecological environment ranking among the top in the province. We implemented 52 key water control projects in four categories, treated 51 urban and 27 rural black and odorous water bodies, and built 10 model rivers in total. Our national demonstration city in black and odorous water body treatment passed the provincial pre-inspection; the treatment and protection of Hongze Lake was promoted, meeting or exceeding the provincial assessment requirements in the national and provincial surface water surveys of cross section, and eliminating all the inferior V-type water bodies. Four hundred forty-nine key gas control projects were conducted, as well as "six major actions" for the prevention and control of industrial waste gas, restaurant oil and grease pollution, etc. The city's average PM2.5 index dropped by 4.5%, and the ratio of excellent days rose to 80.3%. Besides, Huai'an's hazardous waste investigation and rectification was solidly carried out, Agile's hazardous waste incineration and disposal as well as its rigid landfill project mover faster, and the safe utilization rate of contaminated arable land reached 100%. Moreover, our coal reduction tasks were implemented rigidly, with the total volume and intensity control of energy consumption assessed to be excellent in the province.

(6) We did everything possible to safeguard people's livelihood. The proportion of people's livelihood expenditure in general public budget expenditure increased by 1.7 percentage points over the previous year. The provincial monitoring score of Huai'an education modernization maintained the leading position in northern Jiangsu, and the physical education examination reform was selected as a major experimental project of prospective teaching in the province. The first phase of the city's public health center was put into operation, and three counties and districts were awarded provincial incentives for public hospital reform and grassroots health talents construction. We ranked third in the national mid-term evaluation of innovation pilots of medical insurance fund supervision, realized the municipal coordination of basic medical insurance and maternity insurance, and comprehensively connected to the Yangtze River Delta region in terms of long-distance medical treatment. In addition, we were the first in the province to introduce regulations on the cultural heritage protection of the Grand Canal, together with the established Canal Office and the Cultural Tourism Group. Third China (Huai'an) Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition of Grand Canal Cultural Belt Cities was organized, as well as a batch of major cultural tourism projects such as the China Water Engineering Science and Technology Museum. Emergency broadcasting terminals achieved complete coverage in administrative villages. The City Records of Huai'an (1978-2008) completed its compilation. We signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Sports Industry Group to build Huai'an into a famous sports city, followed by successful launch of brand events such as the Grand Canal Dragon Boat Race and the Ironman Triathlon. At the same time, we innovated the care service model for the severely disabled, and basically built an elderly service circle within a 15-minute reach. Our food and drug safety supervision was strengthened as well, and our provincial food sampling inspection pass rate was 99.89%. We won the battle against the largest flood in the Huaihe Basin since 2007, successfully completed the phase task of the seventh population census, and provided assistance to Xinjiang and Tibet with outstanding results.

(7) We comprehensively improved the effectiveness of government governance. The positioning of "green highland and new hub city" and the working layout of "Innovative Huai'an, Inclusive Huai'an, Beautiful Huai'an and Happy Huai'an" attracted much of our attention. Correspondently, we compiled important plans for economic and social development and strived to improve our territory, urban function and quality during the "14th Five Year Plan" period. We further clarified the layout of main functional areas and the development path of leading industries and systematically planed for the upgrading of our central city, the integrated development of urban and rural areas, as well as the linkage of key and special plans. In-depth studies were conducted on the development of the hub economy and the construction of highlands with Taiwanese investment. Also, we fully accomplished major tasks in transforming our old city, treating black and odorous water bodies in urban and rural areas, banning fishing in key waters, stabilizing pig production and supply, etc. To prevent the accumulation of problems and the intensification of conflicts, 44 prominent livelihood issues were rectified with great efforts, including the rectification of chemical enterprises along the Grand Canal, the finalization of shantytown demolition and relocation, the disposal of problematic properties, the restructuring and relocation of Jiangsu Canal Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd., etc. We established a mechanism for monitoring and scheduling economic operations, kept monthly studies to promote production safety, environmental protection, etc., and went to the front line to promote projects, help enterprises and serve the masses, so we could make sure that all tasks were put into effect. We standardized the major administrative decision-making procedures, gave full play to the role of audit supervision, fully implemented budget performance management, and improved management systems for engineering construction, public resource transactions, and state-owned enterprises' operation. In addition, the standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement was strengthened throughout the city, as well as the administrative reconsideration and litigation response.

In 2020, we closed out the "13th Five-Year Plan" satisfactorily with undaunted courage and perseverance.

Firstly, we have increased our economic strength significantly. The city's regional GDP was expected to reach 400 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 6.3% and the per capita regional GDP reaching USD 11,500 in 2020. Major and important projects continued to be implemented, with 1,269 industrial projects over 100 million yuan, in which 162 projects were over 1 billion yuan. A national high-tech industrial development zone was established, and 8 national makerspaces were approved. In the same year, the number of national high-tech enterprises doubled to 560, and the contribution rate of S&T progress increased by six percentage points to 57.4%. Our eco-tourism brand "Fall in Love with Water Huai'an at first sight," the Ancient Huaihe National Wetland Park and the Baima Lake National Wetland Park were all successfully launched, and 6 Huai'an 4A scenic spots were newly added, so the total number now reaches 19.

Secondly, our strategic support has been more powerful. The Huaihe Ecological Economic Belt, which was first mentioned and promoted by the city, has risen to become a national strategy, filling the gap that there was not a single national strategy covering Huai'an for a long time. The cooperation between Nanjing and Huai'an continued to deepen, the support from Jiangsu provincial government for the construction of Huai'an Taiwan-funded enterprises and air cargo hub continued to increase, and the regional environment for development continued to optimize. These were due to the fact that we were greatly influenced by the advancement of major strategies, including "the Belt and Road Initiative," the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, etc. 92 of our reforms have been included in the national and provincial pilot projects, which further formed a reform system full of Huai'an characteristics, among which 31 reforms, such as digital joint map review and small water conservatory management system, have formed replicable and extendable experiences, effectively stimulating the vitality of growth with the total number of market entities exceeding 700,000. Furthermore, our openness and cooperation continued to boost, with 77 projects over USD100 million introduced, USD5.48 billion in actual foreign investment used, and an average annual growth rate of 3.7% in total imports and exports. Taiwan-funded enterprises flourished in Huai'an, and for seven consecutive years, the city was rated as a highly recommended city for Taiwanese investment.

