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Huai'an Party History Office


Huai’an China

1. To assume collection, arrangement and compilation of files on Party history, and compilation of local history of the Communist Party of China in Huai’an.
2. To compile and publish important books and magazines on Party history, and carrying out propaganda and education of Party history.
3. To assist relative departments with auditing files on Party history which is planned to be published, approve historical acts, and audit exhibitions about local Party history, revolutionary history and revolutionary heroes and martyrs, as well as memorials.
4. To plan and deploy Party history works of Huai’an, organize and coordinate collecting and compiling of files about Party history and research work with the theme of Party history.
5. To guide operation works including complication of Party histories in counties and districts, carry out academic activities, train operation backbones of departments of Party history, and evaluate research achievements of departments of Party history.
6. To accomplish other matters assigned by Party history departments of Municipal Party Committee, the State and Provincial Party Committee.

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