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“Huai’an Daily” is an institutional newspaper of Huai’an Municipal Party Committee; it assumes important assignments including publicizing policies and guidelines of the Party, central works of Municipal Party Committee and Government and construction of “Three Civilizations” of Huai’an.
Besides, it also publicizes institutional policies, promotes institutional works, carries out newspaper publication, printing and issuance, execution and release of advertising design, research of news theories and applied journalism, and training and business communication about news.
Internal institutions of Huai’an Daily: Disciplinary Inspection office, Party Committee Office, Chief Editor Office, Division 1 of Editors, Division 2 of Editors, Division 3 of Editors, Division of Political Articles, Division of Economy, Division of Propaganda, Division of Weekend, Division of Photography, Division of Network, News Research Office, Administrative Division, Finance and Accounting Division, Advertising Center, Publication Center, Labour Union and so on, there are 20 offices and divisions totally.

Address: No.116, West Avenue, Huai’an
Tel: 83513110, 83513042