Thirdly, our urban and rural landscape has changed dramatically. Our urbanization rate rose by 6.3 percentage points to 64.5%. With a total investment of 431.3 billion yuan and 3487 key urban construction projects, the comprehensive carrying capacity and quality of functional areas such as the Ecological Culture and Tourism District and the Shuidukou Central Business District have been significantly manifested, the Huai'an section of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park has been continuously highlighted, and the features of our water city with ecological culture and tourism has become more distinctive. In the same year, we have renovated 691 old neighborhoods, conducted 169 shantytown projects and built 8.64 million square meters of new houses in total, benefiting over 177,500 and 50,000 households, respectively. A modern comprehensive transportation system was also established, followed by the Huai'an Lianshui Airport approved as an international airport and stepping into the rank of medium-sized airports. Constructing Huai'an into an air cargo hub has been incorporated into a major national strategic plan; the population density and the trunk route mileage of the city's highway network ranked second and third in the province, respectively; Xuzhou-Suqian-Huai'an-Lianyungang Railway and Huai'an section in the Lianyungang-Yangzhou-Zhenjiang Railway opened to traffic, and the first phase of the elevated inner ring roads in urban areas completed the construction, further highlighting Huai'an's importance as a regional comprehensive transportation hub. Moreover, for the better quality of Huai'an ecological environment, we were approved as one of the first pilot cities for ecological civilization, the first in northern Jiangsu to reach the standard of the national ecological city, as well as a national pilot city for water-saving and water ecological civilization. Along with the acceleration of Rural Revitalization, we took the lead in a five-year action plan for improving the housing conditions of the peasants. The regional public branding of "Huai'an Taste" was actively promoted, and the lobsters from Xiyu and the hairy crabs from Hongze Lake were both selected as the National Agricultural Brands. Besides, Huai'an ranked among the top in China in terms of the number of national geographical indication trademarks, and was approved as a model city for China's rice industry. The campaign for rural living environment was carried out in a solid manner, through livelihood projects such as consolidating rural drinking water safety and transforming sanitary household toilets. The fourth-class highways in administrative villages have achieved full coverage, and 27 provincial and municipal characteristic rural villages and 634 beautiful and livable villages have completed construction.

Fourthly, the overall development of social undertakings has been realized in Huai'an. As far as the education concerned, more than 300 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were renovated and expanded, and nearly 150,000 school recruitment quotas were newly added. In the same year, Huai'an was awarded as an advanced city in the construction of ideological and moral thinking of minors in China, as well as a national experimental zone for compulsory education management standards. Huaiyin Middle School became the first batch of high-quality model high schools in the province, and the Huai'an Campus of Nanjing Forestry University started operation. In medical area, two new third-class general hospitals were added, the standardized construction of township health centers achieved full coverage, and the comprehensive reform of public hospitals and the creation of happy families took the forefront in the country. Huai'an traditional opera "The Stayed Village Head and Goose" and the play "The Boat Tracker" both won the provincial "Five Ones" Project Award and Wenhua Award; "The Trilogy of Village Officials" was successfully performed in Beijing and was hailed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a local opera showing Lianshui characteristics. Many other social aspects have achieved fruitful results as well. The city's protection of cultural relics stepped into the advanced national ranks. We basically established the public sports service system, constructed 170 sports parks and 600 kilometers of fitness trails, and successfully hosted two international elite mind games. Our residents pension insurance and low-income insurance have achieved full coverage in both urban and rural areas. Besides, the city has been approved as the national reform pilot for elderly service at home and community, and the local science association. The construction of the rule of law and peace in Huai'an was further promoted, together with the construction of the first batch of pilot cities for the modernization of municipal social governance, the special struggle against crimes, and the improvement of the public's sense of security.

II. The Main Tasks During the "14th Five-Year Plan" Period 

We have set forth the main targets for Huai'an's economic and social development in 2021 as follows. We will make efforts to rank among the top in the province in terms of the growth of Huai'an major economic indicators and to achieve a breakthrough in the national Top 100 Counties. The achievements of building a moderately prosperous society at a high level will be consolidated on all fronts, and solid steps will be taken on our new journey of comprehensive socialist modernization. The construction of "Innovative Huai'an, Inclusive Huai'an, Beautiful Huai'an and Happy Huai'an" will be transformed from a grand blueprint into a greater reality, the images of "a green highland and a new hub city" will show our vigorous vitality, and Huai'an's central city status in the northern Yangtze River Delta will be basically established.

-- To Accelerate the Construction of Innovative and Dynamic Huai'an. We will build a "333" leading industry system, cultivate one or two 100-billion-yuan manufacturing industries and over ten 10-billion-yuan enterprises, basically build six 10-billion-yuan agricultural leading industries, and bring the city to new heights of modern services in the northern Yangtze River Delta. To enhance our independent innovative capability, we will step up the main innovation indicators, boost the effective coordination and deep integration between industrial and innovation chains, so as to form an innovation-driven and integrated modern industrial system, as well as to build a national innovative city. Meanwhile, reforms will be deepened in the linkage of approval and supervision, the processing and afterwards supervision, the investment and financing system, and the transformation of government functions, by which we can form our own innovative solutions and experiences, as well as stimulate our endogenous power and vitality.

--To Advance the Construction of an Open Huai'an that Links Both North and South, Changjiang and Huaihe. To achieve this, we will strengthen the implementation of several major strategies, such as the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Grand Canal Cultural Belt and the Huaihe Ecological Economic Belt. We will also promote our high-level cooperation with Nanjing and Kunshan, and accelerate our integration into the central area of the Yangtze River Delta. To further improve our modern comprehensive transportation system and build ourselves into a national comprehensive transportation hub, we will complete the construction of the Nanjing-Huai'an High-speed Railway, start the construction of the Xinyi-Huai'an High-speed Railway, and set up a high-speed railway express logistics base, so as to make Huai'an a distribution center radiating north Jiangsu Province and connecting to the whole country. Moreover, a national inland river shipping center will be designed to achieve the double container throughput for the year. Other key projects such as the third phase of the airport expansion are to be finished, along with more than 10 all-cargo air routes to be newly launched, which will make the city into an international air cargo center in the northern wing of the Yangtze River Delta. Also, the innovations of development parks and special parks will be encouraged, as well as their comprehensive carrying capacity and competitiveness. Furthermore, we will actively explore new areas of openness and cooperation with the outside world, fully demonstrate the functional effect of the demonstration zone of Taiwan-founded clusters, as well as achieve stable growth in the use of foreign investment and an average annual growth of 5% in total imports and exports.

--To Speed up the Construction of a Beautiful Huai'an with Freshness, Naturalness and Water Charms. We will deepen the formation of main functional areas and "a single map" for the development and protection of national territory and optimize the spatial structure of "two belts, three zones, one core and one corridor" in our whole regions. In 2021, the city's natural wetland protection rate is to reach 60%, and the whole new area of afforestation is to be 100,000 mu. We will also strive to join the rank of international wetland cities, national forest cities and ecological garden cities, and actively promote our demonstration projects for ecological civilization, so as to become a "beautiful axis" and a "green heart" of Jiangsu. The protection and renewal of our old city, and the construction of new districts will be coordinated, and the quality and primacy of the central city will be comprehensively lifted. Besides, we will perfect our institutional mechanism for the integrated development of urban and rural areas, build 60 characteristic rural villages, and realize 100% completion rate of beautiful and livable villages. Our eco-tourism brand "Fall in Love with Water Huai'an at first sight" is to be cultivated, and our deep integration of culture, tourism and sports will forge ahead. We are devoted to becoming a national eco-tourism city, an all-area tourism demonstration area and a tourist destination in the Yangtze River Delta.

--To Quicken the Construction of a Happy, Civilized and Harmonious Huai'an that is Shared by All. We will vigorously carry out employment and entrepreneurship projects to enrich our people, and achieve remarkable results in rural revitalization, both improvement of residents' income and economic growth, as well as all-round progress of people and society. All counties and districts shall meet the provincial requirements for high-quality and balanced compulsory education. In addition, 3-5 new high schools of high quality with provincial influence will be built, together with several regional high-level universities. As for other social aspects, we will turn all our municipal hospitals into third-class general hospitals, build 3-5 provincial-level comprehensive and specialist regional medical centers, create 10-minute sports and fitness circles and 15-minute cultural circles in urban communities, and achieve a 30% coverage rate of subsidized housing for the urban population. In addition, we will achieve full coverage of old urban area renovation, a more quality and balanced basic public service system, and a more comprehensive multi-level social security system covering the whole population. The achievements of our national civilized city construction will continue to be consolidated, the level of social civilization will be comprehensively higher, and the core socialist values will be deeply rooted in everyone's mind. Furthermore, it is hoped that our society will be harmonious and stable, our national defense will be fully hardened, our civil-military integration will keep deepening, our democracy and the rule of law will be more sound, and our modernization of social governance system and governance capacity will be significantly enhanced. Our risk monitoring and early warning, defense capabilities, and response capabilities for public emergencies shall be largely intensified, so that we can make our security work more powerful.

III. The 2021 Working Priorities

(1) To Promote the Sustained and Steady Economic Growth

We will actively expand the effective investment in Huai'an. The leading role of government investment will be given full play, and the momentum and vitality of social investment will be stimulated, together with about a 7% increase of fixed asset investment to be achieved throughout the year. We will continue to work on breakthroughs in major and mega projects, focus on 220 major provincial and municipal industrial projects, and ensure the completed investments over 80 billion yuan; we will highlight 86 key industrial projects with an investment of over 1 billion yuan each, 50 leading industrial upgrading projects and 100 technical reform projects, each of which has an investment of over 30 million yuan; and we will adopt measures such as investment within the central budget, special government bonds and policy finance to accelerate the construction of 80 municipal government investment projects with a total investment of 17.3 billion yuan. Additionally, the promotion mechanism will be carried forward of early notification, monthly meeting, quarterly review, half-yearly observation and annual assessment, and the project leader system will be taken to promote the early commencement, early commissioning and early performance of projects in hand; we will improve the guarantee mechanism for factors, clean up and revitalize space, land, environmental capacity, plants, buildings and other stock assets, and establish a ledger by county, district and category for major projects; and at the same time, the supervision and assessment mechanism will be strengthened, the whole process of major projects will be rigorously inspected, and their investment and performance will be strictly examined as well.

We shall unleash the full potential of consumption. Relevant policies and measures, as well as all kinds of promotion activities, will be carried out to raise consumption in an orderly manner, and it is expected to achieve the total retail sales of consumer goods increasing by about 7.5% throughout the year. The digital transformation of traditional trade and circulation enterprises, chain superstores and retail outlets will be all supported, and the new business modes such as livestreaming e-commerce and social e-commerce will be actively developed. Besides, the city will support the night economy, renovate and upgrade food streets such as the Royal Wharf and Chenghe Street, issue cultural tourism cards to benefit the public, and boost both online and offline economy. As for agricultural products, we will promote their consumption online, build a supply chain for their picking and selling, subsidize Xuyi and Jinhu to build a base for online agricultural products, and extend the sales network to the whole Yangtze River Delta. Meanwhile, we need to strengthen supervision for food and drug safety, and resolutely prevent food and beverage waste, so as to create an excellent consumption environment in Huai'an.

Efforts will be made to stabilize our growth of foreign trade. We will organize special teams to stabilize foreign trade, launch initiatives to facilitate trade, expand international cargo business at air ports, declare designated supervision sites for inbound chilled aquatic products, give full play to the advantages of waterways and category-2 ports, and achieve an increase of more than 2% in total foreign trade imports and exports. For enterprises, we will encourage them to participate in online and offline exhibitions, guide them to carry out international operations and help them switch from export to domestic sales. Also, the construction of "six systems and two platforms" for the comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone will be promoted to further assist the business of traditional foreign trade enterprises. Moreover, we should assist light textile and other labor-intensive enterprises to upgrade their export products, enlarge the import of advanced technology and equipment, and vigorously boost trade in cultural tourism services.

We will continuously stimulate the vitality of market players. For enterprises, we will conscientiously implement the central and provincial policies and measures to help alleviate their difficulties, develop and introduce more accurate and effective support policies, deepen the reform of financial incentives and integrated services, so that they can have a greater sense of gaining. We will further relax the market access, increase the total number and scale of market entities and add more than 850 new enterprises above the designated size. Enterprise-related services can become more efficient and more intimate through bringing pro-business meetings, intelligent applications of economic grids and livestreaming platforms for the benefit of enterprises into play, as well as solving the enterprises' needs on the lists for submitting and approval, elements guarantee and industrial chain support. We will also work hard to create a fair and competitive market environment and a precise and effective policy environment, and work harder to solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing, so as to inject strong momentum into the private economy. Here on this fertile land, the spirit of entrepreneurship will be vigorously promoted, the outstanding Huai'an entrepreneurs and teams will be highly praised, and more modern and famous Huai'an merchants will be cultivated in the years to come.

(2) To Accelerate the Creation of Modern Industrial Clusters

We will vigorously develop advanced manufacturing industries. Focusing on cultivating the "3+N" leading industries, we will launch 300 manufacturing projects with an investment of over 100 million yuan each, and accelerate the advancement of industrial bases as well as the modernization of industrial chains. The green food industry will shift its attention to the deep processing of special agricultural and sideline products, wine and beverages, instant and leisure foods, nutritional health foods, etc. In addition, the role of the Food Expo shall be reinforced in production and marketing docking as well as investment invitation, major projects such as the Yihai Kerry Grain and Oil Recycling Economy Industrial Park and COFCO cooperation projects shall be put into real practice, the technical reform project in the southern factory of King's Luck shall be partially completed, and a national food industry park shall be proactively created. Our new-generation information technology industry will focus on high-end fields such as electronic components and semiconductor assembly and test, plan for the construction of the PCB Industrial Park, and quicken the leading projects such as Qingding High Density Printed Circuit Board, Xinshengfeng Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and JS Nepes Semiconductor with both capital and capacity increase. As for the new equipment manufacturing industry, we will target new transportation equipment, high-end basic components, new intelligent equipment, etc., plan and lay out the Southwest High-End Equipment Industrial Park, strive for the extended processing projects of new Huai'an special steels, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises such as Jinxiang Transmission. Furthermore, we will support each county park to work on 1-2 special industries, and promote the high-end development of enterprises with salt chemicals and new materials, attapulgite and so on.

We will improve the quality and efficiency of our modern service industry. Centering on three major industrial areas, namely eco-cultural tourism, modern logistics, modern commerce and trade, we will carry out 200 key projects with an investment of more than 50 million yuan each. As for Huai'an tourism resources, we will deepen the establishment of an all-area tourism demonstration area and its guide system, complete major cultural and tourism projects such as the Revival Road of Fantawild and See U in Wonderland, increase cooperation with the China Railway Cultural Tourism Group, nurture a number of special sites, key villages and demonstration bases for rural tourism, and create a number of boutique tourism routes. Efforts will be made to develop aviation, high-speed railway and inland river logistics, new business formats such as e-commerce logistics, intelligent logistics and multimodal transport, and logistics facilities including cold chain, modern warehousing, etc. Besides, we will accelerate the implementation of key projects such as the CAU East China International Food Headquarters Base, Yaqi International Logistics and Trade Center, Lin'an Logistics and North Jiangsu Supply Chain Center of YumChina, promote the construction of logistics information platforms, and enhance the functions of Huai'an E-commerce Logistics Park and Xingang Logistics Park. To upgrade our modern business industry with high quality and diversity, the central business district of Huaihai Square and Shuidukou will be gathered, and the fashionable pedestrian streets and community business centers will be planned and constructed.

We will optimize our modern agriculture. To develop the three characteristic industries, i.e. special and efficient planting, special healthy breeding and special ecological leisure, we will focus on the six ten-billion-yuan industries of rice, vegetables, pigs, poultry, lobsters and seeds, as well as the three growing industries of edible mushrooms, Chinese herbs and leisure agriculture, and implement 50 key industrialization projects with an investment of over 100 million yuan each. 280,000 mu of good palatable rice and 50,000 mu of high-efficiency facility agriculture are expected to be added, and the share of green and high-quality agricultural products is to exceed 75%. In addition, we will promote rice and shrimp comprehensive cultivation, national and provincial modern agricultural industrial parks, advantageous national areas for characteristic agricultural products, and strong agricultural industrial towns. The brand construction and offline operation of "Huai'an Taste" shall be push ahead, by improving its marketing innovation, and achieving seamless integration of production sources, distribution systems and online sales platforms. We will build over 400,000 mu of high-standard farmland, further the mechanization of the entire major crop production, and pick up the speed of agricultural digitalization. At the same time, to perfect our supporting infrastructures, we are going to invest 3 billion yuan in water conservancy, coordinate the connection of rural water systems and the comprehensive improvement of rivers, and conduct modernization and upgrading of irrigation districts. The construction of flood storage areas around Hongze Lake will go ahead, the de-risking and reinforcement of Huaihe main stream and the relocation of flood land residents will put into effect, and the phase II project of Huaihe waterway into the sea will start as soon as possible.

We will rely on internal trainings and external attractions to strengthen our backbone enterprises. First of all, we will strengthen the role of leading enterprises, accelerate building, strengthening and mending industrial chains, and fully develop industrial clusters. To cultivate the stock enterprises, we will take the initiative to visit the headquarters of those investing in Huai'an, precisely match the new round of their strategic layout, and compete for those with enlarged production capacity, upgraded technology and settled headquarters. Apart from that, in order to reform the institutional mechanism for investment promotion, we will draw the industrial investment map to make it more professional, market-oriented and precise. We will strengthen the role of our representative offices in first-tier cities, actively create a strong atmosphere of full participation, and more importantly, strive to improve the quality and efficiency when attracting investment. Two hundred ten new projects are projected to be introduced with an investment of over 100 million yuan throughout the year, including 30 projects over 1 billion yuan each, and every effort will be made for 10-billion-yuan projects, too. Thirty new foreign investment projects of more than USD30 million will also be on our plan list, as well as 1-2 newly identified regional headquarters or functional institutions of multinational companies. For the backbone enterprise echelon, we will cultivate the 10-billion enterprises, coordinate resources to support the development of key enterprises, and cultivate a number of industry leaders. We will also nurture the high-tech enterprises and establish a supporting system via policies covering different stages of enterprises from their start-up, to growth and to development. An innovative enterprise cluster shall be formed with S&T-based SMEs, high-tech enterprises and innovative leading enterprises as the backbone. Moreover, 1200 S&T-based small and medium-sized enterprises is expected to be enlisted to the national base, and 630 valid national high-tech enterprises. Listed enterprises will be encouraged as well, through our increasing the back-up enterprise mining, cultivation and tutoring, and facilitating the listing of four Huai'an enterprises, such as Shike Xincai, on the Second-board Market and the STAR Market

(3) To Enhance Regional Innovation Capacity

We will enhance the capacity for independent innovation. To be specific, we will establish and improve the incentive mechanism for enterprises to invest in R&D, expand inclusive support for them, and strive to achieve a 50% share of enterprises with R&D activities, a 1.9% share of R&D expenditure in GDP, and a 27% share of output value in high-tech industries. We will implement the "Technical Reforms of Thousands of Enterprises" project, push ahead industrial enterprises to accelerate the application of new technologies, techniques, equipment, materials and models, followed by an investment growth of 8%. The expansion and improved quality of enterprise R & D institutions shall be achieved as well, to create a number of high-level R & D institutions, and to newly build 30 "two stations and three centers" for enterprises above the municipal level. Lastly, the protection mechanism of intellectual property rights will be perfected, with the number of effective invention patents exceeding 4,000 pieces in 2021.

We will optimize the allocation of innovation factors. Firstly, we will take the collaborative innovation a step further between industry, academia and research, by building more than 50 provincial-level school-enterprise alliances and supporting the development of the Science and Innovation Alliance of Huaiyin Middle School Alumni. Next, we will reinforce the performance management of various scientific research institutions, and unfold over ten major achievement transformation projects. Thirdly, we will heighten the role of Huai'an High-tech Zone as the main base for innovation, actively cultivate national demonstration zones for high-tech agricultural industries and enlarge the operational efficiency of innovation platforms such as Smart Industry Valley and Overseas Student Pioneer Park. Each county and district in Huai'an will be facilitated to build 1-2 S&T industrial parks, as well as a number of provincial-level or above makerspaces. In terms of the cultivation of "Huai'an Talents," we will actively declare major national talent projects, get nominated of more than 20 provincial S&T awards, and introduce ten teams of high-level talents. Meanwhile, actions will be carried out to retain talents. For instance, human resources service industrial park and college students' entrepreneurship park will be constructed with high standards in order to attract more graduates to work and start business in Huai'an.

We will significantly boost our digital economy. The actions of "big data + advantageous industrial chain," "digital industrialization" and "digitalization of industry" will be pushed ahead, and the leading enterprises will be supported to build their online platforms. Moreover, we will cultivate 15 provincial and municipal pilot enterprises for the demonstration of "integration of industrialization and urbanization," help 10 reach the national standard of the integration of the two and add 50 e-enterprises in total. Intelligent manufacturing will become another focus, to be achieved by one newly identified major equipment (first set) in the province, as well as a number of provincial intelligent workshop pilots. The first phase of the smart city project will be fully launched, followed by the cloud platforms and the command center. The effective operation of the China Mobile call center and online data center shall be promoted, as well as the construction of new information facilities to achieve the full coverage of 5G networks and electric vehicle charging facilities in the central areas of towns (streets).

(4) To Promote Deeper Reform and Wider Opening up

We will continue to carry out reforms to streamline the government, delegate power, and improve government services. First, we will deepen the reform separating permits from the business license, fulfil tolerant and prudential regulation, and introduce the notification commitment system for certificates and business licenses. And then, we will launch innovative activities to reform the approval system of project construction and speed up initiatives such as "Starting Construction Right Away after Land Acquisition." We will also expand the "integrated online platform" for government services, implement "one thing at a time" integrated service reform for special groups, and form a 15-minute government service circle in rural areas. Quick handling of complaints, "12345" online service and "general customer service" hotline for the public will be all put into practice. The comprehensive law enforcement system in the fields of environmental protection and emergency response will be upgraded, as well as the "three systems" of administrative law enforcement and the list of exemptions for minor violations. Lastly, the reform of public welfare institutions is to be actively and steadily promoted this year.

We will deepen the reform of market-oriented allocation of elements. The policy of differentiated allocation of resource elements shall be put into force, the change of "Efficiency Per Mu" shall be advanced, and the precise allocation and maximized efficiency of elements shall be promoted. Meanwhile, we will encourage the updated evaluation of the intensive use of land in urban areas and development parks, as well as the dynamic monitoring of urban land prices. We will improve the operation mechanism of the municipal secondary market for land, increase efforts to dispose of large quantities of land which is idle, approved but without being supplied, and carry forward the reform of industrial land supply and the redevelopment of inefficient industrial land on a pilot basis. In terms of the financing support, the differentiated credit policies, the expanded coverage of inclusive finance, and the sub-funds of key industrial development funds in conjunction with cities and counties will be our focuses. Also, we will make our overall financing guarantee system more sound, our credit support for the manufacturing sector more frequently and our financing costs for the real economy largely reduced. We will also do a good job of putting collective rural construction land on the market, and explore the Huai'an model of mortgaging and guaranteeing farmers' housing property rights. Last but not least, the price reforms for natural gas and agricultural water will be actively sought, as well as a coordinated policy system and exchange mechanism for the movement of labor and talent.

We will accelerate the institutional reforms of state-owned enterprises and development parks. To begin with, we will put the three-year action plan into effect for the reform of state-owned enterprises, and complete the optimization and restructuring of municipal state-owned enterprises. We will also widely apply flat management, transform entities, and strive for a breakthrough in AAA credit rating. As for our development parks, their pace of de-administration will speed up and their management system will be restructured and reorganized, by gradually divesting themselves of social affairs and consolidating their market-oriented investment and flexible employment mechanism. For our government, we will augment their empowerment of approval, supervision and services, as well as their implementation of regional assessment policies in development districts above the provincial level. Besides, we will improve the assessment and evaluation system, support industrial parks to apply for national-level development parks, and enrich more types of them to compete for the first place.

We will expand the space for opening up and cooperation. To achieve this, we shall fully grasp the new opportunities brought by the signing of RCEP and the China-Europe Investment Agreement, raise more cooperation and exchanges with countries along the "Belt and Road", and deepen economic and trade cooperation and industrial connection with Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, etc. To amplify the effect of Taiwan investment in Huai'an and beef up the comprehensive upgrading of Huai'an-Taiwan exchanges, we will hold a high-level Taiwan Entrepreneur Forum, speed up the implementation of signed projects, build an advanced pilot zone of cross-strait modern agricultural cooperation, and create an exchange base along the Huai'an Grand Canal Cultural Belt. The economic collaboration among Huai'an, Kunshan and Taiwan will also be deepened, by innovating the operation and management mechanism of their cooperation industrial park, and building the inter-city industrial chain between Huai'an and Kunshan. Apart from that, we need to actively follow the major national and provincial strategies, play comparative advantages, give an impetus to regional collaboration and linkages, and shift integration into a new development pattern. We should seize the opportunity of the opening of the Lianyungang-Zhenjiang High-speed Railway, make our multi-level and wide-ranging connection with the central area of the Yangtze River Delta more frequent, and actively introduce high-end resource elements such as industry, technology and talents. We will work with cities along the Huaihe Ecological Economic Belt and with China Construction Group for major projects, take the lead in establishing professional alliances such as human resources regional development, and forge an online media platform for the Belt. As for our cooperation with Nanjing, we must accelerate the construction of the Nanjing-Huai'an Modern Service Industry Cluster, Huaiyin Industrial Park in Jiangning Development Zone and Nanjing Software Valley Hongze Industrial Park, and build the Nanjing-Huai Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park at a high level with better results. Our aid to Xinjiang and Tibet as well as our docking with Tieling will be both solidly provided.

(5) To Coordinate and Advance Urban and Rural Construction

We will upgrade the gravity and quality of the central city. To continuously enhance the city's agglomeration and radiation power, 87.5 billion yuan is to be invested in 511 key urban construction projects. For our city space, its functions and quality, we will carry out plans for the network of Huai'an Greenway, optimize urban space along the Grand Canal, and organically renew our Central Vitality Zone. Efforts will be paid in shaping a clear and orderly urban landscape with distinctive features and showcasing the modern charm of the "Canal City," so we will systematically plan and promote the overall development of the Shanyang Lake area and the construction of the Caoyun City, complete key projects such as the China Science and Technology Museum of Water Conservancy and the Banzha Relics Park, as well as highlight the characteristics of the historical and cultural districts such as Hexia Ancient Town, Dazhakou and Dutian Temple. An action plan for urban renewal will be also put forward to shape vibrant public spaces and beautiful and livable model residential areas, through renovating 104 old neighborhoods and 15,900 shanty houses, improving the environment of back streets and alleys, and creating 1-2 model neighborhoods. The city will also fully launch the construction of the core business district of high-speed railway, put into operation the second phase of the financial center, construct the south side of the economic and trade building and the east side of the procuratorate at a high level, and strive to improve the functions and taste of the core business district. The construction of the sponge city will march forward, by fully implementing the diversion of urban rain and sewage, and the conduct of sewage source control and interception in the main urban area, starting the relocation of the Sijiqing Sewage Treatment Plant, and effectively improving the centralized collection rate of urban domestic sewage. The landscape along the "Four Viaducts and Four Rivers" will be comprehensively improved so as to further dress up our night views and skyline. Adhering to the principle of "Houses for Living in and not for Speculative Investment", we shall promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. To realize the continuous improvement of our urban environment, we shall consolidate the achievements of the civilized Huai'an, constantly improve the level of urban refinement management and the institutional mechanism of urban management, and reform the urban management comprehensive law enforcement. Meanwhile, we shall tighten the management of urban order, and perform better in the reexamination of "National Health City".

We will devote major efforts to a modern comprehensive transportation hub. In terms of the air traffic, we will strive for the approval of the general airport plan, carry out the preliminary work of the third phase of the project, and make the airport's clustering and distribution system as well as the port's international cargo function more sound. Our strategic cooperation with Baoneng Group and our launch of international all-cargo air routes will both carried forward. Regarding the railway system, we will bring the construction of the Nanjing-Huai'an railway into completion, start the express logistics base of high-speed railways, and conduct the feasibility study of the Xinyi-Huai'an Railway. In addition, we shall promote the preliminary work of Jinbao Waterway, industrial parks' wharfs for dangerous chemicals and the third phase of Huai'an New Port, accelerate the construction of Huangma Port and Hongze New Port, work on the cooperation with Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port and other coastal port groups, and vigorously open sea-rail intermodal trains to Lianyungang. When it comes to the highways, we will expand the Huai'an-Lianyungang section of Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway, complete 429 Provincial Road and the Jinhu section of 247 and 420 Provincial Road, speed up the construction of trunk roads (327 and 264 Provincial Road, and 344 National Road), and actively advance the second phase of the urban expressway and the preliminary work of the trunk lines around the city.

We will pick up the pace of rural revitalization. In detail, we will energetically implement actions for rural construction by adding ten new rural villages with special characteristics and more than 15 star-level leisure agriculture demonstration sites. The completion rate of our beautiful and livable villages is expected to be over 50%. Focusing on industrial, cultural and scenic zones along roads, rivers and lakes, a number of high-quality model communities with Jianghuai characteristics will be built in accordance with local conditions, and more than 90 rural housing improvement projects will be completed, benefiting more than 21,000 households. The rural habitat environment will be solidly upgraded, by strengthening the effective connection between toilet improvement and rural sewage treatment, and promoting the operation of town sewage treatment plants to meet the standards, with the centralized treatment rate of 68.3%. Meanwhile, we will also adopt centralized recycling and disposal of agricultural waste, with a comprehensive utilization rate of 95% for straw. In 2021, 120 kilometers of rural roads and 40 bridges are expected to be newly reconstructed, a new round of road environmental improvement to be carried out, and a number of beautiful model roads to be created. We will resolutely curb the "non-farming" and "non-grain growing" of arable land, amplify the leading role of industries with special characteristics and new main bodies, the compound management and the integration of whole villages, and continue to raise the production and living conditions in areas that have been lifted out of poverty, so as to consolidate the results of our poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

We will spare no effort to the sound mechanism for the integrated development of urban and rural areas. Focusing on key aspects such as the flow of "people, land and money", the rational allocation of public resources and the integration of urban and rural economies, we will strengthen our reform, innovation, and system supply. We shall deepen the integration of transportation and mail services, urban and rural logistics services, and add the operational efficiency of rural public transport. With our great support, the Xuyi County will build itself into a provincial-level pilot zone for urban-rural integration and development, the reform of the administrative management system of towns and streets will be comprehensively brought into force, and the formation of replicable experiences will be further explored. What's more, we will promote the settlement of non-registered population in cities to help more farmers become urban residents, improve the mechanism for the paid withdrawal of homestead resources, and guide the gathering of rural population in towns and cities. With all our strength, we will construct the key central towns and general characteristic towns, as well as beautiful and livable small towns such as Cheqiao, Xuyao and Jiangba. Meanwhile, Huai'an villages led by the towns will be promoted as a whole.

(6) To Systematically Promote the Construction of Ecological Civilization

We will tighten the spatial planning and control of our national territory. To start with, we shall scientifically complete the overall planning of the territory with the establishment of a "three-level and three-type" spatial planning system. Also, we need strictly adhere to the control boundary of "three red lines and three zones" by adopting the strictest arable land protection system, optimizing the layout of infrastructure and public service facilities, and upholding a special protection system for nature reserves, important water sources and cultural relics. The control system for land use will also be perfected, by establishing a municipal database for land use plans, and standardizing and normalizing the management and assessment of the plans. Lastly, we will bring the unified registration of natural resources into practice in an orderly manner, and strengthen the supervision of resource development and utilization.

We will guard and elevate the achievements of pollution prevention and control. Specifically, we will insist on carbon emission reduction, contain the concentration of PM 2.5 and ozone, and take actions to execute the "leaders on sites" system. We will also carry out in-depth prevention and control of motor vehicle and vessel exhausts, restaurant fumes, etc., set up a grid-based monitoring and surveillance system for air quality, explore a digital and intelligent dust prevention and control mode, and realize a shift from end-of-pipe treatment to source substitution and whole process control. In order to constantly improve the quality of water environment, we will put the system of heads for rivers, lakes and sections into practice, achieve the quality and efficiency of existing ecological sample rivers, and actively carry forward the construction of "happy rivers and lakes." We shall quicken the investigation and realignment of river outfalls, push forward the ecological buffer zones for rivers and lakes as well as the project of purifying tail water into artificial wetlands in sewage treatment plants, and complete the construction of centralized drinking water sources in cities and counties to meet the standards. Efforts will be also made in coordinating the treatment of sections, the protection of drinking water sources, the prevention and control of port and ship pollution, the rectification of black and odorous water bodies and the management of agricultural surface pollution. In terms of our land, we will perfect the risk control and remediation list of soil pollution for construction sites, advance the comprehensive use of land after relocating Southwest Chemical Industry Zone, specially remediate key heavy metal prevention and control areas, and strictly control new soil pollution. To build a "waste-free city", we will pursue waste classification and resource utilization, as well as improve the standardized management of hazardous waste. A whole-process, multi-level ecological and environmental risk prevention system is projected to be built in an attempt to effectively solve the problem of "Not in My Backyard" for environmental projects.

We will call for better ecological protection and restoration. Firstly, we will compile special plans for the ecological protection and restoration of our national territory, and implement "three lines and one list" for ecological environment zoning control. Next, we will comprehensively build Huai'an into an international wetland city and basically establish a system of laws and regulations and professional planning for wetland protection. To be specific, we shall enhance the functions of the Ancient Huaihe National Wetland Park, implement restoration work for important wetlands such as Hongze Lake, Baima Lake and Gaobao Lake, and apply for the creation of a number of wetland protection zones. Thirdly, the construction of a national forest city will speed up, and the layout of afforestation land will be coordinated scientifically. The construction of a national ecological garden city is also on the way, followed by the improved functional quality of public green spaces, and the quickened construction of urban boulevards, shaded car parks and greenways along the lakes. In addition, we shall consolidate and enhance the results of the fishing ban and retreat in key waters, steadily carry out pilot projects for lakes to increase fisheries, and facilitate various projects such as returning dikes to lakes, gathering mud into islands, ecological restoration and the improvement of rivers entering lakes. Centering on the goals of carbon peaking and neutrality, we will consolidate the policy system for green development, and encourage energy conservation, environmental protection, clean production and clean energy industries. We will attach great importance to the comprehensive use of renewable resources, the transformation of the development mode and the optimized energy structure. More than ten new green factories above the municipal level will be added, new breakthroughs will be made in national green products and green supply chains, and the proportion of green buildings in new buildings will be increased to 90%.

(7) To Hold Firmly to the Bottom Line of Security and Stability

We will try our best to prevent and control the epidemic. Now Huai'an is still faced with a formidable task to guard against imported cases and domestic resurgence, to further consolidate the responsibilities of "Four Parties (Region, Department, Workplace and Individual)," and to meet the requirements of "Five Settings and One Grid." Therefore, our people, objects and environment shall be all investigated, key people and places shall be well managed, and early warning monitoring and emergency response shall be further enhanced, so that we can stay informed, become well-prepared, and take targeted measures for further resumption and opening up. In addition, to make our public health prevention, control and treatment capabilities more mature, we will work harder to the construction of respiratory and critical care medicine departments in general hospitals, renovate and expand the city's infectious disease hospitals, improve the grassroots disease control system, and intensify the stockpiling of epidemic prevention materials. All these measures can surely help us to build a strong barrier to protect our people's health and life safety.

We will take the initiative to prevent and resolve major risks. Special rectification of production safety will be first pushed forward, in the areas of chemical and hazardous chemical products, road transport, building construction, non-coal mining, special equipment, fire control, etc. Arduous efforts will be also paid in scientific and technological support, resource protection, emergency rescue system and safety supervision team, so as to comprehensively ensure the essential safety, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of serious accidents. We will crack down on all kinds of illegal financial activities in accordance with the law, beef up government debt management and risk prevention and control, investigate and resolve risks in areas such as problematic properties and chemical enterprise shutdowns, and get rid of systemic regional risks from occurring. Our first national comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters will be conducted in 2021, and our monitoring and forecasting of meteorological and other natural disasters will be strengthened, as well as flood and drought control.

We will effectively maintain social harmony and stability. In view of the modern social governance, we will promote pilot modernization in Huai'an city and command centers at the city, county and town levels. Besides, we will holistically consolidate the "1+4" grassroots governance model, the volunteer team and the urban and rural community service system. The new generation of grassroots technology protection project and three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, as well as the normalization of fighting against crime, are both on the way for a higher level of peace in Huai'an. Our government will also intensify the source of governance, concentrate on the management of repetitive letters and petitions, and support the development of arbitration course, in order to effectively resolved various conflicts and disputes. On the basis of current law, the "8th Five-Year Plan" for the popularization of law will be proactively conducted. As for the service protection system for the retired military personnel, we will launch the project of "strengthening the military and promoting the industry" and consolidate the foundation of national defense mobilization.

(8) To Keep Protecting and Improving People's Livelihood

We will broaden the employment and entrepreneurship channels. Taking securing employment as the top priority, we will do a good job in implementing more active and precise employment policies, highlighting the employment of college graduates, people with employment difficulties and other groups, and increasing support for enterprises to stabilize jobs. We will also give supports to multiple channels of flexible employment, ensure that zero-employment families are dynamically eliminated, and add 60,000 new urban jobs. Policies such as the "entrepreneurship loan for the benefit of people" and business start-up subsidies will be put forward to help energize mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Further steps will be taken to the mechanism for wage increase and payment guarantee, and the channels for residents' labor income and property income.

We will optimize the supply of public services. For the good-quality and balanced development of education, we will renovate and expand 13 new kindergartens and 14 compulsory education schools, and build three general high schools; we will step up efforts for the high-level education personnel, the reforms of compulsory education management system in urban areas and comprehensive education evaluation, the smooth implementation of new college entrance examination, and the regulation on out-of-school training; and we will assist the development of higher education and vocational education, attach importance to the integration of industry and education, and make progress in lifelong education development system. As for our medical resources, we shall take the lead in providing regional medical services in northern Jiangsu, give full support to Huai'an First People's Hospital to build a high-level emergency medical center, and speed up the construction of the east area of Huai'an Second People's Hospital, and the tertiary hospitals in Nanjing-Huai'an modern service industry cluster. Meanwhile, we will start the second phase of the city's maternal and child health hospital project, carry forward the inheritance and innovation of the Shanyang School of Medicine, and create a close medical association, especially for counties with six regional medical and health centers in rural areas to be constructed. To benefit people with much high-quality culture, Huai'an radio and television center will complete its construction, the "Ten Hundred Thousand" demonstration project for grass-roots cultural sites will march forward, and the creation of fine arts and culture will enjoy a more enabling environment. An exhibition of the intangible heritage of the cities along the Grand Canal Cultural Belt will held, the census and protection of red heritage resources will be strengthened, and the construction of the Xiangyu Cultural Exchange Centre is under way. In terms of the sports construction, we will make major headway in holding the first international marathon in Huai'an, optimize the 10-minute sports and fitness circle in urban communities, and build a new campus for Huai'an Sports School.

We will firmly improve the social security system. To ensure the safe operation of the social security fund, we will advance the mechanism for determining the basic pension insurance and adjusting the basic pension for urban and rural residents, as well as expand the collection of the basic pension insurance for enterprise employees. The multi-level medical security system will be more sound through the innovation of regulations on medical insurance funds, the national pilot reform of medical insurance payment methods, and the extension of medical insurance public services to towns and villages. Moreover, we leverage the decisive role in the pilot reform of shared ownership housing and encourage housing fund contributions of people working in new industries and with flexibility. To further reform the social assistance system, we shall steadily raise the basic living expenses for children in difficulty and the "Two Subsidies" for people with disabilities. A diversified elderly care service system is to be established in the city, which will achieve the integration of medical and recreational care, and the standardized service capacity of both the community-based elderly care services and the social elderly care institutions. We will also pay attention to the infant and child care services so as to effectively address the problem of "difficult child rearing".